Saturday, March 27, 2010

Western PA Dog Show and We Weren't Invited!

Lacie here...we heard that our foxy leader, Jackson is doing a bit to walk a bit in his garden and tromp on his peep's flowers...we're pullin' and tuggin' for ya, Jax...and Scruffy and I just destuffed a toy bunny in your honor this morning...
Mumsie, Bruvver and Sus went to the Western PA Kennel Assoc. dog show this weekend...left us dogs at much for the competitors not being pampered pets...
Just so ya know, we did ask permission to take photos at the show....
Check this bad boy out....have you ever????

Here he is again, loungin' on the groomin' table....

Hmm...if ya bigify this pic, it doesn't get any easier to identify bodily parts...where the heck did his face go?

A very petite male foxy from Japan...lookie at the Lakie in the background....

Hmm...don't think Scruffman has ever been this white!

OKAAAAAYYYYYYY....this is the Lakie I don't know what's goin' on with this lady, but she seems to be giving him a rather thorough NARD exam...she was just blabbin' on and on with this other lady and was um doin' this....

And this....

See? I'm thinkin' this boy for some reason had to have 'em reglued back on...and she was holdin' em to make sure they weren't gonna fall off...must be a story here....sheesch.

Speakin' of stories...check out this can see his face by his tongue...

Don't even ask...I didn't.


Well, we three couldn't be in the ring together...but we have our flat steel selves here available for cuteness viewing...they sold these dudes...and bruvver bribed the lady to have us all side by side...oh that Lakie is SUCH A DIVA...
Thank to Bruvver for his photography skills!!!
Show barks,

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Puppies!!! Butchy's Sissy and Sibs!!!!!!

Clacie here...I had a MOST IMPORTANT JOB to do today! I got to drive with Mumsie up to OHIO to meet Butchy's new sissy.....'cept we don't know which one she is yet...check out these pics!!!
Yes, I took some bandannas to give ' boy, purple girl, yellow girl, and pink girl!!! Yellow girl seems to be the ALPHA with all the kitties at Mutton Hollow, she's sorta outta the lineup....Butchy and the cats need a MELLOW girlie....just like Lacie...just kiddin' thing the Lacie girl isn't, is MELLOW!

Here are the three the basket....I gave 'em a makeup lesson!

Meet Three Spot Pink...right now middle of the road pup!

And here's Purple Girl...almost all white...and very MELLOW! Lookit that face!!!!!

And Purple Girl's fat tummy!!

Miss Alpha fell asleep climbing on Mumsie's lappie...LOOK IT ME...PICK ME she shouted...rather forward, that cutie!!!
Lookit the lone boy in the back ground...he kept asking if I was gonna talk about poker strategy, not makeup...sheesch.

OMD...too cute!

Pink and Purple....

Oh my...guess who this substantial wire is? SCRUFFY'S's Scruffy's head on a um larger wire's body...he's not the dad of the pups...he lives in Florida!

Three Spot Pink Girlie! She's stylin', huh?

Playin'....mellow Purple Girl's gettin' squashed!

Pink girlie's hoppin' while Purple is looking....

Um...for a spot to pee!! shame, that one!!

I could hear tiny little growls...only Purple girl had toofers...four on the top...they'll be five weeks old on Friday! Purple Girl is squishin' Alpha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So much cuteness....

Is there anything cuter......

Good luck, Butchy, tryin' to choose....
Puppy Breath Barks,

Sunday, March 21, 2010

How to Escape at the Park, by Lacie!!

Lacie here...yes, I um ESCAPED the park...

You see, Mumsie decided to make me wear that Mental Leader pictured above...I seem to have some problems with um er growling and lunging at other dogs when we walk...and it makes Stan go we had our pack, Daddy, and Bruvver and Sus and Perfect Baylee all drive to the park.

By the time we got there, I had already gotten out of my Mental Leader. Mumsie had given up and put it in her pocket. Bruvver made some sarcastic remark about me GETTING MY OWN WAY AS USUAL. So Mumsie kneels and makes the Mental Leader smaller and proceeds to try to stuff my head in it. 'Cept I backed outta it....AND TOOK OFF....FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, AT LAST!

It was seventy degrees today...park stuffed with dogs and hoomans. And me, off-lead.....LOOSE DOG was shouted. Hoomans and dogs surrounded us and TRIED TO CATCH's a photo....
Yes, someone actually called me a GREASED PIG. if my butt's that big!!!

Then the best part happened. Hoomans (including Mumsie) started PELTING ME WITH TREATS...cheese, bacon bits, dog cookies...pretty much everything but hot dogs...all fallin' on my head. Pandemonium ensued....the other dogs started gobblin' up all those treats...finally, Mumsie was chasin' me and I backed up right into Sus' arms...

I walked the rest of the way with my usual Lakie attitude...and NO MENTAL LEADER.

Then we got to the car and got loaded in...and um...Daddy opened the passenger front door and walked away!!!

Yeppers...jumped over the seat and flew out the car door...and was quickly caught...twice in one walk...with us canines on a hooman:dog 1:1 ratio. It was like heaven...twenty hoomans throwing dog treats at us...Scruff, Stan and Perfect Baylee owe me big. Mumsie said somethin' bout us taking years off her life.

On another subject... 'member this pic Mango snapped of me in my HOT TO TROT nurse's uni??? Check out my knees...see my head on them???

I told Mango this is the first time I've ever been able to look up my own skirt!



Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Need A Laugh? True Story!

So Mumsie is driving down the road yesterday...she sees a man kneeling by the side of the road holding a dog who looked like this by the collar...and had his cell phone out...
Fearing he had hit the poor guy, Mumsie stops...
Mumsie: Do you need some help?
Man: I just found this guy by the road...'fraid he was gonna get hit...called the first number on his collar answer. (He then lets the dog runs to Mumsie who picks him up. Dog begins to shed rapidly.)
Man: I have a meeting and I'm late...can you deal with this?
Mumsie: Ah...sure. Do you know how to stop this shedding?
Mumsie calls second number...stoopid lady answers.
Stoopid Lady: Hellooooooooooo....!
Mumsie: This is Mumsie. Do you have a terrier named "Radar?" Who sheds?
Stoopid Lady: Yes!!!
Mumsie: Well, Radar is in my car sitting in my lap. (Mumsie is feeding him a few chips and giving him sips of her coveted Coke Zero to insure friendliness...)
Stoopid Lady: No he's not...he's in the back of my car running errands with me!
Mumsie: Um..well, he's here on my lap eating Lay's Potato Chips.
A loud scream....
Expletive, HE MUSTA JUMPED OUTTA MY expletive CAR WINDOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mumsie: Now calm down...he's right here on my lap shedding all over my clean jeans and eating potato chips.
Stoopid Lady: (after getting whereabouts) I'll be right there!!!
Stoopid Lady's car comes screeching to a halt.
Stoopid Lady: I bet you're wondering how I thought I was driving around with my dog in the back seat when he had jumped out the window?
Mumsie: No, I never gave it a second thought. Do you know your dog sheds?
Stoopid Lady: Yes, he does.
Both Mumsie and Stoopid Lady drive on their respective way after Radar is exchanged to proper car.
Mumsie proceeds to Bruvver's house to walk little Baylee where she manages to set off the burglar alarm. Bruvver asked her to walk Baylee and left the alarm on.
And it's all true...what part of a JRT doesn't jump?? Doesn't this sound like something that would happen to the Mango Mama???

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stan Update #2 and Gillie's Barkday!!!!!

photo by Mango, Asta and Lacie

Stan here! Thanks to all of you for your most kind wishes regarding my so sore paw....WELL, IT'S NOT SORE ANYMORE....WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Dunno what was in that HAPPY SHOT I got at the vetties? And then the NURSES SHOWED UP...with a blender....Asta, Aggie, Koobie and stoopid Lacie and did a bootiful dance...the same dance they did a long time ago for sweet was amazing! AROOOOOOOOOOO...and then these two other dogs showed up...a doctor that kept tryin' to do agilities on my bed and fetch toys and this very very large nurse in a blue cape who drooled...accompanied by this other nurse who looked like somedog WHO SHOULD GET A DEMERIT from her NURSING INSTRUCTOR???!!

I can put weight on my paw now, thank dog...and I'm happy again....wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....if anydog got any text messages from me last night....I'm still open for having puppies!!! AROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Thank you all for your loving thoughts!!

It's Gillie's...McGillicutty's BARKDAY TODAY!!! Go and wish him many happy returns of the day!!!

Love ya all....wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Stan the Man!

Note from Mumsie...Stan looks a lot better! The meds have kicked in and all of your loving zen has been happily received and applied to his paw...THANK YOU ALL!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Update on Stanley by Nurse Lacie

Well, Nurse Lacie here...the big Dale didn't get any better over night...could barely do the steps, so off to the vettie he went first thing. His left front paw is reallllllly sore...the vet thought it was broken but nothing showed up on the xrays...he had to sedate Stan to snap the pix and to examine him better...he did find a cut between the might have been from the shower door hitting him...and then got infected? He's on pain meds, non steroidals and AUNTIE BYE OTTTER IKS...

If ya stand him up, all four paws slide outward...he's so um drugged. I don't think he even needs one of my Sore Paw Smoothies? Mumsie had to carry him in from the car and put him on his bed. He growled at Scruffy rather nastily for getting in his face. Scruffy seems content to leave him alone...

Koobie, Asta and Agatha are on their way to take shifts for nursing the big guy. We have to soak his paw in Epsom Salts...

Poor Stan...Mumsie just shakes her head in disgrace 'bout the shower door debacle...

Sheesch...I just hope this doesn't interfere with hatchin' those eggs for Butchy and going on my Gillie DATE....

Please send some zen to the poor boy...he feels rotten....


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nurse Lacie Reporting: Stanley's Limping!

Nurse Lacie here...yeppers...I've been called to render nursing services HERE AT OUR OWN HOUSE...!!
Lookit this...Stan's gotta really sore did it happen? It's shocking...
Um, well, ok, Mumsie accidentally closed the shower door on it...we were all gettin' baths in the shower on Thursday and Stan tried to chase me out and Mumsie shut the door and didn't know his big Dale paw wasn't exactly inside the shower. He was fine till he's limpin' and has to see the vettie tomorrow and Mumsie feels horrible...(she should, I mean how stoopid can ya be...a Dale paw is hard to miss....)

I immediately dressed in my custom made (Snitchybug design) scrubs...note the Coke Zero in the background...not mine...I never drink while on duty... Stan...lean on me so you can hobble over to your can do it, boy...just put your good paw around my shoulder.

Well, maybe not...(actually he's doin' a side command for food cuz it looks good...he's good at acting pathetic...)

THE LACIE is on the case...we'll keep ya updated as to what kind of damage Mumsie managed to do to the big Dale...
(Mumsie...Lacie, give it a rest, will ya? I feel bad enough about could I be so careless....??)

Yep...this post gets a two tails Dale tale down...hey, we could be movie critics if we ever need another career!!!
Laciecakes, almost Registered Nursie!!!
Note from Mumsie....
My poor dog....I honestly don't know if this is from the debacle in the shower as that happened several days ago and he only started limping this morning. There is nothing more pathetic than a gimpy dog with his front paw up...Poor Stanley...we'll keep ya posted...paws crossed it's nothing serious!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gillie's Barkday, Eggs and Stains!!!

Lacie here...first of all I want to announce that coming right up (3/16) is McGillicutty's Barkday!!! We have a hot date for it...I'm keeping the details secret so we don't have gobs of pupparazzi around...we terriers do clean up well...just as comfortable diggin' in the dirt to the fibers of the red carpet...and that Gillie is one hot Irish Studmuffin, isn't he???? Pop by his blog soonest to wishie him a happiest Barkday!!

Next item of news is um well those DNA samples I've been workin' on with Dr. Snitchybug...if you've been to Butchy's Bloggie, you'd know we have EGGS...purple they just need to hatch. I procured this purple basket for easier transport....

Hmm...all things seem I just plan to GO AND SIT ON THE EGGS...yep, I, Lacie have HATCHED this plan..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!......I'll just sit on 'em till the little creatures pop out.

Excuse me? Who are you? And why did you grab that basket outta my paws? WHAT? Miss Snickers II? Lacie bows in respect...

You came from Butchy's house to help me with the eggs? (Miss Snickers II rolls her eyes, just thinking of the consequenses if Lacie SITS ON THOSE EGGS.)

She ponders the basket, JUST IMAGINING THIS.....

Miss Snickers II quickly gathers the basket and eggs and hops into Butchy's plane with Lacie jumpin' in at the last second....the plane lifts off and heads....north?????

Stay tuned for the rest of that story!

Um...well, speaking of baskets... see these?? Everyone represents a STAIN ON THE CARPET! That's covered with carpet cleaner. Two fresh "samples" are in our fridge so Mumsie can haul them to the vet...somedog has MADE A MESS. Mumsie is not exactly pleased with Somedog.

Not tellin' who either.....


Scruffy, Lacie and Stanners!!