Saturday, January 28, 2012

Is Dexter a CYBER BULLY?????

Little Lacie feelings are deeply hurt....well, not in this picture...but it's all becuz of a certain LABRADORK in Boston.....

Recognize this guy?? Dexter??? Mango's brother??? You might note he doesn't seem to have teeth...I know for a fact his toofers come out at night just like the stars...yep...dentures.

He has his boxers all in a wad cuz of my last musings about Loki (that totally hot Cracker Judge for the Minster...)...all just that...MUSINGS. WHAT? Oh...the above's not like I have any control over the toys he plays with....

But back to Dexter....lookit this...this mean-spirited letter he penned me after my adorable last post....

And as for that immune to my "charms"??? Well, I have had several TOURS of his barn, but I'm not the kind of girl er LADY who kisses and TELLS.

So for your reading pleasure.....

Dearest Bestie (sic),
First off, I will remind you that I, Dexter, remain one of the few (and I mean very few) dogs on the internet who is immune to your "charms." I find little to please in your potty mouth remarks and questionable attire. It pleased me to no end that Judge Loki sussed out your cheap attempt at bribery by offering something that you give away freely every day.
Loki is no fool and knows that should he decide to engage in the right of passage known rather benignly as a "date with Lacie" then he can do so at any time he chooses.
I will not soon forget when you made your journey to our estate, but I am gentleman enough not to pester your hapless Mumsi for compensation due to the permanent hearing loss I suffered while transporting you.

As for your comment on MY blog regarding dental work. I remind you that I did have a few extractions when just a wee pup due to a (rather adorable) over bite which caused my canines to mis-align. That, however, is beside the point. I realize that for you it is near impossible to imagine keeping one's mouth securely shut until there is something of value to say. However, I, Dexter prefer to keep my own counsel until I have thoroughly collected my thoughts.


He makes me sound like this......


When really....well look at me....

Seriously, I feel like I've been CYBER BULLIED....poor innocent little me....

So....I propose INSTEAD OF THIS.....


Frankly, I think Peewee is acting like a big baby...I mean, it's not like has teeth.

So I'm gonna help him out with a new BINKY.....that'll help him KEEP HIS TRAP SHUT!!!




Saturday, January 21, 2012

Crackers and MORE for Loki...Mango Minster Cracker Judge

So as I was sipping my hot carob this morning...(my brother Stanley is such a barista, n'est pas???) and I got to thinkin' about cows and dairy products. Yep, the Lacie is a veritable wealth of info on bovines.....I mean my pawsonal favorite whipped cream frosting comes directly from a cow, right?

And think about Swiss cheese...a pawfect compliment for a CRACKER.

And for some odd reason, my musings went directly to Loki...that good looking chap from Switzerland who just happens to be judging the Cracker Dog entries of Mangominster 2012. Lookit those crossed paws....wonder if he's got them crossed for a BRIBE er um never mind on that I'll just go back to playin' with my latte and seeing what pics I can make.

I wondered how MOI, ie the Lacie might look in a lovely Swiss outfit???? Fabulous...I mean, was there ANY doubt?????? It does accentuate my tiny waist.

After more spoon twirling, I saw this bucolic picture of darling Swiss cows passing down the lane plus a very lonely dog just waiting for a DATE!!!!!!!!! Er better strike that, too....maybe he was just hungry.

You might notice that cow in the back of the pack looks a bit like Juno, Loki's sister. He asked me to keep her busy for a while so he could get even more spoiled by his family but no that sounds like bribing so just STRIKE THAT LAST COMMENT. (Funny how much Juno looks like KHYRA....wonder if Khyra would like to join my herd????)

Oops, this is the totally wrong picture...wrong country, but same idea. The Lacie does have an amazing set of pipes.

Lookit this last swirl before I snarf down my carob!!! Pretty amazing, huh??????

Nothing like a nice hot drink on a cold winter's day......


Miss Lacie Teacakes; a formidable entry in Mango Minster 2012 Cracker Dog Competition

Monday, January 16, 2012


Lacie Girl here...IT'S THAT TIME OF THE YEAR AGAIN....(drumroll.......) YEPPERS....


I am entering myself in the CRACKERDOG category....whilst I don't see anything cracker-like in the following pictures, I have been assured that WE ARE in particular.

Without further ado, we humbly submit our entry for this year's esteemed judges to peruse: it is twofold....crackersnaps to enjoy, AND for the first time in our blogging history....

A VIDEO.....get ready for the


Love that's so like a, perhaps???

So good for firming those pesky gluteals!!!

Oh, that evil, evil dryer vent....I just know they're mice in there!!!!!

I really can't explain this the way the boyz are on the INSIDE of the shower...that would make me on the outside by default...

Oh, the oven....another dark and wonderful place. I try to jump in any time I can!!! Mumsie has a bunch of scars for some reason.





Just a little more....

 we go....many many thanks to Auntie Sus and Bruvver for their hard work on making this video and to Daddy for filming us. It's a Day in the Life of Three Crackerdogs...with me being the whole SALTED PACKAGE....!!


Respectfully submitted for entry,

Miss Lacie and her Stoopid Brothers, Scruffy and Stan!!!