Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year, Everybody!!!!!

To all our friends around the globe...we wish you the happiest of New Years!!! Best wishes for a year full of love, laughter and fun!!!


Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley!!!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Summer Flashback!!!

Summer flashback...we never posted these, but thought you'd like to meet our rubber chickens....note my best side is facing the camera....
Miss the pool....sadly it's been put away for the winter.....
There is nothing more delectable than fresh bird.....especially with a squeaker!!
The Beastie's makeup seems to have slipped....
Now Stan loves the chickens....but, boy, was he ever thirsty.....
See how the Beard of the Dale drips? Now move that into the house....EWWWWWWWWWWW....

Happy kid....

Action photo of foxie running with chicken....


I'm starting to smell him.....

 Off kilter study of fox terrier with a bird in mouth.....summer's over....and the chickens are living on the shelf in our laundry room....they come out when Mumsie sez least she hasn't cooked them yet!!! XXOO Lacie Beast

Friday, October 12, 2012

A Terrier-Bear Picnic!!!

If you go down in the woods today you're sure of a big surprise

If you go down in the woods today you'd better go in disguise

For every bear that ever there was will gather there for certain

Because today's the day the Terrier- Bears have their picnic!!

It's a bootiful fall day....Clacie Stuffie, Aire-Bear and Scruffy Wheelie decided to have a picnic. Of course Clacie decided we MUST have tea.....stuffed her face with scones and cream, that one.....we're sitting on our bootiful new quilt by Mama Lamb....actually she made Clacie, Aire-bear and restored the Scruffy Wheelie from an old one that looked like it should have been tossed in the trash...she is amazingly talented....!!!
See the pretty tag she made so Mumsie's great great grandbabies will  know who made the quilt and when!!!! We will be immortal!
Ruh-ro...some foreigner is coming to our Picnic.....are we safe??????'s Real Stanley....he's least it wasn't Real Lacie or Real Scruffy...things coulda gotten sorta HOTaround here with the picnic.......

What's with the book "THREE BAD PUPS?" We haven't done one Naughty Terrier thing on our picnic...we've used our napkins, said please and thank you and didn't even burp!!!

Wanna come and join us?????

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Scruffy here....not an unusual picture of Lacie....BUT, did you hear they have discovered a new Dracula dinosaur??? Yep, check out this link.....Lacie's will tell you all about this prehistoric creature....
Now we were snooping around and found this picture in Lacie's box of keepsakes....sheesch...looks just like the witch, huh?????

Grandma GRRRRRRRRACIE...Mango would have loved this picture.....the article mentions the creature's parrot-like beak and vampire fangs....Spittin' image of Lacie.

Check out our walk from this weekend at the park......lookit those leaves!!

Stan and Lacie showing their usual amount of affection.

Majestic Dale.

Majestic Scruffy bum, hunting.....
Stay on your own side of my tree, Lacie.
We love our walks!
OK...this is actually cute....
Mr. Barktober.....
Big Dale
Bigger tree...
Very small Dale.

Sometimes life is just all about perspective, huh....

Respectfully submitted,


Sunday, September 30, 2012


Mumsie was so my fault. We've had an electric fence now for five years. The dogs have been great with I became complacent with the collars.

Today was a beautiful day...dogs were outside with us all day...planted some mums and came inside and realized Scruffy was still out. Called dog...looked in all usual places like under the deck. No Scruffy.

Realized as I had been stripping him this morning he didn't even have his flat ID. He is microchipped. John was looking in woods...have acres and acres behind our house. I got in the car and drove the neighborhood...Susan, Brian and my neighbor were all out, too. It was getting dark. Susan called me out of breath from running and said John found him. He barely saw him. He was in the woods very close to our house but out of the electric fence line. And he was ALL THE WAY IN a ground hog's hole. John said he never made a sound...he called response. He got right beside him and Scruffy kept digging and digging...only his tail was visible. The rest of him was in the hole. John pulled him out and got snapped at for his trouble.

He must have chased a groundhog right out of our yard. He actually had a 6 inch stick wedged in his mouth. I had bathed and brushed him out this morning...not a mat on the dog...tonight, he looked as above...dreadlocks, covered in burrs and muddy bright red paw pads and extremely angry we interrupted his fun.

I don't know how we ever found him. I took him out tonight on a leash and he was very respectful of the fence. We will be doing some retraining and won't be complacent about the collars.....dodged that bullet.

Hug your dogs!!!!

Mumsie who is probably covered in poison ivy along with the rest of the family.

Maybe Mango was in that hole? Watching over us, that one!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

To Mango With Love......

To Our Mango....

How does one decide which picture to post to honor your life? We have zillions. And each one reflects your Relentlessly Hooge spirit...BIG!

I have so many adjectives to describe you...cocky, sarcastic, flatulent, drooly, fabulous, witty, rude and oh, so very very funny. I remember trying to describe your new (then) blog to someone...helicopter, Hector, understated and really big dog all come to mind.

I can't write more now as the screen is all blurry for some reason....but this pic is how I choose to remember, handsome, and in a skirt with no undies on.

I know there will be a HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE new star in the Heavens tonight...but Mango as you run and dance and twirl and play with your Raja and sweet Angus and all the others who came to greet you....just remember...we're down're up there...AND I WILL SO BE LOOKIN' UP YOUR SKIRT!!!

All my love....


And her stoopid brothers, too. And Mumsie who is back with the kleenex again....

Monday, July 30, 2012

POTP for Lacie....Evil Seizure Monster Arrived......

Scruffy and Stan here....we want to thank you all for the sweet comments for not so sweet Lacie. We just got outta jail yesterday cuz Mumsie and Daddy were at the stoopid beach. Last night after our destinkafying baths, Lacie had a seizure. She had some as a puppy; the last one on the grooming table at about 18 months age. She's five now, and we hope she waits another five years before another one. Her seizures make her look like she's had one too many of her own smoothies.

Mumsie talked to Dr. Mary today and she wants to Wait and See. She thinks it might be stress-related, so now all the nurses AND MANGO are here, waiting on her hand and paw. Sheesch. You might wanna check Mango's bloggie and his declaration of LOVE for her. It's riveting. (Scruffy and Stan shake their heads...Mango has capitulated.)
Thought you guys might like to see Cat Woman's Kitten...(she was at the stoopid beach too....Mumsie just keeps sayin' how nice it is to hold something cuddly that doesn't growl....)

They were here several weeks ago. The morning they left,I, Scruffy, had to go sniff the Pack N Play were Kitten was sleeping. I took a large foul smelling poop right beside it just to let everybody know how much I love the baby.

As Lacie would say, NUFF SAID!!!!!!


Scruffy and Stan

Sunday, April 29, 2012

For the Love of Purple and Yes, We've Been Gone Forever!

 Okay, we've been gone so long, blogger has gone and changed everything and now we load our pix forwards instead of backwards??? Wow...progress!!! So this is the newest pic of the Little Kitten on her one month birthday....she's just under 7 lbs and is not nearly as cute as I am seems to prefer purple. Well, one of those details like the purple preference pertains to MOI, Lacie....Isn't she a cutie...I had just cracked a joke here.....laughing her diaper off.....(love this strikethrough font too...very convenient!!)
 Now we have Scruffy looking like his usual idiot self and Stan looking regal. Or something.
 The Lacie's Best Side...sometimes those horizontal stripes should just go vertical.
I have teeth...little Kitten Baby doesn't know how to grow those yet. The Lacie is advanced for her age. Not old...just advanced. 

Lookie at how SYM MET RIC OWL I am. My mother taught me that...prance with straight legs and sit properly.
As for licking my the Baby can't do this yet. Not only am I cuter than she is, I am far more talented.

Nuff Said.

                             Miss Lacie Cakes

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thank You All, New Baby Snaps and WHO IS CUTER?

Can you believe it??? Our hooman sissy, Cat Woman popped out her baby 5 weeks early. Now note how cute I am in my Easter Bonnet......

Welcome Miss Ellison Maeve to the world!!! Happy Birthday, little Ellie!!!!! She was a whopping 5 lbs 12 oz....a bit heftier than me when I came home!!!!! Doesn't that pacifier look giant? It's cuz her head's so tiny!!!

Lookit all that needs a groomin' already!!!! Congratulations to Cat Woman and Cat Dad on their new little bundle...


Ellie or MOI?

Right answers please!!!!!

XXOO Lacie and oh I suppose Stanley and Scruffman

Monday, March 26, 2012

POTP Needed....TODAY.

So our hooman sissy Catwoman is expecting a baby May 1st...cept it looks like she's gonna be born today....sissy's blood pressure is up and she's PRE ECLAMPTIC...

Mumsie's diving in the car and is driving to Charlotte as soon as she has her panic attack and she finishes packing....

Baby will be 5 weeks early....keep both of them in your thoughts and prayers...

You guys are the best....

Lacie and Mumsie who barely has her head screwed on in the right direction.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

LACIE'S FAT by Scruffy!!!!


So we went to see Dr. Mary this week....Lacie is fifteen pounds!!

Oh, the puparazzi would love to get hold of this pic...

What??? Oh, my paws on the edge of the scale????'s so much fun to MESS WITH LACIE'S HEAD!!!!!

Mumsie has her on the green bean diet!!!!!



Wednesday, March 14, 2012



Stanley here....this is my normal positioning to scare off an intruder...but do you see my HEAD????? Well, it started like this...something about the next General Meeting of the Naughty Terrier Club members to wear wigs or hats...well, Lacie is so all about that.

That's enuff to give you a nightmare, huh.....

Then she stuck it on me, so I would be distracted from the best dead rubber chicken in history.

She then presuaded me to try on her Easter bonnet that Katie's mom made her for last season. "Stoop down," she says in her screeching obnoxious voice..."

"Here, let me give it a final are such a lughead, I can barely fit it over your massive skull. And it's so not all about brains."

So, this is what the fed ex guy saw, instead of a fierce guard dog....sheesch. Nuthin' like feelin' stoopid.

Well, until she put me back in that dumb wig.

A Dale's eyes are windows to our souls...WOE IS ME.

Respectfully submitted,