Saturday, May 31, 2008

Defending the Perimeter...NOT!

Here I am guardin' the property from intruders and the like.
My helper, Scruffy. His tongue alone would scare anyone away!!!!! (Not to mention his NOT SO SWEET Foxy Breath. That stuff could be patented for self-defense usage.)

My other assistant, Babystan. Um, the ears are a problem. How can an INTRUDER take this Big Dale seriously?


We had a Terrier Stare Down. Can you believe the CHEEK of this guy??? ?Er girl?

What's missin' from this pic is the large Dale butt of Babystan. His tail is tucked quite securely between his leggies. Obviously, he was afraid Bambi was gonna take a nip of it.

Even Scruffy's mad barkin' couldn't convince this Wild Animal to leave......

We stood out here for what felt like forever. Then we heard Daddy pouring his cereal into his bowl. AHHHHHH....Kellogg's "Fresh Kill." One of Daddy's favorite flavors. The other name for it is Shredded Wheat Maple Brown Sugar. We came runnin' inside leaving Bambi out there. There was NO WAY we three terrier protectors were gonna miss a chance at sharin' breakfast.

BTW, not to drag out Mumsie's Barkday any longer than necessary, but remember the cake in the last post that Asta was flyin' in in the hot air balloon. Thought ya mite like to see the top of it before we ATE it!!! of Bruvver's college roomie's mom's makes cakes....and freehands the designs on the top. Have ya ever seen anything so 'dorable in ur life??? Do you think she made me a tad too blond???? Or fat? Icing is such a tough medium.....

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Barkday to Mumsie from Asta...& Us!

That Asta Girl is the best reporter...we don't know HOW she found out bout Mumsie's she is as OLD AS DIRT!!! Lookee at this pic (click on it to make it bigger!!) of the fun Mumsie, Big Bruvver and us had today...we went kayaking!!! The second kayak is LOADED down with pressies from Asta....lotsa chocalate, expensive jewelry packaged in attractive hat boxes... and BEST of all....

a delish salad with NO DRESSING. Mumsie detests salad dressing...isn't that Asta thoughtful!!!!

Lookie up above...that Asta tryin' to land her hot air balloon with the cake! Wind is a bit tricky you can tell from the pic, I had already fallen in the water, Scruffy's doin' a header and Babystan looks exhausted, as usual.....HMM...Mumsie's still in her jamies in the pic...doesn't she EVER get dressed before dinner???

Thank you Sweet Asta for you thoughtfulness....We're sending Asta's Daddy a ginormous box of Terrier Zen as he's been sick....and feelin' quite nasty....we're thinkin' bout him and sendin' pawsitive thoughts!!!!!

Barkday Barkies,

Pee Ess...Also Hercules needs your thoughts, Aire-zen and prayers. He's having some health problems now...go to his bloggie and lend ur support! Please spread the word!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Platform Wheelies....!!!

Gilbert here. Have you ever seen a more frightening pic?????....Look at Lifeguard Lacie in that sun bonnet. (Her head looks ginormous!!!) She takes the sun exposure warnings just a tad too seriously. (Somethin' bout her fair Lakie complexion...) She slathers herself in sunblock and places this ridiculous bonnet on her Lakie head. She then parks herself in the outdoor lifeguard chair to moniter the swimmers. All she does is blow that's so annoying.
She ran inside to get some more lemon juice for her fur highlights...when she came back she said we almost gave her a heartie attack. WAHOOOOOOOO!!!! Look at us....high above the pool ready to make a dual double reverse back flip twist...or something. Lacie barked so hard her bonnet fell off.....

Scruffy's tryin' to get in on the action, but we're NOT backin' down......S P L A S H!!!!!!!!!
Oh...that water's freezing!!!!! BRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

Thankfully, we had these warm fluffy towels to snuggle in!!!!!

I'm not sure why Sullivan's still on my back. When I told him to hold on tight when we dove off the chair er platform, I didn't mean for forever.....
Oh man...speakin' of scary pics...look at this soppin' wet wire foxy....IN A BONNET??? Lacie made him put it on to protect his fair white foxy complexion. She said she got the idea from Agatha who plans on making Archie wear a SHOWER CAP in the sunshine this summer. Actually, Scruffy made me just say that. Evidently, Archie got an early gander of this photo and thought Scruff was in a shower cap....and has been mercilessly teasin' him eversince. Your showercap's gonna be in the mail, the mail....

Respectfully Reporting,
Wheelin' Gilbert
Pee Ess.....wasn't Opal and Pearl's Wheelie Pawty the best???? Those dogs were least Girl Girl could skate!!!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Waitin' for Ruby!!!

Oh my....two posts in one day....Babystan was SO EXCITED to find out he was a nephew, that he forgot to post our pix of us practicin' our roller bladin'....!!! Not to worry... The Wheelies are rollin' down the driveway out into traffic...our driveway looks a lot like Pikes Peak...rather steep. That Scruffy 'bout glows in the dark with his neon green skates!!

THUD! OH NO!!!! S T A N L E Y!!!!!! Are you OK????

Oh Babystan....look at's don't need to be so M Bare Assed!!! Lotsa dogs fall on skates. Stanley....noooo...Cassidy isn't going to think you're uncover your face and get up....uh oh....Scruffy, go and get the first aid kit....we have an injury. Oh NO....I hear Ruby coming....Gotta run!!!!!!!!!!!!! See ya soonest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scruffy...get the ice bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm A Nephew!!!!!!!!!

Stan here....look!!!! I'm a nephew! Yep, that's my UNCLE!!!!! We got an email from my breeder and my Grandmother recently had pups. Granny's quite a woman, isn't she!!! And this fine young man is movin' to the Burgh to live! His baby name at the breeders was Slippers...check out his paws! His bigboy name's gonna be Cooper....a fine name for this little chap!
Lookie at him gnawing on his dinner....Uncle Cooper is the cutest baby uncle a Dale could have!
Gotta go and get our skates on....we're practicin' while we're awaiting AireRuby for the pawty at Opal and Pearl's!!!!! Scruffy has this huge pillow stuck to his wiry fuzzy butt...figures.
Proud Airebarks,
*** To quiet potential rumors, Uncle Cooper is NOT living here...we only wish!!! All we know is he's movin' here to the Burgh to live with some very lucky family!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

We Love FAYA and GO Pens!!!!!!!

Oh My....Look!!! Daddy carried this box in the other day and said with an amazed look on his face..."Um...the dogs seem to have received a package from Switzerland...." Silly Daddy thinks bloggin's all virtual till somethin' real comes in the mail....especially from across the ocean!!!!!

We're all studyin' it sniffin' the sweet smells of things Swiss!!!!!

Babystan's a bit embarassed here...Scruffy was messin' with his ears...he loves turnin'
em inside out......

OH YUM!!!!!!! Look at this 'dorable card Faya made for the Stan Man....and lookie at the treats inside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PIGS!!!! 'Dorable oinkin' pigs....a trio of pigs for the trio of terriers....How sweet of Faya to think of Babystan on his Barkday and include us in the surprise!!!!!!! Mumsie said she had NO idea how loudly swiss pigs can oink!
There's a keychain from Switzerland for Mumsie to put her keys!! And bones....scrumptous lookin' bones.....MIAM MIAM as Faya sez!!!!!!!!!

And best of all!! BANDANAS! We don't have one! (We're deprived terriers!!!)
Look at Scruffy modelin' his while he's torturin' MY pink piggie!!!!!!!!

And look at me!!!!! I thought navy was a good color for my blond highlights.....thoughts??????
Thank you Sweetest Faya for sending us this box!!!!!! You are the best!!!!!!!!!

For the uninformed....our Pittsburgh Penguins are playin' in the STANLEY CUP FINALS...starting tonight....up in DEEEE TROIT.
We've been workin' out with the team....and we had some amazin' pics of us on the ice.....But they're still on Bruvver's camera and he HASN'T sent them to us......sniff.....
BUT....Bruvver played ice hockey all his life....we have a fab pic of him on skates at a young age....handsome kid, isn't he? We can't decide which of the Peeps he looks like.....


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Congrats to Big Bruvver!!!!!

Lacie here...I'll try not to be so long winded....... Yeppers, he did it...Big Bruvver graduated from Penn State Obedience College University this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is his girlfriend, Sus!........aren't they just 'dorable together??????? Wait...I think I might see somethin' sparkly on her finger?? Left hand, fourth finger...WAHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOO! I see a ring on there. What's this....Big Bruvver graduated and and and...IS GONNA GET MARRIED?????!!! T H U M P!
Uh oh....Babystan just fell over in a dead faint. As roving reporter Lacie, I will be postin' a followup to this excitin' development!!!!!

AND here is Big Bruvver with Big Sissy, Cat Woman....yes, she and Mumsie do slightly resemble eachother......

Aren't they sweet together....I thought one of them was gonna push the other down the hillside....

OK....this is Joe Paterno....the football coach for Penn State....
Now you might be wonderin' why he's in our bedroom?! Well, Daddy got him for Bruvver for graduation. He's sorta stiff and rather one dimensional...yeah...doesn't say much.
Now NOBODY gave us the memo that he was livin' when we came upstairs this morning, um...well...I barked, Scruffy attacked...and Babystan....
He wasn't pleased to meet JoePa, and he was less pleased when JoePa started chasin' him around the bedroom....(I think Mumsie had something to do with that, but she's not admittin' anything.)

That's cuz she's too busy cleanin' that big yellow stain off the carpet.

After all those urine fumes,Joe decides he needs some fresh air this afternoon, so he goes out to catch a breath on our front porch.

Babystan is LESS THAN PLEASED to meet Joe again! Look at those brakes he has on....

Scruffy is barkin' his fool head off!

But, I being the brave little Lakie fearlessly go up to him for a good sniff. OK...I can't tell a lie...the wind blew him over or I wouldn't have gone near him!!!

Here we are sniffin' the Nikes on his feet......I think Stan's thinkin' bout liftin' his leggie!

(Sorry bout the view of our overstuffed trashcans. Daddy forgot 'bout trashday last week!)

Poor Joe....his backside looks sorta like Mumsie's.....needs some serious gym time or somethin'.....

Speakin' of backsides....we may never see Babystan's tail again.....
Happy Happy Barks,

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tip A 'Roo and Lacie, Too!!!

Lacie here....what's this 'bout me talkin' too much??? I'm postin' from the land Down Under...from Willow and Putter's Barkday Celebration!!!!! OH MY....are we havin' a fab time!!!

I thought we could observe some of the natural wildlife...after they've enjoyed a session with my blendering skills........
I hope Noah's Pinkie's B & B's bizness doesn't suffer any from all of the tipsy kangaroos in the front yard...Scruffy and Babystan ran around and tipped them all over.......they called it "Roo Tippin' ".....

Speakin' of that....lookie at this pic.....

This is part of the natural wildlife in our neck of the woods....look how that large (somewhat clumsy lookin') animal above (with the huge head) is intently studying the habits of the attractive smaller animal....(with the 'dorable blond highlights) We certainly can learn a lot from observing nature.....
Oops....gotta run...from the looks of things, there's gonna be a lot of animal habits going on tonight worth observin'!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wordless Thursday and Mumsie's in her Jamies...

Skinny Scruffy...they never feed me.........

Lacie let me post today.
She blabs so much that I figured ur ears were tired. Ya don't need words here!
It's good to be a dog.