Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Hey Everybody....I want to indroduce you to my real brother, Rocket. He lives with his folks in Michigan. (He loves to swim at their cottage in the summer!!!) He's a lot nicer a doggie than I am. Um...the old Scruffster has some manners issues at times.

Lacie...Perhaps this would be a good time to tell everybody how you came in from outside yesterday, Scruffy and were really thirsty and had to pee at the same time. So instead of running to ur puppy pads.....you lifted ur leg and peeed in ur water bowl and started to drink it. YEP....Scruffy is one gross dog.....

Scruffy...she makes that stuff up...I mean how could I do something as dumb as the above????

Anyway...back to Rocket....he is a great dog and a fab brother. As you can see he has amazing taste in costumes. I prefer the Batman one personally! Will post some more pix of my family later....I have a really cute Sissy...guess what her name is....I mean, this is my real Sissy....Her name's Lacey, too. Yep...Mumsie stole her name for this small tattletail...I mean sweet girl with with whom I co-habitate. She did ask permission before she named her that and changed the spelling. But, I still say she stole it.

Wiry barks,

So what ARE ya supposed to do if you have to pee and drink at the same time?????

Monday, October 29, 2007

Scruffy and Koobie....Jail time.....

Well, well, well....Since I was very busy babychasing Stella at the pawty this weekend, I did not hear bout this. It seems that Koobie and Scruff did NOT fall off the trolley in Boston as we all thought...they jumped....well...Koob jumped and turned and caught Scruffy. Evidently Wussy Scruffy Wire was scared to make the plunge.
It seems they "borrowed" AireRuby....um...and had a small amount of difficulty landing her. I don't think the Penn State band appreciated having to run off the field at half time to avoid being struck by an errant plane being flown by a fox terrier. I'm not sure which foxy wire was flying...but it really doesn't matter...they got thrown in jail in State College.
Evidently, it didn't diminish their Penn State spirit...note the PSU logo on the wall of the cell. Big Bruvver was at the game and went over and bailed them out. Mumsie doesn't know about this one yet. And I don't think we're telling her.
We wondered why AireRuby had all of that turf stuck to her tires, not to mention several band instruments still stuck to the wings.
Ruby, I don't know what to say. Scruffy owes you really big for this one.
Pee Ess.....Check out Blue's blog to vote for where she should hold her Creepy Pawty this week....HURRY!!!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Morning After....

When Scruff and I got hot and took off our stuffie costumes....here's what we really went as...I went as a WFT and Scruff went as a Lakie.....hmm.....

OK...this pic is a bit odd....I had put Stella in her crib....I went out to find Dunstan....was gone for 5 minutes...when I came back to check out the crib...look who's here...anybody know who the baby Dale is????...Um...Stell was callin' him CassieBoy.....but Cassidy hasn't even left his breeders to go live with Harry yet....BUT he drank ALL of the baby bottles I prepared for Stella. (She preferred Sam Adams and the punch bowl...) It's a mystery, indeed.

Actually, I swiped Daddy's laptop and am attempting to post this from Salem...um....I've been babysitting (more like baby chasing) Stan's new sissy Stella tonight. Let's just say, it hasn't quite gone as planned.....(I did detail it to Stan's Girl in comments on her last post...am way too tired to write it again.....) This is what the the dogs and hammies had this am upon awakening....Goota love the hair of the dog, so to speak.....

And this GIANT pot of coffee...Agatha and Archie have thought of all of our comforts.

Plenty of donuts so no one goes hungry.....

Few takers for these...not sure why.......I thought they looked good, but I've been chasing a baby all night, and not partying....

And looooookeeeeeee here....That Scruffy. Sometimes that dog with his limited intelligence surprises me. He knows everybody! And he managed to get us tickets......LOOK...

WE HAVE TICKETS FOR ALL OF SECTION 121 ...right on the first base line. SWWWEEEETTT!

The game is tonight....if we can get Ruby to fly us to Denver...don't expect your dogs, kitties, hammies home for a while.

Koobie is supposed to be watching Stella for me now, but she seems to be somewhat lifeless on top of the cake again. She's breathing....I checked. Lacie

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Tonight's the Night!!!!!

Yep...that's us! Bet you can't tell what we are??!! RIGHT! Lacie and I are going as Witch Stuffies!!!!!!!!! It's a little warm in here! We're on our front porch waiting for Ruby to come.

For those of you new to blogging, this is Dunstan, Lacie's boyfriend. (One of them...) He actually lives with Jackson in the UK, but he came for a visit this summer and never left. Check out his costume!!!!!

Is that not the most frightening thing you've ever seen???? OK...that's it for me...I'm goin' under the bed.

This is Lacie. You really didn't think Scruff would get through this post, did you????? Isn't Sir Dunny amazing lookin'??

Here' s a full body shot! Whoa...he really scared the fur offa Scruffy.

The above pumpkin guards the entrance to the dessert room. Our own room for sweets!!!
Agatha and Archie outdid themselves in picking this site for our pawty!!!!!!!!!

I spent all week baking....we have a whole field of these cakes. Plenty for each and every dog, hammie or whatever to stuff themselves with!!!!!!!

This cake is even more amazing if I do say so myself. Scruffy sucked down so much of this icing that we almost had to give him insulin and he's not diabetic. We gotta run....we hear Ruby circling to land in our cul de sac.....we're bringing along a costume for Stella to wear...Koobie and I are babysitting this weekend. Easy job.....Happy Barkday to ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lacie

Friday, October 26, 2007

Welcoming Stella By Rhyme!

Wow...that looks like Lacie....BUT NO!!! It's Stanley's new sissy, Stella....In honor of her arrival as Reigning Princess of Gooberstan (or Gooberstell!) we have written limericks for her!
A Not Too Bad Limerick by Lacie:
Stella's coming to rule
At the Airedale Dog Training School!
Though lacking in height,
She's got a huge bite!
Never playing the fool!
A Bad Limerick by Scruffy:
Just arrived a Lakie named Stella
To live with a big Goober Fella!
Stanley said, "Welcome Lass!"
Stella said, "Kiss my ***!"
She proceeded to raise lotsa hella!!!!
We challenge you to write your own laughable limerick!!!!! S & L

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Gettin' Ready!!!!!

MMMMMMM!!!! Scruffy and I are getting things ready to take up to the pawty for this weekend!!!!! Agatha said there's an enormous fridge, so we should have plenty of room for every pet's favorite. The Pittsburgh food that we're bringin' are pierogies...or 'rogies as we say in this house. Stuffed with kraut, cheese, potatos, or whatever they are boiled or fried with lotsa butter and onions.

We also have to bring some kraut and kielbasi....double yummmmm....we have plenty so every dog, kitty, hammie can eat there fill. Cept for Dunstan...he has to restrain himself with 4 hollow legs. The koi are all invited too...perhaps some gourmet bread crumbs?????

We're hoping to get up there tomorrow to start the decorating. We have plenty of pumpkins and sooooo many other decorations. Hopefully, Koob and I can get this all into her new car to make the drive up there. Mass ACHOO Sits! is south of here isn't it??? I'm navagating with my Lakie GPS nose. We gotta think bout the cake...anybody have any ideas....it has to be ginormous from the huge number of dogs and hamsters around.....and goblins!!!!!!!

The final product for the parlor is to be something like this. DON'T TELL SCRUFFY. He's a big wimp and he's really scared to come. There's also the little matter of the Penn State/Ohio State game at the SAME TIME as the pawty. He's mumbled something bout 'borrowing" Aire Ruby for an hour. Wonder who can fly it????? Hope everyone has their costumes together and has their flight booked on 'Ruby....

Oh...and Scruffy thanks you for covering for him regarding Mumsie takin' over the blog. She almost found Stanley. It took a lot of pulling to get that big boy on his paws. He drank 2 gallons of coffee. Oh...and Scruffy promises there will be no acorns for munching at this pawty. One of the dogs had an issue with them this weekend. Chew....

So excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lacie

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Hello Dawgs, Cats, Hamsterriers....

This is Mumsie. Scruffy and Lacie seem awfully tired tonight. I was wondering what went on here this week. I feel asleep on the sofa last Wednesday, after Scruffy ran away. Don't even get me started on that issue. I was studying for ACLS testing for tomorrow. Awakening today, 5 days later, I seem to know all of the material.

BUT....my house. There seems to be remnants of what looked to be a jail cell here. And about 20 empty pizza boxes. Hundreds of marrow bones....chewed and demarrowed..... are scattered around, and there is a strong smell of cigar smoke everywhere. At least, I think it's cigar smoke. Someone installed a kegerator (sp?) in the kitchen. Also, there are large Airedale sized mounds of dog you-know-whatties all over the yard.

And Lacie seems to have gotten her ears pierced and is sporting a pair of pearl earrings.

Just wondering if any of you might have ANY idea what transpired while I was in my ACLS induced coma.

Thought you might like to see a pic of Scruffy's and Lacie's predecessor, Sarge. He didn't blog....but he did used to follow the WFT "Pepper," on Pepper's Place. (Pepper had a webcam in his house turned to his favorite spot to sleep.) Sadly, he has moved to the rainbow bridge about the same time Sarge did. I like to think of them chasing each other!!

Hope all of you bloggers had a great weekend......I will relinquish the blog back to my dogs. Unless, of course, there should be a reason for them to be grounded????????


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Lacie with a Pearl Earring!

I visited Axel's blog last night....check out the pic on there. Not to be outdone. Actually, since Scruffy had his STOOPIIID "No Girls Allowed" PAWTY....Koobie came and picked me up in her new car....it's her Barkday today, and we are doin' it up right. We picked up some of the other girls, and drove to the Penn State game in Indiana. I got my fur done in one of the local shops there. Complete with pedicure. We stopped at a jewelry store and I bought some beautiful new pearl earrings. Koobie is goin' wild...her Mastercard is burnin'! With the cost of her car insurance, I woulda thought she might be a tad more frugal, but a Girl only turns one once!

To the boys in Scruffy's cell...Mumsie is lying in the same spot on the sofa where we left her the last time. She is supposed to be studying for her ACLS recertification test this weekend. You boys better hope she never wakes up....(she's been sleeping "reading" this book for days) or that she never, indeed, actually finishes the book before Monday. Because, if she does, and catches you guys in there with your stinkin' cigars etc....(heavy on the etc.) you will all be in cells until ur pinkies come and get ya.

Oh...and boys....check out Ruby's comment....you might have some problems boarding Aire Ruby.


Friday, October 19, 2007

Poker Tonight;Guys ONLY.

Poker tonight in my cell...pizza provided; bring drinks. NO GIRLS ALLOWED!
The Scruffster

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Scruffy's in Big Trouble...

Ok...I'm typing for Mumsie as she is lying on the sofa with all of her muscles turned to mush. She let us out about 6PM....without our electric collars. Five minutes later...no longer, she opened the garage door and like a good Lakie, I was sitting on the steps with my tail down. (We had just gotten home from the vets...I have a bladder infection, and am feeling under the weather.)
But Scruffy was GONE. Like vanished...like he's never done that before. I know he chased a deer. He knows when his collar is on....(Mumsie said she's going to staple it to his neck after this...) and he just took off. He LOVES to chase cars...Mumsie figured if she found him, he'd be lying on the side of the road, hit. She called our neighbors...one took off in the car, our pet sitter took off on her bike, and the other Lakie in the neighborhood's owner searched on foot. Mumsie walked in circles hysterical. Our 14 year old pet sitter found him in 10 minutes flat wandering the neighborhood behind some houses. There, of course, are very busy roads bordering this neighborhood. But Scruffy could have gotten hit in here just as easily...he runs right at the cars. Isabel tackled him.....and Mumsie brought him home in the car. I frankly think if she hadn't been so glad to see him, she woulda killed him. He's covered in burrs. So is Mumsie. She said we'll see just how much poison ivy is in our woods, probably by Friday when she has it all over her.
How we found him within 15 minutes from when he took off is a miracle. We have great neighbors, and there must be a lota Scruffy love looking out for this foxy wire.
Mumise may never recover. The above jail cell is Scruff's new home for the next decade.
Grateful barks,

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Thank You, All!

Our good 'Dale friend Hercules sent us this pawsome award. Scruffy and I are blushing with the attention. Well, actually Scruffy is. I love attention! Thank you, Herc!! We love visiting your blog, too!!!

We'd like to pass this honor on to Harry and his soon to be new sibling Cassidy in the UK. Their blog reflects the love they have for Oscar, but is a new chapter in their lives. We doff our caps to you both and your parents!

Speaking of love, look at the goodies Asta sent me for my fixit surgery this past Friday. The candies are delicious...just right for a throat sore from the anesthesia. And the flowers are bringing the sun inside....it brightened my spirits just looking at them and your sweet smiling face, Sweet Girl! (Scruffy ate the beef...all of it...he's feeling much better now, too.)

I want to thank every dog, kitty, and hammie for their good wishes both before and after my surgery. It was very scary going to the hospital, but between all of your pawitive thoughts and having Mumsie to rock me in the wake up room (and Scruffy to bite when I got home), it helped so so much. You guys are just the best. Sir Dunstan had to write home to Jackson for money to replace his wheels. I guess I musta rung the call light once too often, cuz they sorta fell off. He's been living here with us for a while now...and I have taught him to walk, but he still likes his wheels. He's such a sweetie! Scruffy, except for some severe jealousy, was also very loving to me. I wish I could explain to him that I'm still too sore to get into a good game of bitey face and chase. Stairs are bad too...going down, not up. Go figure!

Look at what Scruffy's Sweet Koobie rented to get us to the PSU/Wisconsin game! (Koob JUST got her driver's license the day before....!!!) Can you believe it!!! Look at the interior...........

Scruffy and Dunstan actually threw blankets over their heads so no one would see them getting in and out. Something about male pride. I didn't feel one bump or curve, the ride was so smooth. Koobie had dozens of pillows to lounge on. Scruffy was the navigator. We did sorta miss the first half of the game. He missed the turn to State College and we ended up at Atlantic City, New Jersey.

We only stopped into 5 teensy tiny casinos to gamble a bit. You should see Dunstan pull the lever on those slot machines. He does a back flip, hooks his wheels and drops down....and the money would follow. He is one lucky dog!

I wanted to post this pic of me standing beside a 55 lb. Dale. Look at the expression on his face. And I didn't even flirt with him! Just imagine Stanley at 80lbs. standing by his soon to be 6 lb. Lakie sassy sissy pup. It's gonna be amazing!

Um...there's a question going 'round the blogs of what's the worst thing you ever ate. This would be it. Last weekend, for the second time I bit open and scarfed down some grass seed out of a 50lb. bag. Daddy (who was supposed to be watching me) made some smart butted remark that I could seed and fertilize the next morning when everything all came out in the end. On that note, I bid you adieu, till later! Lacie

Friday, October 12, 2007

Lacie's Fix It Surgery...DONE!

Hey, it's the Scruffman...Lacie is a tad under the weather...actually, she's snuggling on Daddy's lap....I ALWAYS snuggle on Daddy's lap this time of night. But, no. I'm lying on the cold hard carpet.

As you can see from the above pic, this is the view Lacie had on her way in for her fix it surgery. She had to get there by 8AM. That necessitated ME having to get up early, hurry through my 14 outdoor tinkles, and get jammed in my crate WITHOUT my breakfast. Mumsie said,"I can't feed you with her watching...." Harumph.

Here's one of the vet techs greeting Lacie as she came in the door. Mumsie came home for a little bit. I couldn't figure out where Lacie was. I searched, paced, even looked out the windows. Then depressed, I went and laid in my crate which was good as Mumsie left again.

Mumsie had read on "Dr." Miss Sunshade's blog about a study in which doggie parents were allowed to be with their pets when they awakened from surgery. The study said it decreased the use of pain medicine and duration of stay at the vets. Mumsie is a recovery room nurse at a hospital....she told our vet about the study...(neglecting to mention that her source was a clever Airedale)...the vet knew all bout the study...and let Mumsie back as soon as they lifted Lac off the operating table.

She said Lac woke up just like a miniature hooman, shivering and sorta wailing even though her eyes were closed. Mumsie half crawled in her cage and whispered sweet nothings in her ear...she said after bout 10-15 minutes, Lacie just stood up looking dazed and confused. She gathered her up, wrapped her in blankies, and sat in a rocking chair and rocked her for an hour as she watched the other surgeries. The whole thing was amazing if you like rocking Lacie and watching doggie surgeries. Lacie went to sleep for another couple hours....Mumsie left for a little while, then came to pick her up.

As you can see, she looks quite dazed and confused still. Mumsie carried her in and put her in our dog bed. I was SO GLAD to see her. For about 15 seconds. I went over wagging my butt off, did 4-5 play bows, gave her netherregions a small sniff to check things over....AND GOT BIT FOR MY TROUBLES. Instead of a "Whiny Gyne" this girl is a "Growly Gyne!" Yeesh!
The day only deteriorated. She got held, patted, and stroked all day. I got nothing. (Mumsie: Ah Scruffy....your favorite pet sitter came and took you for a long walk and played frisbee with you....remember??)

Lacie got chicken and rice for dinner....I got dry tasteless dog food. She got her stoopid medicine mixed in Eddy's Limited Edition Apple Pie Ice Cream. I got kicked. (Mumsie.....SCRUFFY, I have never ever kicked you....knock it off....I made you smmoooshie potatos with peanut butter...and you ate a little ice cream off a fork.)

OK, so I may have exaggerated a tad.

They were really good smmooshies.
Now, admittedly, I haven't been the nicest dog today. BUT.....I did something nice to make up for it. Check out Lacie's tummy. When she was sleeping....I added tummy spots!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's gonna be SOOOOOOO excited. She's always wanted them cuz Asta has 'em. I told her that's what her fixit surgery was for. To fix her lack of tummy spots! OK....let's hear it....all together.....AAAHHHHHHH!!!! Yep, the Scruffster came through. Now, if you'll pardon me, I'm gonna go and figure a way to get her off Daddy's lap!

Pee Ess...Lacie here....I love Daddy's lap! Now, i just have to figure how to get Scruff, Dunstan, Koob and me to Penn State for the game tomorrow....and I guess I can't pregame. Sniff.....Thanks to all for your good wishes, and to Asta for her flowers....we'll post a pic on the next post....I'm a little weak...perhaps something cold and refreshing???? "Hey Scruffy...get me some more ice cream!!!!!!!"

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Costume Barkday Bash!!!

Hi Every Dog, Hammie, Toad etc!!!!!

This is Lacie. Mumsie ungrounded me as I'm having my fixit surgery on Friday, unless the vet cancels me again. They cancelled me for today as some big Golden had to have a bunch of toofers yanked. Sorta makes ya wanna go and brush, doesn't it?? Anyway, they didn't have enough time to do my surgery...I was an "add on." They subtracted me right off.

But to way more important issues. We now have six, yes, six DOGS celebrating their Barkdays at the ever-growing Costume Pawty we're throwing in Salem,Massachusetts....We're having it at the house Nathaniel Hawthorne made famous in his novel, "The House of the Seven Gables." I'm purposely NOT putting any scary pictures on this post...Scruffy keeps stuffing his front end under the bed when I talk bout the fun things to do that night. We think we might rent a Winnebago to drive up to the pawty. We're gonna need to haul lots of food, candy and pumpkin ice cream for all of the participants. Then, after we unload it, we're gonna decorate it in a NON SCARY fashion so some of the more sensitive dogs...ie Archie and Scruffy can enjoy themselves without being terrierfied. The Big House will be decorated so the more adventurous can get the scary shivers and have a blast!! I will personally be in the Big House. By popular demand, I'm bringing my princess bed again. But, that's another detail for later. As in the pic above, we can have apple bobbing...Am thinking of doing it with the dog's mouths tied shut, and they have to use their paws?? Just a little twist...

I'm sure these will be a huge hit. For some of the older doggies...Dunstan...it may save a vet visit for tooth extractions.

And, my own personal favorite...candy corn. My obedience training goes so much better with these little guys!!!!! The Barkday Celebrants are:

Precious: 11/4

What a crazy lot of Barkdays at this time of the year!!

(Dewey and his mom Pittsburgh Asta(!) are blogless buddies of Koob who live here in the burg...Dewey is the hot, er I mean handsome wire foxy behind the tree in the invite. Wonder if he dates?)

AireRuby is available for transportation; get your resevations in soon!! Every animal is invited; bring your friends!!!!!!!!! We'll have plenty of food, games and entertainment. Agatha and Archie are gonna help us with the city tours. Any suggestions, let Scruffy or me know!!

Get your costumes ready!!!!!!!


Sunday, October 7, 2007

One Hot Campfire!!!!

Great Party, Butchy!!!!!!!!! First of all, I wanted to post these pics of the restrooms on Aire Ruby! With trees of this size, you'd think there might be a bit of a mess, but the facilities are spotless!

Ruby even has the Ladies in pink; a color not usually seen in fire hydrants. She is so thoughtful!! It's a great place to powder our noses and catch up on the latest news!!!!!

As you can see, Scruffy has that mean and hungry look. Those sausages were fab!! Asta brought Scruff's favorite of peanut butter smooshie potatos....he tried to fry them on the fire. Sorta like potato pancakes.

Oops...I don't know how this pic got in here. Ruby knows that I don't sleep well on the cold and hard ground and she made room for my princess bed on the plane. Oh, is that Dunstan under there??? He was afraid it was gonna rain and crawed under there without his wheels.

(Scruff sez; And you're gonna believe that??????)

Koobie, Scruffy and I go to the Penn State game every weekend. We had to travel from Iowa all the way to Pennsylvania to watch Penn State play....Iowa. Weird, huh!! After the balloon crash last weekend, Mumsie said we had to take the Greyhound Bus. I got tickets. These guys could really run. We got there in no time at all; no disasters!!!!!

Well, there were 3 disasters. We came skidding to a stop in the parking lot to Beaver Stadium and went to our usual spot with Big Bruvver's friends to tailgate. The Greyhounds decided to party, er tailgate with us. They might be able to run, but slurping those big jello molds out of the Newfoundland-sized bowls....well, this was the one we got a pic of....when they fall, they fall hard! They're probably still there. Mumsie came and picked us up and took Koobie home. I think we're grounded.
(Scruffy; if you weren't before you will be once Mumsie sees that pic of Sir Dunstan under your bed.)