Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year...and a Tax Break for Seymour....

Er...hmmmmmmmm........Happy New Year, Everydog, kitty, hammie!!!!!!!!!! Scruffy here! Wanted to share the news. For those of you new to our blog, the above handsome wheeled fox terrier is Seymour, Jackson's wheeled stuffie from the UK. Seymour has been visiting us here in the 'Burg for several months now. He's been under the weather since about October. His tummy has been upset, he's been sleepin' tons, and he's pretty much given up wine, women and galvanizing. We figured out why tonight.

Whelp, this is what we found when we went to check on him tonight. Five healthy wheeled pups. They look just like Seymour. I just don't know what to tell Jackson. I mean his dog is rather stuffed and he's....well, really old and um...male. I'm thinkin' he's been actin' weird since the Halloween Barkday pawty...anyone see Seymour that night??? Might be interesting to see who the the!?

Moving on....Seymour isn't nursing the he bought a Dale size bottle and filled it with........
The pups are sleeping very very well. Resourceful, that's Seymour's middle name. I just don't know what Jackson is going to say.
Speaking of names,our new wheeled Airedale has one! Jackson named him Gilbert!!! Gilbert, having led a rather sheltered life till now, appears rather shocked at the doings in his new household! Mumsie is lying in bed with an ice bag on her head. Happy 2008 EVERYBODY!!!!!!!! We love you, Guys!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Post Christmas Sprawl.....

Hey Everybody!!! This is Scruffy!! Look at Babystan....he's completely wiped out from all of the Christmas celebration!!!!! We hope everyone had a great holiday!! Ours was pawsome. Lac, Stan, Seymour and I stayed up till 3AM waiting for Santa Paws. We played poker till our tails drooped...but no Santa. We fell asleep, and when we woke up we found bones in our stockings.... And this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Front view.....

Side view..........

Mumsie was laughing and screeching as the wheeled stuffie had her name on the package!!!!!

We are tagging Jackson to have the honor of naming this guy/girl. We don't even know if it's a boy or a girl....but Jackson has experience with wheeled we're anxiously awaiting his expert opinion!!!

We got lovely "Welcome, Babystan pressies from Miss Sunshade and Jaffa all the way from Canada....we'll post pix on our next post. Babystan is pawsitively smitten with Sunshade. I fear he's in L O V E !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many loud terrier barks.....Scruffy

PEE ESS We are WAY behind on our bloggie visits...we'll be 'round this week....we've missed you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PEE PEE ESS Seymour has been in his bed a lot....he's been not himself for weeks no drinkin' or's disturbing. Mumsie has been looking for a vet for a wheeled stuffie, but to no avail......

Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Christmas to ALL!!!!!!!!!

Well, hello all dogs, kitties and hammsterriers! Scruffy and Lacie have generously allowed me, Babystan, to give the Christmas Greeting since tomorrow is about a Birth and I was most recently born.
We wish you all Peace in your lives, Love in your hearts and Hope for all Mankind. We reflect at this time on the kindness of others and we share our loving thoughts with each and everyone of you all over the world. Your friendship and support to us and to each other is an inspiration and leads us to believe that Peace will prevail.
Bless you all and have a wonderful holiday season!
Joyous Terrier Barks,
Scruffy, Lacie and Babystan

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Message from Big Bruvver

Hi all, "big bruvver" here. I just wanted to write to you and thank you all for succeeding the amount of comments Mumsie has ever received on her last post regarding the new addition to the family. This time last week I had absolutely no idea there would be a THIRD terrier in the house, and now I couldn't be happier. He is SO much more than I expected. I've always wanted a big dog, and i've been born and raised to love terriers, so this was a perfe...err, pawfect opportunity. I knew he was the right one for me the other night when we were up late, Stanley was having a chew and relaxing on a chair watching Planet Earth and occasionally barking at the wolves on the screen!

We have decided to name him Stanley. Mostly because I wanted a name that would be fitting with a Sir in front of it, and he is absolutely the, Stan the Man was way too fitting to pass up. Stanley has immediately stolen the hearts of not only the people in our family, but Scruffy and (in particular) Lacie as well! This was seen when Stanley and Lacie got into a fun game of "Under the Bed" last night, until he realized he couldn't fit his big head completely under! See exhibits A and B for more details:

Exhibit A:
Exhibit B:
(This was before my haircut when I was looking quite bear-ish!)

Imagine that trying to fit under a bed to grab a little lakie! The best he could do was extend his large tongue as far as possible and provide as many airekisses as possible. Lacie is still pretty much running the show, acting almost in what appears to be a managerial position. She sits perched above them during a night-time chew session and analyzes the situation at hand. If there is a problem, she makes an executive decision, snarles, and returns to her chair after setting everyone back in line. Stanley thinks she's slightly b*tchy!

I've had the pleasure of walking all three of them at's quite a scene. I try to keep them in order by height as we walk; however, it usually ends up with me in some spiderweb of a mess with the potential of being mummified by leashes. When they do listen, and all walk together, I can't help but think of taking a picture and selling it to Sprint for their "Raising the Bar" commercials! :)

Anyways, thanks for all the great comments about him. He really is a great looking guy...apparently there is a certain miss sunshade who might be gettin' lucky with him. He will be coming back to Penn State with me...hopefully his cuteness can be beneficial to me as well! Kinda a "you scratch my back, I scratch yours" type situation ;). Here is a picture of me and what I like to call Terrier Madness:

He is HUGE! I can't even imagine what he's going to look like with another 20 pounds on him!

And one of Mumsie and the pack:

Stanley makes a great couch or pillow if you need him to be! It's one of his many great qualities (especially his ability to produce gas at an astounding rate when he gets tired...thanks Stanley).

I have been following the adventures of Scruffy and Lacie and get a real-time update constantly from Mumsie. After seeing Scruffy be publicly humiliated in a bikini, I am going to let it be known now that Stanley will not be abused like that!

...but then again, Mumsie manages to do sneaky things when i'm not around.

Keep your tails up,
Big Bruvver

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Welcome to our new Bruvver!!!!!

Scruffy here! Look at him. When Mumsie said we were getting a puppy for Big Bruvver...we thought he'd be a teeny-tiny little Dale. W R O N G!!!!! He's massive! He's seven months old and Mumsie and Big Bruvver had the pleasure of driving through the big snow south of Cleveland, Ohio to go and pick the Daledude up. He is as yet nameless....any thoughts from you dawgs, kitties and hamsterriers out there????? He crawled into Mumsie's lap and went to sleep for the drive home, while Big Bruvver drove and tried not to slide into the ditch like zillions of other cars. It was a bit tense.

Here's Big Bruvver holdin' least Mumsie didn't cut his head off this time.

Here's Mumsie pattin' the pile of fur that was once attached to him. He was one huge puff ball prior to the defurring!!!!!

Lacie and I were introduced separately. We all seem to get along; he goes and stands in front of Lacie and play bows and engages her in a game of chasie. Lacie wins cuz she turns on a dime, while this big guy can't turn at all!!!!! We'll be getting the Dale ready for the skatin' pawty. Mumsie doesn't think he should go, but Stanley said he'd help watch him....Lacie and I together can barely hold the leash. Any dog who wants to take turns babysitting, Lacie is compiling a list. She's also compilin' a list to take turns skatin' with her on the ice!

We're organizing a hockey game. I know I want my brother on defense. No one will get the puck past him. He's a brick wall!!!!!!!!!

Wiry, Lakie and Dale Barks,
Scruffy, Lacie and ?????


Scruffy:"Lacie...don't call him an Airehead. He's the king of the terriers. I am plannin' on being a loyal subject. "

Lacie: "You would. But then I've trained you well. What you don't understand is Lakelands are the true rulers of the terriers. At least in this house. You will both be my servants."

Scruffy: "But, but, but......(looking miserable....)

Lacie: "You can play with his toys....sometimes. When I'm done with them."

Scruffy: "Really? Thanks, Lacie! Do you think he can ice skate? We're bringin' him to Butchy and Snickers pawty. We reserved a crib on Aire Ruby. What's his name anyway?"

Lacie: "He's Big Bruvver's Dog. He's gonna have to name him. I know the name Stanley is being considered. But, he has to see him to decide. "

Scruffy: "How much does the little guy weigh? He's seven months old."

Lacie: "Forty two pounds. "

Scruffy: "WHAT???? He weighs more than double what I do!!! He's gonna make me kiss his paws."

Lacie: "Oh Scruffy, stop asking so many questions; I'm tryin' to do my nails. Just watch. And learn. I will handle this."

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gettin' Ready for the Pawty!

Hi Everyone....Scruffy here!!! Lacie was a little nervous bout the skatin' pawty at Butchy and Snickers this weekend. While I am an experienced hockey player, Lacie has never been on the ice before. On the few occasions she's met up with it in our driveway, well....she fell flat on her face. I decided we needed a pre-pawty practice time. I took her to the big skating rink in downtown Pittsburgh at PPG Place. I thought it was really convenient they had lighted facilities for male dogs smack in the middle of the rink.

Um...Lacie fell...A LOT! I hope some of you doggies might be able to steady her with a paw as she tries to skate on Butchy's pond. Hope she stays far far away from that big hole on it!!!!!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Steelers vs. Patriots....

Hello everydog, kitty, hammie....Lacie here....we're leavin' tonight to travel up to New England for the Patriots/Steeler game. Agatha and Archie have agreed to let us stay with them!!! I am assuming Koobie and Seymour will be comin' with us!!!!! Check out Scruffy fillin' in for Ben....he looks like he has a few issues with the ball!!!!

Archie's lookin' mighty good as # least he knows to throw a football and not a bone!!!! Agatha, Koobie and I are gonna cheer on the sidelines...after we do a little Christmas shopping in Boston. Seymour's a little under the weather after Asta's pawty.....he's had a very upset tummy, poor dog. He's gonna stay on the sidelines and pour Gatorade for both teams.

Tune in Sunday for the battle of the quarterbacks!!!!

NFL Barks, Lacie

Kindness of a Stranger...

Mumsie here. I just had to steal their blog for a moment. I am a nurse in a very busy recovery room at our local hospital. The room is designed so that the stretchers are in very close proximity of each other....allowing the staff to keep a close eye on everyone. (Tough on patient privacy and dignity, but we try very hard to preserve it!)

A man was wheeled in from the operating room in pain and was moaning and loudly crying out. The patient next to him asked to be moved as it was very disturbing. We started to make provisions for that to be done.

I walked in their direction and just stopped stunned. Instead, this kind lady just awakening and in pain herself, stretched her arm across the narrow space and reached over to him with her hand. He saw her and extended his hand to clasp hers. The two of them...complete strangers....lay like this for sometime. She told him she was sending positive thoughts to him for pain relief and healing.

I have worked many years as a nurse and have never seen compassion expressed like this. I hear and read awful things about the cruelty of mankind to one another and to our beloved animals. But seeing the touch of one stranger to another make me think there is so much HOPE for us hoomans!

This was my gift for this holiday season and I pass it gratefully onto you. You are the best!


Thursday, December 6, 2007

A Howlin' Good to the Howliday Pawty!!!

Whelp...Seymour has already boarded AireRuby...Frankly, I think he's been hittin' the mulled cider while he was "mixing" it. Scruffy and I are snug and warm in our reindeer holiday outfits...Does anyone think Scruffy looks a little like Napolean Bonaparte??? His antlers look like they need one of those pills that cures antler dysfunction or somethin'....!!!!! He's drooping, poor guy.

I have the mistletoe all set to go! There are still plenty of 10 minute slots available....especially to sit under with a cute Lakie!

Oops...gotta run...I hear Ruby honking...I didn't know she has a horn on that plane! See ya soon!

Merry Barks, Lacie

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Gettin' Ready for the Pawty...!

Hi's Lacie. I wanted to make sure that everydog, kitty, & hammie would see the mistletoe at the Howliday Pawty at Asta's!!! Look at the size of the bunch I'm bringin' on Aire's figuring some serious smooching is gonna be happening. I'll be glad to pose under it for pictures if anyone is interested in meetin' me under there!! Mistletoe scheduling reservations are being accepted...Koobie and Scruffy have the first 10 minute block of time reserved.

Is that Amber Mae kissin' a cat??? Hmm...not sure?

We're bringin' huge vats of this to the pawty too....mulled cider. Seymour seems to have some additives for the cider. Not sure what he wants to pour in there, but he said it'll give it "a bit of a kick...."
Got to think bout what I'm wearin.....bundle up; it's gonna be chilly in New York!
Spicy licks, Lacie

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Snorkels and Fins???

Yep, what a mess!!!! This was the scene at Heinz Field last week where our embarrassing field conditions were displayed on Monday Night Football. Then they didn't do the national anthem cuz the stands were empty as the fans had to leave their seats due to lightening.

Koobuss and I had a blast. We had an oversized black and gold poncho that easily fit the two of us to do some serious snuggling from the rain. That was ruined when Lacie dragged Seymour under it too. (Seymour is grounded. He ate too much turkey on Thanksgiving and his wheels went flat. Now he can't wheel himself anywhere. Lacie just drags him. She loves it; he is requesting funding from Jackson, but he's evidently been cut off financially. )

So tomorrow nite's the Bengal's game here at home. It's freezing raining tonight....Koob's bringin' lottsa blankets. Any other dogs, hamsterries, kitties etc. who wish to join us are invited. It's gonna be COLD! (Mumsie went to way too many playoff games at Three Rivers Stadium in the 70's when she was VEEEERRRYYY young like a teenager and nearly frooze her pants off...)

Am tryin' to think of transportation to Mountain Top, PA to pick up the Koobiegirl. Ideas???

By the sounds of the screaming in the family room, sounds like we shoulda gone to the Backyard Brawl....Pitt vs. WVA...Pitt is winning as I post.....unbelieveable.....we're psyched!!!!!!!!!

For all of your kind comments regarding my defending my sister, Lacie, I humbly thank you. It was a total sacrifice to leave the boring kitchen to CHASE A DEER, but I managed to overcome my inertia and rise to the occasion. Lacie has been bringin' me bones all week, and allowing me to use the pet bed...(we only have one, sniff...) All in all, it was a win/win situation: sissy is kissin' the Scruffman's paws this week. I'm lovin' it.

OK....figured it out after all...the Steeler trolley will be around to pick up Koobie and any other takers!!!!!!!

Friday, November 30, 2007

My Brother Scruffy, My Hero..!!!!!!!!!

Yes, you read the title correctly. Scruffy is my hero!!!

On Monday, Mumsie saw four deer in our yard. She gets mad when they roam out there, cuz they eat the bushes and use the grass as an outhouse. (Scruffy thinks of them as leaving "snacks" for him.) So Mumsie, ran outside with 2 of her soup pots bashing them together. The deer looked mildly annoyed and moved a little toward the back of our yard.

Mumsie was too lazy to chase them, but when she opened the sliding door, I slid out. I went after those big, bad deer. All 11 pounds of me, barking my little Lakie head off. (Some might call it yapping....)

Three of them ran away. But the fourth...he/she was a problem. It had no antlers, but it sure acted like it was a boy. He turned and faced me and had the temerity to continue eating, though I was all of 5 feet away. I charged at him, and he got MAD. He snorted at me and put his head down and pawed the grass with his right front hoof. Mumsie freaked out. She opened the door and yelled for Scruff.

That foxy wire didn't have to be asked twice. He flew across the yard in full hunting mode and charged the deer!!! The deer kept snorting and pawing and Scruffy flew in his face snapping and the deer backed up, then turned tail and RAN!!!!!

Mumsie stood there holding her soup pots with her mouth hanging open. She was so proud of Scruffy!!!!! He kept running the property line just waiting for Mean Deer to come back. I ran the property line too, just in case. (Mumsie; Actually, she pranced...huge leaps in the air on springy Lakie legs.....)

Here's what the deer looked like.

Here's our yard....Scruffy had to run all the way to the back to rescue me!!!!! I thought he had wings! See the fence up....that's deer fencing to keep the deer from eating ALL of the bushes!

Here's Scruff and me on patrol. He could have been kicked and hurt badly, saving me. I LOVE MY BROTHER!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

HMM: so this is Thanksgiving??

Good Day, Chaps....Seymour here, Jackson's wheeled Stuffie....I'm still in the "Burg"....though this place gets odder and odder.

Lacie and Scruffy "invited" me to go to camp with them last weekend, while Mumsie et al went to Charlotte, NC to visit Big Sister, Cat Woman.

This teeny tiny pic is "camp." Ahh....NOOOOOOOO. So I drove 463 miles with Mumsie and Daddy acting as the GPS system. Upon arrival, we decided to take Big Bruvver, Sister and their accompanying significant others to the drive through zoo north of Charlotte. Judging from the looks of some of the animals, there's a lot of hanky panky between species goin' on after midnight.


That is complete unmitigated hogwash.

Check out this dude....sorta looked like the toll takers on the turnpike!

This is a rather stately creature...think of the scarves Lacie would dress him in. He had this irritating habit of tossing his head back when he swallowed his crunchies, effectively dumping them all over your lap. Well, I don't exactly have a lap, but you can catch my drift.

Now here's a handsome fellow. Daddy put Mumsie's window down in the LOCKED position. This sounds like grounds for divorce to me.

Yeppers, he's movin' right in on Mumsie!

You have to click on this pic to get the actual slobber experience....see the drool hanging on his face? He shoved his head on Mumsie's lap where she had her feed bucket jammed between her knees. He drooled and spit food all over her and the car. He decided it would be a LOT more fun to do all over her face and hands and coat. His tongue is almost as big as Lacie. Being a safety minded person, she had her seatbelt on and couldn't escape....or put up the window. So she just screamed. The others in the car were incontinent of urine. Like they peed their pants. It takes a lot to get old Seymour to howl with laughter, but this was it. I had tears running down my stuffed face.

This is where we had my first Thanksgiving dinner....I'm from England, remember. We didn't do that Indian/settler thing in our history. The above pretty lass is Bailee....Big Burver's girlfriend's cockapoo. She's still a pup...and an anatomical anomaly...she has no bones in her body...she bends....very flexible doggie. And, I may add, an excellent face washer after partaking in the repast spread on the table. Turkey, potatoes, vegetables, salad, 2 kinds of was breathtaking. My wheels were creaking after eatin' all of that. Mumsie had two glasses of wine and felt horrible the whole next day. A true lightweight, that one is....

Here's Bailee smilin' at how much Scruffy and Lacie missed at camp. We brought lotsa leftovers back for them, but Big Bruvver ate em' in the car. Oopsie..........
Upon arrival home, we were truly dismayed to here of Jaffa's horrific experience with the bad Advil. We dogs and hoomans have been thinking of him everyday and sending our thoughts and prayers for his recovery.
Hope you all had a fab holiday.....and I hope Mumsie can fix her printer to print out the addresses for the holiday card exchange. I just really hope I don't have to dress up.....
Yours, Seymour

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Harumph......and Happy Turkey Day!!!

Mumsie and Daddy are gettin' the suitcases out for their visit to Charlotte to visit Big Sister; Cat Woman. Big Bruvver will be there too! So where does that leave us....CAMP....BIG WOO HOO.
Mumsie has promised to bring us back some turkey....judging from the looks of him, I think I'd rather eat cat, er... I mean chicken or something. He's a beast!
Mumsie had to take Lacie's bandage off yesterday as she slimed it in the yard...she pulled her plastic wellie off and it got soaked. Mumsie put a new bandage on and Lacie ate part of it. So it's off and her paw is nekkid. She still limps pathetically, and orders me around to do things like Agatha was ordering Archie. What is it with these girlies? Dewey Dewster has promised to stop by and assist her. He has NO IDEA what he is in for.
We want to wish every doggie, kitty and hamsterrier a Happy Thanksgiving whether you officially celebrate it or not. We are so thankful we have met all of you. Hard to believe last year we didn't know you guys were out there!!!! You are caring, compassionate & hilarious!!
Scruffy and Lacie

Sunday, November 18, 2007

OH MAN; WHAT A WEEKEND!! total count, we had around 80 dogs here for poker Friday night. Just a small gathering! It was a slaughter....yep, girls against the guys...had poker teams.....yep, we whipped the fur of the girls. (Lacie; Scruffy....take it like a man and tell the truth!!!) was a lopsided victory. (Lacie; SCRUFFY!!!!!) OK, OK....the girls beat us by a small margin. (Lacie; it was a butt spankin'. ) Moving on...thanks to the Dales for using the woods. Um...we seemed to have a small beer can issue, however....fortunately Mumsie had a root canal on Friday...she spent most of the weekend on the sofa zoned on Vicodin ES. Thank Dog she didn't seem to notice the mess....

This is Lacie....I sent Scruffy and Seymour to work on the basement. Mumsie's stirring on the sofa, and I fear she may be descending soon into netherregions down there and be overcome with bear fumes.

The above pic was sniped from Asta's blog. We begged Ruby to bring us home from England, so Jackson could have a break from illness and play some poker with the guys. Judging from his inebriated state as I put him back on the plane Saturday, he seemed to have recovered from his rough month. I had a tough time boarding Aire Ruby having accidentally gotten locked in Jackson's closet with it was a bit rushed for the departure. I thought I hurt my paw then, as it was very sore. BUT, when we got home to the's what we found!

This must be what SNOW is!! Well, I rewrenched my paw chasing Scruffy and had to go the vets...AGAIN. I BROKE A NAIL! Like all the way down at the pad on my paw. They put a big red bandage on my cuz it matched my collar, and now I am hobbling pathetically all over the place. I also hate to walk outside with it....SO much easier to pee on the carpet!
I still managed to go with Koobie, Scruffy and those fabulous Whippets in the Whippetmobile to the Penn State/Michigan State game. Joe Paterno had a terrible time getting the whippets to stop chasing the football. Those are some runners!!!!!!!!!

We staggered home exhausted, and found THIS. A kousin dog....and her name's STELLA. OMD....she is also a stellanator. She and Scruffy would roach and wrassle....I kept thinkin' she was gettin too rough with my I'd attack and bark and bark and bark. Stella's mom...Kousin Melissa actually had the tenacity to call me YAPPY. Me...who they bred the flaky out of the Lakie does not yap. Harumph. (Scruffy....she yaps.....)

I had her carefully treed under the table!!!

As much as I hate to compliment her....she does have an amazing tail.....look at the highlights....she sets it every night with those giant rollers.

We did a triple down stay to impress the hoomans. Look at my poor paw. It's awful. Poor Lacie.

Look at her and Scruffy wrassling. I mean, I had to intervene. Scruffy could have been injured. He has such tiny little teeth.....

We want to thank the Whippets for driving us to Michigan. Ya shoulda seen em in the coats we provided. Dale coats....they had skinny whippet heads and big FURRY Dale bodies. They looked Fab!

Most importantly,we also want to thank Sweet Asta for our bloggie award!!!!! This award is presented to a successful blogger, one who can “be the blog” - making it their own, staying with it, interacting with the readers, and just plain having fun. We feel very honored by this....Scruffy and I love to laugh and smile....blogging has made us do both....many times a day! We'd like the pass this award onto Sweet Koobuss' Blog.....and to dear Miss Sunshade. We love visiting their blogs, and come out happier than when we went in!!!!

Gotta run and think bout packin' our bags for Thanksgiving. It seems Scruffy and I are off to "camp." And me with a sore paw. Poooooooor Lacie!!!!!