Thursday, January 27, 2011

Celebrating PL2's Barkday at Mango's Estate...

So Asta and I popped over to Boston to pay a visit to Agatha and Archie. We found Agatha designing this cake....FRIDAY IS PL2'S BARKDAY!!!!! Isn't the cake amazing????

We decided to give her a pawty....thought we'd do it out on Mango's deck since they live pretty close....

Archie wanted to make a traditional New England dinner....LOBSTER!

It took Archie a bit, but he rounded all his stuffies into one pot. He is such a pawfectionist....and a Master Chef.....

He rented a truck and we hauled all the food over to Mango and Peewee's....

They grow lobsters HOOOOOGE in Master Chew Sits...and for Mango bein' afraid of stairs, he sure scooted up to the roof fast enuff when that lobster waggled a claw at him!

We invited some special guests for PL2!!!!


And thanks to Mango for his hospitality!!!



You can wish PL2 a Happy Barkday HERE.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cheese, Crackers and BRIBES.....

Hoooo Boy to quote Agatha....we terriers are even more crackerdog than usual! Our beloved Steelers are playing the Jets tonight for the chance to go the the Souper Bowl!! Stan is already a wreck...

Thank dog, we have this Steeler playin' tonight....that Joey Stains...I have no idea how he gets his fur to do that.

Now, it is not often that the Lacie admits to um well er a MISTAKE. I seem to have made a bit of a FO PA. I was trying to think of something to well do a good deed for a fellow doggie. It JUST HAPPENED TO BE TWINK. Honestly, the fact I was tryin' to do a good deed for her had NOTHING TO DO with the fact she is a JUDGE for the Cracker Dogs over at the Minster.

I seemed to have er, um... asked her out on a date. I didn't know she is a um WO-MAN DOG as she describes it. And she refoosed me. (Lacie takes a deep breath, a tad relieved...) BUT she said that she had totally lost her heart to Mango. And he rejected her (I have NO IDEA the story here, but I aim to find out...) And she says she's never going to DATE again. Ever......

Look at her here....Seems a pity, huh....

So I talked to Mango and arranged for them to have a lovely dinner at a superb French restaurant, called Mistral in Boston.

It even has trees in it, just in case Mango gets a leggie liftin' urge or something!!

Just look at them...sorta brings a tear to my eye....what a lovely couple.

I am wondering why they are the only ones in the restaurant.

I hope it has nothing to do with Mango's tendencies to fart at inappropriate times.

As for my Good Deed for Twinkie?? Just Pass It On, Girlie!!


Miss Lacie Teacakes

Monday, January 17, 2011

A Public Service Announcement; LACIE IS CONTAGIOUS!!!

Scruff and Stan Lacie is still grounded for taking that nip from Mumsie's neck. PLUS...we have a hooooooooge piece of gossip about her...

Mumsie noticed she had this "thing" on the inside flap of her ear. So she took her to see the long suffering Dr. Mary.

Now mind you, Lacie had a bit of a SLUMBER PAWTY with a bunch of her boyfriends at the Savoy in London recently. Why do I bring that up again...??? Well....

When Mumsie made the appointment with Dr. Mary, she told the receptionist it was for a de-horning. Cuz that's what it felt like. Sharp,, not quite this big, but close...ok, so I'm exaggerating a bit....but still.....

And guess what! Dr. Mary sent it off to the Lab...(Dexter, I guess...) and get this....
LACIE HAS A WART. AND IT'S CONTAGIOUS!! Yep...just like herp....well, not exactly like that but CONTAGIOUS just the same.
All those boyz at the Savoy. Hundreds of others....
Dr. Mary said you could tell just by lookin' cuz it (the WART) had a bit of a cauliflower appearance.

Hmm...I'd say more than a bit. When questioned, Lacie sez she's found the pawfect hat to wear to the Royal Wedding in April.
Nuthin' like makin' lemonade outta a lemon.
Hushed reporting barks,
Scruffy and Stan

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lacie GROUNDED and Snow!!!!!

Stanley here....I am taking over the helm of the blog as Lacie is grounded. More on that later.

Deep snow this week! We've had lots of little snows, but yesterday we got a's even deeper today.....
Lookit Miss Cracker Dog...intent to kill, that one....Scruff and I can't help it we entered her in Mango Minster as a Saltine....

For all Miss Enid despairs at Lacie's lack of Eat A Cat, she never forgets to run in a stiff legged Lakie prance...lookit this form!

Um, you can look at this form too...just don't get too close. Mumsie actually caught him recycling at the same time this morning...yeppers...eattin' poop and pooping SIM ULL TANE EE IS LY....
G r o s s!!! You shoulda heard Mumsie...he's on the train to Boston as we speak. Somethin' bout the Estate at Mango's needing poop removal. Scruffy is all over it.

Ah...the lean form of an AIRE O DYNAMIC DALE...

RUN. JOY. RUN. HAPPY. RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks like Lacie is chasing a bunny...a Dale bunny...see how much faster my long legs have on her in deep snow???

Now back to the reason she's grounded. Member this pic from our Mango Minster Cracker Dog entry???
So yesterday when Mumsie wanted to shower so she could go to work, she had Lacie under her right arm like a purse. A purse with teeth. Cuz as she reached in to turn the shower on, sweet little Cracker Lac, angry at being thwarted at running INTO the shower, reached over and sank her teeth into Mumsie's neck. Can you say jugular? Carotid? Mumsie said a lot more than that.
So she's grounded. HA HA...NUFF SAID!

Obviously, what is on the outside does not match the inside.
Respectfully submitted to bloggy land....
Stanley (who if were entering Mango Minster would enter as a Sensitive Gentleman they have that catagory?)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mango Minster Entry; LACIE REVEALED!!!!

Now Scruffy and Stan here...we boyz are pullin' and tuggin' 'bout somethin' see it's this time again....

MANGO MINSTER, you've read the rules...AND WE WANNA ENTER LACIE. But we boyz have a DILLY EMMA. Do we enter Lacie as a Diva??? Or as an Insane Cracker Dog???

Now, this is a pic snapped by Asta at the 'Minster from last year...Diva, yes??!!

But take a look at these for proof that Lacie is an INSANE CRACKER DOG...

And one of the best.

Counter jumpin'...she goes nutso. Works that big butt of hers....

Can you open the dishwasher without her barking and SCREECHING???

And Mumsie's pawsonal favorite...the oven. (No, it's not hot here...Mumsie's not stoopid...but Lacie is...) Lacie's been known to try to jump in the hot oven while screeching and doin' her best Ritz, Premium Saltine and Triscuit imitation. Yep....

Need we say more...the fur dryer...she goes nuts...rather vain, that one...

Another favorite...THE DRYER VENT. Obviously, a Lakeland never knows if there is a rodent in the dryer vent. Check this out...she's tryin' to BITE THE DRYER!!!

OMD...check this out...Stan and I are IN the shower. She's TRYING TO GET IN....

Lacie is completely off her rocker...most of her um, obsessions seem to have to do with dark cavelike places...obviously her inner terrier is determined to find that fox...or whatever.....

She is SO Insanely Cracker Dog that we've even seen her sporting this necklace!

What other Lakie could rock a saltine????

Our final point??? Need more proof?????


Respectfully submitted,

Scruffy and Stanley

Pee ess...go ahead...go eat a cracker and try really fast to whistle...just try!!!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Stoned Henge; A Proper Adventure!

So if you've been reading on Asta, Gussie, and Butchy's bloggies, we are now in England shoppin', er.... touring. We chose to stay at the Savoy in looked like a friendly enuff place and had this strange appeal to me.

Now I did contact Miss Enid to come to my room for tea, but she arrived a bit twelve hours, so I sent her back to Square House to return the next day. I'm sure I got a demerit in Eat a Cat for that....

She is so very proper.

But I couldn't let her in as some of the boyz had popped over for a little visit.... Yes, the blender was going a bit. They do have high quality ice over here.
I fell asleep and had the oddest dream.

I dreamed we went to Stonehenge for a tour. Bertie (speaking on the rocks, what else?) Gussie (the history) and Archie (on why Boston accents sound so British at times) gave a lovely presentation, but I'm not sure too many of the dogs were listening.

Well, in spite of what Asta sez (SHE wanted to shop!) there is just a ton to do at Stonehenge in winter.
Nuff said.
Happy New Year, 2011!!!