Friday, November 30, 2007

My Brother Scruffy, My Hero..!!!!!!!!!

Yes, you read the title correctly. Scruffy is my hero!!!

On Monday, Mumsie saw four deer in our yard. She gets mad when they roam out there, cuz they eat the bushes and use the grass as an outhouse. (Scruffy thinks of them as leaving "snacks" for him.) So Mumsie, ran outside with 2 of her soup pots bashing them together. The deer looked mildly annoyed and moved a little toward the back of our yard.

Mumsie was too lazy to chase them, but when she opened the sliding door, I slid out. I went after those big, bad deer. All 11 pounds of me, barking my little Lakie head off. (Some might call it yapping....)

Three of them ran away. But the fourth...he/she was a problem. It had no antlers, but it sure acted like it was a boy. He turned and faced me and had the temerity to continue eating, though I was all of 5 feet away. I charged at him, and he got MAD. He snorted at me and put his head down and pawed the grass with his right front hoof. Mumsie freaked out. She opened the door and yelled for Scruff.

That foxy wire didn't have to be asked twice. He flew across the yard in full hunting mode and charged the deer!!! The deer kept snorting and pawing and Scruffy flew in his face snapping and the deer backed up, then turned tail and RAN!!!!!

Mumsie stood there holding her soup pots with her mouth hanging open. She was so proud of Scruffy!!!!! He kept running the property line just waiting for Mean Deer to come back. I ran the property line too, just in case. (Mumsie; Actually, she pranced...huge leaps in the air on springy Lakie legs.....)

Here's what the deer looked like.

Here's our yard....Scruffy had to run all the way to the back to rescue me!!!!! I thought he had wings! See the fence up....that's deer fencing to keep the deer from eating ALL of the bushes!

Here's Scruff and me on patrol. He could have been kicked and hurt badly, saving me. I LOVE MY BROTHER!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

HMM: so this is Thanksgiving??

Good Day, Chaps....Seymour here, Jackson's wheeled Stuffie....I'm still in the "Burg"....though this place gets odder and odder.

Lacie and Scruffy "invited" me to go to camp with them last weekend, while Mumsie et al went to Charlotte, NC to visit Big Sister, Cat Woman.

This teeny tiny pic is "camp." Ahh....NOOOOOOOO. So I drove 463 miles with Mumsie and Daddy acting as the GPS system. Upon arrival, we decided to take Big Bruvver, Sister and their accompanying significant others to the drive through zoo north of Charlotte. Judging from the looks of some of the animals, there's a lot of hanky panky between species goin' on after midnight.


That is complete unmitigated hogwash.

Check out this dude....sorta looked like the toll takers on the turnpike!

This is a rather stately creature...think of the scarves Lacie would dress him in. He had this irritating habit of tossing his head back when he swallowed his crunchies, effectively dumping them all over your lap. Well, I don't exactly have a lap, but you can catch my drift.

Now here's a handsome fellow. Daddy put Mumsie's window down in the LOCKED position. This sounds like grounds for divorce to me.

Yeppers, he's movin' right in on Mumsie!

You have to click on this pic to get the actual slobber experience....see the drool hanging on his face? He shoved his head on Mumsie's lap where she had her feed bucket jammed between her knees. He drooled and spit food all over her and the car. He decided it would be a LOT more fun to do all over her face and hands and coat. His tongue is almost as big as Lacie. Being a safety minded person, she had her seatbelt on and couldn't escape....or put up the window. So she just screamed. The others in the car were incontinent of urine. Like they peed their pants. It takes a lot to get old Seymour to howl with laughter, but this was it. I had tears running down my stuffed face.

This is where we had my first Thanksgiving dinner....I'm from England, remember. We didn't do that Indian/settler thing in our history. The above pretty lass is Bailee....Big Burver's girlfriend's cockapoo. She's still a pup...and an anatomical anomaly...she has no bones in her body...she bends....very flexible doggie. And, I may add, an excellent face washer after partaking in the repast spread on the table. Turkey, potatoes, vegetables, salad, 2 kinds of was breathtaking. My wheels were creaking after eatin' all of that. Mumsie had two glasses of wine and felt horrible the whole next day. A true lightweight, that one is....

Here's Bailee smilin' at how much Scruffy and Lacie missed at camp. We brought lotsa leftovers back for them, but Big Bruvver ate em' in the car. Oopsie..........
Upon arrival home, we were truly dismayed to here of Jaffa's horrific experience with the bad Advil. We dogs and hoomans have been thinking of him everyday and sending our thoughts and prayers for his recovery.
Hope you all had a fab holiday.....and I hope Mumsie can fix her printer to print out the addresses for the holiday card exchange. I just really hope I don't have to dress up.....
Yours, Seymour

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Harumph......and Happy Turkey Day!!!

Mumsie and Daddy are gettin' the suitcases out for their visit to Charlotte to visit Big Sister; Cat Woman. Big Bruvver will be there too! So where does that leave us....CAMP....BIG WOO HOO.
Mumsie has promised to bring us back some turkey....judging from the looks of him, I think I'd rather eat cat, er... I mean chicken or something. He's a beast!
Mumsie had to take Lacie's bandage off yesterday as she slimed it in the yard...she pulled her plastic wellie off and it got soaked. Mumsie put a new bandage on and Lacie ate part of it. So it's off and her paw is nekkid. She still limps pathetically, and orders me around to do things like Agatha was ordering Archie. What is it with these girlies? Dewey Dewster has promised to stop by and assist her. He has NO IDEA what he is in for.
We want to wish every doggie, kitty and hamsterrier a Happy Thanksgiving whether you officially celebrate it or not. We are so thankful we have met all of you. Hard to believe last year we didn't know you guys were out there!!!! You are caring, compassionate & hilarious!!
Scruffy and Lacie

Sunday, November 18, 2007

OH MAN; WHAT A WEEKEND!! total count, we had around 80 dogs here for poker Friday night. Just a small gathering! It was a slaughter....yep, girls against the guys...had poker teams.....yep, we whipped the fur of the girls. (Lacie; Scruffy....take it like a man and tell the truth!!!) was a lopsided victory. (Lacie; SCRUFFY!!!!!) OK, OK....the girls beat us by a small margin. (Lacie; it was a butt spankin'. ) Moving on...thanks to the Dales for using the woods. Um...we seemed to have a small beer can issue, however....fortunately Mumsie had a root canal on Friday...she spent most of the weekend on the sofa zoned on Vicodin ES. Thank Dog she didn't seem to notice the mess....

This is Lacie....I sent Scruffy and Seymour to work on the basement. Mumsie's stirring on the sofa, and I fear she may be descending soon into netherregions down there and be overcome with bear fumes.

The above pic was sniped from Asta's blog. We begged Ruby to bring us home from England, so Jackson could have a break from illness and play some poker with the guys. Judging from his inebriated state as I put him back on the plane Saturday, he seemed to have recovered from his rough month. I had a tough time boarding Aire Ruby having accidentally gotten locked in Jackson's closet with it was a bit rushed for the departure. I thought I hurt my paw then, as it was very sore. BUT, when we got home to the's what we found!

This must be what SNOW is!! Well, I rewrenched my paw chasing Scruffy and had to go the vets...AGAIN. I BROKE A NAIL! Like all the way down at the pad on my paw. They put a big red bandage on my cuz it matched my collar, and now I am hobbling pathetically all over the place. I also hate to walk outside with it....SO much easier to pee on the carpet!
I still managed to go with Koobie, Scruffy and those fabulous Whippets in the Whippetmobile to the Penn State/Michigan State game. Joe Paterno had a terrible time getting the whippets to stop chasing the football. Those are some runners!!!!!!!!!

We staggered home exhausted, and found THIS. A kousin dog....and her name's STELLA. OMD....she is also a stellanator. She and Scruffy would roach and wrassle....I kept thinkin' she was gettin too rough with my I'd attack and bark and bark and bark. Stella's mom...Kousin Melissa actually had the tenacity to call me YAPPY. Me...who they bred the flaky out of the Lakie does not yap. Harumph. (Scruffy....she yaps.....)

I had her carefully treed under the table!!!

As much as I hate to compliment her....she does have an amazing tail.....look at the highlights....she sets it every night with those giant rollers.

We did a triple down stay to impress the hoomans. Look at my poor paw. It's awful. Poor Lacie.

Look at her and Scruffy wrassling. I mean, I had to intervene. Scruffy could have been injured. He has such tiny little teeth.....

We want to thank the Whippets for driving us to Michigan. Ya shoulda seen em in the coats we provided. Dale coats....they had skinny whippet heads and big FURRY Dale bodies. They looked Fab!

Most importantly,we also want to thank Sweet Asta for our bloggie award!!!!! This award is presented to a successful blogger, one who can “be the blog” - making it their own, staying with it, interacting with the readers, and just plain having fun. We feel very honored by this....Scruffy and I love to laugh and smile....blogging has made us do both....many times a day! We'd like the pass this award onto Sweet Koobuss' Blog.....and to dear Miss Sunshade. We love visiting their blogs, and come out happier than when we went in!!!!

Gotta run and think bout packin' our bags for Thanksgiving. It seems Scruffy and I are off to "camp." And me with a sore paw. Poooooooor Lacie!!!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Poker Friday Girls Allowed...

OK...well...I WAS planning a Guy's Only Night on Friday...Seymour took some great pix of the card deck, with me um marking up the cards a bit....(Seymour; what he means is he chewed a bucket of them up, completely eating one before Mumsie could remove it from his long foxy snout....) Anyway....Seymour FORGOT to put the memory stick back in the camera. So NO pix.

The easiest thing to do was to go to Asta's blog and SNATCH this pic. But now, Seymour sez I have to invite the Girls, too. Sorry, Archie....I tried. Lacie isn't even here...she's still in England with Dunstan; er, I mean Jackson. Pawsonally, I think Seymour had an ulterior motive for "forgetting" the memory, women, song and poker....that's Seymour's world. and cigars are is always welcome.....we only request when needing to use the facilities the Dales use the woods....that's how we got found out the last time.

We wanna thank all of those who visited the dachies' blog as mentioned on our last post. You are all caring, amazing creatures. Bless you!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Hey Everybody....

Hey dogs...I just visited our friend Mona's blog...she lives in Texas. She's having a really tough time right now. Her Mommy's very sick, and had to surrender three out of the four dogs living with her. One of them is Lorenza's boyfriend, Jacks. Please, if you have a minute, do what you guys do best and visit their blog and send some loving pawsitive thoughts. You're the best! Pass it on!


Lacie, Nursing Student

Hi Every Dog, Kitty and Hamsterrier!

I've been in nurse's training now for several months. My girlfriend, Asta, showed me some more advanced skills beyond pillow fluffing and temperature taking!! I have my stethoscope now and can take blood pressures and listen to hearts and lungs! Asta is the best teacher. Her clinical course is very popular and is hard to get into!

She's very strict and requires we wash our paws ALL the time and wear our student ID! I thought the picture is a good likeness.
I'm on my way over to nurse Jackson who has been having nasty tests done. I hope, as a student, I'm up to this....pawsonally, I'm hoping Asta comes to. She can start an IV from half way across the room. I haven't even given a shot yet. Not till next year.
I'm anxious to check on Dunstan, one of Jackson's other wheeled stuffies. Seymour has been staying with us. Well, he's like with Lola all the time. Sniff.

I know everyone is thinking of Jackson and sending good vibes in his direction. Keep ur paws crossed for him and for me so I don't screw anything up!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

This Is One Wacky House...

Good Day...Seymour here, Jackson's Wheeled Bud from the UK. Scruffy and Lacie are dressing for the party in Disneyworld but seem to be having some issues.

I took the lovely Lola out to dinner last night here in Pittsburgh. We went to a fab fish restaurant with an amazing view as you can see. I ordered was amazing. Perfectly seasoned and grilled. Somehow, I squirted catsup all over our waiter's face. Um, Lola decided to give him a good cleaning. The last we saw of him was when he leaped through the plate glass window. We thought we heard a faint splash as he hit the river. That Lola' s quite the licker.


One happily kielbassi stuffed Seymour.....

Scruffy and Lacie still seem a bit fatigued from their visit to New York City to see Asta. They ran in here to grab their suits for Disneyworld. you see an issue here?????????

Scruff, that bikini is WAYYYYYY to small.....

Lacie, I just don't know what to say. You don't have a top on....your trunks are huge.

I think I hear Aire Ruby.....Toodles!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Seymour Takes Over......

Well, well, well. Look at my foxy friends. As you know "Sir" Dunstan was living with Scruffy and Lacie since last summer. But, when our bud Jackson got sick, Dunstan decided he was homesick and went back to the UK. I guess Lacie was miserable without him, so Scruffy peemailed me to come over and show her a good time. I arrived 2 days is a long way on wheels across the ocean. But, I get here and Scruffy, Lacie, Koobie and some dude named Dewey are all in NYC causing trouble. I guess they got into a wreck and had some serious skirmishes with the law. Asta's (Up Over) blog describes it better than I ever could.

There were some injuries, but nuthin' serious, thank dog...Asta looks rather despondent, and her barely over the flu. She's been nursing Jackson...probably just worn down, poor girl. And now, she has all of these friends to care for. Look at the expression on Scuffy's face...he obviously got his bell rung...and it's still ringing!!!!

So no dogs are here...just Aunt Mumsie. And frankly she's boring. All she talks about is the blog and whether I might be constipated. Jees...I mean, I might be stuffed, but not that way. Dunstan gained quite a lot of weight here from eating pierogies. So far, I'm just workin' on the kielbassi....good stuff!

So, I'm wondering if Lola....she lives right here in the Burg, might like to come over and take me around the city to see the sights. She is such a diva! Are the Steelers playin' at home this weekend?? That could be a fun time!

Am thinkin' of throwin' a poker pawty here...will let you guys know. We have all of Scuffy and Lacie's toys and unlimited beer. And cigars.
Will continue to manage things here while the terriers continue wrecking havoc in New York.
Sincerely, Seymour

Monday, November 5, 2007

America's Most Wanted Dogs?????

Hi Dogs, Kitties, Hamsterriers!
I just got this email from Scruffy. He, Koob, Lacie and Dewey are on their way to NYC to take care of Asta who has the flu. I am a tad concerned. Mumsie

Dear Mumsie!

I'm typing this on Lacie's laptop. (Why does she have all the cool toys???) We've had a very exciting drive to NYC. Lacie's GPS nose was a tad better this time, so the only Great Lakes we saw were Erie, Huron and Michigan. Boy, that Dewey loves to swim.

BUT...Dewey, after all of that water play has to like use the facilities every mile and a half. (There just aren't that many fire hydrants in Michigan.)We stopped what seemed a million times, till we got to Man Hat Tin. Then we ran outta hydrants. So we borrowed a mailbox. It took a little effort to dig it outta the concrete, but with 4 terriers, it really wasn't a problem. We saw a really nice policeman waving at us as we heaved it into the backseat of Koob's car...what friendly people live here! He seemed really excited at the idea that Dewey could pee on the mailbox without us stopping the car.
We tried to find Asta's apartment, but ended up in Times Square! They even posted a welcome to us on the great big flat screenTV; our picture was up there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Click on the pic to see how cute we are!!!)
Now we're headed to Asta's apartment. The police are giving us an escort! The sirens are so loud and exciting. I love New York!!! Koobie and Lacie seem to be getting their panties in a ruffle...Koobie's driving really fast racing the police! THIS IS A BLAST! Dewey managed to get his paw into the rather wet mailbox and is tossing letters at them like we're in a ticker tape parade....WHEEEEEEEEE!
Love, Scruffy

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Lacie's in Big Trouble!!!!!

Well, well, well...Little Miss Perfect seems to have fallen off of her pedestal...HAHAHA!!! As you know by now, Koob, Dunstan, Lac and me follow Penn State around the country this time of the year. Things usually go very smoothly with the trips! But this week...

First of all Dunstan, Lacie's main squeeze went back to the UK to visit Jackson who is a bit under the weather. Lacie has been very sad....being the good big brother, I encouraged her to invite a friend to go to the game with her. I told her Dewey, Koob's blogless friend who also lives here in Pittsburgh would be perfect for her.

Lacie...actually, Scruffy begged Dewey to take me cuz Dewey has the hots for Koobie...he tried it as a diversion tactic!!! Plus Koob had already invited him!!!!!

Koob picked us all up in her little red was quite brisk as it's a convertible...we were a little late so we let Lacie use her nose for the GPS system. Um....does this stadium look like Beaver Stadium??????

Koobie and I were court-ordered to clean up Beaver Stadium after the game this week. (It was due to a unfortunate misunderstanding about us accidentally landing Aire Ruby on the field during half time last week.) We cleaned up this whole stadium after the game...then realized it was the wrong one. By the time we finished Beaver Stadium, Lacie and Dewey were gone. We looked for them at the Creamery....Lac loves ice cream, but no dogs. So we, uh,got tired waiting and drove back to the Burg.....

Dewey's dogmom Asta left some revealing remarks on Koob's blog about Dewey and Lacie's whereabouts. I'm not going to repeat them as they are somewhat tarnishing to Lacie's reputation. She did say she was gonna box Dewey's ears!!!!!

Here are 2 pix of the woulda been enough, but blogger was being difficult. Um...he is a rather handsome dude. I don't think he's gonna be as easy as Dunstan is for Lacie to pull around.

Mumsie got a call from the Nittany Lion Inn in State College....about some charges Lac made to her Mastercard. Many charges....evidently the bar there is very nice. I'm sure that there was no impropriety involved...Lac will have an excellent explanation for the weekend, I'm sure!!!