Tuesday, August 28, 2007


OHHHHH....THIS IS SO DISGUSTING. I met with Toadster for hostage negotiations. To get Scruffy back, you won't believe what he wants. A KISS....not just any kiss, but a big SMOOCHIE KISS...from me.........LACIE. This is a total dilemma. Actually, it isn't. I just won't do it. Why do I need a brother anyway? He's stingy, pollutes the air, and hogs Mumsie. On the other hand, he is really really fun to chase in the kitchen and in the yard. And to hide behind the table and pounce on when he walks past. And...hey wait a minute. I love this fuzzy butthead. I just realized it. OK....let's get this over with.


Now...that could either be the toad relinquishing Scruffy....or Three Rivers Stadium blowing up. (Hard to tell.) AND HE"S BACK!!!!


Maybe I didn't kiss him hard enough. Scruffy has shrunk. His legs are teeny little appendages that don't look anything like the old Scruff. He's about 4 lbs. and lost his bootiful long foxy snout. He looks like a prancing ground hog. OK>>>>>>>>>

another SMOOCHIE KISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I HAVE TO KISS HIM?? I am not having a good day. All of this for Scruffy. Last time....third time had darn well better be the charm.

HOME again, home again....JIGGETY JIG!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

3rd Installment; "Toadster Has Gas or Where's Scruffy?

Hello from Lacie!

Continuing the somewhat new tradition of putting adorable puppy pix of my brother, Scruffy, here is one of Mumsie's particular favorites. I love the paw crossing.

I think I'm in BIG TROUBLE. Scruffy is still missing. At first it was soothing, NOT to be in his constant wiry presence. Then it became a little irritating NOT having him in my face all the time. Now it's downright aggravating not to have the big Lout loudly chomping on his rawhide and stinking the place up.

I went out last night to search for my friend Toadie to see what she might know. I didn't find her, but I did find her husband Toadster. You can tell he's a boy...much bigger, more colorful, and he pees on fire hydrants. He also displayed horrible toad gas and constant belching of tri- colored wiry fur. Check this out:

Look at the size if this guy's butt!! He has all of these warty kinda lesions on his skin. Frankly, I don't know how my friend Toadie kisses him. Yick!

I asked him if he had seen Scruffy, but he merely shrugged and eructated another blast of fetid smelling toad burp, accompanied by a "mat" of wiry fur. Hmm...Scruffy has been known to resist being groomed. But, that will be another post.

I've taken your advice and started following him around with a large 13 gallon kitchen size poop bag. Hopefully, everything will come out OK in the end.

We've been tagged to speak of our favorite foods. I fear this will have to wait a post or two to see if I can extract Scruffy from the irritable bowels of Toadster.

THIS IS SO NOT MY FAULT. I didn't ask him to eat him, it was merely only a passing suggestion. I'll tell you suggestions are not all that are "passing'" in our driveway. Peeeuuuuu!

Not wishing to end on a disgusting note of gastrointestinal explorations, I will close with the cutest view of a Fox Terrier's respiratory system, that you have ever seen. No, it's not wee Scruffy, but his litter mates...his sister and brother. Stay tuned!!!!! Lacie

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Toady's Revenge.....

Hi Everyone!

Lacie here again. Thought you might like to see another picture of wee Scruffy at 5 weeks. He looks deceptively sweet here. By the way, this post is not for the faint of heart.

As I mentioned last night; all Scruffy has done all week is chew his bones. And I'm the one cutting molars.

He just chews and chews....and basically ignores me when I want to play. Well, he finally got off his duff and went to check the 'puter. He hadn't noticed me blogging last night, and missed the whole Toady episode while devouring his rawhide. Old Mumsie and I went outside...I told her I had to pee, but I really wanted to see my friend Toady again. And we found her. Right by the front door where she and Toadster were last night. I came is and told Scruff all about her. He swaggered out the door, mumbling something about being hungry for wildlife. And he didn't come back. I went out a few minutes later and saw this.........

And then.....THIS!..............................................

Yeppers...that was all I found. Toady, a half empty bottle of Heinz ketchup, Scruffy's collar.....and a pile of fur. Right after this incriminating photo was taken, Toady burped. It was disgusting. A few pieces of fur flew out of his mouth. So....is the evidence presented here enough?? Is Scruffy finally having an adventure through the internal plumbing of a toad? Tune in next time for the next episode of "LOST" with Lac.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Goin' on a Toad Hunt.....

Hello All!!!

Lacie here, again. Scuffy just has sat around and chewed bones all week, and has not done one thing worthy of bringing to your collective attention, my fellow bloggie friends. I, however, have had a very active week as a puppy. After the garden debacle of the last post, old Mumsie here suggested I get a new slightly less messy hobbie. As you guys know, those of you living on the northeast half of the US, it has rained cats and dogs this week.

Actually, to be correct, it HAS BEEN RAINING TOADS. (Silly Scuffy thinks they came with the new landscaping...a toad bush or something. That boy is not the sharpest needle in the pin cushion.) After making the fabulous discovery just how much fun toads ARE...and the surprising discovery that Scruffy is afraid of them; (one bopped him in the schnoz...if you WFT's didn't have such long snoots, you could get out of the way faster!!!) I have been toad hunting every night at 2:30AM like clockwork. I bang on my crate door with my paw. Mumsie said it sounds like a prison riot that no human could sleep through. We go out and I pretend to pee in the rain. Then the real fun begins. I dart back and forth sniffing off of the small objects in the driveway. MOST of them around 3AM are toads. They are better than any toy I've seen from PetSmart. They hop and zig when I zag. Old Mumsie (not overly pleased at standing in the rain at 3AM) screams loudly that toads can be poisonous and I should look, but not touch. HAHAHA....As If!

By the third night of this, she might be catching on that my nocturnal arousals may not be of the bodily function mode. (She has also developed a cold; she states from lack of sleep and standing in the rain, making her usually grumpy self even more irritating, at least in my humble Lakeland opinion.

There were buckets of toads tonight on our walk. I decided to have one for dinner. I'm wondering if Asta's mommy has any amphibian recipes???

I have my napkin all ready for dinner!!!Oh, this looks just deeeeeeeeliiiisssshhhhh!!!!!

How am I supposed to eat him, if touching him is poisonous???

I absolutely have changed my mind. (a lady's prerogative, ya know...) I mean Toady is just adorable!! Look at those big eyes! I think I have a new friend. Mommy put her back outside and found another toad, even bigger waiting for her in the same spot from where we appropriated Toady. Maybe it's her husband, Toadster. Well, Mom said that she's way too tired to keep getting up every night, and for me to go back to gardening. Maybe I'll find a snake!

I just don't get how Scruffy can just laze around and chew bones, when there are sooo many fun things to explore!!

Happy adventures, Lacie!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Gardening Gone Wrong....

Hi Friends!
This is the Scruffster. I seem to be in big trouble re the last post. I really didn't think Lacie would take me seriously 'bout the tummy spots and how her "Fix" surgery would take care of the problem. Am I going to be in trouble with dogmother. It was just a little gentle big brotherly teasing. Being a clever Wire, I'm sure I will come up with a solution to this spotty problem.

Speaking of being in trouble with our mom, as you can see from the pic, Lacie seemed to have a lot of trouble transplanting the plants, and moving the rocks in the new landscaping. Being a perfect gentleman, I just watched her. Also, she was awfully close to the Invisible Fence, and it just didn't seem worth getting "corrected"....a euphemism if there ever were one. Mom was going to shower Lacie....Lacie jumps in the shower EVERY morning and gets hysterical if you try to toss her out the door. She always wins that battle. Anyway, Mom just decided for us to go for a swim in the puppy pool.

She then did the doggie swish and rinse cycle; as you can see the water was just a tad dirty. I can only imagine how it woulda looked if I had been Lacie's pawtner in GRIME. (HAHA good one Scruffy!!!) Lacie then did her shimmy shake dance; that girl has rhythm! She then did a little sunning in the grass....she said she was trying to bleach some highlights into her naturally blond, red and black hair. (And she says she's the sensible terrier!!!!!)

At some point soon, I am sure Lacie will alphabetize all of the atrocious thing I have done since my early puppy hood. Perhaps you would like to see a pic of me as a small puppy. Look at the evil horrid grin I have...I was about 5 weeks old at the time and still living with my Mom, Dad and sibs.

Hard to believe old Scruff was that tiny. Need to go and watch the Steelers. Yawn. I'm a Brown's fan...from Cleveland, ya know. Lac likes the Eagles. We are going to be one confused family, once the season starts! Enjoy the cooler weather for those in this neck of the woods!
Muddy Barks!!!!! Scruffy & Lacie

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

tummy spots....

Hi Fellow Bloggers!

This is just a short post as it's really past our bedtime and we have to get up early tomorrow. I overheard Scruffy and Mommy whispering about me getting "fixed" next week. The only thing that's broken on me is I want tummy spots so I can have a boyfriend. My mom says I'm too young to think about boydogs, but I guess I'm a teensy bit jealous of Asta. I think it's her tummy spots that makes boydogs like her. My brother Scruffy said that when I go to the vets that they will shave me and the world will see my tummy spots. If I have any. I don't understand why I just can't go to the groomers to find tummy spots. Maybe I should have been a WFT. Did any of you read the Sneetches by Dr. Seuss....they have spots on their tummy. Scruffy says I'm obsessed. Daddy says we're all weird and we have too much time on our paws. I hope Scruffy isn't pulling my paw about this fixing thing. He got fixed and he has lottsa spots; musta worked on him! We walked for the first time tonight on a double leash. It was lots easier for our mom so she didn't keep having to switch hands. She said she feels like a marionette puppeteer whatever that is. The huuman holding us is our big brother. He's wearing a Penn State hat. I don't think he's taken in off in 3 years at obedience college. It smells deeelissssh!!! Need to hit the crate.....lotsa lakie licks.....Lacie

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Oh Deer!

Hi Everyone!!

I saw the funniest thing this morning! I woke Mom early as I needed to use the peepads...she was carrying me into the laundry room when I looked outside and saw a deer family....Mom, Dad and two twin fawns. The deer mom took the twins through a row of flags that tell Lacie and me where the Invisible Fence is. The daddy deer stopped in front of these little flags and snorted. He walked back and forth frantically trying to join his family, but he was afraid to walk through the 8 inch high flags. He would get a running start to dash though, then he'd chicken out and stop dead and nearly fall over. My mom was laughing so hard she nearly fell over, too. Daddy deer finally got one last running start and made a magnificent 6 foot leap over the flags. I don't think this deer had all of the synapses working in his small deer brain.

As you can see from the above pic, Lacie and I spent some time today exercising our jaw muscles. There is nothing better than a good tug-of-war game to get the terrier blood stirring. We then went outside and spent some time digging up the new landscaping that was planted last week. The ground is nice and soft and easy to make large muddy holes to cool off in! You can see some of the new plants behind us...don't you just love Lacie's smile?? She does that right before she does something to really irritate me. For such a little dog, she surely has a mouthful of very large terrier teeth. I hate to say it, but she frightens me sometimes! Thanks to all who have come and visited us here....we love hearing from everyone. I'm a little confused how to make a "friend's list" on the side of our blog....I get everything right in the preview, and then all of your names disappear when I go back to the blog...ideas, guys???? Oops, need to run....since Lacie discovered "our" blog that she didn't know about, she has limited my computer time to like nothing. Need to go hide!!!! Happy Barks, Scruffy

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Scream for Ice Cream??!!

Hi Everyone!
This is Lacie and NO I am not too short to type; Scruffy had not made me aware of "our" blog. Hmm...see if I give him computer time this week. I am THE sensible terrier in the family. The parents refer to me as the "Perfect Puppy." They referred to Scruff as the "Puppy from Hell." Oh, do I have some stories about his puppyhood, (that I wasn't even here to witness, but have heard repeatedly) that I will share with you sometime. It's just too much effort to be bad. Especially when Scruff is bad ALL THE TIME, and I can sit around and laugh.
I trained Scruff in about 20 minutes the first day I came to live here in the 'Burg. (Will have to switch my allegiences to the Steelers from the Eagles, but I digress.) I weighed all of 6 lbs. Scruffy had a bone. I went up to him and asked for it nicely. He refused to give it up, so I exploded with a loud puppy bark. Poor old Scruff was so startled he dropped it. Now I don't even have to bark. He just forks them over. He's paper trained too. (What a mess; not for me a sensible Lakeland.) As soon as Scruff saw I was amply rewarded for my outdoor "performances" he got the picture pretty fast. I was frankly horrified the first time Mommy gave the "pee" command and darned if wily Wiry didn't lift his leg and hit me with his best shot...the golden shower. Sharp as a tack, that one.
The above is the pic that I would have sent in to the Airechicks contest, if Scuffy (the ?former) blog manager had known about it. Deeeeelish, I love ice cream!!
Have a favor to ask you all. Anyone know anything about "dyed mulch?" The 'Rents (cool talk for parents) are landscaping, and this was offered to them. Frankly, it sounds toxic, though they SAY it isn't...."completely safe for all pets...." hmm sounds like a load (pawdon the pun). Plus, it will certainly get all over the Wiry Fox's white legs. (Sensible dogs don't wear white out to play....red, black and brown works so much better...) OPINIONS, anyone...about the mulch that is...Mom won't get it, I know, but we wondered if any of you had heard of this stuff......Lacie

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Hi Everyone!!

Thought that I would put a picture of me here without my head cut off...Lacie is just so short that I seem to be without ears in our profile picture. As you can see I have them...They have spent a large proportion of my 17 months of life being glued down. When Kim, my grrrroomer,(sorry, I just hate getting my nails trimmed!) stripped me last, she took too much hair off my ears and they stuck straight up again. Back to the glue until all of the hair came in. Lacie's ears are glued now too, it makes us not hear very well, and NOT come when called. (HEH HEH HEH!!)

Thanks to all of our new friends that have visited our blog!! It's so exciting to meet other terriers all over the world. I think Lacie might be the only Lakeland blogging. Are there any other Lakie's out there?? And any other WFT's that have to live (put up with) them? She grabbed my leash last night on our walk and wouldn't let it go. It just isn't right to have to go where she pulls me when she can walk right under me! I am a rather tall WFT at 16 1/2 inches...all legs. Lacie is a runt. She's barely 12" tall and just weighs 9 lbs. at 6 months old. Bets on how much bigger she will get??? It's hard for her to reach the keyboard, so I have been typing for her. I can only imagine the tirade she will spout about WFT's when she gets the chance. She said she's the sensible terrier. I don't call it very sensible when she sticks her head under me when I lift my leg in the morning. Hmm.
My loving family went to a cabin on a river last week. I had a kennel appt. Lacie didn't. Now I'm not jealous that she got to go. I am jealous that she got to eat an ice cream cone. I've never had ice cream! We'll post that pic the next time. Lacie didn't seem to appreciate the canoe ride. Look at her tail!! Scruffy hugs and Lacie licks!!!!!!!!! The Scruffster!