Wednesday, December 31, 2008

For Auld Lang Syne, My Dear!

We wish every Dog, Kitty and Hammie the best New Year's ever!!!! Um...if you click on the above pic you can see Lacie lickin' her lips in anticipation of tonight's debacle er date...she seems to have three dogs and one kitty thinkin' that they're her date for New Year's Eve...if ever a doggie can pull this one off, it's my sissy.....

Here we are keepin' warm in front of the fire waitin' for Butchy to pick us up and fly us to New York for tonight's festivities....yes, I know Stan has my top hat way I'm wearin' that stoopid hat...the tails were bad enuff...I hope Koobie notices that I'm all dressed up formal like.

Lacie's in somethin' black and silky with pearls..."eat ur heart out boyz!!" she sez.....Stan's meetin' up with Sunny...frankly, I think he should be in a tux too, but we didn't have one Dale sized....


Scruffy, Lacie and Babystan

Monday, December 29, 2008

Slipslidin' Away!!!

OOPS!!!! That was quite a fall Butchy took...good thing Miss Snickers was right there to scrape him off the ice! (Doesn't that Snickers have the cutest skatin' outfits??? Her mama is sooo talented!) We took a quick trip to Iowa to do a little sleddin' since the Burgh seems to be snowless...but by the time we got there Iowa was all ice!! So bein' adaptable terriers we skated instead!

photo by Asta!
Here I am in my skatin' outfit...I woulda preferred somethin' more wevealin' but Asta assured me this was appropriate for my tender years. And in purple, my fav color!!
photo by Asta
Lookit this snap that Asta took of Koobie, Stan and me playin' crack the whippie!! Actually that is like THE BEST GAME EVER. heh heh heh heh!!!!!


Doesn't Scruffy look like completely adorable in this??? Koobie took one look and almost passed out....foxy love!

I had Snickers snap this one of my BFF Asta and me skatin'....Asta picked out our outfits...she is so up on the latest trends!!!

We had a blast skatin'!! Butchy and Snickers were the pawfect hosts...they provided us with hot carob and whipped cream, and cookies fresh outta the oven! OH MY!

We hated to fly home!

Barkin' at ya!


Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa? 'That You??

Scruffy here. No long winded posts from me...unlike the usual poster here. Christmas Eve...we're hearin' somethin' outside...maybe on the roof??'s Santa! Look up...there he is!

Stan's still trackin' him...that big Dale has good eyesight!

Even little Baylee sees him. She caught a couple of flies the way her jaw was hangin' open.

Look at what Santa Paws did! HE KNOCKED OVER OUR TABLE!

AND.....he chewed up Mumsie's shoes....and took her sole.....awful doin's here.....Mumsie looked a tad skeptical when we told her how this deestruction happened.

As you can see from our header photo...we got new bandanas for Christmas. Lacie stole Stanley's the second we got outside. Ripped it right off his Dale neck.

Snatched it outta his Dale teeth. Not exactly the jaws of death, that big Airehead.

I tried to rescue it for Stan. Lacie can run pretty fast for bein' short.

I gave her my intimidatin' foxy snarl. It didn't work.

She's relentless.

Lookit those teeth on her. Now you know how I suffer livin' with her.

I gave up. Not even for my bro am I willin' to have my face rearranged. I tried, Stan. Really I did.
Foxy reportin',

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas to ALL!!!!

Oh my...if given the chance I woulda dashed and pranced right on outta there!!!!!
Stannie Elf had the same thought.....

Scruffy refused to dress.....
Scruffy, Lacie and Stan!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow Kissin'!!

Now ya might think this is my bro, Scruffy...nope! It's Scruffy's litter mate, Rocket! Don't they look alike??? 'Cept his tail's blacker! AND he has snow up in Michigan and we don't here in da Burgh....that's one mighty attractive snowlady he's tryin' to kissie!

Speakin' of kissin' (Lacie is mumblin' as her lips seem a tad swollen....) you dogs did SOME AMAZIN' KISSIN' in my Great Mistletoe Kissoff....OH...and Scruffy and Stan thank you for your cash they took from ya in exchange for the pizza and beer they were sellin' while you waited for your chance to kiss MOI!!! That's the most $$ Scruffy has ever had in his life (well, it was a very l o n g line!) He's mumblin' somethin' bout a poker pawty for New Year's?? Hmm....we know Scruff never wins at poker. You boyz might be able to get your $$ back!

Off to finish all the stuff Mumsie hasn't gotten put the ornaments on the tree....yep...tree's still nekkid!

Love ya lots!


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mistletoe Kissin'....!!!!!

BOYZ....the line forms this way....pucker up!!!

'Nuff Said....


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Slippers and Gotcha's!!!!!

We didn't do it. See this nasty chewed up slipper...that wasn't our work. Thieves? Mumsie came home from Christmas shoppin' to find this slipper on the floor...DESTROYED. Lacie (for once) wasn't speakin'.
She tried to interview Stanley, but he was unavailable for comment.

The other slipper is fine...just fine. The intruders must have only killed the one.

We know nuthin' might have been....(Lacie slaps a paw over Scruffy's big mouth....)ummmmsmmmmmmmm....can't 'member anythin' happenin' here....

SUBJECT CHANGE....Stan's Gotcha Day was this past Monday!!!!!!! year...we've had the Big Dale for one year since yesterday. Life hasn't been the same since two terriers became three!!!!

Lookie at this fab cardie that Asta made Babystan!!! You'll notice Pittsburgh in the background!!!! That Asta....she thinks of everything!
WE LOVE YA STAN! And just because you've chewed at least 20 different shoes/boots/slippers since you've lived here, we're not sayin' that slipper destruction was your doing....

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Partridges, Poopsicles and Pear Trees.......

Scruffy here...Lacie's ticked. She went to write our DWB's cardies...and found Mumsie STILL has to pick them up from Walmart. She said Walmart must love our order as they've had it for over a week now. Hmm...
Here's Lac on top of the ornament't those ornaments supposed to be ON the tree??? Seems like we're a tad behind this year....

Lookie...took this in our back yardie this mornin'...Pretty, huh? Ya don't need ornaments to make a tree all fancy!

Ahh...the hills of Western Pennsylvania...makes for pretty viewin', if NOT fun drivin'.....

Another handsome view this mornin'!

Look at this muzzle...wouldn't want one of Stan's Big Nose Pokies with that frozen beard juice!!!

Does Lacie always look irritated or is my 'magination?

Look at me...I'm practicin' my ballet moves like Mango...actually my footsie was cold cuz there was ice stuck in the pad.....


Pear Tree in Winter....sounds like a paintin'....

OMD....only Mumsie would spend hours searchin' the internet for a stuffed partridge to put in the pear tree....$6.00...a bargain....handsome dude, isn't he? I got a hold of him once when I was a pup...heh heh heh......

MMMMM....huntin' poopsicles....found one! (Funny how spellcheck doesn't recognize the gourmet delicacy of keeps yellowin' 'em out....wrong color, too....)

That d#%n bird passed out watchin' me scrounge for poopsicles??? Sheesch....

Lacie sez if you've been to Mango's blog...don't believe a wordie of it...that he's actually OBSESSED with HER!!!!! Nuff Said....
Reportin' Barks...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jumpin' For Joy and Stuck Again!!!

WAHOOOOOOOO!!! I am jumpin' for JOY!!!! Sweet Molly and Taffy nominated this pic of me doin' fur-dryin' aerobics for Photo of the Month for November...AND IT WON!!!!!!!!! Thank you ever so much, Molly and Taffy for nominatin' me and thanks to all of those who voted!!!!! You guys ROCK!!!!

Hey...lookie at this pic of Babystan taken last winter shortly after he came here to live!

Now lookie at this pic! Guess what...this one is NOT STAN!!! It's Murphy...Stan's cousin! Murphy just came to Pittsburgh to live....yeppers, another Dale in the area related to Stanny!!!! Don't they look alike!! Stan met Murph at a fundraiser this past weekend at his daycare.

Look at the boyz together...Stan's givin' Murphy's new mom a big kissie!! Murph looks like he thinks that's hilaireous!!

Doin' some butt sniffin'...Murphy is about 4 months old.....

But capable of makin' a rather big puddle....!!!!!

Only 28 lbs of Dale...Mumsie never saw Stan when he was this little..... did this pic get in's Mumsie with 5 week old Scruffy...and she still has the same coat...she said it's Land's End, and that ya can't kill 'em...they last forever.

Scruffy's such a little pip there, isn't he!!! Look at him smilin'!!

HO HUM....well...I've been ignorin' the whole stuck under the deck issue....I thank you all for your words of concern regarding my welfare. BUT....


Scruffy came under to visit me...and showed me how to get out....(and I always thought that wire foxy wasn't the sharpest crayon in the box, too....) We were um...solid black with goo and mud when we came out...Mumsie got to bathe us all over again....

I'm thinkin' I might be seein' this kinda truck in our driveway again soon (Mumsie here...very soon!)....I'm getting the general impression that we may not be going under the deck anymore....Mumsie said somethin' bout three baths a day X three dogs isn't gonna cut it this'd think she has a life or somethin'!!!!!!