Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Oh my! My Steeler game date with Butchy got a tad crowded!!! Did we ever have fun!

Butchy's Mama bought him this cool yellow plane for and early Barkday pressie! Scruffy invited Miss Snickers to accompany him...then he got all freaked out that Sweet Gussie would sit on him or something. (Gussie's butt is way tooo cute for him to use it as a weapon...a weapon of ass destruction...hahahahah!! Good one, Lac!) So Miss Snickers invited him to come too. They managed to skid into New York to pick up Asta...isn't she a diva? She heard the Steelers were wearin' their vintage outfits last night so she chose this little number she picked up in Casablanca!

Max Wheelie came to visit with Sweet Fiona...who brought her bed. I'm not even gonna go there havin' just escaped a groundin' myself. BTW, Asta sent me this adorable cheerleader outfit...pawsome, isn't it???

Babystan looks like he has an itchy back...major roachin' on the turf! And look who's on top of the plane...hmm...Hugh Stains, complete with his potholder...er Bathrobie!! Figured he'd come! (Click on the pic...he's hard to see!)

Now Butchy landed safely and all, but PARKED IN A HANDICAPPED ZONE. We were so worried till we saw who was issuing the ticket. None other than GOOBERSTAN himself. With one bat of Asta's smoulderin' eyes...no ticket for us...WHEE!!!! He motioned with his paw to follow him...and led us to a PRIVATE BOX with tons of foodie!

We stuffed ourselves for the first half on Primanti Brother's sandwiches...game was BORING. The fans actually BOOED the Steelers....the finally got their act together....AND

WON IN OVERTIME with a FAB kick offa Jeff Reed's toe. It was pawsome!!! I was sooo excited I accidently kissed Butchy on the cheek. (BLUSH!)Looked like there was someother kissin' goin' on at that moment. We had Security Stangoob sittin' with us too...giggle giggle....

What a night for Monday Night Football!!

Reportin' Barks....GO STILLERS!!!


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bathrobes and Lifeguards.......

Ok...Lacie here...Mumsie sez if I can 'splain the recent photo on our bloggie that she won't ground me. I mean here's what happened. We were at this pawty in Casablanca (Asta's Barkday celebration...) and this dog in a bathrobe told me he was in dire need of lifeguards for his swimming pool. Evidently the bunnies that hang out by his pool can't swim or somethin'. So he asked for a resume complete with my photo. (He said he heard that I have vast amounts of lifeguarding experience poolside.

Now we happened to be at a POOL PAWTY at the time so I had someone snap my pic (I was wearin' my dogkini) and and told him I'd email it to him. I got a pic of the guy....here he is in his robe. (Um...you just might wanna check out Joe Stains bloggie this week.....justa thought!)
Here's another pic of Hugh Stains....he does have a certain aura about him...must be from hangin' out all the time with those rabbits.

Now Mumsie had a talkin' to with me with her 'splainin' bout the dangers of skimpy bathing suits and pics being sent on the Internet. So I changed into something a little more um classic.
I hope this Hugh Stains hires me for the lifeguardin' postion....
Now...how's that for an explanation. Do you think Mumsie should ground me? I did invite Butchy to come to the Steeler game tomorrow night (Monday night footie ball...GO STEELERS!) Come to think of it that Hugh guy might enjoy the Steelers too???? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa........
Love and kissies...Laciegirl

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Terrier in Trouble.....

OH MAN...is our sissy ever gonna be in trouble now...she said this guy who wears jamies, hangs by a pool and has funny lookin' rabbits runnin' around asked her to submit a photo of her in a life guard uniform....so she does....AND MUMSIE JUST FOUND OUT.

We think Lac is gonna have some 'splainin' to do....it's gonna get ugleeee around here fast....

Barkin' at ya...

Scruffy and Stan

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nachos, Bunnies and Nightmares!

Stanny here...I'm not feelin' so well......
Last night I had this HOOOGE cravin' for a Crush...Orange Crush...outta the bottle...with a straw. (The bottles make fine vases for wild daisies when ur done...just a Martha Stewart/Stan hint...)

And then I felt the need to chow on some Nachos....oh YUMMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thought I catch a movie on the tube....HMM...Monty Python and the Holy Grail....Lacie sez it's one of her favorites!

Somethin' bout Bunnies....with what, Lacie? SHARP TEETH??????? As in Attack Rabbits?
We all sat and watched the show with me munchin' on my chips and slurppin' my Crushie....
And I fell into a deep sleep.....

OMD.... I dreamt that I had these hooge Bunnies chasin' me all over our yardie and they were playin' ball with my handsome Dale HEAD! And Lacie just sat there and laughed and laughed.
I woke up with a stomach ache....and a headache...(No DAAAA!!!)

Now Mumsie's packin' up Bruvver's room cuz he moved out....(And I'm still here....what do ya think of that? Custody battle???)
And lookie at the stuffie she found in the top of the closet!!! Seems one year at Christmas she was a tad obsessed over these Bunnies With the Sharp Teeth. (Google them...it's terrierfying!)

Lookie at this...OH MY....I feel faint. I will never go out in our yardie again....the whole canine world is worried bout Wheelie Takeover...when we HAVE THESE RABBITS IN OUR OWN YARDS!

Check this out you Office Fans...a Stapler....
THUMP....(Pawdon the pun...hahahahahahahaaaaa writes Lacie...)
Stan starts to sway...Lacie quickly puts his head between his knees....
Hmm...wonder if I could sell Lacie head slippers and Lacie head staplers on Ebay....
Stan slowly rubs his head with his paw and looks thoughtful.....($$$$$$$$$)
Never a dull moment!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wheelie Baylee Arrives and ASTA'S Barkday!!!

Lacie Wheelie here...of course I get to be the Wheelie spokesdog...Lotsa goin' on 'round here! This box appears on our counter...from Airedale Heaven...we heard scratchin', whinin' and barkin'.....so I told Stan to open it!

Oh my....Look what popped up...and look at Stan...unconscious. Musta scared him....

It's Baylee Wheelie...Bruver's and S.'s cockapoo
who visits us durin' the day when they work. Isn't she adorable???????? Mumsie's gave her to S. for her birthday; she loves her!!!!!!!! Great job, Airedale Heaven!!!!!
Hi Everyone!! Lacie here....
Speakin' of adorable, look what my always fashionable, ever trendy BFF Asta brought back for me from her vacation!!!! Have you ever seen a more 'dorable purse???? It can be a bit cumbersome to wield, but I never have to worry bout anybody tryin' to steal it...one flash of those toofers.....no problemo!! I just adore how large it is and how much stuff I feed it..er put in it! Now if I can only figure how to get stuff out of it!

Today is ASTA'S SECOND BARKDAY!!! Koobie and I rented a vintage plane and we'll be picking up all you girlies for a trip to CASABLANCA!!!!! Vintage dress preferred....1940's, 'kay?? Asta wants to try to find that piano player who keeps playin' the song "Play It Again, Sam"... One of my favorites too!!! Hopefully, the plane will make it round the world...it is a tad old...
Happy Barkday, ASTA!!!!!! Many happy returns of the Day!!!
Love, Lacie, Scruffy and Babystan

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Texas Tails....

Lacie here! As some of you know I was supposed to have a date with Scooter this Saturday down in Texas....but his mom isn't feelin' well so Sunny said the date was cancelled. (Sunny is a helper doggie for her mom so she calls the shots...) BUT I was already almost there...so as I had my nurse's kit, I thought I could help Sunny nurse her mom. Hmm....as nursing instructors....Sunny is very strict. (Think Agatha or Asta Oz on STEROIDS....) Strict makes me nervous......but I digress...

Look at this pic of Sweet Scooter while we were watchin' the rodeo on TV...isn't he 'dorable????

I told Sunny my uniforms were a tad short, so she made me change into scrubs before my shift started....this rodeo is fascinating...sorta like when we ride Babystan around the yardie......

Look how thoughtful...Scooter had corndoggies out for us to snack on...and a squirrel for me to play with...thought it best not to mention I USED TO HAVE ONE OF THOSE...he had some sorta mysterious internal explosion...these corny dogs are delish!!! Got any more ketchup, Scooter????

Now Sunny was very very tense (she's sooooo Type A)....I thought it best to provide her with one of my famous relaxin' smoothies to get her in a state of Chillaxin'....so she could find her inner zen and all...I knew I'd take fab care of her mom IF SHE DIDN'T MAKE ME SO NERVOUS.....

HMMMMMMM....sorta looks like another one of Lacie's blender casualties????? Oh well...it happens.....

I prodded her with my paw...hmm...not much of a response...I made sure she was lyin' on her side....you know...so her airway is patent and all....I'm pretty sure Sunny is well on her way to straightenin' out her ying and yang... thinkin' it might be a good idea to have A LOT of black coffee in the morning........

Oh my...look at Scooter...here I am tryin' to get him to get up on his bed so I can tuck him in before I go and do my midnight vital signs on his mom.....I'm yellin' at him, but he's yawnin' so big he can't hear me.....
Actually, I think the shift went pawsome...Scooter slept all night in his bed, Sunny snored er rested comfortably and their mom said she had never felt so refreshed...(I did give her the remainder of what was left in the blender after Sunny finished going at it with the straw.) My my....their mom was gigglin' and chattin' away for about 15 seconds, then sorta looked dazed and fell asleep.
It seemed prudent to LEAVE VERY EARLY...I waited until I heard Sunny puttin' on her scrubs for the 0700 shift...(I had taped shift report...yes...I know that JACHO is very strict with transferring of care of the patient...) made sure the coffee was ready and hightailed it outta there!

Ahh....as pretty as Texas is, I missed the green grass of Pennsylvania....bet those Mustangs down there would love munchin' on our yardie....
Scooter...just let me know when our date is gonna be rescheduled, OK???? And have Sunny work on achieving a calm relaxed state.....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

We're BACK!!!

Hi Everybody!! We're back! Between Scuffy tryin' to school Lacie and Hurricane Ike blowin' through here with 84 mph winds, our internet was kaputt!!! We sure missed everybody!

I'm hangin' out with TWO divas now! Baylee, Bruvver's fiance's doggie has been coming here everyday to play when Bruvver and S. are at work. She's an eight pound cockapoo...happy little thing. Well, Lacie has been givin' her spa intructions. The next few pix are not for the weak-stomached.

Here's Baylee after a dip in the pool. She deflated by about 6 inches in diameter. (Rumor has it she uses a diffuser when she blow dries....whatever that means...)

OK...she and Lacie held paws and trotted down to the spa section of our yardie.

Yeppers....not pretty.

Ewwwwwww, Baylee...um...you smell pretty fragrant!

Yes, the girls did a complete conditioning. Scruffy and I are lucky if we get five minutes in the bathroom to brush our teeth....
We'll be around to everybody's bloggie to catch up!!!
Barkin' at ya...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Scruffy, Lacie, and Stan are OFFLINE!

Well, after an attempt to make the internet appear to be damaged so that Lacie would not think that posting was possible - it just so seems that Scruffy managed to take the prank a little too far. A few nips on the wrong wires and ZAP went the internet connection!

Computer technician big bruvver and his boy Stanley are hard at work attempting to fix the problem; however, the terriers will be offline until further notice. Please check back every day or two, as we should be up and running shortly!

Big Bruvver

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Does Mud Clog the Pores????

Ahh...it's been raining for two days...Can you tell???
I feel so....REFRESHED!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Who Flung the Poo???

Stan here...Lacie is so exhausted from her dates that she's lettin' me blog twice in a row!!

Now ya might be wondering why you're lookin' a pic of our bare wall. Well...this is the pic Mumsie didn't get.

She was showerin' this mornin'. (We try to get her to do that daily.) Lacie was flingin' herself at the shower door as usual....every day...same old, same old. Attack the door. Bark hysterically. Lacie is nuthin' if not predictable.

This mornin' she was in a total frenzy...and she had eaten an unholy amount of overripe pears from under our tree. The total picture is a l a x a t i v e effect....think Arch and Fig Newtons.

So she um...decorated the towel. And for some miracle, didn't jump in it.

But when Mumsie got outta the shower, she gasped. STUCK TO THE WALL was...um...you guessed it....POOP!

She ran and got the camera, but in her haste bumped it off "Auto." Camera refused to snap. So she ran back downstairs to get inferior camera...runs back up...AND ALL THE POOP WAS GONE. BUT...there was a very satiated looking fox terrier lickin' his lips. EWWWWWWWWWW.

Now Scruff and I are startin' a bizness. For all you dogs who wanna date Lacie, but fear her TEETH, we have some products to help. The pic above is "Keepin' a Handle on Lac..."

She is easily dragged around using this simple solution.

Ahh....an industrial sized Lakeland Muzzle.....

This restraining device used in the bovine world.

It easily adapts to the fierce Lakeland.
All payments can be made to the Soon to be Dogmeat Male Terriers of the Burgh.....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Books...Rainy Day Readin'!!

Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.
Groucho Marx

Stan here....it was rainy today and feelin' like Fall. Lacie ordered a pile of books for Mumsie to pick up from the library for us. She took her canvas "Wirestock" Bag and off she went. (She loves the library....she sez she can feel her blood pressure droppin' the second she walks in!)

Lacie picks out the BEST books!

I can't WAIT to read my book! I'm pretty sure it's about a Dale who eats a diamond at daycare and everybody's standin' around HOPING it's gonna come out!!! I haven't given up hope on my diamond earring yet...but Mumsie has...no more poop exploration. So maybe I buried it somewhere in the yard and will dig it up at my leisure?? It is Cassidy's First Barkday today!! Wouldn't she look bootiful in it?

Uh oh...Lacie ordered this for Mumsie. Hmm...I don't think this was a good choice to stay on her good side. Her unwrinkled side....oh wait a minute; both sides are wrinkled.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!! 'Nuff Said On That Subject.

Ahh...what a choice for the Scruffster....he's had some transportation problems in the past...did ya get a look at that tractor he and Koobie drove to the Penn State game last weekend? I wasn't here last fall, but I did hear something bout them crashin' hot air balloons....in Lake Michigan? That musta been ugly!

OMD....Lookie what Lac picked out for herself....I know she has 3 dates this week...Butchy,Scooter and old Archie. We've convinced her to wear Scruffy's groomin' muzzle so she doesn't rip anydog's face off....Sorta reminds ya of that scene in Silence of the Lambs with Hannibal Lector...member his muzzle? Ya sure you boyz still want to DATE LACIE?

It's all too much for me. I'm gonna lie here and see if I can mentally get this Kong to flip on its side. Maybe I'll checkout a book on magic next time.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Stain...So Not My Fault....!

Lacie here...so we were out in the pool/yardie yesteday...we got a bit dirty and Mumsie felt the need to bathe ALL THREE OF US. At the same time. It gets a tad crowded in the shower. And I drank TONS of water. It's my JOB to chase the water on the handheld hose. Mumsie sorta forgot bout the quanity of my oral intake. After what seemed like hours of intense blow-drying, I jumped on the bed and BOOM. Ya might say my hindquarters sorta 'sploded!!!! It was an amazing amount.
Mmmmm Hmmmm.....

And this quilt? The fun part here was when Mumsie picked it up, the pee rolled off and fell all over the comforter, blanket and carpet. I STAINED FOUR SURFACES WITH A SINGLE SQUAT. Remarkable!!!

Check this out! Here are Scruffy and Koobus on their way to the Penn State/Oregon State game yesterday in State College. Last week, Koobie drove her little kar and made Scruffy karsick...so he opted for a slower vehicle this week. This attractive tractor! He sat while Koobie pedaled...took them quite a while.

They stopped by the side of the road for a picnic.......at least Scruffy took off his bonnet for this pic!

And lookie at Scruffy gettin' right in the puparazzi's face when they were about to interview Joe Pa!!! Scruff said he gave Joe Pa tons of advice (which he thankfully ignored....)
Maybe I'll go to the game next week...speakin' of games...we need to go and check out the black and gold....GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!