Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sniff...Sob....Woe Is Me...

Mumsie is SOOOOOO mean. She told me I was grounded for Koobie's Ski Pawty, based on my "inappropriate cheerleading outfit that showed a complete lack of morals." OR...I could wear this horrid outfit EVERDAY until the pawty and maybe even TO the pawty....'cept I think I'll freeze. (Scruffy: "Lack of clothing didn't seem to bother you at the last pawty.....")

Sniff...sob....whine.....I have NO choice...I have to wear it...look at those little stoopid pants with the ruffles and the shoes....NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I will never live this down. (Scruffy: "You're probably not gonna live the LAST outfit down either....I mean I even saw some dogs blushin..."

Lacie: "And who are you, the moral police, Scruffy?"

Scruffy: "No, just a concerned brother who loves you. Sometimes, Lacie, life's got rules...and ya just have to live with them. All behavior has consequences....ya may as well learn that before your first Barkday."

Lacie: "Don't even remind me...my first Barkday is this Friday....and I'm stuck in this outfit...I think I'll go and hide behind the chair."

Scruffy: "Would you like a lollipop?"


Gus said...

Oh Lacie: Your mom and Scruffy only love you, and all of us love you too....we understand that you want to grow up fast, but we love your puppy self. I really like the little outfit. But then, maybe I'm just a dirty old man.

kissies anyway

Asta said...

It's not that bad..akshually, You look kindof adowable..you'll see when you get oldew, you'll wish you wewew still a puppy..and it's so wowth it if it means you can come to the ski pawty at Koobie's .....I love youw pigtails...maybe you could do my haiw when I see you next..I'm still pawtying in RIO..if Mumsie thought youw outfit was wild, she's swallow hew teef at the site of some of the outfits I've seen hewe, hehehe..good thing you didn't come along, you'd be gwounded fowevew.
smoochie kisses,

Duke said...

The lollipop kid??!! Awwwwww, Scruffy, stop making fun of your sister! The outfit isn't too bad, Lacie! It's kinda flowery! hehehe

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Ferndoggle said...

Oh my DoG! Did Mumsie get that outfit at Gymboree?? I'm so sorry you got in trouble for the cheerleading outfit. But we did a good job rooting against the Pats, huh?


Anonymous said...


That outfit isn't so bad, please come to the pawty, and tell Scruffy to back off or I will do a wheelie on him.


Anonymous said...

Scruffy, Lacie & Baby Stan

It's me again Opal, how is Seymour? Hee,hee, I really want to meet him and Dunstan.


Joe Stains said...

That is some serious punishment your are being given. There has to be a way around it. Pack some other clothes and bring them and change on Aire Ruby!

Oliver said...

Oliver's Mommy:

OM Gosh! You have got me rolling on the floor laughing!


Dear Lacie:

I think you look really nice in your cheerleading outfit (drooling). I want to go to the ski pawty too, so PLEASE do as your Mommy says, and wear your ugly outfit, I really want to see you there.

Dear Scruffy:

I am not hitting on your sister.

Your Buddy:


Patience-please said...

We wouldn't worry about the outfit. You've been the victim of some HORRIBLE EVIL SPELL and [shudder] you have human appendages GASP!!!

We're going to bed.

tails low-
the wigged out whippets

Lorenza said...

Hi, Lacie!
Sorry friend I can't comment but I can't stop laughing!
Kisses and hugs

Harry said...

Oh Lacie! But I'm an old fashioned sort, and I think you look rather sweet!

Toodle pip
Harry x

Amber-Mae said...

Oh gee, this is sooo sad. Hey, you still look cute in that "childlish" kido clothes, heehee! Sorry, I can't stop giggling. But anyway the point is, your mom just loves & worries about you. She's scared that there'll be notty mean boys out there who will kidnap you & do meanie things to you becoz you dressed too sexay. Do you think you need to go to rehab to fix your problems out so that you'll be a good girl again? Hugs to you Lacie!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Princess Patches said...

Lacie, you look adorable either way, but we think this outfit won't get you grounded! I'm sure most of the boy dogs like the first one better, but being girl dogs, we vote for this one!

Poppy & Penny

Agatha and Archie said...

Well we ah think that you look kind um cute yeah that's it!! Cute(but Archie said something in the background about it not being as hot as the other outfit)Cheer up Koobies party is soon,You can sit in the lodge with Arch and sip cocoa. Hey you guys we just sent you 2 packages( because it is your birthday AND someone else's)So one is a birfthday package and one is a valentines package( blush blush) Love and a million smoochies A+A

Koobuss said...

Oh Lacie,

Don't worry about the outfit for the ski pawty. You will need a ski jacket outside. That will cover it up, and inside in the sauna and whirpool you won't need anything. It won't be a problem. Just stay outside or inside the sauna and whirlpool. That should fix that.

Love and Koobuss Kisses,