Friday, September 7, 2007


"Scruffydale and Lacie's New Place"

To repeat myself, "GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR." I am so mad at Scruffy, I can hardly contain myself. If anyone has ever seen a Lakeland really angry, this is not a pretty site. Scruffy had been locking the 'puter. Well, it certainly wasn't hard for a smart Lakie to figure out his password....."ASTA." That took all of one try.

So I checked out his last post describing the Great Deception of Lacie. I thought he had been digested by an amphibian, only to find that the little skank had been "pawtyin' down" in our own yard. Four days of debauchery; four days that I had to limit tanning, hair highlighting, and shopping just to negotiate for his release. Not to mention having to kiss those creatures!!!!! EWWW! Anyway, you get the picture.

It took me a while to figure out a plan. Certain Lakies have certain abilities that other dogs don't have. It's called "POOF POWER." Sadly for Scruffy, this is only one of my many talents. (Accessorizing an outfit ranks right up there, too.) Describing this is a tad difficult, even for a Lakie as eloquent as I am. Therefore,I will just show you.

Yeppers. I gave Old Scruff a big POOF and turned him into an Airedale stuffie. It's pawsome. He cooperates. He has too. He seems to be stuck in a down stay. I get ALL of his food at mealtimes....(instead of the usual quarter ration that I normally snatch from him), have all of the toys, and have Mumsie all to myself for "girltime" know, pedicures and such.....

Look at him here...he's trying to play, trying to make me forget about his pathetic bitey face for Scruffydale. I WILL negotiate with Scruffy. He can talk. You just have to get very close to the Stuffie to hear him. Most of what he's saying is not printable on a family/puppy blog. I am holding out for flowers....roses. Perhaps, when he's tired of being dragged around by a leash in his fixed down/stay, he may appease me with gifts. Not that I'm usually this easily swayed.


I didn't mean to post this picture.'s Stanley. Yep, Goober Boy himself. You see, I'm turning 7 months tomorrow and I can date then. But, Stanley said he had tooo many other girlfriends. POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFF.
Should I call him Wirygoober?? Gooberfox??? He looks good as a WFT. He also seems to be stuck in a down stay position. Heeheeehee. The only dogs shedding in this house are the Stuffies!! Perhaps Stanley might change his mind and add a 4th girlfriend to his list. Or perhaps I will enter him at Westminster as a Wire.
PEE ESS.... When Mumsie took me out to use the facilities this am before work, she was grumbling that her shoe was too small. She stopped in the middle of the driveway, took her shoe off, shook it and out dropped a baby TOAD right in her hand. She screamed so loudly that I'm surprized our Swiss friends didn't hear her. I laughed my lady-like butt off. Only Mumsie. Perhaps the toads see her as paparazzi for all of the pics she's snapped of them. By the way, Toadie Baby hopped quite happily off to the party bush. She was fine. This house only gets odder and odder!!!!!


Stanley said...

Hey Gooblacci!

If you weren't so stinkin' CUTE I might have to put some goobersmack down on your sassy little booty for summoning me to your house & turning me into a an oversized Wire stuffie... all under false pretenses. Girl, this is NOT the best way to snag a boyfriend. I can help you with that.

Listen to me, sweetie. I love that you're diggin' me, and it's not that I don't love you. I just assumed you had a puppy crush and I didn't want to take advantage of an innocent sweet thing such as yourself. I've heard plenty of pups talk about how cute you are, and know that you'll be breaking hearts if you settle so soon on such an old fart like me. Take some time to think about it before you decide.


Goober love,
Stanley (the Wirey Stuffie Boy)

Duke said...

Happy 7 month old birthday Lacie! I'm 9 months old and I think you're just adorable!

Love ya lots,

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

GooberWire Stan,

So what is the best way to snag a boyfriend? That big loop the dogcatcher gave me worked really well...You broke my heart, sniffle, sniffle sob. You're such a handsome goober'Dale, and while I want lots of boyfriends, u have a special place in my cracked Lakie heart. I suppose "poofing" you WAS wrong. And tying that PINK bow around your stuffie foxy neck was rather mean. :) Can't seem to remember how to do a reverse poof. Perhaps flowers and candy could help refresh my memory.
Sneezy kisses, Lacie
U and Scruffy are rather dusty.

Gus said...

Lacey: Be careful that Stanley's other girl friends don't gang up on you and turn you into a CAT! This poof business is cute, but it does not show poor Stanley how mature you are. How do you expect to woo and win him if he is stuffed? C'mon. I got rejected by Doofus Stain when I was about your age and I popped right back!

Think like a Jack Russell
Devious, mean and quick

ps, am sitting on Gussie's head while typing. hehehe

Headgirl said...

You two deserve the " Most Amusing Blog Award of the Month", if there was one!

Laughing still...
Pats to you both

Joe Stains said...

how do I get this magic power? I sure wish I could turn the doofus into a stuffy. I dont think Stanley deserved the stuffy treatment tho.

Cléo said...

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I promise to write a post in english, but my english isn't very god,I will try.
Kiss for everyone from Portugal.

William Tell said...

Happy seven month birthday! You're just too cute!

Who put the toadie in Mumsie's footwear?

William Tell

Asta said...

I demand that you welease my boyz..that's not faiw to make them be matter how cute they can they wun and westle and have fun?? don't be'll have owe boyfwiends than you know what to do with..just wait and see!
Happy 7 momf birfday!!!!!
I saw that Mitchy thinks you'we cute, I met him in pawson(it's in one of my older posts)and let me tell you ,if he wasn't too young fow me, I'd want hima s a boyfwiend immediately! Not only is he gowgeous, but he's loving, and sooo muh fun..just go see us play1
Well that's all the giwlfwiend advice I have wight now..come see how gweat youw boa looks on me...can I see a pictoowe of you in youws??
Have a gweat sunday and let my boyz go pleez
smoochie kisses
Asta youw giwlfwiend

Nessa Happens said...

You can date me any time - I only have TWO other girlfriends and let's face it, there is plenty of me to go around.

Kiss kiss.


Agatha and Archie said...

Now about this poof business..Let's just say I tried it out on Archie.... As a joke of course........Love A+A(who is not laughing at my sisters remarks
at all)

Asta said...

Hi Scruffy
I'm glad you got it was fun to be a big aireboy??I always wanted to be taller too. I'm glad you and Stannt had some good Boytalk oppowtunities..what kind of cake awe you bwinging???
I have no clothes fow my pawty, I'm in a panick
smoochie kisses

Stanley said...

Lacie Girl,

WHOA!! It feels weird to be back in my goober bod, but good! Thanks for poofing me out of my wire stuffie self into my real gooberdale self. I'm beginning to think you might be growing, chica!

Scruffy, thanks for sending the flowers, man. I think it helped. I would have sent something, but I couldn't get to my girl's plastic and couldn't get a message to her either. Thankfully she read about what Lacie had done to us and went right to Asta. (Asta's a cutie, but I don't think I'd ever want to see her riled up, if you know what I mean)!

Lacie, as far as snagging a boyfriend goes, I think the best thing you can do is be your sweet self, keep your eyes and ears open, and get to know as many pups as you can before committing. No matter what, I will ALWAYS have a special place in my goober heart for my Lakie bud.

Goober love & hugs,

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh you doggies can turn other doggies to stuffies. That's so cool. hee..

~ Girl girl

Ferndoggle said...

OMDoG! How can I do that to Lola???? You must teach me your superpowers. I am a Heinz 57 & one of those 57 breeds HAVE to be Lakeland. I'm a fast learner.

Can't help you with the heart belongs to Dot. And I think I'm old enough to be your great, great, great, great grandpappy. That's just gross.


Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Er, I don't know what to say. Poor Scruffy! Blimey Lacie, I sure don't want to get on the wrong side of YOU! J X

Princess, Tank and Isaac: The Newfs of Hazard said...

HAHa! You are the funniest dogs! We found a turltle once and barked like mad! Dad told us to "leave it" when we found a toad. Too bad for us!

fee said...

o look, lacie, scruffy's kissing your paw too! i love the stuffies! can you come over some time and turn some of the cats in my neighbourhood into stuffed lakies or wires?


Ruby Bleu said...

Hi Lacie...
I think I better weigh in here on this topic...I like you. I do. You are cute and smart and fun to be around, but I have to put my paw down here...Stanny - OFF LIMITS so move away from the Stanny...Suki, Asta and I will forget this ever happened, ok.

Whew, I'm better...I really didn't want to do that, but you don't go messing with a friends Man, ok? I know you are young and just figuring this stuff out. BTW - happy 7 mth barkway - woot!!! I say go for Mitch...he is such a looker! You guys would be so cute together!!!

And your poofing skills - I think I need to learn that...I can see that coming in very, very handy!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Mojo, Digger and family said...

You two are the business! I'm so glad you sniffed me down and paid a visit. I'll get you linked on my page straight away. Mum and I have just laughed our way through all your posts and think you are fabulous.

But Lacie, you need to know I have a secret crush on Mitch, so I hope we don't fall out over him.

Oh no, I told you my secret. Aiaiaiai! Ssssh. Don't tell him. I'll be too shy to talk to him ever again.

Ricky Pepper said...

a baby toad IN a shoe? how super and strange at the same time!

Ricky Pepper said...

oh! I have the fixit surgery on Friday too ... I don't know what that means but mom says I'll be a couple of ounces lighter!

Unknown said...

Oh Lacie! You are too funny and way too cute! I must say, playing with Stanley is the best time ever! You reall are missing out!

Booty scratches and wet kisses,


Koobuss said...

I really don't know what to say about all this, Lacie.
I thought I was one of Stan's girfriends. It's so hard to keep track.

Your mom had a real frog in her shoe? I am so jealous. My mom loves frogs. Even her email name, zhaba, means "frog".

Koobuss Kisses,