Saturday, January 31, 2009

Goodbye, Sweet Rose...Run Free!!!!!

Hi Everydog, Hammie, and Kitty...

Babystan here. I have the sad news that my grandma Rose went to the Rainbow Bridge today. Wasn't she a beauty? She was fourteen and lived a full and much loved life. When Mumsie and Bruvver came to take me home, Mumsie was smitten with Rose...she was a beautiful gentle soul.

Please leave notes of support and condolences here for Bob and Cathy...we're sure they are going to miss her dearly. They read our bloggie a lot and know many of you....thank you for your's what DWB's does bestest!!!

"Bob and I said our final good-bye to our dear sweet Rose today. She was a gentle girl who ruled our home with dignified calmness and grace."

An Angel's Kiss

We go through life so often,Not stopping to enjoy the day.And we take each one for granted,As we travel on our way.
For in your pain and sorrow,An Angel's Kiss will help you through,This kiss is very private,For it is meant for only you.
We never stop to measure,Anything we just might miss.But if the wind should blow by softly,You'll feel an Angel's Kiss.
A kiss that is sent from heaven,A kiss from up aboveA kiss that is very special,From someone that you love.
So when, your hearts are heavy,And filled with tears and pain.And no one can console you,Remember once again.
About the ones you grieve for,Because you sadly miss.And the gentle breeze you took for granted,Was just an Angel's Kiss.

Author: Peggy Bouse

Gemstone Guns n' Rose

July 18, 1994 to January 31, 2008

Sad barks,


Friday, January 30, 2009

The Big Dale's in Trouble Now!!!

Oh my....see this lock on this door??? Well, it's locked. And guess who was on the other side of that basement door....Mumsie and me, Lacie.

(Reinactment...)See who locked the door? Stoopid Stanley jumps on the door and pushes the lock in with one of his massive Dale paws.

What you can't hear are Mumsie and me shoutin' at the big lughead to unlock the door. Stanley doesn't seem to be too concerned about this dilema.....look at him stickin' his big Dale tongue out at the door.
Normally, when this happens, Mumsie simply gets a wire hanger and picks the of her many talents.

There were only plastic hangers in the basement. No lock pickin' stuff. But there is a door in the basement. So Mumsie and I waded through the drifting snow to walk all the way around the house to the garage. Only one problem...Mumsie had one sock on...and the other foot was barefoot. (The sock had fallen off in her boot....) Yeppers...she had to walk barefoot through the snow to get back inside.

Not exactly a balmy day at the beach to be doin' this type of activity.

Hmm....Scruffy was fascinated by her snow covered foot.
You can just imagine what kinda mood she's in now......
Nuff Said,

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Nursin' Case and PL2's Barkday!!!!!

Hey Everybody...Axel needs your help...his mom has been in the hospital and is in need of some healin' vibes...we're askin' ya to stop by his bloggie and spread some zen! The Power of the Paw is strong indeed!!!! We nurses are going to be on duty. (Actually, I'm incredibly nervous...the famous nurse Asta from Oz may be there...I seem to be all thumbs when we share a case...she's incredibly strict..she makes Agatha (one of my stricter instructors)... look like a total pushover...

We're hopin' Axel's mom feels better soonest!!!

Speakin' of on over to her and Archie's bloggie and wish PL2 a Happy 376th Barkday (that's how many Arch said it is...) tomorrow Wednesday the 28th....We didn't have a current pic of her (shy, isn't she??)but Agatha thoughtfully provided this baby pic of PL2 at 6 case ur wonderin' she's channelin' her inner "Wirelsh"....yeppers...this pic is a designer dog...a hybrid cross of a Welsh Terrier and a Wire ya didn't know PL1 & 2 had a Welshie before A & A. We're figurin' her loyalties are rather split....she was 'dorable as a pup, wasn't she???

Happy Barkday, PL2!!!

Reportin' Barks,


Monday, January 26, 2009

Cooking; by Lacie.....

Oh usual Mumsie just lazed around all day doin' nuthin'...and then the usual panic of what to cook for dinner. 'Cept she had no food. So once again it was up to me to go outside in the frozen north and forage for supper.

First I tried this rather unattractive babushka type of scarf thingie...note the potato chip holder to get it snug against my least I'm sportin' the right Pittsburgh colors...Black and Gold...
I found the whole getup rather cumbersome and have no idea how Mumsie wears it when she walks us...yes...and wouldn't you just LOVE a pic of that...hahahahaha...not happenin'...
We ran outside to look for food...look at the big he sniffin' for fresh meat? Or is it just another piece of chewin' gum?... BTW, my beard is a bit shorter after that experience...had a little session with the scissors...sniff.

Ah ha...look what the Lacie found...a chicken...fresh and delectable....ready to cook!

Scruffy...give me it, this instant!!!!!!'s MINE...I found it...LET IT GO!!!!!!!!

HA!!! Now stay away from me...I'm warnin' ya......

Stoopid dog....I TOLD YOU NOT TO GET TOO CLOSE......

Stan's a lot smarter...see his tail is missin' in action...he gets like this when the Lacie flashes her toofers at Scruffy......

Ahh...another successful experience of huntin' and gatherin'.....Laciestyle....

Hmm....Asta taught me to cook Chicken Paap Reek KA...she even sent me some special Hungarian paap reek KA....I'm assumin' I just dump the package in the pot with the or reg ann o and turn the fire on?????? Followin' her recipe is too much work...I'll just do a little Lakie improv here.... The package says it's HOT....MIAM MIAM as Faya would say!!!!!....
We'll let ya know how this delisssh meal turns out!!!!!
OH NO....I forgot to get sour cream at the store...Asta even brushes her teeth with it...I KNOW I need some for this chicken...hmmm...
Cooked Lakie barks...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Why Terriers Have Beards; an Insightful Study by Lacie..

Now I know some of you have been wonderin' bout the state of the Obama doin' a good job so far?? Or did Mango's momma get admitted to the local psychiatric hospital for takin' Hector to the mall (if you haven't seen that video yet, GO NOW...and have your kleenex box handy...Mumsie was dyin' laughin'...have no idea why...) um....or will the Steelers win the Superbowl??

Now these are all important things to ponder, but I thought you might enjoy thinkin' 'bout BEARDS. I mean why? (And don't give me why not...that commercial is irritatin'...) Gooberstan recently had his beard contest and he addressed the long and short of it, but not the age old question of WHY.

1st Study: SCRUFFY:

This one is easy...Scruffy has a beard as I need it for a handle. I can pull him around with it...grab it when he has a toy I might need...etc., etc. You will never see his beard very long. I trim it for him regularly...heh heh heh...

2nd Study; Stanley:

The big Dale has a beard cuz he's like a camel. He stores water in it. Then when he gets thirsty, he can either suck on it like a straw or just let it drip into a hooooge puddle on the floor and lap it up.

Scruffy and I adore Stan's beard. See, it STINKS. No matter how many times Mumsie shoves him in the shower and shampoos it, 24 hours later it pawsitively REEKS. We're thinkin' it actually mildews. Scruffy likes to lick it when it gets into this rancid state. I pawsonally prefer to roll on it when he's in a reclinin' position. Works for me.

3rd Study; Lacie:
Now up until this mornin' I had no idea why I have a beard. Well...see that little white thing in this pic? It's bubble gum!! Ask me how I found gum when everthing is frozen and snowy out...not tellin'.....

Here I am tryin' to blow a bubble...hmm...this isn't somethin' my dogmom ever taught me...I have the tongue thing down, but I seem to be missin' the bubble.

This is the head-shake, head/tilt method of chewin' gum...(yes, I know it sounds like a step in airway management in CPR....)
You store the gum in your beard and chew on it when needed for breath freshenin', stress relief or just to look really cool. I mean how many dogs go around with portable chewin' gum. And I am so all about cool.

Hmm...I think this might be a big bubble???!!

Oh my...this is exhaustin'....see the gum is in its beard storage area.

Pretty big wad, huh????

Sort of an artsy shot...
A Lakeland and Her Chewing Gum....
Nuff said....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Rare View.....

Yeppers, Scruff here...ya don't get to see THIS very often...this was Lacie durin' the most excitingest 4th quarter of the Steeler's game...
Ya halftime we needed to use the facilities in the yard. Some blithering a** decided to set off fireworks at halftime....Lacie's worst nightmare. She came in shakin', shiverin' and pantin'....Mumsie was afraid she might have a she gave her her special relaxin' medicine...yep, ya guessed it...SHE SLEPT RIGHT THROUGH THE END OF THE GAME.
OUT COLD. And was she ever hop-spittin' mad when she woke up to find the game over......Stan and I thought it prudent to exist the house and hang out in the yard for a while...ugleeeeeeee scene.
Hope you dogs, kitties and hammies are havin' a fab day!
The Scruffman

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Almost Wordless Sunday.....

Well, it as cute as Gussie's butt????
GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!

Scruffy, Lacie and Babystan!!!!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

"Bermuda, Bahamas, Come on Pretty Mama!"...

Ahh....close your eyes...can't you just hear the waterfall, feel the sun and spray?????
Lacie here...first of all...SCRUFFY IS JUST FINE. Much ado 'bout nuthin' to say the least...he did express some surprise when I told him just WHERE sanitary protection is SUPPOSED TO we've always said Scruffy is one celery stick short of a stalk...Mumsie thanks you all for your advice and concern...she said this is one supportive community.

Now this morning we were BORED. It was 6 below zero this AM and frankly, chasin' crows was a bit brisk. We wanted to go swimmin' but Mumsie said that stoopid polar bear stuff wasn't happenin' we went to Jamaica...sort we are wadin' in and climbin' that waterfall you always see in the pictures!

Stanley, bein' the biggest terrier made it to the top first...he was thirsty after that long climb so here he is dippin' his hooge face in the water to get a drink!

Lookit this face...see why he gets more bones than we do????

Um...actually, the Lacie hasn't gotten ANY BONES TODAY...well...what does Mumsie expect? We were playin' in the waterfall and I drank like a TON of water.....

And then Stan and I jumped out of Jamaica and jumped on the bed and um...well...yeppers...A STAIN WAS MADE.

Mumsie found this product online to clean up the mess...she said it expressed her feelins' pawfectly....

Now Joey...member when you wouldn't give Asta the Stain Award cuz she's a LADY....well....

Nuff said...