Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jackson Day

Our blog today is devoted to Jackson. His parents got a bad report from his latest round of tests and we are saddened and very worried about this. We are thinking about him and his family and flooding heaven with our prayers. Jackson has been our wise wiry leader for a long time and now we need to offer him and his family our support.
We're posting this picture of these prayer flags on Mt. Everest to represent the seemingly insurmountable troubles that Jackson has already overcome and to remind us that hope is always present and prayers that his current problems can be healed.
Today, tomorrow and the days to come are Jackson Day. We are thinking of him with love.
Scruffy, Lacie, Stan and Mumsie

Monday, July 28, 2008

First Blogoversary and Healing Zen Flowers!

Ahh....Lacie here....does this pic look familiar? Lacie's First Ice Cream! It's our ONE YEAR BLOGOVERSARY!!! These are the first two pics you ever saw of me on our bloggie. Um...actually it was Scruffy's blog. For one day. These pics were from our vacation last year when I was still a pup...5 months old!
Now this was rather hoomiliating for a LIFEGUARD....guess the Peeps thought I couldn't swim! Now I have some pics around here somewhere of Scruffy for our first post, but they seem to be misplaced. And of course Babystan didn't join us till can just look at MOI!

I went out in the yard today to pick a bouquet of healing flowers for our friends who have been having some health issues. (Of course, I picked lots of Queen Anne's Lace...since that's my real name and it's in bloom!) These are for Jackson, Snickers, Noah and his sissy Tess and any other dog, kitty or hammie who needs some healing sniffies. If you put your nosies right up to ur puter screen, you'll be able to sniff them from all the way at your house!!!!!

Here are Babystan, Scruff and I sittin' around on this hot summer day thinkin' about not only our friends who aren't feelin' well and need our help, but all of you whom we've met over the past year. You brighten our day and make us laugh, cry and be silly!!! This is the most caring, loving group ever and it's a privilege to know you. We love you all!!!!
Scruffy, Lacie and Babystan (and Mumsie too!!!!!)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Water Safety Instruction? Or More?

Scruff here. Due to the success of my last post, and the fact Lacie is havin' a facial, I'm doin' the reportin' today. So yesterday was Wheelie Wednesday. And Gilbert didn't post. I'm thinkin' he's too busy.
Now there have been some rumors spreadin' bout possible Wheelie/Stuffie Takeover. RUMORS, just that. Now tell me if ya see anything suspicious in these pics. We dawgs are supposed to be keepin' our eyes peeled for signs of unrest. The above pic is our three oldest dawgs...combined age? Probably bout 150 years. There's some life wisdom inside those furballs.

Now what do ya suppose Gilbert, Foxy Puppet and Very Old Stuffie are talkin' about? Could it be a gardenin' lesson on Black Eyed Susans? Or 'splainin' the electric fence boundaries to which those dogs are darn close. Or something more sinister?

Look at the rapt expressions on those Stuffed Terrier faces! I can't get close enought to hear and not be seen.

Oh my...Foxy Puppet seems to have stabilized himself on something rather wobbly. Hey...THAT'S MINE! That's my Chuck It ball thrower. Giveitback!!!!!!

Oh, Good Grief. Is that what this is all about? Was Gilbert, et al just explainin' water safety rules? Or something more?

They look like they're ready to jump!

Um, this guy had an oopsie! Look at his beard drippin'. He's out dryin' in the sun now.
So, Scruffy signin' off here. I'm givin' no opinions on what this meeting was about. My job is to present the facts and allow you, Gentle Reader, to make your decisions.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happiest 6th Barkday, MISS SNICKERS!!!!!

WOW!!!! WE ARE HAVIN' A BLAST!!! Aire Ruby picked us up early today to whisk us to the Heartland of SNICKER'S BARKDAY PAWTY!!!!!

Now, this photo was taken of Snickers last year, but we loved it and figured the sentiment hasn't changed!

I 'specially adore this photo out of Snicker's baby book!!! Doesn't it just make ya wanna go and give her a snuggle?????? There is nuthin' cuter than a pup...look how nicely she has her black lipstick on...Miss Snickers was a diva even then!

It's sooooooo hot! Before we even socialized, we just jumped into the pond. For once, there's a pic of me swimmin' where my fur isn't all wet and my noscara drippin'!!!!! Scruff sorta looks like he's growin' outta that lilypad,doesn't he??? Stan's slowly sinkin' in the water to hide. Member on that previous post where Scruffy renamed him as "Marshmallow?" Well, today he told him that all the other dogs, kitties and hammies were gonna try and ROAST HIM. Don't know if we'll be seein' much of Babystan at this pawty! Gilbert came with us too, but he was snoopin' around tryin' to find Bentley to see if he's grown hair yet...those Wheelies.

Now, I've been goin' to a lot of private duty nursing cases lately, and consequently using my blender a lot...strictly for professional reasons, of course. I've purchased a few more blenders and thought you might like to take a gander at them.

Isn't this one feminine??? I love it!

This one's a BEAST! Useful when we have gatherings with more of the larger breeds represented. Or if Mango is thirsty. (And sometimes Girl Girl would surprise ya!!)

But this is my pawsonal favorite for this weekend. A GASOLINE OPERATED BLENDER. No need to replace the battery operated blenders, while portable, only blend like this: whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! But this guy...he blends like this: WRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

Get the pic? Thought so!

Here I am dressed in a casual outfit, enjoying the fruits of my labors.

I had so many new recipes to try for the pawty this weekend, that I went to our local grocery store and set a up Nootricious Smoothie Stand to solicit opinions. (Say that 5 times fast after just 1/2 of my regular sized smoothie!!) I was careful not to offer any of the hooman pups the samples with the special additives. It was hilarious watchin' the shoppers tryin' to push their grocery buggies in a straight line after inbibing...

Oh LA LA, how I do run on........Before I run back to crank up the blenders, we wanted to give a shout out to some newcomers on DWB's.....they are from Gussie before he moved! They have lots of adventures and recently had a run-in with a creature that made the alligator we saw on vacation look like a pussycat! Go and visit Norman and his pals and tell 'em we sent ya!!!

Scruffy told me if I can type a post without using one exclamation point, he would give me his Dingo for the day. Hmm...maybe next time!
Back to the pawty...."Archie, Archie....where are ya? Wanna go and play some croquet???"
We love ya, SNICKERS!!!
Scruffy, Babystan and LACIE!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Meetin' the Dewster!!!!!

Thank heavens I'm back...when the boys or Gilbert get hold of the reins of this bloggie, it's obviously very biased reportin' stead of the straight talk I give ya....

Just a little fun here with some've already seen this pic of Stan grinnin' while lyin' on our ruggie......Look what happens if you turn it upside down......

Doesn't it look like he's hangin' from the ceiling and JUST FURIOUS about it???? Heeheeheeheeheehee....Lacie disolves into fits of giggles....he looks like his head is glued to the ceiling!!!!!! Oh my...I needed a good chuckle after those last couple of posts on her by the boyz.

Well, what have we here!!!!! It's a square-faced conference!!!!! We got to meet the infamous Dewey Dewster, his mom, the lovely Asta Marie and their sidekick, Toby a fellow Lakeland, plus their Gram and Grandpa! Oh smell them all in the flesh so to was PAWSOME! No, Scruffy wasn't allowed to come...he gets scrappy at times.
Look at Stan sniffin' at that tree!
Yep, I was afraid that was gonna happen. Aren't we all adorable?

Now it was a very warm day. They have water pumps scattered around the park...with water bowls for doggies to quench their thirst.
Now Asta Marie is very creative when it comes to this. Look at her!

She crawled right in the water bowl to cool off!

Then she decided she was she jammed her long foxy snoot down to the bottom of the pan for a little drinkie.


We were all very impressed. And thirsty. I mean it was impossible to get any dog's snoot in there with Asta monopolizing the bowl!!!!!

This was sooooooooooooooo NOT MY IDEA. Mumsie loves the way Dewey's Gram grooms she had her bring her torture instruments to give her a quick strippin' lesson.
Um...she took all the fur off my ears. But I still have a long curly non terrier looking topknot. With these little Lakie ears. Mumsie seems to be taking her own sweet time bout evening the rest of me out!

Look how amazing Dewey and Co. look! They are gorgeous terriers, aren't they??

Heeheeheeheeheehee!! Look at Babystan...he's tryin' to give Dewey's Grandpa a kissie. Look at his arm tryin' to ward off the large Dale tongue tryin' to wash his face!

Look at Dewey...he's whisperin' something to me....What? NO, MY EARS DO NOT LOOK LIKE TEMPLETON THE RAT'S in Charlotte's Web. I just need my head stripped to match the others.....GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR....Dewey....did Scruffy tell ya to say something to tick me off?????? Well, it worked!!!!!

Here's a video of us...I hope you can get it to play....if not go to Dewey's works there!!! appears Scruffy isn't the only one in the family who can be a wee bit scrappy when peeved. Ah...I don't think Dewey and Toby are holdin' any grudges...sorry boyz...!!!!
We had the bestest time meetin' up with them!
Unbiased reportin' barks!

HMMM Bruvver loaded this video and it looks like it loaded twice...well, you can watch it again then!!!!!




Thursday, July 17, 2008

Are Wheelies Takin' Over??

Hello All! Gilbert here...I wasn't going to post this week as I've just been enjoyin' the summer, but a post from our friend Eric, the Square Faced Dog in the UK has inspired me. Go read his post...he's very concerned that Wheelies are Takin' Over the World!!! Heh, heh, heh....

And judgin' from the comments, it seems others share his concern! Even Jackson has confessed to limiting blog time for his Wheelies...sounds like a power struggle to me. (If Jackson only knew where to look he would see that Seymour and the rest of his Wheelies HAVE THEIR OWN BLOG...but I digress....) Frankly, judgin' from this next pic, seems to me that Eric oughta be worried bout these flowers takin' over the world. Look at the size of these thingies!!!!!

They are BEASTS! White flowers makes me think bout gettin' I guess I should spill the beans now. I ASKED MYRNA TO MARRY ME. She said yes, and passed out in a dead faint!

Gilbert suddenly collaspes to the ground. Lacie arrives with smellin' salts with little fuss. This is about the 54th time he's passed out since he popped the question!

Oh...back again...I seem to be spendin' a lot of time on the ground lately! I can't tell ya anything more bout the weddin'...first I get dizzy and secondly, Myrna and I have to begin plannin'...more on that hot topic later!

Speakin' of's smokin' hot in our yardie today....and you thought I was talkin' bout the weather. Check out Lacie's bikini.....! It's from last summer when she was just a pup and a few pounds lighter. Mumsie had a hard time fastenin' the top. Oh dear...too much info....scratch that last report.

Here's a better view for dogs who might be interested......

I'm gonna tell her Scruffy took and posted this pic. She's NOT gonna be pleased with him....

Ah...ya might find this entertaining. This is the difference between Large Terriers and Small Terriers when the big scary monster comes up the street to steal our trash!!!
Lookie at Stan...relaxed, but alert. Look at Scruff and Lac...barkin' their fool heads off and Lacie in her bikini. Mumsie was hidin' behind those flowers tryin' to avoid the inquirin' stares of the neighbors. With good reason.

Look at that big scary automatically picks the cans up and dumps them....good thing those dogs respect that electric fence or it would be dumpin' them into the truck.

Here's a closeup action shot of two crazed terriers. (Just as an aside, shortly after this pic was snapped, Lacie's top FELL OFF. It got all tangled up in her leggies. Then she had issues from drinkin' too much of the pool water and well let's just say her bikini bottoms are in the washin' machine now...)

Now we know you're awaitin' our pics of Dewey and family with baited not to disappoint, here's a Teaser Photo of the walk this week. Mumsie wouldn't let Scruffy go and she forgot to take me....alas......
Gilbert reportin' off...oh, BTW...there's going to be a Worldwide Wheelie Meeting at Jackson's house soon...I saw it on Seymour's blog....very important stuff to discuss. We'll keep you posted.

Pushin' and Pullin' Wheelin' Barks....

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Revenge is Sweet.....

Ok....Marshmallow and Mrs. Zeefel here...we're "allowed" to take our turn at the Name Tag thingie...Scruffy tagged us...oh, I mean Brian tagged us. If I sound sufficiently sarcastic, I will have achieved my goal.

What is your name?

Lacie: My fancy name is Queen Anne's Lace. I like it very much as it seems appropriate. As for "Lacie" well it's far better than Mrs. Zeefel, that's for sure. Mumsie liked the name Snickers too when she was looking a names for me. But Lacie was it!

Babystan: My fancy name is Sir Stanley Pferdkopf something or means Horsehead Nebula in German....Um...frankly, while my cranium is rather large, I really don't think it's the size of a horse. I really like the name Stanley...though I can never live up to Gooberstan, that's for sure. Bruvver almost called me Winston. I don't think I look like a Winston. I rarely smoke a pipe.

Next question was about our pets and their names...

Lacie; I don't have any pets. I'm allergic.

Babystan: I have my camel that I sleep with...his name is Camel. Why would I call him anything else? Bruvver used to have a camel's hair sweater that was known all over Penn State as "The Camel"...people would come up and pat it. Mumsie killed it in the washer. It fit Scruffy when she was done with it.

Siblings...their names and would you change them?

Lacie: fav bro Scruffy. Yes, I would call him Fecal Breath. Questions?

Babystan: Oh...well...hmmm...what would I rename Scruffy? Flatus. Comments????

Might be a while before anyone else tags us......



Wait till ya see the pix! Scruffy wasn't allowed to go. Mumsie didn't want him to rearrange Dewey's face in public.

We'll post about it soon!!!


Lacie and Babystan

Sunday, July 13, 2008

All About Me!!!!!

HAHAHA!!!! Bet you thought Lacie was postin' AS USUAL. Nope. I am puttin' my paw down and declaring the next couple of days....Scruffy Days!

We're gonna start with that Name Meme Taggie thing that Gaia wants me to do. Ahh....I feel the foxy creativitiy flowin' through my veins.

My Name: Sargent MacScruff, Thane of Wexford.

Woulda ya change it? Hmm...I like my fancy name. But SCRUFFY??? How does a dog get RESPECT with a name like Scruffy?

Most dogs have cool hooman names now...Archie, Stanley, Butchy, Eric, Bogart....almost everybody has really pawsome names....not me, SCRUFFY! if I could rename myself; it would be..............BRIAN!!! Like that amazing dog on Family Guy. Just cuz it's Bruvver's name doesn't make it any less cool.

Hmm...the next questions were all bout pets and their names. I think we ARE the pets. No...I don't have any pets unless the ants count that have invaded Mumsie's kitchen. And there are too many to name.

If I could rename my sibs....OH YES, GLADLY.

First of all "Lacie" is way tooooooooooooooooo cute for her. I was thinkin' something on the line of Bee-otch, but this is a family blog. How bout Hazel? Naa....oh, I got it....Lacie's new name is:

MRS. ZEEFEL. She was a substitute teacher Mumsie had as a small child. Everyone was terrified of her. Pawfect.

Babystan...I would rename Marshmallow....he's just a big squishy marshmallow...not fearsome as his fancy name Sir Stanley Horsehead something('cept it's in German...) makes him seem. Stan and Lacie will do the tag later...I'm still enjoyin' my day in the sun.

Like the tongue, huh?? I had chased the frisbee bout a hundred times in this pic.

OH....this ought to get a reaction. DO YOU THINK LACIE, I MEAN "MRS ZEEFEL'S" FACE LOOKS FAT??????????

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! It does, doesn't it????

More reaction....Do you think Babystan er "Marshmallow" looks crazed?? Seriously. And look at that expression Lacie is making. Yep...looks like that old teacher of Mumsie's....(she was so old she wore those weird black high lace shoes....and black stockings.) But I digress.

AHHHHH....this felt good...I think my ying and yang are back in the right spots.....

Happy Monday to you....oh...go and visit Putter...she ate a corn cobbie and had to have emergency surgery....We're sendin' hooge vats of Terrier Zen to her!

Barkin' at ya.... "Brian"....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!