Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Reflections on the Boyz....by Lacie

Lookie who showed up at our house last night!! It's Asta...and she came from NYC bundled up in her warm coat and doggles bearing a large pot of soup that surprisingly didn't spill at all!!!!! She is the best nursie. She fluffled Mumsie's pillows and spooned the hot nourishing broth down her horrible sore throat. She seemed to perk right up. Then Asta made one of her special Sore Throat and Terrible Cough Smoothie in the blender. It had all sorts of special fruit juices and that special 150 Pwoof Wum that she brought with her. Mumsie slept better last night than she has in a week. She and I spent the night under Big Sissie's bed....and we made a fort and had a huge marshmellow fight with Babystan and Scruff...!!! Thanks to Asta for all of her help!!!

I have to tell you....I think I am living with two WIMPS....Pansies....I don't know what to call my terrier bros.....

Mumsie took all three of us for a walkie last night before Asta came. It wasn't so cold and she figured she couldn't get any sicker outta the house than in it....we had JUST finished pulling her flat on her derriere...(hey, don't blame us...she slipped on the ice on the sidewalk!).....when Babystan freaked out. Like went BALLISTIC. He barked, he growled...he snarled....Of course, Scruffy joined right in the fracas. Being a sensible Lakie, I decided to reserve judgement. Mumsie said the hair was standin' up on the back of her neck. Now that we have Babystan, she figures he's a deterrent to crime....who would want to tackle with that big bad boy???? She scoped the scene out and was flabbergasted to see these two shady characters.

Now, granted today they are a bit melted. But...I mean this dude had a carot for a nose. It was a Snow Bunny...with big frozen stuck up ears.

And beside the Snow Bunny was this fierce creature...yep...a Snow Dog. He's also melted now. Mumsie dragged Babystan over...he had his brakes on....and told Scruffy and him to give them a big sniff. The expression on Stan's face made me laugh my Lakie a** off!!! It was like he went..."well...so there...okay...so I may have made an error." My brother Scruffy was not one to lose face. He jumped on top of the Snow Dog and um....well (blush) made suggestive motions with his backend. Snow Dog was not impressed. Scruffy said she/he was frigid. So the Airedale is the King of the Terriers....and the Wire Fox Terrier is described as fearless and intelligent????? HA HA HA!!!!! Let me tell you these two are not quite up to breed standard if ya know what I mean! It was PATHETIC!

I constantly have to supervise these two. For very little pay, I may add. Grrrrrrr.

On a brighter note.....lookie what showed up on our doorstep today. A HUGE box from Gooberstan and Stella. The boxie itself is as big as Kansas. I can't wait to open it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tune in to our next post for pressie pix from the Republic of Gooberstan!!!!!!!!!

Sensible queenly barks,



Koobuss said...

Scruffy did what????? Oh my!! Lacie, you better have a talk with him. Please do it before I see him again. I expect him to be a perfect gentleman on the plane to Arizbona and all the while we are there.

We have some of those decaying snow creatures around here too. I totally ignore them, as any self-respecting girl would.

As for BabyStan, well, he's still a baby, so his behavior is excusable.

Lacy, you really have your paws full there keeping those two in line, but I know that you are up to the task. You are doing a great job so far. Keep up the good work.

Sure hope your mumsie feels better. At least she is entertained.

Love and Koobuss Kisses,

pee ess As for my Sooooooooper Bowl attire, I thought I would wear a football shirt in case someone gets hurt and can't play. Then I can take his place and go into the game. I can run real fast with the football! Wait and see.

Koobuss said...

It's me again, making a pest out of myself.

I just want to say that I am very relieved that Asta has arrived and has the situation with the patient under control. That soup she made sure looked good. With it's secret ingredient, I know that it will be able to cure just about anything. Hang on Auntie Munsie!!! RUMMMM! Hehehehehe.

Extra Koobuss Kisses this time for Mumsie,

Stella said...

Miss Lacieeeeee!

Hewo, sweet Lacie! I feel for you... having to supervise your bruzzers. I know, it's a dirty job but somedog has to do it!

I would pay big money to see Scruffy humping a snow creature. And what Koobie said about BabyStan is true. He's still a wee mite of a pup.

My hairy bruzzer, Stanley, and I are SO PLEASED that the package arrived in one piece. We were sure if its contents were known that not everything in it would have made it to your house (as even some hoomans covet the largest thing we sent). Too bad Mumsie washed it off. It was plucked fresh from the soil of GooberStan.

Please give Mumsie a big goobery kissie from me. Mine are sweet and also have healing properties. The scent of today's goobery kissies is... mackerel... Ta DAAAA!

Love to the Scruffy Boy and little BabyStan too.

Goobette lovin',

Harry said...

Jolly glad Asta's soup is doing the trick with mumsie!

As for the BabyStan/snow creature debacle, hmmm....am I taking it form the photos that it wasn't even dark? Could they have looked scarier than they really were in dusky light conditions? I too think we will have to say that maybe it's because he is still a young whippersnapper. Hardly the behaviour of one of us Kings I agree!

Toodle pip
Harry x

Duke said...

What a life saver that Asta is and she didn't even spill one drop of soup! Bless her!
BabyStan was just trying to protect his family. Mitch says he gets high marks for that!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Princess Patches said...

Yes, it is our Mom who makes the needle felted critters and no, we haven't heard anything about Maggie of SoCal. We hope that no news is GOOD news!

Lacie, you sure are doing a great job of keeping Scruffy & BabyStan in line!

Tell Mumsie to make sure she eats ALL the soup so she can get better very quickly.

Poppy & Penny

Dexter said...

I wish I could come out and help your mama get better. I am the best doggie for sick mommies because I love to snuggle.

You guys were right to beware of those snow things. There are some in my neighborhood and I bark at them, too, to make sure they stay put. Sometimes they even appear in my yard and then I pee on them to show them what's what.


Anonymous said...

Scruffy,Lacie,Baby Stan & Mumsie

So glad Asta brought the soup I am sure Mumsie will be better right quick. Those boys, sure make me laugh, I never saw one of those snowy things we don't have any of that white stuff here.

Give Mumsie some wheelie smooches from me and How is Seymour? I really need to meet him soon.



Peanut said...

lacy you poor thing having to keep those boys in line

Patience-please said...

We hope your mumsie is feeling better. We've "helped" our Servant find the ground on many a walk and she says the most inventive words when that happens.
Wha is it with the humans and their fascination with making animal monsters? Some of our neighbors got cement LIONS, huge life sized things and we barked and tried to get the Servant the heck out of there, but the horrible Ingrate LAUGHED at us.

sighs from the whippets

Gus said...

Lacie....muzzer is rolling on the floor at your description of the adventure with the snow creatures. Did she ever tell the story about the time I attacked the lighted snowman? No? Whew. We just won't mention it again, OK?

We hope your mumsy feels better soon, so you can leave her with a clear conscience when you come to the pawty. Teka is a good heating pad, and she is small enough to go UNDER the covers to share her heat. You can borrow her.


Ruby Bleu said...

Thank dogness Mumsie has you around to be the 'normal' dog. How else would she survive? How wimpy can you get barking at snow creatures ---- puhlese!!!!!

Hope Mumsie is feeling much better! Give her a lick for me!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Ferndoggle said...

Asta always comes to the rescue! What a great gal.

Your brothers & my sister should start a big whimpy, whoosie club. Lola is always getting freaked out at statues and sculptures and giant blowup Xmas decorations our crazy neighbor put in their yard.

Talk about embarrassing!


Lenny said...

Hey Lacie! I think your brothers are pretty funny. I can't believe that Scruffy, um, got "friendly" with the snow dog! Wasn't that kinda cold??

Your friend, Lenny

Asta said...

I'm wolling awound the gwound laughing my head off...they wewe scawed of a snow bunny and a snow dog???
I don't think it's the bweed..Maybe it's cause they'we boyz..evewyone knows giwlses awe lots bwavew...look at Snickews the huntwess!1 and Aggie!! and Me,hehehe..we can't help being soopewiow.
I had so much fun with the mawshmellow fight in youw fowt..we have to do it again soon..glad the soup helped!
smoochie kisses,Asta

The Black and Tans. said...

Gosh Lacy how do you cope with 2 barmy bruvvers?
You are doing a sterling job keeping them in line while your Mummy is poorly.
We send her lots of get well woofs and wishes.

Molly and Taffy

Lorenza said...

Hi, Lacie!
Sorry but I can't stop laughing!
Your brothers are two of a kind!
Glad Asta came to help your mom with her super soup!
I really hope she feels better now!
Kisses and hugs

Joe Stains said...

Asta sure is a FABULOUS nurse. I can't believe you have to keep track of those two nuts. I mean, humping snow dogs?! that sounds like something Tanner would do!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh, Asta sure is nice and a pawsome nurse

~ Girl girl

Urban Smoothie Read said...

asta really did possess some great skill...

poor snowbunny...he got melted away..

Noah the Airedale said...

Hey Babystan, we know where you're coming from. We dales can't help it. We have to assume everything is a threat, even a plastic bag rustling on the road. That one always gets Willow.
Your poor mumsie slipping on the footpath.....ouch.
You're so lucky to have had Asta come to help out.
Take it easy.

Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

the many Bs said...

that sounds like quite an outing with the snow creatures. i bet we would have barked at them too. hee hee. i'm pretty sure that none of us would have did what Scruffy did though.


Agatha and Archie said...

Oh this is such a boy thing,Archie goes ballistic at GARBAGE CANS!!!!!!!!!!!(but he has never tried to hump one) Isn' that great that Asta didn't spill one drop!!! Arch doesn't need a wheelchair he is renting a Vespa.Any way I won;t tell you what he said about you passing the body mechanichs class,something about if I wanted to be spun around and then thrown off the wheelchair or something like that.SOOOOO excited for Sunday!! Love Agatha and Archie

Maya and Kena said...

Hey there!!
How sweet of Asta!!
And BOL about Scruffy and the snow doggy... hee hee..
Have a great day!
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena