Monday, July 30, 2012

POTP for Lacie....Evil Seizure Monster Arrived......

Scruffy and Stan here....we want to thank you all for the sweet comments for not so sweet Lacie. We just got outta jail yesterday cuz Mumsie and Daddy were at the stoopid beach. Last night after our destinkafying baths, Lacie had a seizure. She had some as a puppy; the last one on the grooming table at about 18 months age. She's five now, and we hope she waits another five years before another one. Her seizures make her look like she's had one too many of her own smoothies.

Mumsie talked to Dr. Mary today and she wants to Wait and See. She thinks it might be stress-related, so now all the nurses AND MANGO are here, waiting on her hand and paw. Sheesch. You might wanna check Mango's bloggie and his declaration of LOVE for her. It's riveting. (Scruffy and Stan shake their heads...Mango has capitulated.)
Thought you guys might like to see Cat Woman's Kitten...(she was at the stoopid beach too....Mumsie just keeps sayin' how nice it is to hold something cuddly that doesn't growl....)

They were here several weeks ago. The morning they left,I, Scruffy, had to go sniff the Pack N Play were Kitten was sleeping. I took a large foul smelling poop right beside it just to let everybody know how much I love the baby.

As Lacie would say, NUFF SAID!!!!!!


Scruffy and Stan