Sunday, November 30, 2008

Crackin' Nuts...Part 2

Just givin' everybody and update on my "date" with Mango....please, please go to his bloggie and check out the happenings....he has a very detailed (no pun intended...) albeit one sided account on his bloggie....Mumsie almost ruined EVERYTHING. Look at this atrocious outfit she packed in my suitcase to wear to the ballet. Does she think I'm still a pup? Mango's momma MADE ME put it on. (I swear she was gigglin', though that might have been the anti cough smoothies she been drinkin' steadily since I've been here workin'.) And what's with the stoopid braids? And as if I'd carry any wire foxy stuffie to anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here's what I'm thinkin' of wearing...I believe it's Chanel??? Silly me...I can't remember....Those boots are soooooooooooooo comfy too....a little more trendy than my Uggs, Petey??????????

Gotta dash...have to go UNBRAID my fur and blow it out....again....

Go visit Mango

Love and kissies...Lacie

Friday, November 28, 2008

Crackin' Nuts...Part 1

OMD...Lacie here...lookie where we are goin' this weekend!! BOSTON!!!!! I er asked MANGO-the Relentlessly Hooge out on a date. (We have some unfinished business...'member those comments he made bout being able to see my butt from outter space and how it's bigger than the floats in the Macy's Day Parade???? PAYBACK TIME!!!!!!!!!!)

He suggested we go someplace he's takin' me to the ballet in Boston....THE NUTCRACKER!!!!! How appropriate is that!!!!!!!!! Scruffy wrote him and asked him if he was, fixed and he assured Scruffy he still has his cajingles or somethin' and what did that have to do with anything?...heh heh heh heh heh....this is going to be a glorious weekend....
I've been assured that Mango's private car service is speedin' toward the Burgh to pick us up...Oh, my stoopid brothers are going too...Mango said somethin' bout there being safety in numbers??!!!

You can see Scruff and Stan are hard at work packin' for the weekend. R I G H T!!! All they ever do is watch football with Daddy. Sheesch.....
I'm tryin' to decide on an appropriate outfit for the trip. Got it!!!!!

This is my protective Anti Mango outfit.
Anti slobber cap; check.
Fumigatin' Mango fart mask; check.

Wonder how long it's gonna be till he gets here....I need a little time to plot my devilment!!!!
You better check out Mango's bloggie...have a feelin' it's gonna be and entertainin' weekend....
Love and kissies...Laciegirl!!!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!! We give thanks for all of your friendships, compassion, humor and the laughter you give us!!!
Have a great day!!!
Scruffy, Lacie and Babystan
Pee Ess...above photo is by Scruffy and Stan....we're leavin' by the back door now!!!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Lacie here...Sweet Butchy picked us up on Friday to whisk us out to Iowa to check on Miss Snickers who had been feelin' poorly and had a seizure. The stuffies, Gert and Bert gave an amazing BBQ pawty to cheer Snickers up and to feed all the pups who came in to keep her company. The pawty got a teeny tiny bit out of paw, but eventually we got all the Koi back in the pond. I had NO IDEA how much Koi love to eat BBQ!!!!

We next flew to New York for Asta's mommi's 60th Barkday Pawty...Oh my....we stayed at Petey's and if you haven't been to his bloggie, you HAVE to check out his amazin' pics and reporting. It's a HOWL!!!!! Asta and I followed Mumsie and her Mommi on Saturday all over the streets of New York. Among other places they stopped was Mariebelle's of NY....this fab Hot Carob and Tea place. Asta's mommi got that delish hot chocolate that you can eat with a fork, while Mumsie ordered tea. OK....member that post I did when I got endless grief for not understandin' a Proper Tea and how Lipton tea doesn't cut the mustard???

Well, Mumsie poured her tea into the cup LEAVES AND ALL....(I heard her say to Auntie Ami if she laughed or told anybody, she'd kill her...she didn't tell me that...)

They give you this special strainer through which you are SUPPOSED to strain the tea leaves. Hmm...I was soooooooooooo can take the girl outta the Burgh, but not the Burgh outta the girl, I guess.

Look at this flat smooshed packaged chunk of Mango you can buy there...chocolate flavored, no less! Wonder which of his girlfriends did this? I only tried to grind him up in a blender, they went to far as to chop him up and package him!!!

Yeppers, that Mango gets around. He owns a store here, obviously, in New York. I had no idea he was so fashion conscious and trendy!!! (Lacie and Asta attempt to go into Mango's to shop, but are not allowed in as they are not appropriately attired in the latest fashion trends....UGG boots are just sooooooooo out!!!)

We had to dash back to get ready for the party of the century. Lookie at Duffy gettin' all spiffed up with his FIRST BATH! Poor dog looks like a drowned rattie!!!

I've been asked to let Scruffy and Stan report this next incident......

Yo...Dudes...Scruffy and Stan here! We found these pix on Mumsie's camera...what in the world is Mumsie doing in all her 1940's she cleaning up a STAIN????????? A HOOOOGE STAIN MADE RIGHT BEFORE THE PAWTY????

OMD!!!!!!!! Looks like ASTA started in on the O'Drools waaaaaaaaaaaayyyy before the pawty started.....

Rollin' on the ground in gales of hysterical foxy and dale laughter with Proceco coming out of their noses......
"Lacie....don't bite, Lacie...we were just teasin' Asta a little...I know it's seven floors down to the potty area and it was an emergency...Lacie, it's NOT a good idea to toss us out the window...

Scruffy and Babystan

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Miss Snickers...(this is one of her baby pics...isn't she 'dorable??) is feelin' poorly. Sweet Butchy is pickin' me up in his plane so I can help with her nursin' care...I mixed up a batch of anti seizin' smoothies...hopin' that will help out. I figured that I might wanna have a sip or two myself...I had a seizure last week...haven't had one since last January. Mumsie thought I had grown out of 'em....oh well....

Here's Butchy's looks freshly scrubbed after Bert and Gert dumped all of that BBQ sauce in it, those silly Stuffies...never did hear if they ran off and eloped before they opened their restaurant......

OK....Mango...the Relentless Huge...reminded me I had asked him out on a date. He suggested we go to the Macy's Day Parade. THEN....THEN.........YOU ARE SO NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS ONE.....he said maybe we shouldn't since SOMEONE MIGHT CONFUSE ONE OF THE FLOATS WITH MY BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Lacie is so mad she's actually hissin'.....)
I refuse to even reply to that statement. I will not stoop to his hooge level.

I have heard that Mango got a chemisty set to play with....(odd choice of toy, huh?....) and he's requesting that dogs, kitties and hamsters send a stool specimen to him for examination. Do not worry about the size...(the bigger the better) or the smell....(the ranker the better...) If you are feelin' particularly productive, you might wanna send him numerous containers.
Heh heh heh heh heh.........'NUFF SAID.....

Mumsie's actin' all weird and sayin' she's goin' apple pickin' this weekend. Seems like an odd weekend to pick apples. I thought they had already fallen off all the trees.....
BUT! Guess where Scruffy, Stan and I are gonna go this weekend....(besides Iowa to nurse Snickers and eat BBQ)????
We're gonna sneak off to NEW YORK and go to Asta's Mommi's Birthday Pawty her Daddi is givin' her this's gonna be's a Forty's Theme....I can't wait to break out my red lippiestick!!!!!
Gotta run and pack and wait for the plane!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

UGGS AND BLABradors!!!!!

OMD!!!!!! It was close, Everybody! Lookie at this comment that was on our blog......

"Listen, Dexter here. Let me tell you something, I am not allowed to have ANY tennis balls AT ALL because Relentlessly Huge might swallow one, and I'm a labraguy, know what I mean? So tennis balls are like, well, everything, and man what I wouldn't do for a tennis ball and when I saw all those cans and then I got a little crazy and I can hardly type but I want to say that maybe Mango was at your place last week, but I'm not sure cause there aren't any photos with him in them, but he was talking about going to Lacie's place and doing some poke her which sounds kind of like an HBO thing, so I'm not sure, and, can I have the tennis balls now, please???


Yep....Dexter loves tennis balls SO MUCH he almost fell into Mean Mumsie's trap of bribes she set....Thank dog I was able to knock her chair over before she read it and called Mango on my cell and had him BANDAID Peewee's BIG BLABRAMOUTH!!!!! Poor guy...he wants a tennis ball...he's still a pup...I can't blame him for fallin' into Mumsie 's trappie.

Oh my....that was just too close for comfort! Besides, don't they make hoooge tennis balls that the Relentlessly Huge could play with????
Lookie what we awakened to this morning!!! SNOW!

AND for some reason it gave me this irresistible urge to BITE SCRUFFY. I chased that dumb wiry fox all over our yardie and whenever he stopped runnin', I bit him. He ran for ten solid minutes with me chasin' him. Those little nippers sure motivated him! Stan looked sorta bored with all the running. His fur's a little LONG right now. He loved the snow. He flopped right down in it and cooled his tummy off! Pure Dale bliss!

Now...with all this cold and road salt, it dries my paws out and weakens my nails...

My sweet Best Friend Asta gave me a recipe for mooshed up avocados as a footie moisturizer
And she sent me these fabulous UGGS for my paws....they feel like a dream to walk in!!!! Trust ASTA to have the latest in girlie foot fashion!

Keep warm everybody...cept for my Sweet Noah and his sissies...can't believe it's summer there!!!!!


Sunday, November 16, 2008


Mumsie here...

The above is a pic of the "Community Service" my Terriers were allegedly performing last week while we were away...Frankly, I think even I could have photoshopped it better...look at Stan's looks completely fakers. And that color of lipstick Lacie has on...I KNOW that was taken this summer...she NEVER uses that shade past Labor Day. As for Saving Rats? Come on...I was not born yesterday. (Three terrier heads nod and giggle in the background and whisper, "that's for sure!")
That, along with some other evidence has aroused my suspicions of WHAT THEY WERE DOING LAST WEEK.
Any Dog wanna talk? Nice juicy STEAK?????
Tuna fillets and sunflower seeds are available for other species wishing to tattle....
This looks pretty delectable for you figure-conscious Girls....a Bacon Salad Bowl?

Or for any tennis ball crazed dogs....Petey???? Any comments??
Hmm....Mumsie gets ready to play her best card....DYOS? DUFFY???? Would you pups like a cookie?
Deal or no deal? (I suspect that is a very good pun....)

Friday, November 14, 2008

She's BACK!!!

Scruff here...Lacie's busy. (She's claimin' she broke EVERY NAIL with all that cleanin' Asta had us doin...she's gettin' a pedicure...)


Mumsie found this on her arrival home. Um...we forgot to empty Opus' BOX....and HE DRANK A LOT OF BEER!!!!!...Mumsie's a little confused, but still thinks we spent the week performing community service. We communed alright, didn't we??? HEH HEH HEH HEH HEH!!!

The Peeps went to North Carolina to visit our hooman sissy, Cat Woman. Here she is in her 6th grade classroom. She's a first year teacher and is dressed like um was Greek Day! (We're pretty sure she doesn't dress like this every day!) Her school in in the town of Davidson, NC, where she went to college.....

Mumsie saw this random sign in hangin' in the Student Union...obviously the students are animal lovers.

Lookie here on campus....this tree is bursting with color!

Davidson is home of the Wildcats...(see the brackets last March for NCAA basketball...Davidson ROCKED....for a school that only has 1600 students...they made it to the Elite Eight last season!)

Here's one of those Wildcats hangin' out on campus! TEETH AND CLAWS...thank dog this guy wasn't at our poker pawty...can you imagine the size of that litter box???

Speakin' of kitties, here's of Cat Woman's cats! She is um....RATHER SUBSTANTIAL!!!!!!!

This is Colby....Cordie's bookend.....another substantial cat!

When the northbound Cordie meets the southbound Colby.....

After this, Mumsie and Daddy headed up to the mountains..........

Check out all these rocks we coulda left peemail on.....

More rocks...STEPS. STRAIGHT UP. Mumsie's really more of a lie-on-a beach-sippin'-a-coke kinda girlie.

WTF? (Lacie looks up from her pedicure and glares daggers at Scruffy for his language....)

OH Lacie would say.....

Now this is an entertainin' sight....'SPLODED PUMPKINS.....who 'sploded the pumpkins? (Scruffy looks around nervously perhaps expectin' Ichabod Crane arrivin' at any second....)

OH. Is that a terrier?

One of those rare black Dales??????

Is she lookin' for honey?

Now this pic reminds me of someone.....(Perplexed, Scruffy scratches his head....the light dawns....)

OH MY DAWGNESS....BOGART! That handsome devil.....
Bogart is lookin' for a GIRLFRIEND.....BTW....he wants someone with journalistic skills to write an ad for help him find his true lady love. It's a CONTEST!
How's this?
Handsome Devildale seekin' Airegal for romance with ? LTR in mind! Wants to mambo....
Well...that's sorta blunt....LACIE????? LACIE??? COME AND WRITE AN AD FOR BOGART!!!!!

Hey Bogart....what do you think of this big Gal for ya?????
Always thinkin' of ya Bogie! (Imagine what their pups would look like!!!!!)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

We're Angels

the little angels waiting for Mumsie

I told Mumsie a tiny , teeny fib...I said we were doing community service and being total angels and the house was fine, and we were behaving perfectly............

but c'mon, a terrier has to have fun..and as everyone showed up anyway(I'm NOT the one who started the poker party..I was out with Opus as you may remember)

Lacie flips her blond locks around, and looks innocent

Well spoiljoy Asta made me send everyone home tonight, and then she laid out her plan,
she claims she's saving our bacon

Scruffy sits up from his snooze "Is there more bacon?"

OK, I admit the house looks great, and all the smoke has been aired out...but I'm NOT HAPPY!

(to see what Asta made us do..go check out her blog)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Party continooes

Hi evewyone..this is Asta again..I think I'm the only one who can still type, hehehe

We wewe all vewy sad and wanted to stop having fun, because Girl Girl went ovew the bwidge, then Scooter said:

"hay-ok anok. luk guyz. i haf sumfink to say. when that fufu wenteded to the bridge, it wuz girlgirl that toldeded us he wood not want us to be sad! i fink she wood say the same fing NOW! they r hafink a blast in that liddol car. so comeon. let's pardee hardee in hur memoree! ok anok.
DEEL EM BOYZ! an drink tu thoz hammeez!!"

We all decided he was wight, and waised ouw glasses to all ouw deaw fwiends ovew the bwidge..
"Till we meet again"

then I got a call that Petey was hewe wif something.........................

Hi Asta,

Lacie asked me to wrassle up some grub for the Poker Party.
me,............... I've got to get back to my game of BlackLab Jack.



here is what he brought..Deeelish!!!!! dig in evewyone

and the pawty continooes..we've been joined by Mango, who says he has the best pokew face(we'll see about that), Brandy the gweat and all his family, Jake and Just Harry, and Dewey Dewster bringing his special beew mugs.........Little Dyos came..he wants to leawn how to play, and Amber May came wif some mowe ssnausages....has anyone seen Opus' visow???

just befowe he fell asneep , he mumbled something about having misplaced it.
Sunny is getting a little wowwied that hew Mom will notice that they'we not at home when she gets back fwom theiw Gwama's..........

and it's a holy mess hewe..
But don't wowwy..I have a plan!!!!!!
love and smoochie kisses

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


All  us doggies, and Opus cat,  here at the poker party, pause and bow our heads in sadness.
Our good friend GirlGirl passed over the Rainbow Bridge.
You will stay in our hearts forever!  Run free little Hamsterbarian.

Lacie,Scruffy and babyStan

Monday, November 10, 2008


Hi you didn't expect me to be hewe, hehehehehehehehehehhe

This is obviously Asta , not Lacie Scwuffy ow babySTAN

hewe's what happened: I came by to see if evewything was OK at theiw house while Mumsie is on vacation.....GULP!!!!
I found total chaos...
Cigaw smoke evewywhewe...lamps bwoken, spilt beew...Mumsie will just die if she sees this.

photo by Asta

clockwise awound the table awe
Maggie in bowlew,Snickers,Butchy undew hew and Gussie covewing his eyes to hew wight. ...Koobuss, Stanley of Gooberstan, a sewious Opus, Swede William,(who would nevew nowmally be caught neaw a cat, but wanted to be wif Teka) Scootew who had to come and show his Texas no hold something, babyStan, Tanner who snuck away fwom home to be wif his Twinnew Scooter, Teka jumping up and down twying to get Sweed Williams attention, Archie wif his back to us, Mitch in his old school tie, and Scruffy laughing his head off at the mess he has caused
I guess Lacie came home fwom hew date wif Opus and found that Scwuffy and Stan had invited evewyone fow an all week pokew pawty
she was weally miffed, especially cause evewyone was making such a big deal out of hew dating a Cat...Opus happens to be intewesting, and fun, and smawt, and a gweat date..
I met him this summew when I was in Italy whewe he lives.

Well, Opus decided to sit in on the game, and cuwwently is beating the pants off evewyone..he's a weal cawd shawk.
By two in the mowning, no one seemed to cawe if he was a cat ow a dog ow an efelant..he was gweat FUN.

I decided to stay too..this should be an intewesting week..I just hope Mumsie doesn't blow hew top when she gets home

smoochie kisses