Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thank You All, New Baby Snaps and WHO IS CUTER?

Can you believe it??? Our hooman sissy, Cat Woman popped out her baby 5 weeks early. Now note how cute I am in my Easter Bonnet......

Welcome Miss Ellison Maeve to the world!!! Happy Birthday, little Ellie!!!!! She was a whopping 5 lbs 12 oz....a bit heftier than me when I came home!!!!! Doesn't that pacifier look giant? It's cuz her head's so tiny!!!

Lookit all that fur....baby needs a groomin' already!!!! Congratulations to Cat Woman and Cat Dad on their new little bundle...


Ellie or MOI?

Right answers please!!!!!

XXOO Lacie and oh I suppose Stanley and Scruffman

Monday, March 26, 2012

POTP Needed....TODAY.

So our hooman sissy Catwoman is expecting a baby May 1st...cept it looks like she's gonna be born today....sissy's blood pressure is up and she's PRE ECLAMPTIC...

Mumsie's diving in the car and is driving to Charlotte as soon as she has her panic attack and she finishes packing....

Baby will be 5 weeks early....keep both of them in your thoughts and prayers...

You guys are the best....

Lacie and Mumsie who barely has her head screwed on in the right direction.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

LACIE'S FAT by Scruffy!!!!


So we went to see Dr. Mary this week....Lacie is hoooooooooge....like fifteen pounds!!

Oh, the puparazzi would love to get hold of this pic...

What??? Oh, my paws on the edge of the scale????....it's so much fun to MESS WITH LACIE'S HEAD!!!!!

Mumsie has her on the green bean diet!!!!!



Wednesday, March 14, 2012



Stanley here....this is my normal positioning to scare off an intruder...but do you see my HEAD????? Well, it started like this...something about the next General Meeting of the Naughty Terrier Club members to wear wigs or hats...well, Lacie is so all about that.

That's enuff to give you a nightmare, huh.....

Then she stuck it on me, so I would be distracted from the best dead rubber chicken in history.

She then presuaded me to try on her Easter bonnet that Katie's mom made her for last season. "Stoop down," she says in her screeching obnoxious voice..."

"Here, let me give it a final adjustment...you are such a lughead, I can barely fit it over your massive skull. And it's so not all about brains."

So, this is what the fed ex guy saw, instead of a fierce guard dog....sheesch. Nuthin' like feelin' stoopid.

Well, until she put me back in that dumb wig.

A Dale's eyes are windows to our souls...WOE IS ME.

Respectfully submitted,


Monday, March 5, 2012


Just shouting for joy....six years of living with the nuttiest bunch of terriers on the planet!!!

See the bee?? Get the bee, I gotta get that bee!!!!!!!

This pic was labeled as WHY NOT....Mumsie's says after looking back at old pix, that we have SETTLED DOWN A LOT...I resent that....

Oh...that was a good one. Back in the days where Stanley used to open fed ex boxes...this happened to be about 4,484 pee pads that he chewed up.

My litter......could we be any cuter??? Spring of '06!

And sweet little me on my first day home...lookit that fat tummy!!!!!

Lacie and Stanley begin to sing....HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR SCRUFFMAN, WE LOVE YA!