Friday, February 27, 2009

Doofus Award and Diversity!

Hi Everybody!...thought those of you in the Northern Hemisphere might like a summer pic of me to hang on ur walls...ah...summer...the sun, the sand, the swimmin' boyfriend Butchy and I are gonna take his plane on a little trip to Bermuda this weekend...I'm feelin' the need to absorb a little Vitamin D....ahh...sun. Rumor has it Petey and his new lovepup Rosie are gonna be big is that island???
VERY FUNNY, TANNER....Look what Tanner gave me? (Lacie sounds like she's at "show and tell" at obedience school....) The Doofus Award for the Bidet Debacle...frankly, I am soooooooo over the whole bidet thing....a small error in judgement on the part of Lacie...but I am rather glad I dragged the darn thing home from Paree...makes for a great beardie washer...

Um, Tanner...if I were going to have an award named after ME I don't think I would advertise its name as Doofus...BTW, Tanner and I are going on a idea...for some reason, that idea occurred right after he gave me this dubious honor. Thank you, Tanner. (Lacie giggles thinkin' bout that date...)
OK...Guess what...the BEST NEWS EVER!!!!
There's going to be another Lakie bloggin'!!!!! Go over and meet Penelope, an attractive girlie Dale from OHIO...she just started to blog...AND her family is adoptin' a Lakie bro for her next month....I AM SO EXCITED!
This seems like an excellent opportunity to educate you dogs, kitties and hammies on The Lakeland Terrier...the followin' is taken from the Lakeland Terrier Official Website.....


by Jo-Lynn Hefferman

The Lakeland Terrier originated in the Lake District of Cumberland, England near the Scottish border in the 1800's. He is related to several terrier breeds and is one of the oldest working terrier breeds still in use today. His diverse ancestors include the now extinct Old English Black and Tan terrier, the early Dandie Dinmont Terrier, Bedlington Terrier and Border Terrier.For generations, the Lakeland has been used in the Lake District for the purpose of exterminating the fell foxes which raid the farmer’s sheep fold during the lambing season. Whereas most terrier breeds have only to bolt their quarry, or to mark it by baying, the Lakeland must be able to kill the foxes in their lair. Despite his reputation for courage and tenacity, the Lakeland is a gentle and loving companion.
The Lakeland Terrier is a breed with a striking appearance and a distinctive personality. He is a small, compact athletic terrier, varying in height from 13 1/2 inches and weighing approximately 17 lbs.In common with other long legged terriers of his type, the Lakeland has a hard wiry body coat, soft undercoat and plenty of furnishings on muzzle, and legs. His color variations include red, red grizzle, wheaten, blue and tan, liver and tan, black and tan, solid liver and grizzle and tan. The most common colors are grizzle and tan, black and tan and red.
The Lakeland Personality has a charm and companionability that are difficult to equal. His intelligence, sense of humor and zest for life make him an attractive choice for an active family. He is quite adept at being an "entertainment committee of one," and he is wonderful with responsible children. Although devoted to his family, he is not "slavishly" so. Lakelands are more inclined to enjoy the role of "buddy" rather than that of subordinate and they are not usually one man dogs.However, the Lakeland is endowed with his fair share of terrier independence and inquisitiveness. He is exceptionally quick to learn, but he can be a true challenge to obedience train. A sense of humor is mandatory on the part of a Lakeland Owner.

Bet you are thinkin' this pic is of's Stella...Goobergirlie, sissy of Gooberstan!
Now, I wanna point out that while Stella and I could be twinnies...sissies separated at birth we look so much alike BUT
We each have our own unique personalities...Stella and I could not be more different! And we celebrate this!!!

Lookie at this attractive Lakeland's Toby...Dewey Dewster's bro...look at his playbow and his zest for his zest got him and Dewey into a LOT OF TROUBLE WITH A PORCUPINE...frankly, I'd rather save my zest for ice cream, pedicures and lemonade...(get it zest and lemons..hahahahahaha)...but we're all different, aren't we??

Lookie, lookie,'s Linus!!!!! He lives in Virginia now, but will be coming to live with his sissy Penelope soonest...I can't wait to see what kind of personality this handsome boy has!!
Four cute different as can be. Kinda makes ya think, doesn't it...bout how we stereotype other dogs/kitties/hammies and humans cuz they belong to a certain havin' red hair...Um...well, ok, maybe that's not the best example; so my personality fits the red headed stereotype, but I'm sure there are some very laid back red headed dogs on the see what I'm gettin' at, don't you?
We all celebrate our differences and revel in them and learn from them! Isn't that what meetin' other doggies and other species from all over the world is all about????? And it's been such an honor meeting all of our friends!
Welcome to Penelope and Linus!!!
Joyful Barks,

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bidets and Chickens!

Evenin' Everybody....Scruffy here...Lacie's a bit under the weather...ouch...she snapped at me...OK...she's not in the best humor. But anyway...the day started off well enuff...catchin' some rays in the sun. And yes we (not Stan) we got groomed might need sunglasses to look at these white sections are so white they gleam....
Another portrait of "Lakeland in the Sun"....she is pretty cute even if she is Lacie.

My spots are back...they've been on vacation this winter.....

Lac and I decided to play tuggies with a dead chicken....

Her heart didn't seem to be in it....

So she gave it to me...oh yummers!

Look at her...mouth shut...she seems upset.

UH we go again......Shrieking and screechin'.......

Somethin' bout her trip to Paris and this??? She said it's a bi day or somethin'....and I guess Petey and Eric told her ya drink outta it. She thought it was the very latest in Paris glassware. Evidently, Petey just told her it's to be used for somethin' a little different. (I think he said it had somethin' to do with washin'....don't know...there's always just soooo much drama around here....) Well, I guess Lacie chewed the one outta the bathroom in the Paris hotel and dragged it around with her as a bowl....

She said it required a lot of effort to reach it....only Lacie.....
She then came up with this fab idea of using it as a carob fountain....
And I guess Petey and Eric have been makin' fun of her ever since she's come home. The funny thing is I found this pic on her Blackberry.......

Hmm....seems like Petey and Eric are lappin' up that Petey dippin' tennis balls in it? And Eric is dippin' Wheelies???????? Oh poor Enid...
Well...I don't know what the real story is here...ya better go and check Petey's postie out...I'm thinkin' there's probably another side to the story....
Frankly, I'm just gonna go and play some more with my chicken. And try to avoid Lacie's teeth. Easier said than done....
OH...we're still thinkin' about Bogie...and very very grateful that the fire at Mango's estate didn't spread to their house...musta been some extra zen floatin' around that day!!!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Home from Paris!!!

Lacie here...Just got back from Paris from my date with Petey and Squaredog Eric and sweet Toffee...if you haven't read about it check out Petey's blog...I was the pawfect LADY....we had a fab time. Petey better not kiss n tell is all I can say!!!!! BTW, Petey and Eric told me bout the latest in French's called a bidet bowl. There was one in our bathroom but it wasn't I chewed the heck outta it till I could carry it around with me. Now bidet drinkin' is somethin' of an art, but I mastered it without problem. Petey and Eric always had the funniest looks on their faces whenever they saw it...I had a little trouble bringin' it home on the plane, but not to worry!

Before I left for Paris, this um card arrived in the mail from Mass A Chew SITS! Look at this!!! on it and bigify it....that is SUPPOSED TO BE ME. Now who do ya think sent was signed "RH"....yeppers this is Mango's work.

It sez...."Lacie always had thick Buttocks but no one really noticed."

Happy Belated Valentine's Day...Love RH

How random is this....ya shoulda seen what I sent him back. 'Nuff said.

Petey was sooooooooooooo generous and allowed me to use his mom's plastic card to buy pressies....Look at ASTA!!!!! She had mentioned this designer, Christian Lacroix...I can't 'xactly pronounce it...I went over and described what I was looking for....they were rather speechless at meeting me...Petey mumbled something 'bout leaving the bidet bowl in the cab, but of course I dragged it in with me. Carryin' that thing around is a workout. It would never do not to be seen using the latest in French glass trends, would it??? Anyway, I loved what they whipped up for Asta...totally her isn't it????????

How's this???? Um...I may have said some rather unflattering things about Khyra's fashion cents in a previous post. She didn't seem favorably impressed to say the least. To make up for my rudeness, I brought her back this little ensemble...same designer.......DOES SHE NOT LOOK AMAZING????? That girl can walk a runway!

Now you remember Stan's skin issues and square dog spots????

Well, Scruffy and I are getting groomed tomorrow...he wants us to get square spots shaved to show support for Stan. Um...

Using my Photoshop for Brilliant Lakies...I modified this pic to see how we would look

SO NOT HAPPENIN'. I love ya Stan, but there is NO WAY....NO WAY!!!

We are still sending buckets of zen to Bogie, Lulu and Klaus. I was astounded at Scruff's last post. Could he really have a brain?????



Saturday, February 21, 2009

What is Zen?; by Scruffy

Scruffy here. There's been a hooge need for a lot of zen lately...Bogart's dad is needing very large amounts right now.

So what is zen? To make zen, I go out into the family room and think. (Yes, contrary to what Lacie sez, I have a brain.) So like today...I flop down on the carpet, shut my eyes and think about Bogie and his dad....walkin' in the peaceful forest. I picture the warm sun peakin' in between the trees and envelopin' him and his dad in a special light. A light that heals. I picture them runnin' and playin' and laughin'...being together...being there for eachother. Since his illness has separated this little family, I see all of the energy and vibes sent from DWB's all over the world wrapping themselves around them like a hug and bringing them together, whole.... even though they are physically apart. I see it healing and comforting them.

So why don't we animals run out of zen? Cuz we all live with our special hoomans who don't understand something. When I'm empty, I go to Mumsie or Daddy and let them hold my face in their hands and look in my eyes. I move so their hands will glide down my fur...and I take their LOVE and convert it to zen. See it's simple.

ZEN IS LOVE. Maybe they do understand.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Zen, Books and Hotspots!

Hi Everybody!! Scruffy, Stan and I join our wonderful community in sending prayers and zen to Bogart and his parents. His dad is very ill and we have been thinking of him constantly.
We've been gazing at this picture and sending him soooo much terrier zen. It's a picture of an Oregon forest...similar we think to the ones Bogie and his dad like to hike in very often. You're not alone, Bogie...we're all here right with you!

We want to share the amazin' pressies that Agatha and Arch sent Scruffy, Stan and me for our barkdays and for Valentine's generous can ya get???? Look at all this loot!!!

Cards, treats and stuffies...candy stuffies...tootsie rolls, twizlers...oh yummers!!! The coolest thing is this barkday pressie bag that plays "Happy Birthday" everytime ya open it!!! Thank you A & A!!! We love you guys!!!!!!!

Mumsie and I went to the library...she checked out this book...she said it's amazing....'bout a lady who rescues this crazy Scruffy with wings...sounds like this bird and Scruffy have a lot in common regarding their housebreaking habits...

I checked out this book..."The New Cairn Terrier..." See Petey and I have a date this weekend with Toffee and Eric in Paris....I've been known to call Petey a I thought I'd better check this book out and read up on his breed. Um...would ya believe there was a champion Carin terrier by the name of Champion Thunderthighs??? Right...
I was right in the middle of a chapter when this happened....

Stoopid Scruffy comes over and like claims this book. Then....

He takes off with it...see the corner of it in his mouth????? Mumsie chased him, but.....

He takes it into his favorite chewin' spot in the family room and starts in on the corner....Mumsie flipped out...(they still know her name at the library from Scruffy's puppy days.) He hasn't chewed a book in years...wonder why he picked this one??????

Speaking of that handsome Square Dog Stanley is sportin' a new do! NO, HE DIDN'T GET THIS AT LACIE'S GROOMING SALON....

Look at the two SQUARE patches...and the messed up one by his tail.
Yeppers...Stanny has hot spots....maybe's he's allergic to Scruffy....anybody want him???? Scruffy, I mean!!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Official Mangominster Beast in Show Portrait!!

Hi Everybody!! I wanted to let everybody know I have a new bizness!!! It's called Lacie's Flirtytails Makin' Ya Famous Agency...I'm the founder and CEO. That handsome dog, Waldo hired me to manage his first photo op with the pupparazzi...

Waldo had some wardrobe issues which I quickly remedied (looks TOTALLY HOT, huh??)...Khyra also has some major wardrobe issues which I didn't remedy...(where does she shop????? MEEEEOWWW!!!) I brought along my BFF FashionASTA...doesn't she look divine??? And how 'bout Mango, sportin' his London cut British duds??? Frankly, I wished he'd ditch that cane...I merely spoke softly to him to move his bloomin' ars step down some and he took a whack at me with it...

All in all we're a pretty fine lookin' group, don't ya think??????

Love, Barks and Kisses...

Laciegirl CEO of Flirt with My Tail or whatever I named it!!!!!

Important Update....Please please go visit Bogart's bloggie...his dad is very sick and needs our healing wishes and zen!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day, Everybody!!!

The Triple Terriers of Trouble hope your life is filled with love this Valentine's Day...WE ADORE YOU ALL!!!!!
(Scruffy is a tad irritated cuz he's on the pink heart...I um wanted to be front and is fitting for the alpha in the pack!!!)
Don't forget to join the Terriers in the ring this weekend at Mangominster...we're sure it won't be a dull event.
Hugs and kisses!!!!!
Scruffy, LACIE, AND Babystan!!!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Teeth & Terriers.....

Lacie here!! First of all, thank you everybody for your very kind Barkday wishes!!! The poems, the cards, the all are the best!!!! I can't thank ya enuff!!!

I spent a good portion of the day judgin' the Hound group for Mangominster...if have haven't been followin' Mango's bloggie, you so need to get over there!! He and Peewee have done an amazin' job with this prestigious event.

The rest of the day I spent listenin' to Mumsie complain 'bout Scruffy's attitude. Look at these pics...unbeliveable...

This is a way you've never seen him before. I leave for Mangominster and this is what he tries to pull when I'm not home.
Lookit...what a display of sheer foxy nastiness....why is Scruffy so upset?

In a word...MUD!!!'s that foot wipin' time again...if I'd been here, he wouldn't have gotten away with this behavior. I'd have flown in his uglee face and let him have it. It's exhaustin'....
So tonight, I thought I'd settle down and watch a little of Westminster on TV....USUALLY I love the commercials...but NO......not this time....

Have you seen that STOOPID commercial for Petco..."Your dog knows when he looks good...."
And what breed do I have to get off my lifeguard chair and MANAGE again...yeppers...none other than a wire I am barkin' my full head off at him...yeesh.... his brain is actually a tennis ball too...just like Scruffy's...
I barked till he got offa my I could climb back up in my lifeguard chair and take a much deserved nappers!
It's hard bein' a Lakie...

Scruff here...I am merely practicin' my tough wiry foxy attitude for the ring...and now you can see what I hafta put up with...Lacie even bosses the dogs in commercials....

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy 2nd Barkday, Lacie!!!!!

OK....Lacie here.....this hoooooooge package came for Scruffy and me!!!!! (We were surprised that the post office lady delivered it, since she got her truck hung up on the ice around our mailbox the day before...Mumsie went down and offered to help push and mail lady said she was too skinny to do anything but could drive the truck and give it gas...needless to say this didn't work and the truck had to be towed but that's another story.....) So I saw Scruffy checkin' out the package contents!!! OMD...It's from Asta...a box full of prezzies for our barkdays!!!! I'm gonna be two tomorrow and Scruffy's gonna be three in March....weren't we just pups????
Lookit all this TOTALLY COOL STUFF she sent!! Stuffies galore!! Books!! Pawsome cards!!! Treaties!!! (this amazing lamb lung pleura that made Mumsie almost's FAB!!!) OMD...Asta is incredible in her generosity!!!!!

I can't take it....I'm goin' up!!!!!!!

Oh, strawberry whipped cream barkday's's a closeup.....

And...a charm for my stylin'...OH MY!!!!! ASTA...Scruffy and I thank you ever so much for ur prezzie...WE LOVE YA, GIRL!!!!!!!!!

OK...on a different know how Mango is doin' that Mangominster???? (Oh, BTW, I'm judgin' the no bribing allowed...I mean Sephora gift cards just won't do it....wink wink...)
SO....we terriers are entering in the SWIMSUIT COMPETITION.......yes...we did bring our pool in the kitchen tonight...pawsome, huh....!!!!!!!

The big Dale's ready for a swim....he surely won't be gettin' his fur wet in this getup!!

Nuff said on this pic....tra la la la....that sun is soooooooooooooooo bright!!!

Well? Water's great...come on in!!!!!

Barkday Barkies....
Laciegirl...the older woman!!!!!