Sunday, April 29, 2012

For the Love of Purple and Yes, We've Been Gone Forever!

 Okay, we've been gone so long, blogger has gone and changed everything and now we load our pix forwards instead of backwards??? Wow...progress!!! So this is the newest pic of the Little Kitten on her one month birthday....she's just under 7 lbs and is not nearly as cute as I am seems to prefer purple. Well, one of those details like the purple preference pertains to MOI, Lacie....Isn't she a cutie...I had just cracked a joke here.....laughing her diaper off.....(love this strikethrough font too...very convenient!!)
 Now we have Scruffy looking like his usual idiot self and Stan looking regal. Or something.
 The Lacie's Best Side...sometimes those horizontal stripes should just go vertical.
I have teeth...little Kitten Baby doesn't know how to grow those yet. The Lacie is advanced for her age. Not old...just advanced. 

Lookie at how SYM MET RIC OWL I am. My mother taught me that...prance with straight legs and sit properly.
As for licking my the Baby can't do this yet. Not only am I cuter than she is, I am far more talented.

Nuff Said.

                             Miss Lacie Cakes