Monday, February 25, 2008

Our Bunky Flog Award!

Bunky Flog...Lacie actually typed that when thanking Molly and Taffy and Maggie and Mitch for awarding us this title. Um...our blog's bunky? er funky??? !!! Enuff said...thank you all so much for this honor! We pass it on to all our friends: dogs kitties and hamsterriers....Funky Rocks!!!
Lacie has been insufferable in that crazy Easter Bonnet. She prattles, she preens...she sings that stoopid song she likes..."In My Easter Bonnet, with All My Hares Upon It..." Not her original pun...thanks to Koobie's Grandpa for that one!
Babystan got to thinkin' bout's his lampshade that he's SUPPOSED to be wearin' after last Friday's raisin snippin'. (The lampshade didn't even last out the vetties door...he didn't fit in the back of the car.) First he tried chewin' on the shade...then he filled it with toys, then he used it for a trash can and stuffed Lacie in it!! Boy, did she get mad. Mumsie couldn't even get her pic she tore outta there so fast. SO.....

With all this fuss of Lacie in her bonnet...Babystan decided NOT to be out done. See him...he's wearin' the lampshade BACKWARDS! Darn, if that dog isn't stylin'!!!

Stoopid blogger seems to have loaded that pic twice. So you can just look at it again and notice different details. Like how the chair is in the middle of the room....maybe somedog peed on the carpet????

Here's a close up of the big dumb large, handsome intelligent Airedale. Wonder what he's thinkin'?

Can he compete?
The only normal dog in this house.
(Lacie; define normal.)

In My Easter Bonnet....!!! what if it's February...I'm ready for it???? My new hat, I mean? Now that you're concentrating on how cute I am, I need to apologize...My sweet Archie, Agatha and Asta...(all A's) sent us bootiful pressies....lotsa stuffies and bones....for Valentine's Barkday, Scruffy's Barkday....(next week, but that Agatha is so efficient.....) Anyway, we took the bestest pix....and MUMSIE LOST THEM. Like they are gone. I'm thinkin' she erased the memory stick. I mean in the camera. Mumsie's memory stick was erased a LONG time ago....she's gotta be close to 200 years old now. Mybe that's why she screws up the puter, camera, her cell phone etc etc. (She was in Verizon today and had to ASK the man workin' there how to capitalize on her cell phone...who types in caps in a text msg. anyway.....???) But, we are very sorry for Mumsie's inefficiancy with regard to our pressies.....Thank you all for your generosity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got another pressie from Koobuss!!!!!!!!! I gave the boyz permission to open it....Scruffy snuck this cute sheepie out of the box first and well, destuffed it. I gathered ALL the stuffin' up and will sew the poor guy back together.......those foxy wires....what is it with them??? So destructive.

Lookie at Babystan....back on his feet.....pullin' all these stuffies outta the box!

There was a pic before this showin' him gnashin' his large Dale jaws on the box....Stan likes to make sure all cardboard is broken down before it goes into our recycle bin.

As you can see he gets a little too enthusiastic for the project. There's cardboard everywhere!!! He loved it!

Isn't my new Stuffie Easter Bonnet Bunny Hat just the latest????????????? (I heard that they are all the rage in Paris this spring!) It makes me happiest just to slip it on and think bout the warm weather that's just round the corner......THANK YOU KOOBIE FOR ALL THE PRESSIES!!!!!!!!! I waaaaaas gonna let Scruffy write this post but his tummy's been a tad upset and I didn't figure he could describe my new bonnet correctly.
Babystan seems to be completely recovered from his surgery. Keepin' that big boy quiet is harder to do than I thought. No stairs for 7-10 days, my Lakie posterior....what am I supposed to do...carry him up?????
I will let Scruffy post next. I guess.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Whelp...itsch my surgery's over and it was CRAZZZZZZZZZY!!! I'm on shome pain meds....GOOOOOD STHUFFFFF!!!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
(Lacie: Um...he's a little medicated right now, puttin' it mildly....)
Lookat this card that hottie Ashhta sehnt to me....Um...I've been chrushin' on her since the day I met 'er....she's like attached to Standude...but....he's got some Asshta...I think ur bootiful...lieke the most boutufil foxee I've ever met.....I love you!!!!!!!!
(Lacie: Ut Oh.....I'm feelin' some trouble brewin'....Babystan....Shut ur large Dale're gonna regret these things tomorrow.....)

Here I am lookin' out the window at the vetties 'fore my snipit was snowin' and freezin' wainin'! I'm thinkin' this is NOT a good idea....maybe we could just go home now....
Mumsie wouldn't let me...sho er so I just lifted my Dale leg on this pile of "Christian Yellow Pages"....they were a lot yellower when I was done with em. The vet techie had the o dac ity to ashk me if I'm a religious sort or not. I mean I was just doin' some blaaadeer emteein'; it wasn't a political statement or somefing. Whatever.... Man, it;s harcd to tuype. Wheeeeeeeeee.....!
(Lacie...Mumsie wanted to kill him...why did he have to pick that pile to pee on????)

Thisch Teckie fooled me...I was happy...she told me I could go havve some ischcream. tail's a waggin' too. I follered her like a sheep to the slaughter......

She lied. Whut HIT ME????? No iceshh creeem for Sthann.

Mumsie came to wecover me. She gave me a massage and an ear wub. Hey, I'm talkin' like Ashaata!!! DUDE!!!!!!!! Ashta...where are you? I coulda sworn I was dreamin' of you...we were on a had on this really cute bikini and....

(Lacie; Sweet Babystan...shut!)

Oh Man...this pischture's outta order....that was me leavin' in my lanmpshade. Sheesch.

HA! Bet you guyz think this is me....Fooled ya!!!'s Beckham....a very cute Dale chicka beside my cage who had her fix it surgery. She was cryin' so Mumsie gave her some love. I wanted to get in there and do sume luvin' too but the Vet said she fixed that. Don't get whut she's talkin' bout.The vettie staff was laughin' cuz they had 2 Dales side by side....Wots sho funnie bout that?

Here I am at home...wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......but I can't seem to get hurts to lie dahn in the normal faschin' fur shome weasun.

Here's Bruvver feelin' guilty and givning me symptathy......treats wuld help Bruvfeer.
A rear shot....ha...not lettin' ya pieeek at way...I sthill have sume modesteee. Thannke yu all for all the good whishies ya sent me. I don't hurt or anythin.......g. Wheeeeeee...musta been all the zennie u guys sent....POKER TONIGHT...HERE....BRING BEER!!!!!!!!!

(Lacie: Babystan is feelin' no pain to say the least....and there is NO poker here tonight. He is going to bed. NOW. Agatha told me to consult my med surg book on Care of the Male Dale after Raisinectomy... First paragraph states "NO POKER, NONE for 7-10 days....."
"Come on Babystan....let's sit on your ice pack, and then we can take a nice little nappy."

Now I know what it means when they say nurses lead plural lives.)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Babystan's Upcomin' Raisinectomy!!!!!!!!!!

Obviously, this is NOT Babystan. This is who Babystan wants to be! Male dog, female dog, boar, tree, rock, doesn't matter...if it's's fair game. I find it really irritating.
So I called our vettie and scheduled Stan's appointment for his "raisinectomy" this point it's more like a prunectomy or somethin'......SO....this Friday is the big day....I'm sure Mumsie will take the camera to document Stan's hospital stay. She's gonna see if they will let her or Bruvver back to be with the big lughead when he awakens...that dog is gonna HOWL. He is gonna drive the staff crazy with his singin'. Scruff's been givin' him plenty of advice 'bout how to to one side or the other....sounds uncomfortable. I plan to have his bed made up with fresh sheets and a large ice pack available.
High pitched barks.....(grin!)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Day 3; Mt. Hairy Hospital

Lacie here. Not to panic....(I'm certainly not!)...Scruffy will be fine. He actually did OK landing on those rocks on his head as shown in out last post.

However, he was foolin' around on the chairlift and um...fell off of it from a rather astounding height. The surgeon said he was lucky there was so much snow under him or it coulda been worse! He also said Scruffy's blood alchohol level was elevated and found a certain flask in his pocket...empty.

Other injury reports:

Stanley: mild concussion from his use of the "no-look, no-ski" technique...treated in ER and released. The ER doc said that he needs to be awakened every 2 hours tonight to check his pupils and his mental status. (Am I allowed to giggle here...Stan's mental status???) Anyway, Asta AND Ruby are going to stay with him tonight. Hmm.

Lenny: high ankle sprain (didn't know dawgs had ankles...but have you ever seen the length of Lenny's legs??? They're high alright!) He's on crutches for 6-8 weeks with a lot of therapy needed. He needed the extra tall crutches dispensed. Cost more $$.

Mitch: Injured Dale Snoot. He seems to have hit a tree sideways and smacked his nose on it. Ouchie.....! Treatment is a large ice bag applied to the affected area for 20 minutes 4 times a day. Never apply ice directly to the skin.

Butchy: Fell off red sled; has a possible rotator cuff tear in his right shoulder. Discharged with arm in sling....needs to see surgeon when gets home after swelling goes down. Will require physical therapy several times/week.

Dewey: seems to have fallen off side of mountain. Scruffy swears he didn't push him as he was already admitted to the ER prior to Dewey's fall from er grace. He has extensive lacerations that required stitches, multiple abrasions, some fur loss, and for some reason inablility to void. Like pee. So he's going home with a foley catheter. Has to see a urologist promptly when returning to Pittsburgh. Mumsie knows some good ones.

GirlGirl: Sustained fall from chairlift into deep snow. NONE of the terriers could find her. Thankfully, Amber-Mae was able to locate her before she froze! Unhurt, but presented in ER with hypothermia. Needed warming blankets, heated IV fluids etc etc. to get her temp. up to normal. Got a free tooth trimming while there.

The question of pet insurance was brought up for this group.

Asta Marie (having a degree in gambling and business) set up a table outside of Mt. Hairy's ER and conveniently sold insurance to ALLDOGS and hammies needin' it on the way in.

So there ya have it...what a weekend.

I'm nursing tonight. Archie, Dewey, Butchy and Scruffy all laid out in a row by the fire in Mt. Hairy Lodge. They've already requested poker chips and cards.

Thanks to KOOBIE for being the hostess with the mostest! We had the best weekend ever!!!!!


Friday, February 15, 2008

Day 2; Mt. Hairy Lodge!

Oh Dog....are we havin' the best time yet! Lacie and I went for a run with Babystan down the bunny slope. I looked everywhere, but didn't see any rabbits. Darn...I probably coulda caught one on these newly waxed skis!!! Lacie got least she SAID she got she went into the lodge to hang out with a certain terrier from Boston....not a Boston terrier. A terrier from Boston. There is a difference. Babystan took a couple more runs...he's been trying to keep Cassidy from hurtin' her leggie again on the slopes. That dog is hard to rein wonder Harry is in such good shape and looks and acts like half his age. I decided to head over to the more advanced area.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......P O W D E R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'s easy to catch a tip in powder too...And I took my helmut I could look cooler. This is a very disturbing turn of events. The Scruffman is OUTTA CONTROL!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Hey All...we will see you soon. For some reason this seemed a good idea at the time. Now I'm somewhat regrettin' not being on warm Aire Ruby for the flight to the POKE A NOSE. Scruffy and Stanley keep stoppin' to hit every bush, mailbox and fire hydrant. At this rate we may get there by Easter. MUSH, BOYZ!!!! Faster!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!

The three of us want to wish every Dog, Kitty and Hammie the best Valentine's Day ever! We're busy getting our skis waxed and sharpened for the BIG PAWTY Koobie's having at MT. HAIRY LODGE in the Poke A Nose mountains. Everyone please try and come!!! We love ya!

Best wishes! Scruffy, Lacie and Babystan

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Doin' the Dew!!!!!!!!!

They let me post...they let me post!!!!! I have a lot to say....look at my large Dale mouth!
You'll notice I'm in Lacie's lifeguardin' chair....HA HA HA!!!!! I am gradually taking over alpha status.
Lacie watches me all the time....!!!! She got the best Barkday pressies from Asta, Agatha and Archie!! I am enjoying all the gifts! Lacie will be posting pix of them as soon as I allow her!
Oh, and NEWSFLASH....I think she might be sweet on a certain Wire Fox Terrier from Boston. He sent her a Valentine and she blushed to the roots of her red fur. She talks bout him ALL the time. How handsome he is, how brave and what else.....pretty soon she's gonna be routing for all Boston teams....and she sez her tummy feels funny; bouncy like, when he limps er walks into a room. Now I'm not naming names here. Cause she'd kill me. And ya don't wanna see Lac when she's in a tither.

If you click on this photo, you will see the Mountain Dew can that I absconded from the fridge pack in the garage. MMMMMMMMM!!! The other dogs chased me 'round the yard. I bit a hole in it and was rather stunned when it sorta 'ploded all inside my mouth. After a few minutes, it just came out in a drizzle. So I bit off the end of the can...crushed it in my huge Dale jaws...and dumped it into the snow!

Using my large Dale nose, I mixed it to the pawfect DEW SLUSHIE!!!!! Yes...I know it looks like Scruff lifted his leg there...but's Dew....all three of us enjoyed eatin' it. Then we completely spazzed out from caffeine overload. Can you imagine three terriers wired on Mountain Dew??? WOOOOT!
Pee Ess Mumsie asked me to tell you guys that our Scruffy's Barkday is NOT until March. It's the other cute little Scruffy whose Barkday is in a couple of days!!! How did they get so many Scruffys in the world??????

Friday, February 8, 2008

Barkday Thoughts.........

I Hey Everydog, Hammie and the one Cat we recently befriended (we're workin' on that....we want more Kitty friends...)

It's my 1st Barkday so I get to post...('Course I post an average of 3:1; outnumbering Scruffy and Babystan. But that's what happens if you're the alpha female.)

Thanks to all who sent well wishies!!!!! It is a true gift of your friendship that I will never take for granted! I love you all!

Mumsie and I had an important talk this week. Right after she grounded me. She said she hopes when I grow up I will be a caring compassionate female who tries to make good decisions and who learns from her mistakes. That we will occasionaly NOT make the right choice, but if we learn something from it that it can be a PAWSITIVE thing.

I've thought 'bout the cheerleading outfit I picked for the game. I knew I'd get in trouble. But I wanted to wear it be popular with the boyz. But, now I realize that it's not me. And I need to respect myself, first. So I learned something.

I guess this is part of growin' up, but Mumsie sez we will learn all our lives. I can't wait! I'll miss being a pup a little, I was a pretty innocent time. But, I'm ready now to start lookin' at things from other animal's perspecives a bit now...ya know walk in the other dog's, kitties or hammies paws. See what I can do to be a voice for kindness and compassion.....

That's what we talked about.......


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Miss Flamingo Has Arrived!!!!!

Hi Everyone!!!!!!! Babystan here! I wanted to show you the photoshoot from the HUGEST box of pressies that arrived last week from Gooberstan and Gooberstella! Check these out!

Ooopsie...there was a photo before this that was a great butt shot of Scruffy for anyone who really cares to look at it. Blogger probably automatically deleted it as being too ugly. But....look at ALL THE STUFF they sent! AND, what in the world is this large pink bird.....But, before we can explore that, Scruffy nabs one of the beef puffs...MMMMMM....if you can see he's hidin' behind the chair.....Mumsie only wanted it so she could take the plastic off first. Sharpest tool in the shed, that foxie wire!

Scruffy has some darn big fangs and he has his famous death grip on it. (Any other doggies that do a death grip? We wanno know!) Mumsie's lucky he didn't take her hand off.........

That bird is like watching me......hmmm.........

I snatched the bird up, but she flew in the sink. Not that Mumsie doesn't find Goobermud sacred.....but I was chewin' the bird and gettin' sacred Goobermud all over the sofa.
So Mumsie gave her a bath....and wasted all of that sacred mud!
(Lacie: I coulda used it for a mud face pack...I'm sure that's how Stella keeps her youthful complexion.........)

Here's Miss Bubbles....Daddy came home from work and said there must be a reason WHY in the (bad word) we had a pink flamingo in our dishdrainer. Mumsie said it was a long story...he said he didn't even want the short story and went and hid behind the newspaper. But the Miss Bubbles was watchin' him....just waitin' to attack. She didn't but she's just waitin' for the right time!

LOOKIE at all of the stuff they sent....this was celebrating my arrival to Scruffy and Lacie's Place. (Course now it's Stan's Place, but who's to quibble.....)

We are some spoiled rotten Terriers!

Yeppers...I look like my Hero.....the one whose name I stole....(well, Bruvver stole it...Mumsie wanted to name me unoriginal.) Miss Bubbles is fab....I gave here some Goober butt nibbles....there were directions in the package from Stan, himself. How to Nibble on a Flamingo....

We have the bestest friends.....I never dreamed of coming to a home that welcomed a new Dale with such Joy! To all who welcomed Stan and and ur Girl are the best.....AND tell ur Girl to hurry up with that thesis......
We love ya and miss you, Guys!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sniff...Sob....Woe Is Me...

Mumsie is SOOOOOO mean. She told me I was grounded for Koobie's Ski Pawty, based on my "inappropriate cheerleading outfit that showed a complete lack of morals." OR...I could wear this horrid outfit EVERDAY until the pawty and maybe even TO the pawty....'cept I think I'll freeze. (Scruffy: "Lack of clothing didn't seem to bother you at the last pawty.....")

Sniff...sob....whine.....I have NO choice...I have to wear it...look at those little stoopid pants with the ruffles and the shoes....NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I will never live this down. (Scruffy: "You're probably not gonna live the LAST outfit down either....I mean I even saw some dogs blushin..."

Lacie: "And who are you, the moral police, Scruffy?"

Scruffy: "No, just a concerned brother who loves you. Sometimes, Lacie, life's got rules...and ya just have to live with them. All behavior has consequences....ya may as well learn that before your first Barkday."

Lacie: "Don't even remind first Barkday is this Friday....and I'm stuck in this outfit...I think I'll go and hide behind the chair."

Scruffy: "Would you like a lollipop?"

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Here'sCheerin' for the Boyz!!! I said I wasn't wearin' that horrid cheerleader outfit Mumsie picked out. So how's this one? Lookin' into my crystal ball, I'm figurin' I'm grounded for at least a day. Perhaps if you doggies could tell Mumsie that would be cruel...that I'm only tryin' to express might help.

Ya gotta admit...this IS SO NOT ME.

Joes Stains snapped this of us....on our way into to do a little gamblin'. Babystan LOVES to gamble....he um...lost. Scruffy lost, too.

La la la la la la la.....I didn't.


Saturday, February 2, 2008

Mule-Headed Babystan!!!!!! of Mumsie's nicknames for Babystan is "Horsehead." I have to admit this pix I snapped it taking his nickname to new heights...or perhaps lows as they are on the mule trip to the BOTTOM of the Grand Canyon. No, I did NOT think of this myself. I had NO idea that Scruffy was gonna ride Babystan all that way, plus make him carry a cowboy, too!!! But what a fab idea! Look at the way he's tossin' his Dale/Mule head. Probably flies. I sprayed him with a can of fly spray. He's really gonna stink on the planeride home now. Muzzer said she'll toss both of em in the pool. I think it's gonna be a necessity now. Had to be a long hike for both him and his riders. Scruffy is walkin' in a whole new way tonight. SADDLE SORE!

I thought I'd share some pix from the mud bath Scruff and me took today. Look at that bright Arizona sun. Haven't seen that in the Burgh since last summer.

Seemed prudent for Scruff and me to rinse. Didn 't want Muzzer tossin' me in that pool!!!!!

Oh, these above two photos are too DEPRESSIN' for words. These are the outfits Mumsie said I could choose from for the cheerleadin' that we girlies are gonna do this weekend.

News Flash. NO. Like NOT. I wefuse to wear that childish outfit. I am almost 1 year old. Not happening.