Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Scary Eyes!!! And Teeth!!

Mumsie here....we looked for a photo of one of the current trio of terror for Deetz's Scary Eye contest....Nada....

BUT...as you can see Scruffy, Lacie and Babystan's predecessor "Sarge" had the scary eye thing down pat. Not to mention the scary teeth thing! By the way, I have the header photo on my locker at work...the OR nurses said they wanted to blow it up and have a copy in each operating room....that Sarge looked like too many of the surgeons.....

To get Sarge to "pose" for one of these horrifying shots was simple. Big Bruvver discovered as a small child, if you played "beard tweakies" and the game was to remove ur fingers before Sarge removed them; that he would obligingly show his pretty toofers.....(Sarge occasionally "won" requiring bandaids and kissies for the victim...)

Obviously, I have always had RWD....really weird dogs!

This pic needn't be considered for the contest as he's not a current blogger...but I thought you might enjoy the, er, view.

BTW, he was actually a really nice dog...and NO, I do NOT tease my current flock.


Sunday, April 27, 2008

More Tug Trauma.....

Hi Everyone.....Lacie here....First of all, we had a blast talkin' to everyone in chat this weekend....Asta said it best...it is like a big family!!!!

Speakin of families,the boyz tried to kill me again this weekend. Look at the pic above...see how the toy is wrapped 'round my neck while Stan and Scruffy play tug????? Yep...they'd jerk me back and forth like a metronome on a piano set on high..... Well, that wasn't even the worst of it...

Here's this STOOOPID toy. It stretches so you can play tuggie with it......

Now Babystan doesn't usually get into tug all that much, but he is puttin' forth some effort here....note those white Dale toofers....he uses Crest Whitestrips every morning. Vain, isn't he???
OK....this was the TRAUMA.....Scruff had one end...Stan had the other....and the middle was under my little Lakie body. Only Daddy saw this horrible event and didn't have a camera to document this horrible incident. Well, Scruff pulled really hard...and Stan pulled really hard....AND THEY LIFTED ME RIGHT UP IN THE AIR AND WERE PLAYIN' TUG OF WAR WITH ME STUCK IN THE MIDDLE!!!!! I was suspended in midair of this stoopid toy while they tore all over the yard.
I was furious! Barks can't express the rage. Finally, I had enough and reached over and bit Scruffy. He dropped his end and I fell off in the grass. I have no idea why Daddy was laughin' so hard. That's a sure sign of a demented mind.

I couldn't stay mad at the boyz for too long....here I am monitering who's winnin' the game....

Scruffy was...so I reached in to help Babystan....he's still a puppy, ya know!

The match looks pretty even right now....I was shoutin' my Lakie lungs out!!!!

Well...Babystan won but was exhausted from his efforts. (Do you think my highlights are too blond????)

Babystan decided to do a bit of a roach......

Lookee at what I have to deal with in a simple game of bitey-face. He gnashes and snaps like somethin' outta Jaws II. It's only with super-Lakie effort I can keep these boyz in line!!!!
Head Lifeguard Lacie

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Crop Circles...Aliens????

Sullivan here. Yes, yes...I am aware this is Thursday. Sullivan and I split a bottle of Wheelie Water last night. Um...I think that was what it was called. It was a tad potent and I guess we sorta forgot it was Wednesday.

I'm perusin' the perimeter of the property as I heard Mumsie and Daddy talkin'
'bout these unexplained crop circles that keep showin' up on our grass. Aliens? Martians? UFO's?

Here I am high above the driveway lookin' for spaceships or any signs of outer space creatures.

See what I mean? U G L Y!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were obviously made by some lowly life form.

While I was checkin' out the grass, these three "Extra TERRIERestrial Creatures came and checked me out. Yes, I got the memo about Burt. No, I didn't let them get too close for too long. I almost passed out from the stench emanating off of them. EWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!

If I had to guess, I would say these are the aliens responsible for the crop circles. Odd lookin' buggers, aren't they????

Lookie here...this odd headed alien is practially admittin' it. Check out his long danglin' tongue.....

I gotta admit, this is a pretty one....sassy lookin' Martian, huh???

Hmm....this closeup of this alien's nose is disgusting. It looked all slimy and drippy as it was rooting around in the grass for something to feed on.
After this excursion outside, Sullivan and I are going to go see if we have any more Wheelie Water.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mouse Issues!

Hmmm...well ya know we "borrowed" like 500 mice for the cats at Asta's and Ruby's pawty....well...it's a mouse revenge.
Mumsie's puter mouse refuses to function. And we can't load our adorable pics and make brilliant posts about them. So your stuck with this pic of this poor puter mouse. He must have aggravated his owner too......
Cept for the mouse we're all fine here....Mumsie had to work today....Daddy was dogsittin' all three of us. He let us out in the rain and it seemed prudent for me to organize a mud bath for the boyz and me. My skin is a tad dry after the long winter....WELL...
Scruffy and I got dumped unceremoniously into the laundry tub in the garage...Moi? A laundry tub and in the garage?????....Do I look like a pile of dirty socks????? And Daddy had the audacity to wash all that mud off my face...I was in the middle of moisturizing!!!
And Babystan got dragged over the gate up the stairs and dumped into the shower. I had specifically instructed him to apply mud liberally over the pads of his paws. Again....washed off by our obsessive father. Funny, when Mumsie's home he doesn't even seem to see the mud and lets us out again RIGHT after she bathes us!!!!! After our bath today we didn't see the light of day till she got home...then he let us out!!!!!
Well, dogs, kitties and hammies....we're ready for a new week!!! And it's Spring!!!
Koobie sent us some verrrrrry interestin' packages, but we're not openin' them till we have a workin' camera and puter....we can't wait!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sullivan Speaks!!

Oh....it's been a looooooooong Wednesday round here!!! This is Sullivan...one of Seymour's pups....in case ur readin' this, Dad...how're ya doin'???? I know, I know...Mumsie was supposed to raffle off a bunch of us. Um...but they all sorta ran away 'cept me. I was the runt and couldn't keep up with the others when they took off for greener pastures. Iowa...New York...ya never know when a Seymour pup is gonna turn up!
OK...actually I got to post by default. Gilbert, that handsome Dale Wheelie...had an adorable post full of fun pics....and Mumsie's puter died...well...her mouse did and without a mouse a puter doesn't do much. So she switched the mouse and found the pics all got erased off her memory stick...and didn't load to her puter. Yep...61 pics....eaten by the puter. Mumsie has been in better moods.
So...since I had nuthin' planned...I think I'll do the tag of FIVE THINGS YA ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW about:
*Registered name is Sargent MacScruff, Thane of Wexford
*Ripped up about 10 feet of the family room carpet (had only been installed 2 months before) by gettin' a corner of it and tuggin'...all at the tender age of 7 months!
*Made 37 stains on the carpet in the basement by 10 months of age (yes...Mumsie actually counted them...and that's not includin' the family room or the rest of the house!!!)
*Jumped on his hind legs...grabbed Daddy's razor and bit the blade off of it and had it halfway down his throat before Mumsie grabbed it....hmm...that was about 6 months
*Scruffy's grandpa is Asta's daddy...go figure!
*At four months successfully removed some type of internal feminine protection from well....I think I better stop here, but it's a GREAT story!!!
*Registered name is Queen Anne's Lace
*Is obsessed with the shower, the dishwasher, the hairdryer and the oven....attacks ferociously.....
*Has had seizures....but thankfully not for several months
*Is terrified of thunderstorms and fireworks
*Will bite if you try to get her out of the shower
*Only cuddles during thunderstorms, fireworks or if she wants to make the boyz jealous
*Registered name will be Bobcat's Sir Stanley something or another...haven't got to it yet!
*Is Big Bruvver's dog
*Gets carsick whenever Big Bruvver drives him anywhere...but not with Mumsie.....
*Has countersurfed large blocks of cheese and eaten it ALL
*Pinned Lacie once....(she went after the cheese he had countersurfed!)
*Worst habit is jumpin' all over people and mouthin' them as he smears mud all over their clothes
*Put a deposit down on Scruffy the same day her last Foxy died...
*Is late ALL the time; she's tryin' hard to break this bad habit!!
*Met Daddy on a blind date
*Learned to drive a clutch about 2 years ago...had a sign in the back window warnin' drivers she would stall
*Is a very picky eater
*had four hermit crabs up till last year....each had a different personality
Wheelin' at ya....

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Hi all dogs, kitties and hammsterriers!!! Check this out! This is the coolest thing we've seen ever! This artwork above is done by an AireGirl named Cassie....she has a blog too!!!!!! One of our pup friends, Chester read about her work in the Charlotte Observer and peemailed us....ya gotta go and check out Cassie's blog!

This is a pic of Cassie doin' her artwork. Her hooman girlie is an artist...go and read how she does this!!!!! We want a pic showin' her pretty Dale face...bet she's a beauty!!!!!
On our next post we'll show you a couple of pics of Chester; he's a crazy lab from Charlotte...he NEEDS a blog, so he can have a voice!!!
Barkin' at ya!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Endless Pawty!

OK...it's actually Lacie's fault. See...she was mixin' those PurrGrrrRitas...and she accidentally switched the PurrGrrrRita concentrate (the equivalent of TEN dogtinis!!!!) um...with the special nourishing formula Mango's mom had Dexter on for his bottle. Dexter drank one bottle and slept for about 4 days (after walkin' on the balcony railin' at Asta's, givin' everyone a heartie attack)...and Ruby, our Barkday Girlie drank TWO of Dexter's bottles. She was feelin' NO PAIN Wednesday afternoon when it was time to leave Asta's. So Koobie and I decided to fly Aire Ruby...havin' "borrowed" her in the past. Kay...so there are a lot of instruments that might have confused me a tad. And so Koobie has some issues navigatin'. We decided to go to Mexico to drop Lorenza off first. But......

Flyin' Ruby upside-down made it a challenge for Koob to figure out where we were. It was soooooooo cool to see those astronauts spacewalkin'. We tried to land in Lorenza's driveway. But, alas...we landed in Cancun. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!
Thank Dog, none of you guys spilled the beans to ur peeps. Great job gettin' the stuffies to fill in for you at home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think any 'rent figured out that our vacation was extended by two more days!!!!!! I just sat Aire Ruby down right on the beach. We used it as a hotel while we swam, sunbathed, and just generally relaxed after the pawties in New York. That sun felt fab on my fur!!!!!!!!!!!! Which foxie in this pic is readin' a book? Lookie at that whippet flyin' around arrrooooing!!!!!!

Some dogs and kitties rented jet skis while others went sailin'!!! Thankfully a couple dogs put shirts on to prevent sunburned backs!!!!

Lookie at Koobie so dignified in her Easter Bonnet. When we were flyin' upside down that bonnet was on the floor. No wonder she couldn't navigate!!! Her hat was coverin' up her eyes!!!
Cancun is known for it's clubbin'. We took one of those bus tours of Senor Frogs, the Hardrock Cafe and the like. What happens in Cancun, stays in Cancun. No names mentioned, but some of those girlies did some wild table dancin'!!!!!

What a motley crew here. By the second day, Ruby sobere...er was feelin' well enough to get Aire Ruby back in the sky to take everyone back home. We feel sorta bad about the sand castle contest we had in the aisles of the plane. We stopped at a car wash with those cool vacuum cleaners and got rid of most of the sand. (I think we found a couple of the mice we thought we left at Asta's too!!!) Thank Dogness, Mango held onto GirlGirl when we were vacuumin'. That coulda been REALLY UGLY!!!

Ahh....home again.

Back to the reality of hangin' out in our family room watchin' Babystan tryin' to swallow Lacie's head.

WE HAD THE BEST TIME!!! Thanks to all who helped with the pawties and SPECIAL thanks to Koobie for takin' all these photos! She musta spent hours developin' all those rolls of film!!!

We're glad Asta got home safe and sound and we hope Ruby had the bestest 2nd Barkday ever!

Wiry barks,

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Happiest Barkday, Ruby!!!!!!!

Gilbert here...well, even in the midst of all of this partyin', it IS Wheely Wednesday!!!!!BUT, even more important....IT'S RUBY'S BARKDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look how bootiful she is!!! She and Asta were the queens of the dance last night. They had dogs fightin' over their dance cards!!! And it was a bootiful night. Warm for spring, clear...the moon was amazing!!!

Oops...I don't know how this pic got in here...I've been starin' at it all night...isn't Myrna fabulous??? Like amazing? Look at those eyes!! Oops, better get on with the postie!

Here's one group of us before the place got too trashed!!!!!

Now this is quite a scene. A dinner pawty for Asta and Ruby. The food was amazing. GirlGirl ate so much, I though she was goin' to explode. This is an great shot of part of the group. No, we had to eat in "Sittings." Like on a ship. Well, there were a lot of us! Mona (being the tallest doggie here...NOT) helped out with the serving of the food. So did Miss Snickers, but she was makin' eyes at Gus and sorta tripped...not to worry. It all got put to good use!

Lacie and Koobie were puppy sittin' Dexter, Mango's new bro Lab pup. He took his bottle with a lot more enthusiasm than usual, and then WE COULDN'T FIND HIM. It took a while, but he was discovered walking the balcony railin' like a tightrope artist....Oh, man...don't tell Mango...I took a swig of that bottle myself, afterward. It helped a lot. Don't know what new formula Lacie and Koob use for pups, but it was embracing, to say the least!

Yep...all good things must come to an end. Or...is this the pic showin' how all things in the universe move towards entropy...I think that's like Chaos and Destruction...Mumsie's next dogs after Mayhem and Havoc.

Now, Ruby um...well, let's just say SHE IS IN NO SHAPE TO FLY THE PLANE. So...

Koobie and Scruffy are flyin' everyone home. No sweat.

Wheelin' at ya! Thanks to all dogs and kitties who made this event possible, especially to Koobie Girl for her photography development expertise, and Karl and Sassy Kitty and their friends for their work on helpin' with the party plannin' and picture developin'!!!
This was truly a group effort and I can't believe how well all the dogs and kitties and hammies got along. I hope Asta enjoys the mice we left her. They really are wicked poker players!!!!!


Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Thank heavens, we didn't hit her with a balloon!!! Things were really heatin' up in the THROW THE WATER BALLOONS OUT THE WINDOW GAME when we saw Asta and her 'rents comin' outta a cab by her front door. Wonder if she was in one of the "special" cabs that we played "Stuff the Animals" in last night. Mango leaves sorta a special scent when he vacates a vehicle, but that's another story. Speakin' of Mango...lookie at him here. Those "water" balloons are filled with his special "Suds"....for the uninitiated...that's his slobber. MMMMM...makes fab water balloons!!! Ya don't wanna get hit with one of them!!

We decided to take a nap on Asta's parents bed cuz we're exhausted. Her from her long trippie and us from trashin'... er playin' in the apartment. Hope her peeps can find a space to snuggle in with us. Mosta the cats are missin' from this pic...they went out for a fish dinner. Mmmmm.....

We're havin' a midnight supper tonight...and then at the stroke of twelve...it's Ruby's Barkday!!! And the second pawty begins...which is cool cuz this one has barely gotten started....After dinner and pressie opening, we're gonna have a womantic DANCE out on the new balcony that Mango built. The way Harry and Maggie were kissin' in the horse-drawn carriage in Central Park today, I think it's gonna be a NIGHT FOR ROMANCE!!!!!!!!!! Actually, I'm wonderin' if Scruffy and Sassy are gonna dance together. I suppose if they have enough of those fab PurrGrrrRitas I invented, they might. I've seen him holdin' Koobie's paw...when she's not flirtin' with Eric and Dewey...AND I've seen him practicin' CPR on Agatha...but I mighta had way too many PurrGrrRitas...dunno. I have so many doggies to dance with tonight....I promised Noah...and that cute Fenway and that darling Eric. I'm hopin' Archie won't be shy and ask me to dance to our special song...."Kiss Me, You Fool"....we can only hope!!!
Asta looked soooooooooooooooo happy when she walked in tonight. (Course she had her attention quickly drawn to one doggie, Big Dale that he is!!!!) She was thrilled to see the mess...I mean all her friends here...her mom and dad were quite speechless. Her dad was clearin' his throat and swallowin', but no wordies were comin' out. I'm sure if he could have talked he would have thanked us for comin' to see him!!!
Have to go and drag the "bathrooms" and litter boxes inside to make room for the dancin'.

Monday, April 7, 2008

PARTY HARDY!!!!!!!!!

Lacie took this pic of me the second we saw Ruby circling around our house. Man, I was SOOO excited I was yellin' my Dale head off!!!!! The flight was fab. Even tho the cost of aire fuel has skyrocketed (like the pun!!!), Ruby manages to still have excellent first class service!! We three had an amazing breakfast of omelets with ham, croissants, and fresh squeezed orange juice. DELISSH!!

Check out this photo of us all hangin' out by Asta's door that Koobie snapped....that girl takes the most amazing shots!!!!!

Well, we were supposed to get here at dusk, but um...we were a tad too impatient. I don't think anyone saw us. The doorman looked at us like we mite be in a bit of trouble, but Lacie sweet-talked him. I think she has a date with him later. Hmm. We were waitin' and waitin' for the CATS to arrive. Unbeknownst to us, they had already sneaked in. Crafty little guys, aren't they?We dragged 'em downstairs for a group photo...impressive isn't it? Sassy and Koobie get the credit for this snap!!

Look at the shades on those kitties. By the time we go up there the whole place smelled like burnin' catnip or something. Or that might have been Tanner. He got a headstart drinkin' the Italian dressing outta the bottle. Yeesh....kissies for Tanner tonight?

I wanna introduce you to this new Dog to the Blogworld! His name is Fenway...yes, like the park Agatha and Archie. (His mom is an rabid sox fan!!) Um...we first thought he was a horse, but that's sorta a long story! Anyway he's pawsome...he's a 6 month old Border Collie. He already has the right idea about parties. First of all, he brought about a bizillion bones to share...mmmmmm!! AND he had the brilliant idea of a new game! How Many Dogs Fit Into A New York Cab???? WOOT! We're playin' tonight as it gets a little darker. Go and visit his blog and introduce yourselves; he'll be so glad to meet ya!!!!!

The cats had already set up about 30 of these throughout the apartment. That was a good thing as most of them had been drinkin' Lacie's new signature drink.....the PurrGrrRita....they were runnin' towards those boxes!

Now Asta's apartment did NOT have a balcony. It does now, thanks to Mango. He said runnin' up and down on that elevator was gonna make his ZEN get all funky. Well, maybe he didn't say it like that, but ya get the pic. So he built a balcony and has separate rooms for the Gents and Ladies. So far,they've been quite well used.

Ahh...this is the life....Asta won't be home till some time on Tuesday...we have a whole day to play before her 'rents come home.

Oops...I hear Scruffy dealin' the cards for poker....talk to ya later!!!!!!!


Sunday, April 6, 2008


Oh My....I can't believe it. I just got home today from two exhausting nursing cases to find my two fools for brothers have been planning A PAWTY FOR RUBY AND ASTA.......WITHOUT MY HELP????? It's impossible for a micromanager to imagine that others are capable. Sigh.

The really disturbing thing is they really have done a pretty bang up job, but I will NEVER tell them that! I've gone over all the details with them....though,it seems like all we have to drink is beer.

Ladies...please bring pawtini ingredients...and Noah's Sissies...bring the blender and what's left of that vodka from Noah's surgery. The last I saw of it, your mom was runnin' out the door with half the bottle. She learned quickly, Girls! She really giggles, a lot!

Oh, and the boyz did nuthin' bout table centerpieces or fresh flowers...they did seem to buy an unholy number of balloons, but nobody's talkin' bout that. Hmm.....

A Few Asta House Rules by Lacie (in no particular order....):

* Dogs, get along with the cats (and vice versa.) If you can't get along, remove yourself from the situation and go to another play station....we'll have board games, videos, bowling, a slip and slide, an indoor pool,an egg toss, mud play, paw painting, and too many other things to count.

*The cats will have a fishing contest...(no, the fish aren't alive...Butchy and Snickers wouldn't permit live fishing....) a mouse release game...all mice will be unharmed in this practice; (oh, and they will be numbered so we can find at least half of them when we leave)...lotsa real furniture scratchin' posts, a meatloaf contest...my idea!!!!...which cat most closely resembles a meatloaf wins a prize...and buckets of other things.

*No cat can mess with Girl Girl. Girl Girl may spend at least part of the pawty ridin' on Mango's back.

*Dogs will stay OUT of the kitty litter boxes. No exceptions made.

*There will be NO cooking of cats, Whippets. While your idea of Kitten CATchatorie is, um, clever, their idea of Whippetchini Alfredo is just asking for trouble.....keep the trash talk under your breath.

*Those wishing to play "How many animals can we stuff in Asta's elevator" may only do so if the elevator is less than half full of apartment residents.

*Dogs needing to go "OUT" are ask to NOT wait until the last minute as the elevator may be full with animals playin' the above HMACWSIAE game.

*All cats and dogs are asked to refrain from chasin' the Wheelies. It would just lead to Mayhem and Havoc. (The names of Mumsie's next dogs.)

*Any animals dog or kitties eating a raw food diet are asked to use a paper plate (if there are any left) if snackin' in Asta's parents bed. For that matter, all diners are asked to use a plate....there's nuthin' worse than sleepin' in a bed covered with crushed potato chips.

YAWN.....I'm goin' to bed. Ruby's gonna be here early, too!!! PLEASE keep your birthday pressies for Ruby hidden when you get on the plane. We have the cake...hopefully, Babystan won't drop it!

We'll be meetin' at the revolvin' door in Asta's apartment building. Spread the word!!!!! This is gonna be FAB!!!!!


Saturday, April 5, 2008

Gettin' Ready!

Look at this pawsome pic of Ruby, the soon to be Barkday Gal!!! She is one bodacious babe!!! We didn't put her on the invitation cuz we're tryin' to keep this pawty a secret....Asta's outta the country so we feel pretty safe there, but we want Ruby to be surprised too!!!! Her pawty starts Tuesday night at midnight.....WWWWOOOOOTTTTT!!!!!
Lacie is still away doin' her nursin' duties. She's at Butchy and Snickers, now. She flew there straight from Noah's house. Sounds like he's makin' a fine recovery!!!!!
Now, Lacie is the detail dog in this family. But Babystan and I feel we're completely capable to get ready for this pawty. Food...we're on it. Games....we're on it. Decorations...water balloons. On that too.....
We have the cards and chips ready for poker.

Numerous games of Dog-Opoly...lookie at Ruby in the middle of the board!!!!!

Plenty of good and cold Iron City Beer!

Now we're not exactly gourmets...so a plate of Spag N' Balls works for us!
We'll be loadin' this all on to Aire Ruby on Monday. Oh...we like know that Asta isn't quite gettin' home till Tuesday. That's a small 24 hour cushion to PREPARE....there will be house rules and such that we'll post later. We're pawsitive the place will be SPOTLESS when she arrives!! (Joe Stains...do you hear that, Man???!!!)
Point to note; We can't chase the cats....or hit them with water balloons. And they won't scratch us. For the cat phobic dogs and dog phobic cats we will have separate quarters available.
See...we're on it!!!!!
Scruffy and Babystan