Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Real Can of Worms!!! Or All About Poop!

So, lovely picture of the South Ends of the Terriers pointing Northward. Why am I focusing on our south ends? Well, at least the posteriors of the BOYZ?

YEP...OH, DO THEY EVER. Not me of course....Dr. Mary said she doubted that I would ever acknowledge having a colon, much less a positive fecal. I have neither. I am pure. And clean. BUTT not my brothers....a different story here.....

The above is Stanley. Mumsie read online she should be incinerating his poop. Not an issue here...Scruffy eats it. Thank heavens, or she'd have to be putting it into paper lunch bags and setting it on fire.

This is what Scruffy has...Captain Hookwormie....uglee dudes, aren't they? Stan's probably eating them...I know Scruffy is. Sorta counterproductive after you've taken the worm medicine.

And see, no it's not a real picture of Mumsie. But it's what her leggie looked like for the last month. RINGWORM. Yeppers...not from me or the boyz....she scratched herself silly before Cat Woman informed her she had jock itch of the leg. Of course, she had to announce that in the middle of the drug store in a loud voice. The medicine is helping.

What can I say? Only that Mumsie is taking stock in Clorax wipes and has no skin left on her hands from scrubbing.

We dogs are such givers!!!!

Khyss Khyss,

Miss Lacie Teacakes