Saturday, September 29, 2007

Up, Up and Away!!!!!

What a bootiful day for a balloon ride!!!!! My Sweet Koobuss and I have been attending all of the Penn State football games this fall! Transportation has been something of an issue. We went by helicopter the first time, and we had a little issue of the mountains in Happy Valley (State College, PA) hiding from us in the fog. It was such a lucky thing that Koobie brought along those parachutes! I had a small ankle fracture, but it quickly healed by the next week.
We went to see Penn State play the University of Michigan last week. Due to my ankle, Lacie rented and piloted a Lear jet...she got a little confused and took us to Indiana as she thought we wanted to see Michigan State play Notre Dame. All she heard was the word Michigan. After that game, I never want to hear the word Michigan again.
She has "Sir Dunstan" in from England this weekend...he lives with Jackson in the UK. You need to go to his blog to get Dunstan's true picture on his most recent post. He's much older than Lacie, but he's a gentleman, and I think they get along well. She drags him everywhere.
We decided to go by hot air balloon to the game in Illinois today. The game is in the 4th quarter, and is quite the nail biter. I had taken eggs, toast, bacon, hot coffee, and donuts to cook and eat on the ride. Here's a picture of us as we float over Pittsburgh, that Mumsie took after we picked Koobie up!!!!
Speaking of toenail biters, Lacie had a little issue landing the balloon. She accidentally brought it down in Lake Michigan. That Koobie...she brought life preservers for us all. Thankfully, that nice hooman rowed out to us and helped us get back in the air to get to the game!!

I think Penn State plays at home next week...I hope so...all of this travel is exhausting!
Relayed via balloon satellite,

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Our First Day Home!!!


Lacie and I were tagged by my Sweetie, Koobie to talk about our first day at home!! The handsome devil in the picture above is not me!! That's Sarge, actually Sarge II. Mumsie had Sarge the First as a child. (We wanna do a tag on predecessors someday!) Sarge was a cool dog with many endearing and not so endearing habits. He was Mumsie's Dog. He tolerated the rest of the family, but he was a one man/woman dog and she was it. Frankly, I don't get that idea. I jump on everyone who comes in here and tell them they're my favorite. Always wise to butter the toast on both sides!!!!! You will notice that Sarge could have competed in the beard contest. Frankly, I don't like that contest. (Lacie: That's cuz you can't grow a beard, Scruffy!!!)

Anyway, poor Sarge sorta went into multi-system failure in early March of '06. He died 2 weeks later. By the afternoon, Mumsie had ME on hold!! I was only 2 weeks old. Here I am my first day home in late April, '06.

One of my mean siblings/mom bit me when I was about 6 weeks old. I got a bad infection on my back and had to have surgery to drain it and place a drain. They took me from my siblings and mom, put one of those evil collars on that you can't bite around. I was not a happy dog.
Mumsie had 4th choice male in a liter of 5. The 5th male was the alpha dog. She had to decide between me, the "sick puppy" or the alpha dude. She chose me!!!!! Of course, I was taken from my mom at 6 weeks. That means er...I really didn't have the class with mom on "bite inhibition" that she held at 7-8 weeks. Didn't bother me any, but Mumsie's hands have taken the brunt of that one. (Mumsie: They still are, Scruffy.)

Look how little I am in Lacie's crate!!! I can barely fit in it now!!!!!

Here's me with Big Bruvver....he hasn't taken that Penn State hat off since this pic was taken. Yummy!!! Wonder why Mumsie always chops Bruvver's head off in pictures?
Mumsie really had no intention of getting another dog. Frankly, I was driving her nuts. By well over a year, I was still lifting my leg inside the house (twice on her as she washed dishes), recycling my poop....(just use your imagination on that one), and my personal favorite, ripping the clothes off her body. If you get your teeth just right on a pair of jamies or work nursing can rip them right off with no problem!! She'd flip out at me, but I didn't care!!!!! Um, that was the problem. I didn't care. She wasn't alpha. (Mumsie: We thought Scruff was a serial killer in a prior life; no conscience.)

Mumsie thought I was bored. And looking for attention. She was rather afraid of getting another WFT in case they turned out like me. I mean, she and I did 4 solid months of obedience training, but I didn't see her getting any more obedient. (Mumsie: Scruffy.............) She'd go to Petfinder and fantasize about writing my "ad." She realized no matter how horrible I was, if she saw a pic of me on Petfinder, she'd readopt me outta sheer cuteness.

She went to the Lakeland Terrier Org. website and found a list of breeders. She called the one if them that looked close to was in Philly. That breeder just so happened to have pups available. He shows his dogs, so he keeps the pups longer to see what might be his best show prospects. Apparently Lacie wasn't a show prospect. (HAHA!!) Anyway, since she was sooooooo old, we don't have any pics of her as a baby. Well, wait a minute.

Yep, that's Lacie at 8 weeks!! (Lacie: Go away,'s my turn now!!!!!)

ANYWAY.....Mumsie decided she wanted a Lakie to keep Scruffy company. She told my breeder that she would drive to Philadelphia that week and if she liked one of the babies, she would bring one of us home. She didn't include Daddy in these plans until the day before she was leaving. Daddy was a bit miffed. Well, like really miffed. He didn't feel they needed another "headache." (That's old Scruffy for me a migraine even now!!!) So Mumsie, Big Bruvver and Susan, Bruvver's girlfriend, made the big trip to Philly.

The breeder brought out my mummy. She wasn't exactly an add for a well groomed Lakie! I think I have her smile. She's a sweet dog who does no wrong according to Breeder. Hmm...maybe I take after my Dad a tad!!!

Here was the pup Breeder wouldn't sell as he was going to show her. She's apparently full of "piss and vinegar" and actually he didn't end up showing her cuz she was too smart. He said she was the smartest dog he'd ever seen and that was in 11 generations of Lakies. He didn't say that about me; but I am brighter than Scruffy. Course, so is probably the rest of the world.

Here were the two choices that Mumsie had to pick from. I'm on the left. Do you see why they picked me?????? I think the girl on the right was named "Headache." (Notice she cut Bruvver's head off again!!)

Breeder raises Lakies, but he primarily breeds Danes. See me with a much younger Dane puppy. Notice who got the bowl!!!!! Headache went thirsty that day!
We drove and drove...I had never been in a car and wasn't impressed. We got home very late.
The next day, Mumsie picked up Scruffy from Camp Kennel. We were introduced in our neighbor's yard. Again, I wasn't impressed. I couldn't believe how much work he was going to be to train. I started with housebreaking. He was papertrained and refused to go outside. He would see me get my treats for tinkle etc. performances and he GOT THE IDEA. That took maybe a day.
I watched him rip Mumsie's pants off the next day. She was screeching at him. He ignored her. I bit him in the butt. He didn't ignore that. That ended the pants ripping behavior. That took one time. Within minutes, Mr. Alpha Dog was forking over any toy or bone I wanted. I simply removed it from his foxy fetid smelling mouth. Mumsie and Daddy were flabbergasted. Daddy loves me. I fixed Scuffy. He's now a good dog. He better be!
I suppose we are both spoiled pampered dogs. I wish all animals could have a warm house, food, clean water and love. Thanks, Family!!!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Asta's Barkday Cake, by Lacie with love!!!!!

I just want to tell you that this was ALL Scruffy's IDEA. Not the cake...all good ideas are my idea!!!!!

I let him have his way 1/478 times and this happened to be the time. He wanted to be the one designing our costumes for Asta's Western Pawty. I really think he's way off the mark here. I had pictured I'd be wearing an adorable cowgirl costume...preferably in pink with bunny fur trim. But NO. Oh Literal Foxy Wire said I was going as a Girl Cow...and he was a Boy Cow. A picture is better than trying to descibe it. It defies description.

Here we are, out in the field.

Smoochie kisses for my bro???? Ah...NOOOOOO. EWWWWW!

Scruffy grazing in the mulch...don't most cows eat grass?

Mumsie said there is a strong resemblance here (I don't see it at all) former Steeler's coach Bill COWHER. (Get it? Get it???? PUN. No, this wasn't planned!!!!!!!!!)

Here we are; two cows among many carnivores and a hamster. You all wouldn't eat us would you??? Just in case you'd like to see what happens if you grill a "Cowstuffieterrier" all day, it turns to this.

Yes, a slightly charred Delmonico steak. MMMMMMMM!!!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the pawty tomorrow!!!! (We really don't smell like cows. ) Mooooooooooooooooo!!!


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Disco Dancin'

Hey, this is the Scruffy "show pose." Actually, it's the "Scruffy sees a groundhog pose." Same difference!

I just wanted to show you the costumes that Lacie designed for tonight's party at at Lola's here in the Burg! I like the way she utilized our natural for her Lakie red highlights and white and black for me which looks superb. (Can you tell I've been living with a girly girl for almost 4 months!!)We're actually not allowed to go out tonight because Mumsie is getting tired of worrying about our social life every weekend, but we're bustin' the Invisible Fence and getting the Goober Boy, Stan to pick us up on that crazy pawty bus!! We are bringing dozens of crockpots full of Isaly's chipped ham BBQ and hundreds of Klondikes....ya know the ice cream bars that originated here in the Burg. Nuthin' like a little local flavor for a pawty here in the Steel City.

Speaking of which, anybody who wants to hang out with us on Sunday and sneak into the Steeler game works for us. Yinz (oh, I didn't just say that, did I?), I mean "you" are invited to spend the night here if ya need to. Not sure how we'll explain that to the 'rents here, but Lacie is a fast, if high pitched barker.

Gotta run...Dad's out cleaning up the deer presents so that means I guess we get to go out and play. Or scout for groundhogs! Can ya dig it? Hmm..I think that terrier expression came from an earlier era than disco.
Wiry dancin'! Scruffy

Saturday, September 15, 2007



Thanks so much to adorable Dale pup from the UK in sending good thoughts and this blog honor to our home!!!!!!!!! She's a newbie blogger like we are, and we love her site too!!!!!

As I can't figure out how to import links yet....I will type it out didn't do that automatic highlight thing...oops. Go and visit her blog or get the link of our pack list!!!!!

We are delighted to pass on this honor to Ricky Pepper and his friends in Philly....his blog address is: or use our pack's link!

He's a bit indisposed today as he had some surgery yesterday. This is a group of dogs who open their home for dogs who need a forever home...and that door opens a lot. Check out Sophie, a little dachsie who just came to live with them...she's adorable with her big floppy ears! Ricky's family also has allowed Axel to stay with them for a month while his parents are in Africa. That sure beats Camp Kennel for a month!! They have blogged EVERY day of Axel's stay to reassure his folks and friends that he's well and happy. (He's exhausted doing dachsie duty!!!!!) What a caring group in that house!!!!! was not a fun morning in our house. Scruffy had to leave early to take Koobie to the Penn State game. He rented and flew a helicopter to get there quickly. HMM... probably not a good idea after the TAIL gating.......
With the party tonight in Singapaw, we had to get beautiful. This was not my idea of a spa day. Mumsie furminated us. Most of that fur is Scruffy's. Yeech. Good thing we don't shed. Oh, the muzzle is Scruffy's too. He gets very angry around his paw section!!!

After the furmination, we got into our suits for the PAWTY tonight. As Scruffy is looking out for Koobie, Mojo and me, Mumsie wouldn't let us go "au natural!!!" Like my pink bikini??? I woulda had Daddy hold my front paws up so you could get a view of the front of it, but he was busy sulking and washing his finger where Scruffy sank his tooth into it. Evidently Scruffy WANTED to go au natural, but that didn't happen. Hopefully, Scruffy didn't chip a fang on one of Daddy's metacarpals. HEH HEH HEH!!!!! A sensible Lakie would never ever do that. We don't bite, we just get even in devious little lakie ways
Check out Asta's blog for the pawtastic satellite photo of her and Stanley on the raft to Singapaw. She SAID her bikini fell off. Right.....!!!!!
Mojo, thank you again for honoring us....Wiry hugs and Lakie licks, Scruffy and Lacie

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lacie's Fix It Surgery...Cancelled...!

Hey Everybody....I wanted to let you know that the vet cancelled my Fix It Surgery on Friday. They stole my blood on Tuesday, and she called Mumsie today and told her that my clotting times were prolonged. Dr. Vampire is concerned that I might have this thing called Von Willenbrand's Disease and she needs to steal MORE blood to figure that out. She said it's genetic to Lakies. So there. She said she'd let us know. I don't think it's a doggie big deal, but it's better to find it out before they start the fix it surgery!

Mumsie took time off next week to rock me and now there's no surgery. And Scruffy's taking Koobie to the Penn State game on Saturday, and I wasn't invited. He SAID it was because I would be not feeling so hot, but now the surgery's cancelled and I'm still not invited. I think Scruffy's "in looooovvvveee." Hey, I can tease him...I just read the blog...SNAPDRAGONS??? I'm surprised he didn't find flowers called "Bitchy Sister" or something similar. He thinks I can't figure out his passwords. He's written Koobie's name about 15 times with rawhide sticks.

The sheep above are some friends of ours. It might be fun to have them come to Asta' s Party. They are usually known for their good times as you can see.

Thank you for all of the loving thoughts sent this way for my surgery...just delay them a couple weeks...I'll keep you posted!! Non clotting lakies licks,

Pee Ess.....Good bye Summer!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Reflections from the Ironing Board.....

Mumsie sez she does her best thinking ironing; unfortunately she doesn't iron very often...Here Lacie and I are working on the "darks." I don't know what all the fuss is about getting rid of wrinkles...this is easy.

I have a question for you bloggie friends. We are from a lot of different breeds. Some of us are different species...our cat friends and Girl Girl. There are even bunnies and toads we read about. If you asked all of us the best way to with a rope'd get lotsa answers, even from dogs of the same breed. I would tug it, Lacie would tease me with it, a kitty would pounce on it, a Boston Terrier would convert it to a Steeler toy, Asta would dye it pink and wear it, and Stanley would probably smoke it. (Sorry Stan, but those psychedelic pix on your blog cause me to infer you've smoked a few bones....!!!...Busy this weekend???)
Anyway, before we digress on Stanley's recreational habits, the POINT here is we don't see everything the same way. Yet I, Sargent McScruff, Thane of Wexford....(never did tell you my AKC name, did I?) have NEVER seen on all of these blogs anything but celebration for our similarities and respect for our differences (except, maybe for our siblings and we love them anyway!!!) So...what about the hoomans??? Today, on September 11th, 2001 before many of us were born, some hoomans did NOT respect each other's differences and made those differences a BAD thing. Perhaps for today, the hoooomans should be like us....sometimes a growl and a snap is necessary....but usually a good tail wag works. Maybe this is too simple. But why does it have to be so complicated?????????

I want to show you the "special Lakeland Terrier roses" that I got for Lacie to show my true remorse for deceiving her about that awesome toad party. (Actually, I really wanted to be "unstuffed" and stop being a 'Dale in an extended down/stay. It made counter surfing not happen. As you can see Lacie has her face right up in those "roses" inhaling away (speaking of recreational habits..)....and actually, she had a big drink out of the vase too.....Smart dog, that one!!
If you look very carefully at these "roses" you will see they chomp just like Lacie's mouth when she is flapping her jaw, nagging me or worse trying to bite me. (She was playing bitey face this morning (I wasn't playing....) and bit a big chunk of my booootiful wiry fur out and just left it on the floor. I asked Mumsie to split it up and send it to some of my girl friends, but she said no dice.....) Anyway, the flowers are SNAPDRAGONS. Have you ever seen anything so perfect. That's who I live with....a snapdragon. You can't say Scruff isn't President of the "Get the Last Word in Edgewise Club....." She will never ever figure this one out!! She will never guess that I changed my password to "Koobie."
Comforting thoughts to Lacie on Friday when she's having her fixit surgery. I am assuming that Mumsie will drug her heavily so she sleeps a lot and we can take walkies without her. I mean, I hope the surgery goes well, and Lacie feels better soon!!
Thoughtful wiry barks,

Friday, September 7, 2007


"Scruffydale and Lacie's New Place"

To repeat myself, "GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR." I am so mad at Scruffy, I can hardly contain myself. If anyone has ever seen a Lakeland really angry, this is not a pretty site. Scruffy had been locking the 'puter. Well, it certainly wasn't hard for a smart Lakie to figure out his password....."ASTA." That took all of one try.

So I checked out his last post describing the Great Deception of Lacie. I thought he had been digested by an amphibian, only to find that the little skank had been "pawtyin' down" in our own yard. Four days of debauchery; four days that I had to limit tanning, hair highlighting, and shopping just to negotiate for his release. Not to mention having to kiss those creatures!!!!! EWWW! Anyway, you get the picture.

It took me a while to figure out a plan. Certain Lakies have certain abilities that other dogs don't have. It's called "POOF POWER." Sadly for Scruffy, this is only one of my many talents. (Accessorizing an outfit ranks right up there, too.) Describing this is a tad difficult, even for a Lakie as eloquent as I am. Therefore,I will just show you.

Yeppers. I gave Old Scruff a big POOF and turned him into an Airedale stuffie. It's pawsome. He cooperates. He has too. He seems to be stuck in a down stay. I get ALL of his food at mealtimes....(instead of the usual quarter ration that I normally snatch from him), have all of the toys, and have Mumsie all to myself for "girltime" know, pedicures and such.....

Look at him here...he's trying to play, trying to make me forget about his pathetic bitey face for Scruffydale. I WILL negotiate with Scruffy. He can talk. You just have to get very close to the Stuffie to hear him. Most of what he's saying is not printable on a family/puppy blog. I am holding out for flowers....roses. Perhaps, when he's tired of being dragged around by a leash in his fixed down/stay, he may appease me with gifts. Not that I'm usually this easily swayed.


I didn't mean to post this picture.'s Stanley. Yep, Goober Boy himself. You see, I'm turning 7 months tomorrow and I can date then. But, Stanley said he had tooo many other girlfriends. POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFF.
Should I call him Wirygoober?? Gooberfox??? He looks good as a WFT. He also seems to be stuck in a down stay position. Heeheeehee. The only dogs shedding in this house are the Stuffies!! Perhaps Stanley might change his mind and add a 4th girlfriend to his list. Or perhaps I will enter him at Westminster as a Wire.
PEE ESS.... When Mumsie took me out to use the facilities this am before work, she was grumbling that her shoe was too small. She stopped in the middle of the driveway, took her shoe off, shook it and out dropped a baby TOAD right in her hand. She screamed so loudly that I'm surprized our Swiss friends didn't hear her. I laughed my lady-like butt off. Only Mumsie. Perhaps the toads see her as paparazzi for all of the pics she's snapped of them. By the way, Toadie Baby hopped quite happily off to the party bush. She was fine. This house only gets odder and odder!!!!!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Oh What a Week!!!

Hi Bloggie Friends!!!

Hmm....Scruff here. Er...Umm....the only thing I feel badly about is that some of you were worried about me. I only meant to pull the wool over Lacie's eyes, not yours. I mean...I did go out that night looking for a snack; a toad snack. But, I got to Toadster's bush and he had a MAJOR pawty goin' down. Beer, pretzels, cigars, poker and some amazing "Pong" that we played with tennis balls and dog bowls. Hey, I don't have a big bruvver for nothin'. There were some really odd guests at the party. A hermit crab named Sebastian, Bailey...that adorable short puppy with the mini-legs that make her look like a ground hog on wheels...Lacie's words, not mine, a bunch of toads...with Toadster being the prime host. I felt like I fell down the rabbit hole with Alice; as you can see there was a giant bunny there too.

It was soooo doggone much fun that I didn't want to go back in to hear Lacie's nagging. Imagine 3 whole days of being able to pawty. NO RULES. I can tell you the Scruffster was truly unleashed. We had to figure out a way to go home again...(I really needed a bath, oral hygiene...all of that beer and smoke...and a good meal..) without Lacie freaking out. We came up with the Smoochie Kiss Deception. IT WAS HILARIOUS! Kissing a toad, Bailey, and a crab just about did her in. We laughed our fuzzy dog/toad/bunny butts off. After reading that Lacie was truly worried, I do feel kinda bad. I mean, she said she loves me. But I can't believe that she really thought that a Wily Wire could really get swallowed by a Toad. Silly Lakie. I will make it up to her and I'm sure you have some suggestions. BUT, we're not goin' to tell her quite yet. She's being sooooooo nice to me. SSSSHHHHHHH! HEH HEH HEH HEH!!!!!

We have some major unfinished tagging to do. Well.....the favorite food tags just went wrong. Nothing is ever easy in this house. Mumsie cooked some deeelissh corn on the cob. (All of her terriers have enjoyed this treat.) The problem was, Daddy was still at work and noone was here to hold the cob. Bruvver is back at Penn State Obedience School. So Mumsie put the corn on the floor on a dish. HAHAHAHA. AS IF. I snatched that corn so fast and took off with it. Yeppers. By the time Mumsie threw herself on me, half of the cob was missing in action with corn kernels all over the family room carpet. I ran under the kitchen table where Lacie nabbed it and chomped another part off the cob and ate that. We never knew the cobs tasted so scrumptious. Oh, it was great problems. After all of that, Mumsie forgot to put the memory stick in the camera. So...
We played the food tag game again today, but a slightly safer version. As you can see in my stoooopendous counter down stay, we love to eat lobster, lamb, chicken, ribs, duck, cheeseburgers, and occasionally roast fox. Lacie wasn't allowed on the counter as her down stays aren't quite so predictable.

As for the middle name game....well...Lacie's registered name is "Queen Anne's Lace." In my humble opinion using Anne as her middle name it would work like this. arrogant narcissistic



Now none of that is very flattering, so I guess I could put a pawsitive spin here...

A....adorable nonsense...she's the sensible terrier...

N...nippy er not so nice, but she gets a little rough in the bitey face game

E..hmm. I can't think of a nice word that starts with E.

Oh man, I'm too tired to do me now. Maybe Lacie will do mine later. have to look at this pic. Mumsie hired this Mechcanical Terrier to dig up a chunk of our backyard to plant more grass for us to play bitey face in. We coulda done the work ourselves. I let him realize that he was on OUR territory. Take that!!!!! Scruffy