Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Lakie-Ness Monster!!!!!

Scruffy here...continuing to report on the MONSTER THAT SEEMS TO BE LIVIN' IN OUR SWIMMIN' POOL!

Look at it risin' up outta the water! Have ya EVER seen anything soooooooooooo UGLEEEEE?? Stan's tryin' to fight it...he's got it's leg in his mouth!

That was probably NOT a smart move. The Lakie-Ness Monster decked him.

Out. Down for the count.

See the similarity???

Look at all the puperrazzi in our backyard takin' pictures of the sighting!!!!! crawled outta the water!!! Look at the mud danglin' off of its beard!

Stan and I snapped this pic and sent it in to this tabloid mag! Do you think the monster will make the BEST DRESSED LIST?
Gales and snorts of hysterical male terrier laughter!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dale Speak

Hello Dogs, Kitties, Hammies! Babystan here....I wanted to give you an update regarding the diamond earring I allegedly smooched of the ear of the doggie daycare worker. IT HASN'T BEEN FOUND.

OK...the story is Mumsie called the day care people to make SURE the girl hadn't found it. Well, she's a college student who has gone back to school. And she won't return the owner's calls...SO WHAT DOES THAT TELL YA? Mmmm Hmmm...Mumsie's figurin' that after spendin' 5 days gettin' real up close and pawsonal with my um expulsions...that the girl found it in her clothes and was maybe too embarrassed to call back with that small piece of info? Point made.
Mumsie had to work today so she left Lacie "in charge" of us mere boyz. HA...I RULE THIS HOUSE! Look at this pic I took of Scruffy the Tuggin' Terrier....

I figured we don't have many more weekends to swim so I got out and filled the pool...Scruffy's just loungin' in the water!

I tried to tell Lacie I had set up the tripod and she was gettin' photographed...but would she LISTEN TO THE DALE?

OMD!!!!! Lookie at this pic I snapped of her! NO MAKEUP...she sorta looks like a BILLYGOAT doesn't she???
Fallin' down with bouts of hysterical Dale laughter.......

Till I think what she's goin' to do to me after she sees that pic.....

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Welcome Wheelie Fiona!!!!!

Some of you have seen this pic before....not my most flattering! It's when I was airlifted to Dr. Snitchybug's from the Ebay Kennel where I was found in a malnourished state of affairs!
Dirty, axels bent...just a mess all around!

Look at my poor nose....almost gone. (Though if I'd known what Scruffy was like, I might have kept it that way!!!!) Dr. Snitchybug performed a miracle!!!! Look at me here!
Can ya believe it?

Or here...I am one georgous Foxy Wheelie...if I do modestly say so myself......I arrived late...very late last night in Pennsylvania! And my brother Gilbert met me at the door with a refreshing drink....He took one look at me and asked my my's FIONA!

Today Mumsie and I went to the pet store....I'm not exactly a pup....but the sign was welcoming!

TREATS....very important for a hollowed leg dog like me!

Thought I'd check out this dog house...looks sorta cool!

A bed....I need a bed......naaa...too soft!

Too big......

Wheeled Barks....

Monday, August 25, 2008

Diamonds are Forever!

Hi Everybody!!! Lacie here...I'm on my way to Gussie's with the other nurses to take care of him as he's havin' surgery tomorrow...Jackson is recovering nicely, so we're splittin' some shifts to help out Gus. For all the BOYZ who are plannin' on comin'...we're going to be very STRICT with visitors!!

Now the above pic is of a diamond/gold mine. Pretty cool, huh....In case ya missed it Stanley um ATE A DIAMOND EARRING on Friday at daycare (see preceding post) and guess what?

The above mentioned earring has NOT put in its appearance yet. Mumsie called the daycare this mornin' asking if they were SURE that Stan had indeed ingested it...thinkin' what a cosmic joke it would be if they said..."oh...we found that Friday, after he left..." but that hasn't happened.

This is what Mumsie looks like followin' Stan around the yard. She did call the vettie this morning to see how long a journey would take through Stan's digestive interstates....

THEY SAID IT COULD TAKE UP TO A COUPLE OF WEEKS. Hmm....we could drive across the US numerous times in that amount of time.

This pic sorta sez it all.....Perhaps the roads are closed for construction???

Friday, August 22, 2008

Mining for Gems!!

Scruffy here. Both of my siblings are indisposed at this time. um...oh, it's not pretty around here. Let's face it....LACIE IS A FLIRT. I mean...Lacie flirts with that stump that Dexter calls Mango when he's mad at him....she's asked out some of the Koi...has dated most of the Wheelies (she said she loves it when she can push a dog around.....) and has been known to ask out Faya's new Bro even tho he doesn't live with them yet. So now with this incident with's more than I, Scruffy (who would rather be playing with a tennis ball) can deal with. Petey...RUN!!! And don't look back...Lacie needs to grow up a little she can be an even bigger flirt??? Oh...and Archie...ya better watch out....she found out you were watchin' TV and eating popcorn and NOT in a MONASTERY. You better run, too...but for different reasons...she's gonna eat ya alive, Man. Thankfully, we're leavin' in a few for Las Vegas with Petey...NO GIRLS ALLOWED!!!!!
This is Babystan's usual expression. Blowin' raspberries at the world.

This is his expression today. YEP. Old Stan here is in trouble. Well....he went to daycare today as Mumsie worked. Mumsie got this call from the doggie day care that was punctuated with sobs!
I guess one of the workers knelt down by Stan for some loving...and he gave it to her!!! HOOGE Dale SLURPS...all over her face. Well.....he slurped her ear....and um....ATE HER DIAMOND EARRING. THAT HER BOYFRIEND JUST GAVE HER. Daycare worker tried to grab it outta his throat...and GULP. GONE. . .Down into the bowels of Stan's digestive plumbing.

SO GUESS WHAT SOMEONE GETS TO DO ALL WEEKEND??? Yep...the daycare center wants Stan's poop...or Mumsie to "go through it." She brought home latex gloves and tongue blades from work....but this trip to Las Vegas with Petey seems like a fab idea to her.
YEPPERS...ya guessed it...Babystan is gonna spend the weekend on the craps table.
Now which dog volunteers to be "in charge" of Stan????? Joe Stains? Up for the job???

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Snaps and Thorns!

OH MY!!! The vote is in!!! I was voted to be Petey's new GRRRRfriend!!! Can ya believe it???? I am so excited!!! And lookie at Petey...doesn't he look absolutely estatic???!!! (Actually, I've seen pictures of dogs with clinical depression in my nursing psych book who look happier. But why would Petey be depressed just after he got me for a GRRRfriend?????)

This is the bootiful bouquet of roses that Petey presented to me! Are they not gorgeous???

And I was looking at the stems...he even ordered the ones with extra thorns!!!!!

AND THEN......Look what arrived at Jackson's house this morning when I was done with my night shift!

This bootiful bouquet of SNAPDRAGONS! With Petey's signature tennis ball! I am flattered beyond belief.

I am concerned that he looks so sad. Could it be he's pining for Abby? Gaia? Maya and Kena? Asta Marie?? That maybe casting his fate to the whims of the voters wasn't the best idea? That love can't be decided by others...but only by what's in your heart??
Thoughtful Barks,

Monday, August 18, 2008

Hi Everyone!! Asta and Agatha teleported me home for a day's rest from taking care of Jackson. Actually, I think they sent me home to let Asta from Oz cool off. I just get sooooooooooooo nervous around her...and when Agatha instructed me to feed Jax some jello...well...he said he was hungry so I gave him a giant milkshake. So I just went to full liquids instead of clears. I really didn't think he'd do projectile cookie tossin' square in Asta Oz's face. So they sent me home for a day off.

Plus, there's been that little issue of me possibly being a FLIRT. MOI? Flirt???????? Now Boyz, do I flirt????????
So my brothers and I decided to hang out in the yard under our only tree where we have some shade.

Lookie at Scruff...what do ya think he's eatin'?

UNRIPE PEARS!!! No, he didn't do any cookie tossin'...but ya don't wanna be in the same room with him tonight!
I think these pears have some kinda special powers....look what happened to Scruffy when he ate them!

He grew a Dale body! Doesn't he sorta look like a Welshie with a lighter head? Or a Dale with a foxy head? Interestin', huh?
I need to go and polish my nursing shoes, starch my cap, finish my care plans and drug cards, remove my nail polish, and find some white support hose without snags. My instructors are very strict...but we are takin' the best possible care of Sweet Jackson!
Flirty Barks!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tea, Figs and Digestive Juice er Biscuits

Hi Everybody!!! We nursies are doin' everything we can to make Jackson comfortable and are busy preparin' his house for his homecomin' tomorrow!!!!!!! Check out our team of nurses! Asta, from Oz that Legend is also here with us. (She makes me really, really nervous...only today I dropped a full bedpan on her paw. I get the hand shakies and dropsies whenever she's around me! Oh, I hope I don't get a bad grade on this assignment. I even volunteered to skip Jackson's Pawty on Aire Ruby to put in an extra shift for extra credit after that pesky bedpan issue.)
Asta gave us the assignment of making the gallons of tea required for Jackson' s recovery. OK...SO...first I got the tea...Lipton, of course. What else is there??
Then I brought the water to a boil on the stove. And poured it into cups...let it sit for a while...VOILA....tea....right??? Hmm....THEN, I got this message from's got me a tad worried.
Nurse Lacie. You are just what the doctore ordered!! and you look positively Matronly in your uniform. Jackson will soon be home, horray!! Make sure you have plumped up his pillows and he's a stickler for hospital corners on his freshly ironed egyptian cotton bedsheets on our mini-me's bed. Remember when you make the pots of tea in the Brown Betty teapot always warm the pot first and 1 teaspoon tea per dog should be adequate. I gave him some Jacksons Of Piccadilly tea bags so you can use those if you prefer.You did get a supply of digestive biscuits didn't you? They are the most pawfect for dunking. I'll be coming to visit you on Friday and when you nursies have a break later in the week I've arranged a special date for you, Asta and Agatha with ME!!!!And only ME!!! Oh I'm wigging my wag in anticipation!!! Be a good nursie. Wags, Eric x

Ok...I can do the square corners on the freshly ironed sheets...NO PROBLEM! BUT...this tea...preheat the pot?? I put the tea kettle (painted brown and named Betty) in the oven and caught it on fire...Oopsie...thankfully, the J's are understanding about fire in their kitchen.

One teaspoon of tea? HUH??? I threw a bag in the cup...teaspoon??? Am I supposed to cut the teabag? Hmm....Piccadilly teabags? I thought Lipton was everydog's favorite???


I looked on the puter and this is what convinced me to use Lipton tea.
As for DIGESTIVE BISCUITS......that sounds like something Scruffy might utilize in some odd fashion. You dunk them????? IN WHAT?

So I'm thinkin' about Archie and his little issue with the Fig Newtons....those seem to be the most nootricous for Jackson to use (in smaller quanities!) for tea dunking. MMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!

Don't they look DELISH??

I admit I'm puzzled at Eric's instructions....thoughts, anyone?????

Nurse Lacie

Monday, August 11, 2008

Nurse Lacie

Lacie here...I'm postin' from England where Asta, Agatha, Koobie and I are awaitin' word about Jackson as today is his surgery. Koobie and I washed mounds of sheets and towels in lavender scented water and have lovingly prepared his recovery basket/bed. Asta has been figurin' out our work schedule, makin' sure each nurse has plenty of time off between shifts so she's well rested. Agatha has been ordering supplies, making sure we have enough bandages, IV solution bags, tape and the like. All four of us have been surrounding the J's with love and calming zen. Keep it pouring in, Guys...we keep opening your boxes and spreadin' it around! And the BARKING!!! We know Jax can hear's deafening!!!!
I had to make a couple adjustments to my stethoscope before we left. Nice teeth, huh Petey??? just HAVE to go to Petey's blog!!! He and I had the BEST DATE EVER on Saturday! We went to Coney Island. Check out our new header pic....THAT was one of the rides...."Lacie's Inferno." Petey rocks...even if he does seem a bit afraid of me. (Moi? Of what is there to be afraid???)

Agatha is very careful that our appearance as nursing students is pawfect. This darn nametag keeps flippin' over. Um...she told me to make sure I starched my nurse's cap before coming. Um...I FORGOT TO BRING IT! Koobie sez she can make me a custom designed one, like hers. I hope I can get it before Agatha sees my head with NO CAP!!!

This is what I'm gonna hafta do when Asta and Aggie walk by until I get a cap...hide my head. Look at Scruffy...he's fascinated my my stethoscope. He better keep his slimy foxy mouth off of it!

This is trouble. Big trouble.

Stan's coverin' his eyes at the fight that is going to ensue....GIVE ME MY STETHOSCOPE, SCRUFFY!!!!!
Oh...check out this will be amazin' if it's the three of us out in the yard playin' with the "Chase It" dog's from Chase It Pet Toys it if you're's so much fun!!!!! The fishing pole thingie has a velcro collar on the end of it and you can attach ANY of ur stuffies....those stuffies have NO IDEA what a ride they will get!
Barkin' for Jackson!!!!!

Chase-it video above: --^