Friday, November 27, 2009


OK...Lacie here....Stan is in his SAD DALE mode cuz he always has to get his beardie wiped after a drink. He has levels of drinks....

Level one: A slurp.
Level two: Inserts hoooge Dale head into bowl and drinks half of it.
Level three: Lies down with bowl between front paws and drinks other half of it.

Needless to say he makes a TOTAL MESS....Mumsie has always said she wished he'd drink from a cup...but this?????'s what ya think it UNMENTIONABLE...and it's surely not mine...I'd never wear anything less than black lace....yeecscschsch....totally ugleeeeeeeeeeeeee....

Ya see the laundry basket beside our bowl? Well, Mumsi was doing some folding and well her UNMENTIONABLE fell right in the our water bowl. Yep. Weird, huh?

I thought about gettin' a drink, but I figured it'd make more sense to just put some laundry soap in there and at least try to whiten her stoopid um well you know.

What can I say?

I thought I could train Stan to drink from the cups, but he said they were um well...not big enuff....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Scruffy found the whole idea fascinating....he would.

Yeppers...he plucked that UNMENTIONABLE right outta our bowl and took it to his rug and commenced chewing it up...Mumsie grabbed it at that point and they had a nice tuggie of war...nuthin' like elastic to improve a tug game.....I'm figuring the straps are a bit bigger now...stretched out, ya know.....

Yep...this house is odd alright...Blog writes itself.
Kisses....hope ur tummies are full of TURKEY...(OH....I so did NOT appreciate Khyra's KHOMMENT how she was laughin' at just how MANY my thunderous turkey thighs would feed. I have very dainty legs...sheesch.)
Jake's coming over tonight for a pok... er CLASS I'm holding FOR BOYZ ON DATING. Scruffy and Stan are runnin' it, but I wrote the syllabus...don't worry's all post...
AND please wish Asta's mommie a very HAPPY BURPDAY!!!!
She's twenty today!!!! Cool, huh!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Triple Turkey Trouble!

We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! We are so very thankful for your friendship!

Gobbley Barks,

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tenacious Terrier Spirit!

Lacie Sunday afternoon we dogs are resting and Mumsie's sitting at the puter readin' the comments on Snicker's blog and she's crying....And the doorbell rings. She hears little voices and figures it small children sellin' something...well, not Girl Scouts cuz it's not cookie time, but ya get the pic.

We have Baylee here too (Bruvver and Sus' doggie....), she's not muddy like in this pic, but you see she has a bit of attitude on occasion.

Mumsie opts not to answer the door, cuz her eyes are all red and blotchy. But she goes upstairs to look out the window to make sure the small children aren't ringin' the doorbell to tell us our house is on fire or somethin'...

Suddenly, she hears SCREAMS. Of small children.... followed by running feet and um well US BARKING. OUTSIDE.

Stanley decided to OPEN THE FRONT DOOR. Not an easy thing cuz it opens inward...and he let all four of us out...hey, they ran and we chased. small girls were nipped...we behaved. Well, sorta.

Mumsie flew down the stairs and lept over the gate at the wish we had that on video. She ran outside in a state of shock and got us back inside. Then she HAD to buy two German chocolate Advent calendars...which we can't even SHARE cuz they're not carob.

Stanley went in the corner. Well, this is just a pic of what he'd look like in the corner. He's snarfing a glump of peanut butter on the floor...but the pic does look pathetic, doesn't it?

Actually, his worst punishment was havin' to sit by ME for this photo op...he looks miserable, doesn't he?

We thought about our behavior that day. We think we were demonstrating Tenacious Terrier Spirit. Somehow or another we think Miss Snickers saw this episode and well, giggled.

We SO miss her, but we know she's runnin' and chasin' and doin' all the things she couldn't when she was so sick!! And that makes us feel better.

Tenacious Barkies,


Pee ess...Mumsie has the double dead bolts on now...Stan can't repeat this episode. We hope.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sadness and Hope......

Our hearts are breaking....Miss Snickers lost her battle with the sickness that has made her so very ill for the past several weeks. Our tears are falling, but we know something. Her illness and death has brought this community let our dog/kittie/hammie masks slip to reveal the love and caring of the hoomans behind the scenes. Our love for our's the common link we had that allowed us to "meet"... Virtually, at first...then cards, presents, phone calls and the rare, but treasured nose to nose, snout to snout meetings.

We have watched this community support a little dog in Iowa...and her family with so much love it makes us cry harder to think of it.

When we lose a dog on the bloggie...we all grieve...not to presume that we can even imagine the grief Snicker's family is going though right now...we can't.

But we all have experienced this loss together. And together we will get through it...supporting each other and Snicker's family. And we will think of ways to celebrate Miss Snicker's life...perhaps a long walk with our own dogs, a donation to a charity of our choice, a hug, a phone call, a realization that our lives with our pets are gifts...donations of time...we just borrow these furry creatures for a little while...

We know that Snicker's time with her family was time in which she was surrounded in love...from her first day home till today, and always...a life any dog would want...a gift for both her and her family...

We love you, Miss Snickers, and we love you all!

Marilyn and the Terriers

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Of Mice and Zen!

Lacie here...our sweet Miss Snickers had to see the vettie again this weekend. He has started her on a new medicine and we so hope that this one helps her get rid of her fever and sickness. We found this pic of her on her bloggie from 2006....she was being an Indian Princess for Thanksgiving...she's adorable isn't she??? We are crossed, zenned and pawsitived thoughted....constantly...we send her our love! And we send it to the rest of the family. And wishes for some rest, too.....

Speakin' of zen, Mumsie totally thanks ya for the good wishes for her Very Old Finger which is recovering nicely from her Very Old Finger for Arthur R Itis Surgery. Can ya see the dressing on it? Yep...Asta actually did a 2 minute shift...she wrapped the top of her finger in orange...Babystan gunned his motorcycle and she ran out leavin' the rest of it I finished it in purple. Asta said they were going to collect more food for the homeless...they musta gathered a TON of food for all the time they've been spendin' doin' it. Hmm....
I'm savin' all the old dressings for the Thanksgivin' turkey...yes, yes...I am such a cook!!!

We dogs ran into the bedroom closet...and guess what...Scruffy did his MOUSE DANCE. Yeppers...we sniffed and snuffed and went crazy. Gotta be a mouse in there...

Behind this trap door storage area? (Scruffy looks like he's missin' half of his face. We just got baths and his beard hadn't been fluffed yet....)

In Mumsie's dresses? She said she's glad her undergarments are in a drawer. Hmm...'nuff said on that subject.

We got locked outta the closet, which gave me some time to enjoy looking at myself in the mirror...always a pleasant experience....look how the Lacie In the Mirror is SMILING.

SHEESCH...Scruffy...MOVE...GET OUT OF MY WAY....IT'S MY MIRROR....ya look stoopid anyway....and that mirror cannot possibly tell ya how much ya smell...
The mouse in the closet went where??? It crawled in my back????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

OMD...he thinks the mouse crawled in my side...I need to get it out...I'll quickly chew all the fur off my back and try to pull the darn thing out.......grossssssssssss......
At this point, Scruffy and Stanley are rollin' on the floor laughing so hard they have milk comin' out their respective noses... They lied.

And it's never wise to mess with the Lacie.
Re towel a tory Barks,

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Real Dales Wear Tutus and Mumsie's Ouchie.......

Lacie here...Gilbert Wheelie and I are sharin' this post today....lookie what came in the mail!! A foxie with a MOUTH!!! I can't decide if this looks more like Agatha, Jake or Just Harry??? What do you guys think? I do know he/she is barkin' for Snickers and Max and all our other friends who need help...
Look at the width of those JAWS!!!

Gilbert here....I'm just a little early for Wheelie Wednesday...more like Tires on Tuesday or somethin'....I wanted to show ya what a real masculine Dale wears....

Ya see...Babystan got an email from his littermate, Dutch, explainin' his opinions on Stan's Halloweeners costume. I'm here to tell Dutch that REAL DALES wear tutus....and I'm 67 years old. And yes, I've fathered there. Point made.

See....? Now no fair pickin' on know he hates conflict....(and didn't you pull a hooge chunk of Mumsie's hair when she was up there pickin' Stanley up?????, she hasn't forgotten....) So, if ya wanna discuss this further...come and talk to me....Gilbert...
(Gilbert passes out briefly...he hates conflict as much as Stan!!!!)

Lacie here...I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack....don't ya think Gilbert woulda looked better if they'd glued his ears when he was a pup??? Like this?

What do ya think?


Babystan Meeting Asta Somewhere in PA...pic by Asta

Mumsie had some surgery yesterday on her Very Old Finger. She had a nasty cyst on it...courtesy of Mr. Arthur R. Itis....
Asta came to help me nurse her...but for some reason, she's missed all her shifts...she said that she and Babystan were out gathering food for the homeless....I can tell ya when she left her, she wasn't in that demure nursing uniform either...she was in skin tight orange leather pants and purple high heels...

Here's a pic of Mumsie resting on the couch...oh wait, it's a pic of a slug sleeping on a leaf...not much difference, I'm just sayin'.....
Kisses to all!!
We're sending tons of zen to Max, Snickers and any dogs, kitties or hammies who may be in need!!!
Laciegirl and Gilbert Wheelie
Pee ess...we're a little behind on visiting bloggies cuz our secretary's finger hasn't been too efficient typing!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Moment of Silence for Snickers; PLEASE JOIN IN!

Before you read
We ask you
to please help spread this message
as quickly and as far as you can
So as many dogs and cats and families
as possible
Can read it prior to 5:00 PM, Saturday, 14 Nov 09, Iowa Time
(11:00 PM, 14 Nov 09 GMT)
Copy it.
Paste it.
Link to it.
Just please help us get the message out.

Hey Everybody!! Our friends Fergi and Jake posted this important message on their bloggie...if you haven't heard about it yet, PLEASE go to their bloggie and read about the moment of silence we're going to have for Miss Snickers, Saturday, November 14th at 5PM Iowa time...they have a cool LINK to show you what time it is at your house at that time...
After the silence....WE NEED TO BARK, HOWL AND WELL, SHRIEK to show your support for Miss Snickers in this really tough time for her and her family!
We continue to pray for her recovery and to keep our other fur friends who are experiencing great difficulties close to our hearts!
Please join us!
We love you all!!!
Scruffy, Lacie, and Babystan

Pullin' and Tuggin' for Snickers and Max!

We just heard from Snickers; she just posted on her bloggie....things are looking better!!! Her temperature is normal, the swelling is down some and she's eating and drinking...we know she isn't out of the woods yet, but we're dogs and WE LIVE IN THE MOMENT! So we're going to concentrate on pawsitive energy and not on the energy-draining kind of feeling that so much worrying does to ya...

We're going to go for a walk and pull and tug our terrier hearts out for Miss Snickers....our leashes are crossed just like our paws...

We're extending all of this ZEN to South Africa to help Max whose surgery has been delayed until next week, causing his dear mom lots of anxiety....

Please, on your walks, keep Snickers, Max and all our other furfriends and hoomans who need our help in your thoughts...GIVE A BIG TUG ON THAT LEASH....IGNORE THE WORD HEEL!!!!!!!

Pull and tug for healing!

Barkin' in the Circle of Love!!!

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Circle of Paws....Zen Needed for Snickers and Max....

Lacie here...we've received word from Gussie's blog that Miss Snickers is very ill....please drop by her blog and let her know you are thinking of her.
Also, Khyra told us that our friend Max, from South Africa is going to have surgery to remove a tumor tomorrow. Please keep him in your thoughts, also.

We read Fergi and Jake's comment on Gussie's blog that this community has the amazing ability to join paws all the way around the world in support of each other, embracing those in time of need.
Let's do this now. (feel free to take a copy of the banner)
Loving barks,
Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

No More Ticks and Snickers Needs the Nurses!!! ticks have been spotted on us terriers since we've begun the Lacie Anti Tick Protection system...these lovely bandannas were sent to us from Faya a while ago...still look amazing, don't they...wonder why Stanley always looks shoulda seen his tail tucked during the Steeler's game last night...that dog is getting football phobic...must be from him hating conflict....sheesch, it's football!!!
The lovely Miss Snickers has NOT been feeling well lately and her fever is back today...please stop by and offer her your good wishes, 'kay???? We're getting the nursing team together to go and offer I am in my uniform....

Oops...just kidding, Agatha and Asta...(they're are the STRICTEST nursing instructors....)...I put up the wrong pic...that was one of my outfits from Petey's wedding...lovely, isn't it?

Here...this is a sorta old pic of me in my scrub dress....But,
Snicker's mama sewed me a new uniform....see how it's much form fitted and highlights my trim figure????? Her sewing expertise totally ROCKS!!!!!

Oops...forgot my name tag and that a demerit? What, Scruffy? You said that I should spend less time looking in the mirror and more time taking care of the patients? What are ya...the administration???? go get my bag packed...Butcho should be pickin' us up soonest...

Kisses, and tons of healing zen sent to Snickers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Advisability of Using Protection!

Lacie here....I've discovered a fashionable way to keep those pesky ticks away from this radical treatment may not be effective for Everydog, but for those fashion conscious canines, it provides not only tick protection of the head and ears, but high stylin'!!! Plus you can choose a scarf that meets your needs in warmth, color and length...
I'm just thinkin' what kinda scarves to get for my brothers though Scruffy denies the need sayin' the SATS (Scruffy Anti Tick he farts...see last post...) works for him...what kinda fashionista is he? Daddy's lookin' sorta bored in this pic....he's absorbing the last sun rays before the Burgh is plunged into winter....

Honestly, I don't think I'm done speakin' of this matter.....wonder why that flashy beast takes so many pix of me with my mouth open....sheesch...
Scruffy here...Lacie's gonna get a big surprise when the next ticky bites her on a non-scarf related area...sheeesch...and she sez I'm stoopid......

Thursday, November 5, 2009

TICKS....YEESCH...A Tickish Situation

Woe is me!!! Lacie here...I just want ya to know that Mumsie has picked two...yes TWO evil ticks off of me in the last week...and we've heard a lot of our friends have been bitten by those nasty creatures, get ur Peeps to check your fur...those things are GROSS!!! And they can make ya really sick, too!

Here's a pic of the tick that bit Mango recently.....

Hmm...actually, I think this tick is rather attractive in a primative sorta way...she, I mean, it has great lookin' highlights.....

This is what they told Mumsie to use to detick me...worked the whole thing...none of those pesky breakage issues....I was a little disturbed to see a closeup of the tick that bit MOI....
That's terrierfyin', isn't it? I do see some similarities....

Yep...NUFF SAID.....

Funny how my brothers never have these ticky issues...oh, wait a minute...I think I figured out the's Scruffy's Anti Tick Fart System....
Anydog, kitty etc. needin' ticky protection can contact Scruffman for further details...I suggest a gas mask...obviously, when Scruff clears a room, the ticks leave too....SHEESCH...
Reporting Barks...