Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bambi Strikes!!!

Gilbert here...Oh My....The triple terriers of trouble went out today to use the facilities...and THAT SAME DEER that's been starin' at us came out of the woods again. She keeps comin' back.

Another stare down. THEN SHE ATTACKED!!!!! She chased all three dogs! And TRIED TO KICK THEM! Mumsie completely flipped out and started screamin' out the kitchen door. Big Bruvver was more efficient and ran outside and chased Ms. Deer and tossed a few tennis balls at her...missed completely...he did play baseball for 10 years too...
We all came in where it was safe. Mumsie talked to a Naturalist with the County Parks who said Ms. Deer is really Mommy Deer and is protectin' a baby. She said she'll do this for another week or so. Hmm. I mean, the dogs have to potty sometime.
Mumsie let them out again at dinnertime watchin' carefully. Yeppers. Two seconds later Mama Deer comes chargin' into the yard....AND CHASED MUMSIE. To say she wasn't pleased is an understatement. She grabbed the pooper scooper and stinky pooper rake and smashed them together with a loud bang and Mama Deer retreated back to the woods. It's a war now....

To hear them all describe the deer, she looks like this!?! Um...well...I don't think so.

Lacie, Babystan and Scruffy are bringin' suit against the deer. Like hirin' an attorney for representation. Yep...Scruffy hired himself. For the uninformed, Scruffy is a law student who does take cases now and then. That deer doesn't stand a chance against the Scruffman. Tune in next week to find out how this case develops!!!!!


Gaia the Airedale said...

That damn deer has to go down! Chasing your mom, NOT COOL! Come on Scruff, you got it since youre in such nice attire hehe. Im surprised that little deer came back. We have deer around here, mostly those HUGE elk though jeesh, have you seen those creatures??

puppy breath,

Gus said...

Oh my...Teka's little heart is going flutter flutter flutter at the way BabyStan looks in that suit! She wants to hire him to represent her...says muzzer did not have her (Teka's) informed consent when she was spayed. Teka says she will send him a retainer she found in E.Beth's room.

Gussie guys may wanna figure out another place to pee!

Asta said...

Gilbert my love..pleez be caweful..I don't want you huwt..those deewses can be scawy..I know you awe bwave and tough, but I'm a scawdy giwl and I love you
wheeley smooches Myrna

Oh if you have Scruffy wepwesenting you, no wowwies!!He's bwilliant(we have geens in common)
smoochie kisses

Unknown said...

Hi kids!

Oh deer...

Be careful - she could be related to Santa's reindeer through marriage and then if she gets mad enough, no presents!

In the meantime, we're sending you some suits of armour (with drop seats for going to the bathroom!)

Your pal,


Amber-Mae said...

Oh my gosh! That Mama Deer sure is not scared of any of you. You thjree need to be careful not to go near the woods area. Try & stay close to your home...

Butt shakes,
Solid Gold Dancer

Lacy said...

w00f''s gilbert, tell them to b careful, and run really fast away from the mama deer..

b safe,

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Hey pals, I'd LOVE to come and chase that deer with you. I never knew they were so brazen! J x

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh that deer is scary to come chasing after you doggies and your mom ... Gotta be careful when you head out..

~ Girl girl

Duke said...

Tell Mrs. Deer that you guys are the taxpayers and she's trespassing! Honestly, the nerve of her! We hear venison burgers are pretty tasty!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Peanut said...

Deer can be dangerous. Glad it didn't kick anyone. The lawsuit will be interesting to keep an eye on

Dexter said...

That bambi is a big dope. You need to slap a retraining order on her. Good luck in court.


Deetz said...

I figured she probably had a baby in that tall grass....How cute it will be when she brings it out....You guys be careful, cuz she can get real mean with a baby and all.
Maybe she will move her baby soon

Lenny said...

Crazy deer!

My crazy nana and grandpa have a deer head in their house. I could send you pictures if that might help the case - scare the mama deer a little!

Your friend, Lenny

Joe Stains said...

I think what you need is an Air Horn! you ever hear one of those things? You go out in the yard and give a good WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHNK and I bet that sucker takes off!

Agatha and Archie said...

Uh Scruffman,Can I hire you to take a case out against my sister? For stealing my toys? On second thought maybe not,the pay back might be awfull for both of us.Love Archie

Agatha and Archie said...

Scruffy my darling,DON"T EVEN THINK OF IT>>> NOT FOR ONE you loook stunning in that suit..Love Aggie

William Tell said...

We've had a few baby fawns we raised for the wildlife department, and they have a ferocious kick when they're riled. Glad you terriers are okay! I don't know about you guys, but I might develop an awfully shy bladder if I was stampeded over every time I tried to use the facilities.

William Tell

Noah the Airedale said...

We had no idea Scruffy was a lawdog. Hmmm we might need his assistance against a neighbourhood dog that hates Noah's guts.
That momma dear sure gets cranky with you guys. Best to stay away as much as possible, we don't want you guys getting kicked in the butt.

Hugs and tail wags
Willow Tess and Lucy

Rudy said...

Wow -- that deer needs to remember that saying, don't mess in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and tase good with ketchup. Something like that!

But somehow I think I'd run away from Mama Deer too...


Deetz said...

Have you seen the baby deer yet? I wonder if the baby is friendly

Asta said...

I didn't even have a hat...can you imagine???
I may have to hiwe Scwuffy and sue Mommi, so faw I just walk on the shady side, but if I get a out!!!!
You weally like my subble highlights???
I totally twust youw taste...hope Mumsie gets some west !
smoochie kisses
pee ess tell the boys that they awe NOT funny making fun of me...boooo hoooo hooooo

Princess Patches said...

Poor terriers three! That Bambi is making it dangerous for you to use your own facilities! We used to have a mama deer who followed Mom and Dad's cat all the way to the house. Dad says she lost a fawn and thought Wayne was her baby. She must have been really confused...Wayne was gray and white...or maybe she was color blind. Good luck with your potty outings!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Anonymous said...

Stanley, my boy...This is your father, Chance. Bit concerned and embar-wassed. Son you are the King of the Terrier-ists..staring at a deersie does not work...ya think your a Border Collie?????

Charge that deersie and bite HER (jeesh..a girl deer?) in the butt! Let me know when 'ya take her down...I'll be over for some mine very rare! No need to fire up the grill.

"fraid of Bambi...must come from your mother's side of the family (God rest her soul)...'course Grandma JoDee says no way! Her jeans are perfect! Hmmph!

I know you have a nice set of B--ls...use 'em boy. Be brave, stand tall and repeat "I am the King of the Terrier-ists". Protect your Mumsie at all time. Don't let Bambi bambozzle ya!
Your loving father...Chance

PS...Grandma Rose just told me that you had the snip-snip job few months back...not sure what she's talkin 'bout. Do you know?

Maya and Kena said...

Oh geez! We've never seen a deer, let alone get close up to it! But even if she is chasing you and all (which we know isn't very pleasing or safe), she's only doing it to protect her baby.. so she's not being mean. But we hope you guys stay safe and not get into any mess with her..
Have a great weekend!
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena

♥Mona + Prissy + Angel Weenie♥ said...

Oh wow...are you sure that's not a moose instead of a deer. The nerve of that Mommy dear to chase you guys away and then have the nerve to chase your Mom.

Let us know how the case turns out Scruff man.

love ya all.........Mona

Eric said...

Scruffy pal,hate to say it but Bambi is not the cute Disney one.. . they are killers!! The ones in my Royal Park are the same right now we have HUGE warning signs everywhere stating how dogs are KILLED every year by the not so dear little dears at this time of year. . . please practise bladder control . . . or maybe get a gun dog in for the day?

Wiry wags, Eric x

Stanley said...

Hey, Gil!

I told the terrier trio to WATCH OUT! Those mama deers can be stinkin' scary, and that she might just mow them all down. But to go after Mumsie??! That mama deer has some balls.

Take care & keep us all posted on the lawsuit!

Goober love,

Koobuss said...

You guys and the deer have to come to some kind of agreement. You get to potty at certain times and she must respect your privacy. For your part, Scruffy, Lacie, and BabyStan, you must stay X number of feet away from the woods, so as not to upset her. How does this sound? It seems fair to me.

Look at it this way. At least it's not a snake! (Ours reappeared on Saturday. I'll tell you more about it later.) Or a skunk, which is outside now, so I won't be going out for a while. Isn't living by woods fun?

Love and Koobuss Kisses,