Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mumsie's Nuts and Seein' Squirrels by Stan!

Ok then...Stanley here...have ya ever seen ANYTHING SO PATHETIC?? Mumsie found this guy/girlie at that ebay kennel over the pond in the UK. Looks like this wheelie found the wrong side of a bar-room brawl?! He's being life flighted AS WE SPEAK to Dr. Snitchybug. Dunno if he's gonna make it...but Mumsie couldn't just leave him there....ya shoulda seen the ad...."Can you help?" it said. She, being a total wimp, sent for him immediately. I'm sure Dr. Snitchy will be updatin' us....
Hmm....I'm think I smell somethin'.....

OMD....it's squirrel chasin' time!!!! WAHOO!

That feisty squirrel teasin' me...just beyond my nosie.

Oh man...did ya see him jump???????

Sheeshch....he's like a bird!

Look at my jete....I'm better at this ballet stuff than Mango....leaps...twirls....


OH NO.......LACIE...GIVE ME BACK MY SQUIRREL....NO...you can't have him for one of your furs....

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! Scruffy...NO!!!! He's mine...I caught him!!!

Three Way Squirrel Terrier Tuggie.......

Sheeshch....they got him....look at Lacie and Scruff...won't even acknowledge each other....

Honestly...all that work...I heard Lacie might be wearin' that squirrel to the wedding....is it appropriate to wear furs at a morning wedding??? Better consult my Dale fashion guide.....

That said, it brings us to the tail end of this post!


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Nevfur a dull moment in Da'Burgh!

Even my nutzie mom wouldn't do that with a stuffie!


The Oceanside Animals said...

Oh dear, I hope the poor little fellow will pull through!

Dexter said...

Nice hang time, my man. You are amazing. I also like the triple butt shot.


P.S. That creature from the eBay looks like rough trade to me.

Peanut said...

It figures lacie would let you do all the work and then take the squirrel

Dexter said...

Yuh, if Master had seen Momma take my poop into the house and wash it in the kitchen sink he would have FREAKED!

She just left it on the counter with the note for him to find. He didn't even know it came from my poop (hee hee).


P.S. Momma (the dotty old hen) finally remembered I had a cow trachea on Sunday and thinks that's what it was.

Unknown said...

First off, Mumsie looks like a teenager in those photos which reminds Mommy of the word for a female dog.

Second - WOW! Stanley! Those are some awesome leaps and twirls. You should be on Dancing with the Dale Stars!

Third, Lacie, squirrel fur for a formal wedding in Saltzburg in May? For the sister of the groom??? (Are you going to wear your Uggs too?)

Fourth - Lacie should be grateful you didn't tie a string on her and swing her around in the air! We saw a Lakie outside our window today- it was with a bulldog and we thought it might be you with a bodyguard...

Finally - check out my blog today - something REALLY important! Seriously!

Your pal,


Dughallmor Beagles said...

Whoaa Stan! You got some big air goin on there bud!
Love the ballet moves, you lot are the cutest :D
Hey....you got pesky skwerls....we got blimmin wabbits, come see!
Slobbers xx

Anonymous said...

Sheesh don't those 2 ever let you have any fun?? You do all the work and they come along and steal?? There oughta be a law!

Feather, Darla & Pappy, the TN Bull Terrors

TwoSpecialWires said...

Did you ever see Billy Elliot? You remind us of him, dancing so high and mightily.

Wow. We're impressed!

Jake and Fergi

Moco said...

The three of you can sure get yourselves in a heap of nonsense.

Stanley said...


Your new header photo is STINKIN' coolio, man! You are a much better ballet dancer than I am. That's for sure.

The last photo of this post is also quite a keeper! Three terriers... three tail salute!

Bummer about the squirrel, buddy. Looks like a confederacy of dunces against you, man. However, I can promise that when you and I play squirrel hunt that if you catch the squirrel, you will get to keep the squirrel. That's just how I roll.

Can't wait to meet you snout-to-snout!

Goober love,

Duke said...

We love the 3-way Terrier tug pictures! That poor squirrel! hehehehe
Mumsie's new wheelie will look so handsome after Dr. Snitchybug gets finished with him/her! We can't wait to see!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Princess Patches said...

Stanley, you can LEVITATE! And somebody can take pictures lots quicker than our mom! She can never catch us in mid-jump! The flying skwerrel looks like loads of fun!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

♥Mona + Prissy + Angel Weenie♥ said...


I'm so excited!! I can't wait for my package. Thanks so much.

Poor whellie. Hope he/she can be patched up and become a part of your family.

Mommy said you gots the cutest little butts.


Deetz said...

Squirrels on a stick is the bestest ever. Stanley Man, you are lookin slick with your aircut. I wonder if I will get an aircut this year. The furs around my butt is getting kinda itchy if ya know what I mean...

Asta said...

What Gwace! What flight! You awe a natoowal. Pawhaps you could come to NYC fow fuwthew twaining wif the Joffwey, ow ABT?

( btw, Is Mumsie going backwawds in time? could we pleeze have the secwet?..she looks like a highschool cheewleadew)

I hope Dr snchitzibug can save him/hew..it looks like the end was neaw befowe the wescoo. Tahankd dog fwo youw Mom
love and smoochie kisses (I love all youw butts)

Kelly said...

Ummm Stan, do you have a girlfriend?

Are you into small, petite pugs who may or may not resemble a sausage with legs?

Inquiring minds want to know...

Martha said...

Hi Stanley
Loved your post and pictures - that picture of you leaping for joy is brilliant!
Not sure about the Ebay purchase - will it pull through?
Looked like it needed life saving surgery and intensive care to us.
Let us know if he/she makes it.
We dont think fur would be an appropriate thing to wear to a Spring wedding but we always check with Asta when it comes to fashion.
Martha & Bailey xx

Gus said...

oh my...we think you have found a project that will challenge Dr. Snitchybug. But we know now why Mumsie couldn't resist him.

Love the butt shott!


The Black and Tans. said...

Oh we do hope your new wheelie pulls through OK. He really does look as if he has been in the wars.

Stanley your leaping skills are second to none. Well done.

Molly and Taffy

Joe Stains said...

You sure that wheely wasn't victim to Lacie's hair cutting skills, or lack there of?? I sure hope he makes a full recovery. As for that squirrel fashion question, I think it would look ok, but I don't know the first thing about it. Better to ask an expert. Like Tanner...

Eric said...

Yppeee!!!! Another pesky wheelie leaves this side of the pee. Go wheelie. Wheel ff into the sunset furever (But oh my dog...Mom was watching that wheelie..was going to bid... then she missed it like usual...Mumsie and Mom coulda been bidding against each other!!!)

Stan. I'm renaming you Rudolph. Not the one with the red nose.
Nice butts Terriers.Butt.We knew that already.

Wiry wags,Eric xx

Koobuss said...


What in the word was that?

Great photos! Munsie looks like a high school girl.
And Stan, you are an amazing athlete!

Koobuss Kisses for Everybody,

Amber-Mae said...

Oh my! Three-way pulling! Poor squirrel. I love the last picture! I think it's priceless.

Butt sniffs,
Solid Gold Dancer

Scooby Doo said...


My name is Scooby Doo (I am Suzuki's brother) and I run my own business called Lookin' Fur Love. I have a client on file who may be a possible match for you. His name is Hootie. You can view his information on my blog.
Hope you stop by.
Hugs from the Stud
Scooby Doo

GSD Adventures said...

The nerve of them to steal your squirrel! I bet you've got something up your paw to get them back. :P

Have a great weekend,

Daphne and Pruett