Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Baywatch Lacie and Contest Winners!

Laciegirlie here...check out my swimsuit.....'s that time of the year again where I hafta watch the boyz and lifeguard them.....such a responsibility!

Just wait till ya see this next pic....Khyra is gonna be sooooooooooo JELLY of my khuteness!!

Oh...what can I's been sooooooooo HOT around here...the weather, I mean....of course...

Scruffy just had to do the foxy collaspe in the pool bit....

The boyz say I look remarkably like a goat here...I see no resemblance and am rather offended...

Lookie at Stan with his head under water....that dog needs a snorkle....

He's hot...hidin' in the shade....

"What?" he asks? "I get to go swim in a big pool?" Stay tuned for those pix in our next post!
I want to announce the winner of the When Is Scruffy Gonna 'Splode Contest? None other than Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie... Their guess was the closest to Scruffy's um "going"....he went at 6:43PM on Tuesday 6/22....pretty much right after I wrote about the contest! Congratulations to our winners and thank you for all the well wishes for Scruffy...he's much better by the way...back to his normal self!

Need a lifeguard??? Just let me know!!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pooooooooor Scruffy...Again!....and CONTEST!!

Lacie here...sheesch...the last time ya checked in I was trying to find ways to make Scruffy more attractive...see last postie....well, he ruined all my plans....

Sunday morning, he ran around the backyard having DYE UR REARS again...buckets of it.... was a lovely scene. Then the couple came over to "meet" Stanley and see if they want to get a Dale...oh, they do!! Stan was so the gentleman...a true representative of his breed. No, no, they're not getting HIM...they want a puppy....from his breeder!

The visit so could have been worse...Scruffy didn't um expel flatus ONCE. I was so sure he would....

But after dinner that night, he got really sick. Threw up like 10-15 times....Mumsie was very worried cuz he'd been sick that morning. Afraid he was going to DE HI a mushroom!

So she took him to the 'mergency vetties. (Not to be confoosed with Dr. Mary!) They gave him those SUB Q fluids and lotsa medicine.

And no, Scruffy didn't leave without a parting shot.

All over their Welcome Mat. (Readers with weak tummies might wanna skip this pic...I did add some purple coloring to make it not so disgusting....)

According to Mumsie, they're probably STILL sniffing Scruffy in that office. He was sick again in the middle of the night...whole house smelled like a barn. So Mumsie took him back to the long suffering Dr. Mary in the morning and she gave him some more fluids...he feels so much better.

He's on that boiled beef and rice diet. I asked Asta for some help gathering the rice....

That girlie is just so stylin'...look at her Wellies....

And only Asta could be so efficient to find Minute Rice in a paddy!

''s the entertaining Scruffy is a bit um "bound" up cuz of all that I'm having a contest...yes, yes, alert readers will remember he hoomiliated me in this fashion a while back...what goes around, comes around!
So submit your guesses....the contest runs till Friday at noon (even if he goes in the next minute or so...)...he better "go" by then...put your date and time in the comment box....
The closest reader will be sent a prize...and no, I'm not distasteful enuff to send you the "explosion"....
(Lacie, everything about this contest is in poor taste....Mumsie)
Get your entries in!!!
Lac E. Girl!!!
Pee ess...I did sorta miss Scruffy when he was at the vets....but don't ever tell him I said that!

Mumsie here...thank you all for you well wishes for Scruffy...he's usually so healthy...he's had a tough time of it lately!! AND please excuse us for being behind on our visiting...we'll get there, we promise!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Scruffy, MASKED!

Lacie here....

All right...Dales everywhere...puppies...actually this was Stanny's litter and his Auntie Susie's litter...his Auntie helped raise Stanny cuz his mama died right after he was there were 17 newborn Dale puppers...

And here's Stan as a small tyke...adorable huh? Yep, he still wears that signature red collar! A bit bigger now.

So what's the point here? W E L L....some nice people are thinkin' bout getting a Dale PUPPY from Stan's breeder. But they want to meet Stan, first. Check out the breed, talk to Mumsie etc. (Lacie giggles...I mean, they'll be meeting me too...I just bet they'd LOVE a Lakie.)

BUT, I HAVE AN IDEA. This is such a GOLDEN opportunity for me to attempt to get rid of Scruffy once and for all!!!!!!!!!!!!! The bane of my existence. All those nasty pix of my small posterior posted for all the world to make fun of....

All I hafta do is pass Scruffy off as an adorable Dale puppy that they'd love to take home!!!

Found this sorta old box of Wire Foxy Clairol sittin' on a shelf...gonna dye Scruffy a fabbers Black and Tan. I just excel at color!! And what an adorable magic fairy wand, too!

OOPS...wonder if there was an expiration date on that box...funny how he turned out most YELLOW; the Scruffy's signature color....well, I did say this was a GOLDEN opportunity...(Lacie giggles wildly...)

Crap...Tanner, get off my did you get on here with that horrid dye job? Oh...yes, I do remember using you to practice on before Scruffy. Hmm...seems like this fur coloring isn't gonna work.

Pawfect...a Stanley Mask for the Scruffy. only came in a large, I just hafta get Scruffy to indulge in puppy behavior...stop that leggie lifting and use that Sweet Puppy Breath Mouth Rinse that I've developed...yes, you too can have puppy breath...just get those orders in! Don't know what I'm gonna do with the size of his toofers..don't exactly look puppy-like. Puppy sharp toofered dentures???

Love and Kisses,

Lac E. Girlie!!!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Poooooooooor Scruffy...and poor Dr. Mary!

Lacie here...some of you were wonderin' about dear sweet Scruffy. (NOT.) Pooooooor Scruffy. Actually, I do feel sorta bad for him.

Look it him. The Cone of Shame. Mumsie took him to the vettie cuz he was limpin' a bit. 'Course the second he got there he stopped limpin'. The infamous terrier high pain threshold. So evidently Mr. Scruffy stepped on somethin' that punctured his paw and made it get a nasty tunnel/fistula in it. Then it healed over, but left the tunnel. Dr. Mary had to give Scruffman the sleepy medicine so she could xray him and do a little paw exploration.

Here's Dr. Mary rockin' him on the floor as he was waking up. First his tail woke wagged. Then his upper lip and growler woke up...he growled while he was waggin'.

Then his BLADDER woke up. And he peed all over Dr. Mary. Soaked her down to her socks.

Mumsie fled in HOO MILLY A SHUN. Brought Scruffy home and he went all Cujo like. Snarlin', snappin'...being all cracker dog. Mumsie called Dr. Mary who was dry now....she said to put him in a dark quiet roomie till the ANN ASS TEASE YA wore off. Evidently, the hyper Scruffy was a bit hyperstimulated from the medicine. Thank dog he was back to his normal stoopid self when he came outta the quiet room. His paw is doin' much better.

Not to be outdone, Stan had been havin' a few issues with his derriere. You know...those derriere "glands"??? They had been um expelling themselves noctunally all over the sheets on the big bed. By the third day of washing sheets, Mumsie took Stan to see the long suffering Dr. Mary. (We just switched to her she's glad....)

Um, Stanny wasn't too stoic while she, shall we say, "worked" on him.

She said "they" were being very stubborn. Then WHOOOOOOOSH!!!! His glands '

They sorta hit Dr. Mary right in the face. Have you ever heard a vet scream?
The sad thing is I'm not making any of this up. Mumsie fled in HOO MILLY A SHUN for a second time. And Dr. Mary only charged her $10 for the visit. I woulda charged that much for the soap for all the baths she's havin' to take.

Frankly, I think this is the new uniform she should be wearin' when my brothers go and visit.

'Nuff said on that subject.

Have you guys seen what you can do with Google now? Yeppers...put your own pic on it...
Googlegirl Lacie

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lacie Goes Wide in Net...!!!

Stanny the Man here.....we've been watching the World Cup and didn't know if you had seen this closeup pic of Eric today in the game against the US???????
That dog has fine form!!! Girlies were lined up from afar to get his pawtograph!
And if you've seen Asta's post, there was a pic on there of Lacie playin' soccer. Well, we got a call from the US coach asking if Lacie could play in today's game!!!???!!!
Guess what position they wanted her in????

It's sorta obvious why they have her facing backwards. The coach hung a mirror on the back of the net and gave her 2,345 lippie stick samples. She's still standing there tryin' them on!!!!!!!!!
We heard the UK objected due to excessive size in the net!!!!!
Stanley and Scruffy too!!!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Revenge of the Lacie......Sorta....

Lacie do I look happy??? After those last two posts casting ASS PURSE SHUNS 'bout my tiny bottom???? NO, the Lacie is not happy with her brothers....and I am plotting a a second....

First of all see this fern behind me? Scruffy is under the table here...sleeping. And Mumsie accidentally bumps him with her bare toes...SNAP...yes, he gave her a little nip.

So she screeches, he jumps and knocks this black chair over.

It hits the fern, who decides to jump off the step. Fernie flies into the family room, hits the chair and lands upside and all the dirt falls out. Well, we can't blame the fern here, can we?

Just another quiet evening here in da Burgh...

So back to my REVENGE.

The Lacie so owns a magic fairy wand......POOF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at this mushroom growing in our yardie....I just shrank the Boyz down to the right size....they can use if for an umbrella...that Stan refooses to use sunscreen cuz he's got such a dark complexion. I know...I've tried to tell him....

Lacie giggles...
And I can squash those stoopid boyz with my paw, if I so choose......Boyz....get ready to run!!!


Evidently, the Lacie isn't the only one to knows how to operate the magic fairy wand....

"You stoopid Boyz...put me back to my original size...I demand it!!"....screeches Lacie.....

Scruffy to Stan...

WOW, Stan...I mean we shrank the front half of her, but even this magic fairy wand can't shrink the Lacie's Best Side!!!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Stan and Scruffy choke with guffaws!!!

Reporting barks from the shrunken Holy Terriers Boyz....!!
And Lacie's front half!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Hey's me, Stanley...I'm practicin' my meditating; like Mango...but I just can't get the hang of meditatin' lyin' down like he does when I'm on patrol in the yardie. We had Baylee, Bruvver and Sus' dog, here this weekend. She went home today. Mumsie's lyin' down after takin' care of the four of us this weekend.

Psycho Bambi is hangin' around too...she went after Scruffy yesterday. Mumsie charged the deer. Like I said, she's lyin' down. Mumsie that is...the deer ran away.

She said this house is too much for her... that a noise I hear? As being the largest canine here, I can't help but think I'm IN matter what Lacie sez....

Hmm...lookie at my oversized Dale ears...this was how I looked when I got this pic Scruffy took and sent to me on my cell...
We live really close to the PA Turnpike...
Scruffy was out crusin' around up to no good.
He took this pic at a rest area....
That load is SO BIG the truck had to rest.

Did ya notice, Lacie seems to only have three legs here?


Hey Khyra...look out...

That truck is headin' EAST!!!


Lacie's gonna kill us!!!!!

Stan falls onto the grass, forgetting about his Head Dog Sentry Duty.....

Loaded Barks,