Saturday, February 13, 2010


This post is dedicated to Penny, Poppy and Patches' Dad and to Wally....we would have waited in deference to them to post this, but dear MAX is on his World Tour and popped by to see us....we hope that the silliness here helps to give someone a smile today!!!

Scruffman here...LOOK!!! Look who's in our yard...IN THE SNOW! It's MAX....all the way from South Africa....he's on a WORLD TOUR...we are honored with his presence. Max has been educatin' us in Blogland for a while...he's now teaching us bigger lessons...of courage, grace and dignity....we walk with him on his journey....we want him to know we are HERE for him!!!

Now this is where this post gets dicey....Lacie has a new LOVE INTEREST....

Have ya met this guy?????

McGillicutty? That studmuffin Irish Terrier??? Ya gotta go and introduce yourselves, if ya haven't....he's been working really hard to get visitors to his bloggie...Lacie calls him Gillie....AND...

Yes, she asked him on a DATE. My sister is nuthin' but predictable...well, it is VALENTINE'S DAY WEEKEND!!!

Look at 'em here...yeppers...a Saint's fan...Stan and I were worried bout this new boyfriend routin' for the OTHER Black and Gold, but evidently he admires this dude here in the picture...none other than the famous Steeler, JOE STAINS...Gotta love his taste...and Joey's hair!

And look....Gillie seems to know MAX...he's evidently visiting him too, on his Tour!!

Gillie, bein' Irish and all offered to take Lacie out for a beer...a Guinness to be Lac is more of a smoothie girlie, but A DATE'S A DATE in her book...

Petey, bein' helpful as usual sent THREE TICKETS for them to FLY TO IRELAND....

 for Gillie, one for Lacie and ONE FOR LACIE'S BUTT...look at MAX tryin' to figure out what that hoooge object is...we heard that plane had to remove a bunch of luggage just to get off the ground....and that it took three tries down the runway....

Why is MAX on this date? For protection....and not for Lacie....wordie is by the waterbowl that other dogs are fearin' for Gillie's life here....well, ya know Lacie....

Here he is whisperin' some advice to Gillie...

Now, Chap, don't be mentionin' anything about the size of her makes her go stark ravin' madders cracker dog...and are ya up to date on your rabies????

Look at this pic of the romantic couple on their way into the pub.....that Gillie looks like he's already been samplin' the brew....and Lacie's SMIRKING already???

I see why the other dogs have been concerned....

Here they are for another round of brewskies...'cept I think Lacie brought her blender...she never goes anywhere without it...thank dog MAX is there...I'm chewin' my nails.....Lacie is at her most dangerous when she's wearing pearls!

For some reason, Gillie suggested to Lacie that they motor over to KISS the BLARNEY Lacie ever needs persuaded to do any KISSIN'....and lookie what will happen if she kisses it...



Sheesch...all that dumb Lacie does is shriek and persuade...she needs this like she needs more shoes in her overly stuffed closet....

Hmm...that's an odd position for kissin' the stone...I can just hear her nails scrabbling...

OMD...SHE FELL!!!!!!!!!

Oh, Mumsie's gonna go ballistic....she FELL...took the PLUNGE...

BUT LOOK....her big backside got STUCK!!!!! How is she ever going to get rescued?????

Gillie must be havin' a heartie attack!!!!

OMD...she didn't TAKE the plunge....SHE WAS TOILET PLUNGED....he popped her right back to safety!!!

McGillicutty is a HERO!!!!!!!!! That is one quick-witted Irish...

We want to wish you all a Happy Valentine's day...we want to welcome
McGillicutty to blogland and we want Max to know he's not alone on his journey!

We love you!

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Yes, woo did hear us laugh all from 'here' to 'there' -

I've been trying to tell The Kid not to do it but woo know kids -

I'm glad Max was there - now he khan see why we paw what we paw when we paw about SWEET Lacie!

Happy Valentine's Day to ALL of WOO!

PeeEssWoo: Mom says the pub looks furry much like her memories of The Lion Hotel in Worksop Notts UK

McGillicutty said...

At, 10:35 pm EXACTLY, Lacie, me love, I will post MY pics....I do think I'm smitten with you, I must say...

McGillicutty said...


TwoSpecialWires said...

Leave it to Lacie. Yep. You made us smile. You managed to squeeze in some sentiment, some snow, some silliness, some smoochies, some smirks and smoothies all into one jet-setting blog post with dear Max. His head must be spinning - to say nothing of Sir Gillie. (We hope he's not allergic to you ... seems his nose must be rather drippy.)

You're looking lovely as usual, Lacie. Jake is hoping for a Valentine kiss. And he promises to not interfere with your new love interest. Max can even chaperone ...

(I told him I'd ask. He's feeling a bit shy.)
We love you LacieGirle, and your brothers, too.
Fergi (and Jake)

McGillicutty said...

Where'd I get the plunger, you ask, Lacie? vWell, a good southern gentleman, let alone an Irishman is always well prepared. You never know what I have up my sleeve.

Plungers--never leave home without them.

Unknown said...

You Holy Terriers, that has to be the FUNNIEST POST EVER! Mommy laughed so loudly, I think she woke up the alligator from his hibernation! Laughter and tears, always a wonderful combination. So glad Max could be along for the ride - after all, he's got loads of experience with wild beasts!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Your Pal,


P.S. My word verification is TRASH! We're you all trashed after the pub?

Maxmom said...

Hey Guys
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY and THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for making Mom smile. Her smile is so wide today - she could swallow a banana sideways - and that's just because I've been invited out of the house to be with you guys on this world tour! Geesh you have gone to so much trouble to make me feel welcome. Thankxxxxx!
Now Lacie girl....Firstly, don't every let anyone say anything more about your butt...I've checked it out and declare: "IT'S THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS".Go on...tell them...Max says so!
I also want to say, that you are 'tame' compared to some of these hyenas we have here in SA...!
Listen, we love you and appreciate you very much. Have an awesome day with your special love-interest!
I need to go and recover now...hic!
ps. Your my fifth host that I've visited...thanx again! xxxxx

Bobby said...

Well done me laughing so early in the morning,
Happy Valentines Day
Licks Bobby

Duke said...

Who knew that McGillicutty came prepared with his plunger! Thank doG - he saved the day!
This is one stop on his tour that Max won't be forgetting anytime soon!
Happy Valentine's day to all of you!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Dexter said...

Beastie! That photo of you all tarted up at the bar! Oh my goodness! And your big butt getting all stuck. See why you need to work out?


D.K. Wall said...

So much fun seeing where all Max has been.

Asta said...

My sweet BFF
Once again the diswespect and aboose, but I'm happy to see that you have met youw match and Mc Gillicutty is still smitten and Max has wevewaled to the wowld that youw bum bum is bootiful despite the woomows to the contwawy.

Happy Valentine's day to all of you in the Buwg
smoochie kisses

Agatha and Archie said...

HAPPY Valentines Day kidlets!!! Lacie??? sigh.....we are speechless..( Well actually ARchie is barely breathing he is snorting and chortling so much over the plunger picture....Pl2 is going to have to sedate him becasue he stops and then starts all over again..It is a stupid boy thing I think.. love A+A

Golden Samantha said...

What a happy stop for Max on his World Tour! Furry funny and we will def. visit Mcgilli...'s new blog! He's going to have his hands full with Lacey - good thing that Max is along! Happy Valentine's Day!
Hugs xo

Duffy said...

This is one post for the laugh-riot record books. Glad McG is up to the Lacie challenge. And it seems Max had a good time, too. Happy Valentine's Day Lacie!

Sunshade said...

Oh man Lacie!! You beat me to the new stud on the blogsphere! I gotta say tho, he seems quite charming, saving you and all. Your muscle butt is gorgeous and I see its doing the job at getting BOYZ. Good job girlie!

ps. no package yet... when did you send it??? And thank you so much for thinking about ME!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

OMD - we are all still laughing here, you should hear the hoots from the Momster. Great time for Gillie, Max, and Lacie - Lacie never ceases to amaze us and always entertains us to the hilt. Thanks for sharing your fun time with Max, our heart dog of the day.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Woos, Phantom and Thunder

Clive said...

Well, we don't quite know what to say ... but we're still laughing here anyway!!

A great post and a great way to celebrate Max's World Tour!

A very happy Valentine's Day to you all too!

lots of love
Clive and the NSLM

Paco,Milo, Maya and mommy Simona said...

OOOPPPPPSSSS LAcie...Max gave you a Valentine's kiss?????!!!
Awwwwwwwwww....what a lucky girl....
I'm falling in love with him after his visit..he's soooooooooooo handsome...soooooooooooo gentle.......soooooo much I would have loved to have a kiss from him too!!!!
How it's been????
We can't see your photos....We tried to open your blog lots of time but each time we open it we aren't able to see you rphotos!!!!
We'll try tomorrow again!!!!
But we bet he had wonderful time with you guys!!!
You're sooooooooooooo funny.....soooo sweet.........sooooo nice....
How Max Could have had bad time with you???!!!!
HAppy happy happy Valentine's day dear friends!!!

Sweet kisses and licks to all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Oceanside Animals said...

Way to show Max a good time, guys!

McGillicutty said...

Me Dearest Lacie,

I just got your message on my blog. You know, me never said anything about your bottom, bu NOW it makes sense. You had it padded up and THAT'S why it was so huge. I see.

And, now me knows why me felt so loopy the entire night. I mean, Irish pints have never made me so tipsy. I didn't know you were slipping your, um, "smoothies" into my pints. I noticed that one of my pints tasted kind of fruity, but then, it all becomes very fuzzy. Oh, Lacie, you're little devilish...but I'm still smitten. Maybe kissing the Blarney Stone DID make you more, er, persuasive?!

We did have a great time with Max, huh? I'm SO glad he came along! What a guy! We were a very attractive trio.

Until next time..Irish love, McG

Eric said...

Heheeehee!!! Snigger. plunger...oooohhhhaaaaa! Snort. I like that irish laddy. Amazing he survived the date of the year. He's a right handsome old red head. Mom has fallen for him already. Feel a bit jelly as you girlies say. I'm hoping Toffee doesn't sniff him out. Be gentle with him Lacie. Us red heads you know. Have hot tempers to match. Or. Is it temperements? Wink.

Happpy Valentines lovely Lacie!

Wiry love Eric xxx

Unknown said...

More Max Tour? But of course and you included your other furiends as well. Silly post? Absolutely not! I loved it Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley! What a fun uplifting tribute.
Happy Valentine's day to you and your loved ones!


kissa-bull said...

we are so furry happy max is having such fun with all his furryends and no doubt your muscle butt was icing on the cake
we are shending you some extra juicy pibble sugars and wishing you a vewy happy vawentines day
the houston pittie pack

Deborah said...

That was a fun visit! Max sure is a great friend to everyone! The plunger was a riot!!!

Koobuss said...

Oh my. Poor Lacie. Seems everywhere she goes and no matter who she is with, there is a disaster of some sort.

Now I know what plungers are for. Hehehe....

Love and Koobuss Kisses,

pee ess Hi Scruffy. Thank You for the Valentine Day's card. I so want to be your Valentine.

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

What a good post this is. Lacie it was genius to take the McGillinator to Ireland! And it was also a good safty precaution for Max to escort him. Safety for him!BOL.

Luckily Sweet Sally Ann accepted my invite to be my Valentine, or I MIGHT be jealous!! I hope you don't break the poor guy's heart.

Joe Stains said...

oh man if he calls you back after that hot mess you may want to marry him. ESPECIALLY since he clearly has good taste in friends, ya know, ME?!

glad the Valentine's Day was not a total disaster...just mostly.

Princess Patches said...

Thank you for a few smiles. And thank you for thinking of us at this really, really sad time!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

that LAcie is on fire!

we got yyour message! thank yo so much--we can't wait! will let you know when it gets here--hope it wasn't too much trouble!

groucho guinness ans Saige

Kelly said...

Lacie Girl,
You guys are always so good at making everyone smile when sad things are happening. You are wonderful, supportive friends. Hope you know that!

I think you may have found your match in ol' Gilly! Hang onto him with all 4 paws!!!!!


doyle and mollie said...

laughing too hard to comment max's time with us must have seemed so dull after all your hijinks
loves and licks

Moco said...

That Lacie is always in the middle of some adventure.