Friday, October 31, 2008

Pick A Dilly at the Circus!!!

You'd think we'd all be exhausted with all that pawtyin' at the Tower last night....NO WAY!!! We're ready to have a FAB tour of London today...Eric did an amazin' job of organizin' our stay!!! Regardin' the above pic, I had no idea the size of some of the attractions here in this Burg....

Look at the lovely hotel Eric set us up's Claridges...and simply splendid...the facilities are so luxurious and are appointed so elegantly! It was one of Spencer Tracy's favorite places to stay...Afternoon tea is something to behold...I wish we could stay until the holiday season...the decorations are rumored to be spectacular!!

Check out this bathroom for the girls...plenty of room for blowdryers, makeup, bubblebaths, and amazin' games of chase on that marble! In this pic, Koobie is sittin' on the well, throne...with Poppy, Maggie, me (giggle!), and Asta in the tubbie....Patches is enjoyin' the cool floor and Duffy is slippin' all over the place peekin' at us girls in the tub. (My those foxy boys learn early, don't they!) Clover and Lorenza are already dressed and waitin' for the rest of us to hurry up!

Before we left for our tour, we thought we might quench our thirst in the BAR! Harry is here in his Mummy costume...Riley seems to be checkin' Sunny out again, Petey and I are havin' a tete a tete that kept gettin' interrupted by that Dyos...cramps my social style, that one... Babystan is havin' a snuggle with his lovepup, Cassidy...and Koobie and Scruffy seem to be enjoyin' a private joke in the corner. Duffy, thank Dog, is passed out on the counter...FINALLY, the Puppy Smoothies have kicked in!

After this debacle the other day (you can click on this pic now...I was havin' technical difficulties before...) we decided to take the bus!

One of these amazing Double Deckers!!! How fun is this??!!

Scruffy and Koobie are hangin' out here with Babystan...behind them are Balboa and Ben the Rotti...Toffee's pantin' over Eric again...Sunny, Dexter and Asta are bringing up the front. Keiko, Gussie, Joe Stains (what's with the robe?), Gooberstan, Scooter, me and that crazy Fuzzbrat, the Duffster are hangin' out on the right. Check out the poster of the Wheelies in the back..."ERIC FREE ZONE"...what is that about? Hmm...Wheelies United seems to be everywhere these days....

In the Tube the other day, we saw this sign for a famous circus! Eric cautioned us that it was misnamed.... just a traffic circle, but we took the bus over to check it out.....

Eric almost passed out....there was an amazin' circus there!!!!! Lions, tigers, elephants and wheelies!!! Myrna's hangin' out with the elephant, Blue's wheelie is checkin' out the natural foliage, three confusin' Koobies are hangin' out in disguise... In the tree Gilbert is wondering why Jake's and Just Harry's Wheelies are standin' on his head....Jackson's Wheelie Seymour is lookin' for me...we have a date after the tour...Um...BTW....the tree is a one of the very rare Pickle Trees. There aren't many places in the world where you can go and Pick A Dilly!!!!!
'Nuff said...

Mango had a bad run-in with the phone booth the other day...he was tryin' to call Momma and the booth sorta sank. He tried to make the call again today...we decided to climb in with many dogs can fit in...well, you get the pic. The blender seems to be empty. Eric looks very nervous...Faya is lookin' after Dyos, thank Dog...she doesn't seem to be havin' any more luck that I do with him. I hope Asta can get out of this damaged booth. Stan's expression seems to say it all about this weekend. Um...I think I see one of those Bobbies comin' this way...ah...he's runnin'...come on dogs....GET THE BLENDER!!!

Crowned with Jewels and Boyz Are Dumb!

Ahh...tonight's the night!! The Tower of London...the Crown Jewels...ghosts, goblins and FUN!!!
We were starving!!! Here are some of us in the main Banquet Hall...Norman, Toby and Scuba are standin' underneath that big cauldron...with Roxy, Balboa, Shadie and Momo Kitty hangin' out with the feast! pigs were harmed in the makin' of this pic...the Porker bein' roasted is actually a Gund Stuffie...cept he's flameproof...we let him down so he could run around and wreck havoc with the pups. Checkout this spread of foodie that Asta prepared...Roast Beast, Yorkie Puddin', fresh fish, and bobbed apples....OH YUMMERS!!!!!

Speakin' of the pups and wreckin' havoc...look what the Fuzzie Brats decided to do chute off the top of the tower. Looks like some Wheelie mighta had a wheel in this...HECTOR!!!

Some of us girlies snuck away to check out the Crown Jewels....Sunny looks pawsitively queenly in that tiara! Asta, Agatha and I can't compete with Myrna...she really knows how to sport jewels in a totally stylin' way!!!

We have a little sub plot in this pic. goes. Mango the Relentlessly Hooge "accidentally" asked two girls to the pawty....MJ and Baylee, his Love he texts Scruffy for "advice" on fixin' this little problem. Those two dumb boyz figured on Mango gettin' MJ a bit In Ebb Re Ated while Scruffy wore a Mango costume and hung out in a pumpkin field (near the tower) with Baylee. Scruffy was supposed to say Mango-like "I am the Relentlessly Hooge Mango" and TOTALLY FOOL Baylee that he was Mango. (As if...)
Make sense? NO. Well, they're boyz. Need I say more. So...I had to "borrow" Scruffy's cell and saw this STOOPID PLAN.
Now recently, Mango described my firm posterior as "AMPLE." (Seems like the pot is callin' the kettle black??)
SO...I changed some of their plans a tad. I provided Mango and MJ, Mango-sized portions of Smoothies. Here they are drinkin' Smoothies at the Ritz....frankly, Mango shoulda stuck to tea.

Then Mango staggered with a pawfectly sober MJ to the pumpkin field where instead of finding one Scruffy/Mango costume...he found this mess!!!!! Heh heh heh....
Hector with a Mango mask...
Mango with a Bogie mask...
Roachin' Mango with a Babystan mask...
And scariest of all was Mango with A LACIE MASK.
Scruffy and Mango both fainted. It was hilarious!
MJ, Baylee and I went back to the Ritz and finished those Smoothies...saw NO POINT in them goin' to waste!
Well...the night is still young...I'm headin' back to the Tower and do some dancin' with the Boyz...lots on the agenda for tomorrow!!!!!
Scary kissies!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's Pawty Time!!!!

OH MY! OH MY!! I just bought my first postie card! WE'RE HERE!!!! LONDON! AND WHAT A FLIGHT!

Aire Ruby gave us a bootiful usual! The service gets more and more luxurious each time we travel! The food was divine...the presentation and service exquisite!

Ruby even provided a fabulous bassinet for Faya's little brother, Dyos and Asta's half brother, Fuzzbrat er Duffy. I generously offered to babysit as I just knew they would be little lambs. notice that the bassinet is empty? THAT'S BECAUSE THE LITTLE RATS ARE RUNNING LIKE HELLIONS ALL OVER THE PLANE!

I was feeling terribly stressed. BUT...

Lookie at what Ruby installed since we flew last. I can tell ya this empty spa didn't stay empty for long. I locked Dyos and Duffy up in the one of those cool bathrooms ya only find on planes...I heard them throw the occupied sign and the last I could tell Dyos was tryin' to flush Duffy down the toilet. Wasn't sure what the going rate was to pay him......

Arriving in London, Eric arranged a special meeting with the Queen and her corgis. It didn't go well. (See last post.) See that one corgi? He's just thinkin' bout sniffin' my personal section. The fur is gonna fly......

Not sure if there is a lack of Blackberries around here. These Londoners certainly have an excessive number of phone booths. Maybe when they have to make a cell call, they go in for some peace and quiet. As we passed by we saw a number of dogs led by Mango entering the booth.

Eric, do these booths have a weight limit???? They said they were gonna find a stronger one when we take another bus tour on Saturday.

We couldn't wait to ride the "tube"....that's what everybody calls the Underground here in London. (Lacie chuckles feeling proud that she can converse in the local lingo...)

When we got down there, we found the station to be a tad crowded..... Click on the pic to see better....

Oh what a disaster. I was practicin' my doga stretches and flirtin' er, I mean having a conversation with Archie, Butchy, Noah (see Girl Girl snuggling with him?) and Gus. (Miss Snickers was gettin' her nails done....) Then it happened. Scruffy and Agatha were playin' ball, chase, and bitey face and THEY FELL OFF THE PLATFORM!!! Archie, of course, passed out. Eric turned green and was jumpin' to see if there was someway to stop the train. Toffee is just behind the jumpin' that fab pink dress! (Ever notice her tongue hangs out a lot when they're together???) Sunny (Scooter's brother) is lookin' at Babystan in his chicken costume like he's a total nudnik....Riley is lookin' at Sunny as if he'd like to get to know her better!!!! Sweet Koobie obviously hasn't noticed Scruffy and Aggie....and LOOKIE ON THE TOP OF THAT TRAIN.

Those little scamps! Dyos and Duffy are checkin' out the view. I turn my back for one minute to enjoy some company with the best of opposite sex and they take off....

Oh my poor brother...and poor Agatha...BUT....

The train comes screechin' to a halt! Scooter and Tanner are co-pilotin' it...just like with the candy drop!!!!!

Aggie helps Scruffy off the tracks and all scramble aboard on the PARTY TRAIN!!!

THIS IS GONNA BE AN AMAZING WEEKEND! Visit Eric and Asta's blogs for further details and updates!

Tra la la la la anybody get the puppies of the roof of the train?


Scary barks....


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stylin' LACIE!!!!!

Hello Everyone! Lacie here...many of you have asked me my secret for fur stylin' goes....
Obviously, the boyz aren't's what they do during their morning ablutions....Nuthin' wonder they stink.

After a quick shower...I grab a round brush and get to work. NO...this pic is NOT photshopped. Mumsie took this snap. It woulda been a heck of a lot easier IF SHE'D JUST HOLD THE FURDRYER FOR ME!!!!!

Ooo la some height on this jump......wheeeeeeeeeee!

Ya think Stan could come over and hold me up or something...but no...every day it's jump, jump, jump...I'll tell vettie sez I have one firm musclebutt!!!

How's this...fur dryed and styled...nosecara and lipstick on....READY TO TAKE ON THE DAY!


Many thanks to Eric for workin' with the Queen's corgis and making the Tower Rental possible. He even got us an audience with the Queen herself and one of the famous corgis.
The corgi said she had heard of my reputation all the way in gave her a little snap (ok, big snap!) and these Bobby's in big hats came and escorted us off the Royal Grounds...Alas...sorry Eric...I tried to behave. We'll be posting the itinerary shortly of the party. Get ready for Aire Ruby and the fun!! Check Asta's and Eric's bloggies for further details!!!!!
Styled Barks,

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Art Date or Is Lacie a Piece of Work?

Lacie here...Petey (after seeing our bacon tree asked me to marry him. Hmm...I told him I thought we should maybe just have a date....

He suggested that we go to the Museum of Modern cuz I'm "a real piece of work." Yeppers...that was an exact quote...

I really tried not to snap...but here we are in this bootiful museum with all these 'spensive things around and Petey brings out his CASE of tennis balls...and with this one hooge ball....

He started chasin' that big ball ALL OVER THE MUSEUM!

The guards came and everything. Of course, I had to give him a little SNAP. Just to get him back in line, ya know....


Cultured Barks,


Thursday, October 23, 2008


Stanley's daycare, K9 Kingdom here in Wexford, PA is holding a photo contest for its new "Cover Dog"...Do you think Stan (as King of the Terriers!) fits this image???

Click on the link above and go and check out the photos and vote!

Shameless barks,

Lacie and Scruffy (and Stan who is hiding behind the chair blushing.....)

Pee Ess...even more shamelessly, feel free to post the link on ur bloggies!!!!!

Tom, Bacon and Silliness.....

OK, what do ya think of this pic?? Lacie here. Due to the BORINGNESS of Scruffy's last post, I sent him off to have a sandwich. Yeesch.
Yeppers...our pear/bacon tree is flourishing. I had gotten a cutting from Asta in Noo Youurk...she had gotten it from Sir Chance lot a long time ago. Hers never grew...perhaps from lack of water? Hmm.... So for those of you interested, I'm offering cuttings of our bacon tree FREE for you to take. Help yourselves!!!!!!!!!

There's also a Bacon Bush for those with space limitations. This has the added feature of repelling those pesky deer that are all over our yardie.'s official. Bambi doesn't like bacon.

Now...I'm sure you've noticed my striking resemblance to Katie Holmes.

That little half grin? Even Tom (yes, yes...I know he is a complete of him jumpin' on Oprah's sofa!) can't tell the difference between us....

As Scruffy not so eloquently put it....
Lakie kissies,

Monday, October 20, 2008

Does Lac Look Like Katie Holmes?

Scruffy here. Due to the success of my last post, I'm allowed to post again. Look at my stoopid sister here. I told her everyone loves my writing and check out the expression on her face. It's a SMIRK. (Lac thinks she looks like Katie Holmes.)
Look at Stan's expression. A Happy Dale he is not. Too many girls.

He looks miserable.

Wait. He looks better here. Ears are forward.

What happened to our pear tree? Is that...could it be...BACON? We've always wanted a BACON TREE.



Sunday, October 19, 2008


Yeppers...for the first time in FOREVER Penn State beat Michigan last night! Daddy was depressed being a Michigan fan. Bruvver was thrilled as a Penn State grad!

Butchy picked us up for our "date." We jetted over to Mountain Top to get Koobie...Stanley came with us this time and brought that huge Stone Dale (evidently his name is Stoned.) He said he'd like to see Stoned Dale hang out with the Nittany Lion...perhaps at the Creamery for an ice cream!

Butchy made the hooge mistake of lettin' Stanny fly his plane. (Click on the pic...the Dale looks crazed!) We had just decided to get out to stretch our paws when he ZOOMED THE STADIUM! Plus he tossed the Stoned Dale into the end zone for a little surprize. Stan managed to pull that plane up in time, I'll never know. I thought we were goin' straight into the Lion's locker room. (On second thought, that coulda been sorta entertainin' a professional sense, of course.)

These dates with Butchy are exhaustin'! He decided to stay for the Steeler game today....



Friday, October 17, 2008


Mumsie here...Look at this...this poor female boxer...and it gets worse. This sweet Girl, who had recently given birth, was found TIED TO TRAIN TRACKS. Her life was saved when a train engineer passing in the opposite direction saw her and halted train traffic and rescued the dog.

Who on earth could do such a thing...and look at her...she's starving. She was given to the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society (they named her Choo Choo)....the original reward for information was $'s now up to $6000. She's doing on a feeding program and has TONS of people willing to adopt her.

Not being a particularly vengeful person, I would, however, LOVE to be the judge in the courtroom if this BEAST that did this was ever brought to trial. Tie him or her to the train tracks? Tempting, isn't it?

I don't like to dwell on evil...especially on this blog...but this is too awful to ignore.



Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nursin' Noah...

Hi Everybody...I wanted you to know that Noah is feeling much better since his Peeps started him on some new medication and are restricting his activity a bit. Asta and I have been here for a little while now givin' him massages and applyin' applications of my new product "Lakie Liniment"'s got a soothin' mud base, smells like dead frogs and works fab on stiff and sore joints....Noah loves it. I've told him he needs to get in his basket earlier at night or he'll be as stiff as stone when he wakes up.....sometimes I have to give him a little snap to get his attention.

See....that's what I mean. On this particular night, Noah stayed up waaaaaay to late playin' gin rummy with Asta...and look how stiff he was the next morning.
It took a good long soak in the tub to get him back to normal!
Plans are going well for the Halloween Pawty in London....this is one pawty you aren't gonna want to ur flight NOW!!!!!
Scary barks!

Friday, October 10, 2008

A Witty and Amusing Post by Scruffy

Scruffy here. Lac is with Noah, Down Under so she said I should post. She said the pix should all relate to eachother and the post should tell a story. HMMM....

AND it should be witty and entertainin'....

Here we are lyin' down.

There's Stan's big butt. He's thinkin' bout bitin' Lacie's head off.

Here he is bitin' Lacie's head off.

Here I am digging.

Here I am really digging.

Here's Stan lookin' like a dead chicken.
So how did I do? Was I witty? Were you entertained?