Monday, June 30, 2008

Lead-bottomed Lacie!!!!! REVISITED from 7/08

We got tagged by Mango to put a link to a post from this time last Stanny and I (at the risk of our very lives) decided to RERUN the post explainin' how Lacie got her image of havin' a big butt...a large caboose....a grand derriere....yeppers, this is the post where it ALL STARTED...takes us back, doesn't we're supposed to put up other pics from the course of the last year, but Stan and I are figuring that we better start packin' for a small vacation after this runs again....IT'S GONNA BE UGLY AROUND HERE....Many thanks to Mango for giving us the opportunity to make fun of educate new bloggers on the origins of Lacie's ginormous BACKSIDE!!!! Enjoy the ride.....Scruff and Stan (who are laughin' hysterically and packin' frantically.......)
JULY, 2008

Hi Everybody....Babystan here....check out our visitor for the week. This is Baylee, Bruvver's fiance's pup...she's a Cockapoo....happy little thing. She's figurin' out our pack. I'm workin' on her tug a war game. She's workin' on Lacie's hairstylin'. Baylee has the most amazing ears...but that's another postie!

Lacie got this bright idea that she wanted to go to our new doggie waterpark. She was thinkin' it might be a fab place to hold a party. For our kitty friends....look at this cat area....Lacie sez it's "just 'dorable!"
Yep...that's an area for the CATS. Check out the aquarium at floor level with real fish. And all the pix on the wall are of fish!!!! It's amazing!

Lacie and I sauntered up to the pool and frolicked into the's saltwater....Lacie said she didn't want to fade her highlights or somethin' with chlorine......
This place is amazing. There's a picnic pavilion, a play structure....a hill with a tunnel buried in it for terriers and other tunnel-lovin' dogs...or hammies!!!!!

Lacie and I took a walk out to the deep end of the pool.

I left her over by the deep end while I went in the shallow end to check out a sunken toy. Um....I never woulda left her over there if I'd only known......

That she was gonna start screamin' and throwin' her front paws over her head.......
I charged into the pool!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lookit my ears....I'm flyin'!!!

I'm swimmin' as fast as I can to get to her!!!!!

Oh my dawgness...her backend doesn't float. It finally comes to me.......
LIFEGUARD LACIE CAN'T SWIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She's swallowing water....hold on Lacie Girl....I'm coming!!

Thank heavens, I reached her in time....I carefully used my large Dale nose to nudge her coughin' and sputterin' outta the pool......

This is a classic's not often ya get to see Lacie without full makeup and her fur styled!!!

By this time another doggie showed up...Yep, until this time we had THE WHOLE PLACE TO OURSELVES...Oh, BTW, Mumsie took Scruffy there with me a couple of days before we no, the wire foxie is not deprived.
Now Lacie was in a REALLY BAD MOOD cuz she looked stoopid almost drownin' when she's a lifeguard and everything. And, um...I guess I shouldn't have said this Golden had better lookin' highlights than she did....look at her expression when I whispered that in her ear!

She got over her snit, though. She and Izzy the Golden were practicing some Synchronized Swimmin' moves for Lenny's Pawolympics.....hope Lacie learns to swim before she tries that one!!!!!
Wanted to let you all know that Stuffie Stan has healed up almost completely....thanks to everyone's amazing help!!! He's going to need a lot of rehab/therapy with Sam I Am the Whippet, but he should be as good as new!!!!
Wet Barks!

Ahem...Lacie here...this is completely fictitious....I merely did not want to get my curls wet and ruin my nosecara....I...gulp...only panicked slightly at the thought of Bruvver's takin' pix of me and um I forgot to swim with my back leggies....IS STAN SAYIN' I HAVE A BIG BUTT???????????????

OH MY YES...THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT WE WERE SAYIN' LACIE...AND IT'S BEEN DOCUMENTED IN NUMEROUS POSTS SINCE THEN...WE TAG ERIC, ROSIE THE BEAGLE, AND MOLLY AND TAFFY...go to the link on Mango's blog we have can either do what he sez or make up your on version....OMD, Stanley...get ur suitcases and RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (we were supposed to tag a new friend, but none of our new friends have been bloggin' for a year!!!!!)


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Books and Stuffies and GOOD FRIENDS!! Ur All the Best!!

Lacie here...Hi Everybody!!!!! 'Member this book??? Jackson has talked about it on his bloggie....Cat Woman (our hooman sissy) gave a copy of it to Mumsie. IT'S HILARIOUS!!!!
Yeppers....we read it....and just sent it to Asta....let us know who else would like to read it....if ya find something particularly funny....put a note by it in the margin and sign ur name....FEEL FREE TO WRITE IN THE BOOK!!! We encourage it! Then when ur done...pass it on....just think of all the good sniffs we'll have as the book meanders from house to house!!!!!

I want to pawsonally thank ALL of ya for ur good wishies and offers of help in nursing Stuffie Stan after his horrific Gator Attack. Help has come from everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Girl Girl isn't comfortable nursing Stuffies, so she gladly lent Pinky Winky for a week!!!!!

Noah's Sissies came all the way from Austrailia....they had some nursing experience from helpin' out with Noah after his recent surgery. Noah climbed in the box to along with Auntie D.....she brought another blender as she knew that we would need buckets of ice for all the swelling Stuffie Stan had....She's had that blender roaring day and night. When we're off duty, we hang out with her...she makes FAB um um SMOOTHIES....yep...noootricious SMOOTHIES!!! Auntie D....can ya run and get another bottle of alcohol sterilization purposes.....

Relentlessly Hooge Mango popped in from Mass A Chew SITS!!! And Sweet Hector!!.Stuffie Stan awakened from surgery callin' out Mango's name. (That might of been cuz Mango was sittin' on his tail....OUCHIE!!!!!)

Sweet Koobie and Scruffy's lovepup drove her little red car here...she took I 8O across Pennsylvania...but forgot to turn South before she hit Ohio....I think she stopped to watch the Indians play a couple of games....(How bout those Pirates, Yankee Fans???? But I digress!!!!!)

My nursing instructor, Asta came with Myrna....Asta surely wepresents a modestly attired nursie. Unless ya go to her bloggie and see WHAT'S UNDER THAT CAPE. Check out the shoes too...she can wear whatever she wants...she's the teacher!!!!!

Myrna looks 'dorable in her nursing outfit!!!!! Gilbert's eyes bout fell outta his head when he wheeled toward her!!!!!

Here's Miss Snickers...she came to help out......she'd only been here a day when Stuffie Stan made an unexpected TURN FOR THE WORSE....and SHE HAD TO OPERATE!!!!!

She's assisted Dr. Snitchybug so many times she knew just what to do when Stuffie Stan had tummy we are preparing for EMERGENCY SURGERY..........

Agatha got here and started an IV....Stuffie Stan was dehydrated...I couldn't get one in his tiny veins...actually, I don't know if he has veins...couldn't find 'em....But that Agatha...she could stand at the door and toss and that IV would jump was 'mazing!!!!!!!!!

Look at the bootiful job Miss Snickers did on the stuffingectomy she had to perform....that pawfect incision...and the bootiful dressin' placed afterwards. We were in awe of her skill!!!!!

BUT.....Snickers became ill herself.....she rode Babystan quickly back to Iowa(thank dawgness they made it over the Mississippi)....and good thing...she had a seizure when she got home. I only hope it wasn't from the stress she went through here....please join us in sending zen in her direction......she's feelin' better today!

Aggie and Asta placed Gooberstella in charge of the nootrition post's not my place to question my instructor's decisions, BUT....Stella??????????

Do you see the size of that straw????????????? And that's not exactly ginger ale....
She was helpin' out with the oral fluids...and she burps like Mango when she's done...

Do you see Willow the Black Dale in this pic??? Nope...didn't think so....she blends in pawfectly with the counter. She's helpin' me darken the grizzle saddle on my that my blond highlights stand out more....oopsie...I'm digressin' again......
Luna came down from New York to help out and Kaci and Hershey...those adorable terriers from NE are amazing at makin' beds and givin' bathies.....Toffee's been runnin' round here like crazy always willin' to help out when needed. He brought some rat name Nunzio with's drivin' Agatha nuts! Archie came too, but he and Scruffy have been playin' poker with the other pups...That little Levi is quite the card should see him makin' eyes at Kaci and Hershey....Petey...Asta's friend from the Wun started a telethon to collect funds for Stuffie Stan...HE SANG!!!....costs were minimal cuz of all the help so we donated a lot of $$$$$ to a shelter for abused alligators....Hey, we're non-disciminatory!!!

Even Scruffy's gettin' into the action here....lookie at him with that stethoscope 'round his neck...heehee....he could listen to his own tail and here something....!!!!! I think he's tryin' to make a sneak attack on that chicken soup Stan's sippin'........
Sam I of the whippets is gonna come and start therapy on Stuffie Stan....thank dogness I've all had sooooooooooooooo much help. You are all the the bestest friends EVER!!!!!!!
Now....Asta and Agatha have asked me to go to the UK to help nurse Jackson whose ear had a bad run in with a Dale's tooth.....I was wondering if Koobie and Mango could supervise care is a very complicated nursing case....
Barkin' at Ya!!!!!!!!!!
Lacie Girl





That Stella...peanut butter??? Post-op???

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kickin' Dale Butt???

Mumsie here...yes, I know I'm takin' over the blog...but it's just for a minute. Lacie will post later re Stuffie Stan's progress...(slow...very slow!!)

BUT. DO YOU SEE THE MESS IN THESE PICTURES? LOOK CLOSELY. Yep...that's the bottom rack of my dishwasher. On the floor. With dirty dishes and silverware everywhere. AND no very very guilty Dale to be seen. (He was cowering behind my spouse.)

Do you have any idea how difficult is is to speak firmly (euphenism for yell at) a dog when he's managed to pull this one off? Without laughing or killing him. Sigh. I laughed.

Stanley decided that the spatula I had just used to make egg sandwiches was not completely clean...even after frenzied licking. I was closing the dishwasher when that....RAT, that BEAST absconded with the ENTIRE RACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And carried it across the kitchen until it fell with a resounding crash. Why he just didn't take the spatula, is something only a Dale could answer. Why I have dogs...another good question. AND...we're watching Bruvver's fiance's doggie this week for her....FOUR DOGS. I'm thinkin' bout going back to bed.

Love, Mumsie

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Home Again & Stuffie Stan's Accident.....!!!

Hi Everybody!!! Lacie here! As usual! We're home now from Hilton Head....but I have to fill ya in on the accident Stuffie Stan had on our last day there.....Asta's friend Petey had left a comment on our chatbox to go and visit a store that a friend of his mom owns. Stuffie Stan climbed on his trusty bicycle and off he went!

He found the store nestled in a lovely area with restaurants, cafes, and JEWELRY STORES (caps for the girls!). Feelin' a bit dry from the short bike ride he sat here and ordered an iced coffee.

Then he stopped to smell the flowers........

Here is the picture of the Petey's friend's store!!! 'Cept it wasn't open yet...that was unfortunate cuz I hear they have some of the latest fashions! Not to mention some 'dorable shoes I saw by peakin' in the window!!!

Now Petey DID mention that there was a GATOR that lives by this store...and that he tries to lure you over to him.

Now Stuffie Stan was feelin' pretty brave from his last heroic Gator experience........

Sometimes bravery equals stoopidity.......

Stuffie Stan....THAT IS NOT A GOOD IDEA!!!!! The following pix are a little too graphic for younger pups or kitties.....(cover ur eyes, GirlGirl!!)

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank Dog, someone called was a terrible fight...with the Gator sustainin' severe Dale- inflicted wounds.

And Stuffie Stan is severely injured! His hindlegs sorta look like chopped wait...I am a nursing student here...the Stuffed Dale is suffering from severe lacerations...deep bites to his lower extremities requiring multiple stitches....he also has numerous abrasions from being dragged on the concrete. He has multiple wounds to his back, snoot and poor little Stuffie nose.

I'm hoping all nurses and nurse wannabes could come and help with some shifts. He needs wet to dry dressings on the deep lacerations with some iodiform gauze packing. Chicken broth needs to be spooned every 30 minutes to keep him hydrated. He needs to be turned every two hours to prevent bedsores....(the big word is Di Cube It Tie....) We're keeping him sedated to help him heel oops heal!! There was still a bottle of Absinthe here from Seymour, so Scruffy has been spoonin' him that, but I don't think Asta or Agatha, my nursing instructors would approve. Oh my...I hope they can come. My class hasn't read the chapter in my nursing book on Care of the Male Dale Stuffie Following a Gator Attack...

I propped him up here so he could take some nootrition, but he is very weak. It was a long car ride home with him!

Other than a few misadventures such as this, it was a FAB week!!!!

Anyone interested in helpin' to nurse Stuffie Stan, let me know...these 24 hour shifts are killin' me, and my brother's aren't much say the least!

Barkin' at ya!!!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Highlights and Gator Wrasslin'!!!!!

OH MY!!! Before I get into the Poker Game, I just HAD to show you girls the highlights on this um terrier. Look at her beardie...I'm takin' this pic to the groomin' spa with me the next time...they musta had those foils put on pawfectly!!!!
Look at her back...perfectly positioned highlights...from dark brown to light frosted....I AM COMPLETELY IMPRESSED!!!
The Poker Pawty was a complete disaster. Only a few brave doggies showed up to it was mostly Turtles and Gators. It was TERRIERFYING. I guess I should have known when Mr. Gator started callin' me "that tasty little morsel," but in my defense, I thought he was referrin' to some of the Horse Dovers that I had made.
I had run into the kitchen to bring out a fresh plate of chips and gawk a moley and when I came out, Scruff and Babystan were hogtied and the Gators were buildin' a fire. They grabbed me makin' me spill the nasty green gawk a moley all over my blond highlights. I screamed and screamed.....
AND STUFFIE STAN CAME TO THE RESCUE.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our hero!!!

He ran in a zig zag pattern TOWARD the gator and JUMPED ON HIS BACK!!!!!

He wriggled his way up toward his strong gator jaws.......even lost his shades and hat there for a while with all his exertions!!!

AND GRABBED THOSE JAWS AND HELD THEM OPEN......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(He's had lotsa practice watchin' Mumsie tryin' to get stuff outta Scruffy's mouth!)

And for good measure....Mumsie came and SAT on him. That could kill anybody....!!!!!!
You were all right in voicin' your concerns.....
Lacie Girl!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bustin' Outta Camp!

Hey Lacie Girl here...we WERE at camp, but we had a hoooge poker pawty last night, and Scruffy um incurred some debt so to seemed prudent to leave as quickly as possible. So Scruffy and I climbed on Stan's back and rode to Hilton Head to see Mumsie, Daddy, Bruvver, Cat Woman and their respective significant others. Check out the new friends we made. These guys live right by our condo...Mr. Gator is about 4 feet long and moves fairly quickly....Tom the Turtle is a slow dude...we're havin' a poker pawty with them tonight...if any of ya wanna come down it ought to be a good time. 'Sides, Bruvver has the fridge stocked full of Corona and limeys...not to mention chips, salsa and fresh guack a moley dip...mmmmmmmmm!!!
Ya shoulda seen Big Bruvver freak when Mr. Gator startin' comin' outta the water to visit...he was takin' his pic down on his haunches and almost fell on his butt tryin' to stand up...Mumsie just took questions asked!!!!!
Look at that nice smile he has...he looks an awful lot like Babystan when ya hold a cookie over his long Dale snout.

I think he's smilin' at the fact that Scruffy is the worst poker player on earth and he's gonna TAKE ALL HIS MONEY tonight.....

I need to go and get the food ready for the pawty...not too sure what the reptiles are gonna eat.


Scaly Barks....


Friday, June 13, 2008

Clumsie Mumsie and Goodie Exchange!!!

Babystan here....sorry we haven't posted much this week...Mumsie's been frantic with work, Sullivan's disappearance, tryin' to pick paint colors, and the fact they have the suitcases out and we seem to be going to camp. I see a lot of swimsuits and beach towels out....NO FAIR!!!!!

Um...about Sullivan. Gulp. Well...Scruff and Lacie put this really cool package together for Agatha and Archie's Barkday. I had nuthin' to contribute. So...Sullivan was sleepin' so I scooped that Wheelie up, dumped him in the box and sealed it quick before he woke up. Then I got WHEELY WORRIED that he would DIE in that box....from the heat. I needn't have fretted. That Dawg partied all up the East Coast. We've been gettin' GINORMOUS bills for pizza and beer from the UPS people. We know he made it to A & A's with his wheels intact. Mumsie is not pleased. She said PL2 has NO IDEA how much a dog with four hollow leggies can eat. It's not gonna be pretty.

This is our brand new dog proof sofa. It has a ten year warranty against dog poop, pee, rawhide slime, pukie and anything else we can do to it. What it does NOT have a warranty for is latex paint. Yeppers...not pretty around here yesterday. Mumsie was kneelin' on the sofa paintin' one of those test spots...Lacie jumped up and sniffed Mumsie's arm. She jerked her arm away and dumped A LOT of paint on the cushion. The carpet cleaner people (with whom she is on a first name basis...) ran right over and worked on that stain forever. And didn't charge her. Musta thought I was cute in my extended downstay!!!!

So last night...she manages to dump MORE paint on it...TWO more times. Sofa is obviously a paint magnet or Mumsie is clumsie. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!
Psycho Bambi has left the, yard. In her place is Psycho Turkey, eatin' bird foodie outta the bird feeder. Least he doesn't attack!!!!!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Agatha and Archie got US in the International Goodie Exchange. They sent their box forever ago and Mumsie made us wait till today while she's packin' to open it.....WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

First a card that Ag and Arch had roached on to give us their scent!!! MMMMM...that Agatha smells good. Um Arch...what brand deodorant are ya usin'...or not usin'.....HAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!

Look at the spread on this floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There's Scruffy readin' a bookie PL2 sent for Mumsie....What Dogs Teach Us!!! (Maybe there is a chapter in there bout paintin' walls and not spillin' it!!!!!)

Oh Yummers....2 mail people and ONE CAT!!!!!!!!! What can I say?????????

AND THE BEST....CAN YOU BELIEVE THESE?????? Beer and wine Stuffies????????
Lacie got the wine one and Scruffy got the beer!!! We have never ever seen anything SO COOL!!!!!!!!!

BUT!!!! I got the best stuff in the box. These totally cool plastic bubble things to POP!!! The little dogs tried to fight me for them, but NO. I won! I popped all of them!!!!!
There are 3 tasty corncobs, hard rope balls and too many things to count. Except our blessings of good friends and Dogs With Blogs!!! Thank you A & A for ur generosity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On another VERY IMPORTANT SUBJECT........................
Look at this puppy pic of me playin' BITEY FACE with one of my sibs!!!!!!!!!!

Or this pic of multiple Dale pups includin' my sissy in the water bowl......Yep...I am in this pic....accordin' to Grandma C., my breeder...I was the chunkamuffin in the litters.
I say litters PLURAL cuz my dogmom Bubbles died not even a day after I was born. So my Aunt raised us...nursed her own litter of eight Dales and mine of nine. Last May was a crazy one for us when we were born.......Seventeen Dale puppies for Auntie to look after and the hoomans to supplementally bottle a new meanin' to being up all night!

Is this pic not a blogger's dream?????????????? I mean, how CUTE were we???????????
And I'm postin' all this for a REASON!!!
My breeder Grandma Cathy and my bro, Dutch and my dogdad, Chance STARTED A BLOG!!!!!!!!! They don't know anyone yet so...........
They have a bunch of Dales and some amazin' JRT's, and some CATS. Click on this link to go and visit!!!!!
We terriers will be at Camp, but Mumsie will try to keep ya posted bout our week ahead....
Barkin' at ya....