Sunday, July 29, 2007

WOW!!! What a lot of work for a terrier to set up a blog!!!! My name is Scruffy...I came from Cleveland to live with my human mom and dad here in the "'Burg"...Pittsburgh, that is. I'm a Wire-Fox Terrier who has been known to get into trouble now and then. My mom brought Lacie home about a month ago. She's a calm, submissive 5 month old Lakeland Terrier from Philly...(HI AXEL!!!!!) whose main job it is to keep me out of trouble. (Actually, Lacie is submissive until you give her rawhide; then she turns into a wild animal.) Right now she looks really mean as her puppy fangs are still in, and her big girl fangs are half in. She has 4 fangs on top!! She says jump, and I say how high.
Lacie and I have been reading so many of your blogs for so long, that we feel we know you. It's like a big cyber dog park!! I don't always do so well at dog parks. Lately, no one has been following "SCRUFFY'S DOG PARK RULES:"

*Don't sniff me, but I can sniff you.
*Don't chase me, but I can chase you.
*I want the drink of water first.
*If I'm scared, and I hide under the picnic table, don't come under.
*If a ball is thrown, I get it first.

If any of the above rules are broken, I scream like a girl and sometimes get snarrly and bitey. Lacie has explained to me that this is not how I should be making friends, but sometimes I get SO scared. She never gets scared; her breeder in Philly also bred Danes. She loves big dogs. We went to the park last week. Mom apologized in advance for me screaming. A border collie came up to me....I screamed and honestly, I don't know what hit me. The next thing I knew, I was on my back looking at the clouds and trees. Lacie was laughing. It seems like some changes need to be made to Scruffy's Rules or I might be eating more dirt.
That's probably all I can type for now. A WFT has to get his naps in, ya know. We are so looking forward to meeting all of you! Furry hugs and slurrpy kisses.....Scruffy and Lacie