Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Reflections on the Boyz....by Lacie

Lookie who showed up at our house last night!! It's Asta...and she came from NYC bundled up in her warm coat and doggles bearing a large pot of soup that surprisingly didn't spill at all!!!!! She is the best nursie. She fluffled Mumsie's pillows and spooned the hot nourishing broth down her horrible sore throat. She seemed to perk right up. Then Asta made one of her special Sore Throat and Terrible Cough Smoothie in the blender. It had all sorts of special fruit juices and that special 150 Pwoof Wum that she brought with her. Mumsie slept better last night than she has in a week. She and I spent the night under Big Sissie's bed....and we made a fort and had a huge marshmellow fight with Babystan and Scruff...!!! Thanks to Asta for all of her help!!!

I have to tell you....I think I am living with two WIMPS....Pansies....I don't know what to call my terrier bros.....

Mumsie took all three of us for a walkie last night before Asta came. It wasn't so cold and she figured she couldn't get any sicker outta the house than in it....we had JUST finished pulling her flat on her derriere...(hey, don't blame us...she slipped on the ice on the sidewalk!).....when Babystan freaked out. Like went BALLISTIC. He barked, he growled...he snarled....Of course, Scruffy joined right in the fracas. Being a sensible Lakie, I decided to reserve judgement. Mumsie said the hair was standin' up on the back of her neck. Now that we have Babystan, she figures he's a deterrent to crime....who would want to tackle with that big bad boy???? She scoped the scene out and was flabbergasted to see these two shady characters.

Now, granted today they are a bit melted. But...I mean this dude had a carot for a nose. It was a Snow Bunny...with big frozen stuck up ears.

And beside the Snow Bunny was this fierce creature...yep...a Snow Dog. He's also melted now. Mumsie dragged Babystan over...he had his brakes on....and told Scruffy and him to give them a big sniff. The expression on Stan's face made me laugh my Lakie a** off!!! It was like he went..."well...so there...okay...so I may have made an error." My brother Scruffy was not one to lose face. He jumped on top of the Snow Dog and um....well (blush) made suggestive motions with his backend. Snow Dog was not impressed. Scruffy said she/he was frigid. So the Airedale is the King of the Terriers....and the Wire Fox Terrier is described as fearless and intelligent????? HA HA HA!!!!! Let me tell you these two are not quite up to breed standard if ya know what I mean! It was PATHETIC!

I constantly have to supervise these two. For very little pay, I may add. Grrrrrrr.

On a brighter note.....lookie what showed up on our doorstep today. A HUGE box from Gooberstan and Stella. The boxie itself is as big as Kansas. I can't wait to open it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tune in to our next post for pressie pix from the Republic of Gooberstan!!!!!!!!!

Sensible queenly barks,


Friday, January 25, 2008


Mumsie's sickly...headache, body aches, sore throat, cough...GROUCHY...get the picture?? She dumped out a bunch of toys on the floor...that was fun for a while...and then it got BORING. Babystan decided countersurfing would be more fun. Two days ago he got almost a whole pound of Munster cheese...yesterday a multicolored pen with pretty ink that looked fab on the carpet....today it was 5 out of 6 Thomas' English muffins....GONE. To the depths of his internal plumbing. Mumsie was a tad aggravated....so she let us out. Well, it was more like "Get Out, Now!" We did!

Babystan and Lacie got right into it around the deer fence. Lacie crawls in there and pops out at him to drive him insane....Look at that expression on his large Dale face...he looks crazed!

We thought we'd show our triple sit stay. Impressive, huh???!!! That got boring.

So Lacie and Babystan got into it again.

Look at him roachin' and rollin'!!!!!

He got his big head stuck through the deer fence...he actually bit a hole in it.......he was snappin' at Lacie to try to swallow her head. She sorta looks like an English muffin...the whole wheat kind! Have you ever seen such huge white teeth???????

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Hey Everybody...Scruffy here....Lacie NEVER lets me post anymore. See all the above pics of the dumpsters....Yep....and every last one of them is full.....and we actually recycled the beer cans....I ate them. It was a lot even for me, but anything to save the environment. We seemed to generate a lot of trash!!!!!

Being technically challenged, I couldn't figure out how to add this cool pic that Maya and Kena sent to us of the foodies they were bringin'....click on the link in our C box for the full flashing effect. The snackies were delisssssshhhhh!!!!!

Frankly, I think our poker tables looked better than this one. Seems like I've seen those dogs before.
Agatha was worried bout Archie and his knees....Patience suggested we wheel him to the pawty to rest his joints. He fits right in in this house!!!!! Big Bruvver had to restrain Babystan from giving Archie a push and sendin' him flyin'. Guess we know who won (and who didn't win...) the preceeding poker hand!!!!!

Now check out these cool poker chips I found. Each dog, kittty and hamsterrier received their own chips at the beginnin' of the evening....they all seem to be a good likeness of some of our friends.....
Lacie will be contacting ur bloggies about the results of the puppy lottery soon....
Babystan and I are grounded. Honestly, I think Mumsie is really overreacting. She sent Lacie out in a hooded parka this AM cuz it was really cold and Lacie freezes and shakes. Well, Babystan and I couldn't figure out who was under that hood. So he grabbed the hood and I grabbed the end of Lacie's coat. He pulled and I pulled....and it turned into the BEST game of Lakie tug-o-war that you've ever seen. I mean it was a lot of growlin' and shall we say yanking....but we never laid a toofer directly on her. Mumsie went ballistic (after she stopped laughing...) and ripped Lacie's parka off and TOLD her to bite us. She didn't. She looked a little stunned or somethin'. She seems to have made a complete recovery and is back to her normal nasty self!!!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pups Ready For Adoption.....!!!!!

Hey Everydog, Kitty and Hammsterrier!!!

Seymour here, Jackson's Wheeled Stuffie! I'm exhausted. (Mumsie: that's because he left Saturday for a date and only came back today...)

As most of you know, I live in England with Jackson. I came to Scruffy and Lacie's house sometime in the fall...it's usually a pretty good time here....like NOT DULL. (Mumsie: I'd give a lot for dull right now...)

Well, even thought I am old, male and shall we say, "stuffed"....I seem to have had a liter of pups...even I'm not sure how many of them are here. Initially we thought it was 5...but they keep on rollin'...as the old song says.

Here's a pix shortly after the birth. Or whatever. (Mumsie: whatever....)

They are pretty darn cute. They were so tiny!! There are just SO many of them. The only girl (as far as we know...it's rather hard to tell....) (Mumsie: don't look at me...I have NO idea...they didn't teach an anatomy class on wheeled stuffies in nursing school....) went to live with Asta. Honestly, I just couldn't deal with all the rollin' and whinin' and cries for pink this and orange that.

But the boyz or whatever (Mumsie; whatever!) seem rather sensible. I don't think they'll cause any of you any trouble.

Well, they can be quite exhausting. Even Babystan looks wiped out!!!!

To make a long story short (Mumsie: it's a story alright....!!!) the pups are ready to find their forever homes. Make that forever and ever as being stuffed, they seem to have fairly long life spans.

The only adoption fee required is a promise to send massive amounts of ZEN, vibes, pawsitive thoughts, whatever.... to all animals in the world and to try to do tiny wheeled things to make a difference in their lives. Kindness begets kindness.

Um...some of you were wondering who the mother (or whatever) is. Hmm....ur secret is safe with Old Seymour. What happens on DWB's, stays on......

Wheeling on, if you are interested in a pup....(Mumsie: virtual...less work....) please submit your name for consideration. If we have more names than pups (unlikely...there's buckets of them) we will considerately put the names into a lottery system. Questions: direct them to Lacie. She's the organizer in this house!

Wheeled barks......Seymour

PEE ESS Poker this weekend....Friday and Saturday night...show up if interested. Dale sized dogs or larger, please use woods for necessities.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Urgent: Nurse's Needed at Archie's!!!

The nurses are on the move! Agatha put out a plea for help with Archie. He hurt his leg and she needed some help with the round-the-clock care he requires. BUT, a huge storm is on it's way to Mass a chew sits....so Koob, Asta and I had to find special transportation. Fortunately, Myrna, Asta's new wheeled stuffie sister had connections to this fab pink snow mobile. She will be coming with us on this somewhat dangerous trip. Hopefully, Asta will hold tightly to her back in the snowtube....it's gonna be a mad game of crack the whip!!! Koobie's bringin' the hot chocolate and I have the brandy in case we get really cold. Hopefully, Agatha has the bomb shelter fixed up with warm blankies for us girls...Myrna has volunteered to take the first shift...she said she'll get that Archie back on his wheels! Wish us all luck!!!!!


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.....

Oh Man!!! Are Lacie and Babystan ever in trouble now!!!! Look at 'em....see something different bout their fur color??? Yep...they're white....like BLEACHED.......!!! As many of you know Asta (the foolish adorable Girl) dyed herself orange.....so she could be in Lacie and Babystan's Black and Tan Only Club.....silly puppies.....Well...it all got straightened out, 'cept for the fact that Asta also sorta dyed her bathtub orangie pink from the fur dye. Her Mommi was not impressed.....

Look how worried Asta looks as she surveys the damage!!!

Babystan and Lacie ran to New York for the express purpose of bleachin' Asta's tub. Oh, they bleached it alright.....And themselves too!!!!!

What a mess.....!!!!!!! They ran home today and Mumsie bout had a stroke when she saw them. I mean who ever heard of a white bottomed Airedale and Lakeland terrier?????? Perhaps Lacie and Scruffy have learned their lesson the hard way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 7, 2008


Check this out....our friend Gus sent us this link to an ebay seller who makes felt doggies. This was a pic she had posted advertising her wares....Can you believe it? It's us...in felt!!! The exprfession on our faces is pawfect....it's hilarious...!!!!!

Please go to Asta's bloggie and tell her to dye her fur back to its bootiful original color....Babystan and I were being young and stoopid and were teasin' Scruffy by not lettin' him play with us and join our club based on fur color.....We KNOW this is wrong and STOOOPID and no dog, kitty or hammsterier should shunned from something based on their appearance. Asta is one of my bestest friends and I would never do anything to hurt her feelings or make her sad. I'm sorry, Asta....we were just teasin' Scruffy and didn't really think bout the bigger consequences...sometimes like the hoooomans do, huh? But we care bout eachother!!! A lot...and we won't make this mistake again!


Friday, January 4, 2008

The "Black and Tan Only" Club......

Babystan here. I've been thinkin'. Yesterday, Lacie and I organized a club...black and tan dogs only. We're the only members and we were wrasslin', roachin', playin' bitey face, and hide and seek. Scruffy wasn't invited to play. And he wanted to! But we didn't let him. And now.......

I feel terrible about it. He wrote to Asta bout it and was sobbing in the comment. She wrote back and wanted to know if we would exclude her too cuz she wasn't black and tan. Of course we wouldn't. It's not right and would make both her and Scruffy feel badly.

Here's Lac and me just chillin'. Scruffy wasn't allowed in the room. Now I'm thinkin' we owe Scruff an apology. It's not fair to not play with him cuz he has different fur from us, is it?

So we're back to our usual spots. Lacie in the swivel rocker lifeguardin' the "boyz." (Look at that face....would you dare to swim too far out if she were on the chair?????)

She has this grin she makes that inspires terror in all boy dogs hearts.

Lookie how nicely Scruffy and I are playing when she is guarding!

Scruffy looks happier now!!! We promise we'll do better and not leave him out of our games!!!!!