Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Books...Rainy Day Readin'!!

Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.
Groucho Marx

Stan here....it was rainy today and feelin' like Fall. Lacie ordered a pile of books for Mumsie to pick up from the library for us. She took her canvas "Wirestock" Bag and off she went. (She loves the library....she sez she can feel her blood pressure droppin' the second she walks in!)

Lacie picks out the BEST books!

I can't WAIT to read my book! I'm pretty sure it's about a Dale who eats a diamond at daycare and everybody's standin' around HOPING it's gonna come out!!! I haven't given up hope on my diamond earring yet...but Mumsie has...no more poop exploration. So maybe I buried it somewhere in the yard and will dig it up at my leisure?? It is Cassidy's First Barkday today!! Wouldn't she look bootiful in it?

Uh oh...Lacie ordered this for Mumsie. Hmm...I don't think this was a good choice to stay on her good side. Her unwrinkled side....oh wait a minute; both sides are wrinkled.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!! 'Nuff Said On That Subject.

Ahh...what a choice for the Scruffster....he's had some transportation problems in the past...did ya get a look at that tractor he and Koobie drove to the Penn State game last weekend? I wasn't here last fall, but I did hear something bout them crashin' hot air balloons....in Lake Michigan? That musta been ugly!

OMD....Lookie what Lac picked out for herself....I know she has 3 dates this week...Butchy,Scooter and old Archie. We've convinced her to wear Scruffy's groomin' muzzle so she doesn't rip anydog's face off....Sorta reminds ya of that scene in Silence of the Lambs with Hannibal Lector...member his muzzle? Ya sure you boyz still want to DATE LACIE?

It's all too much for me. I'm gonna lie here and see if I can mentally get this Kong to flip on its side. Maybe I'll checkout a book on magic next time.



Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

Oh my Dog, Lacie. Itiz not this week. it is 19 or 20 day of septemberer U haf to chuse won. The Rodeo-(You don't know what a rodeo is?!?!? sheesh google it) lacie-it is cowboys,buckin horses,buckin bulls, barrel racin,calf ropin,bulldoggin-lots of dirt& they hav gud corney dogs)

Sheesh-They don't do that kin of makeover on horses!! Google that too! Wild mustangs have had 100 days with some trainers and the one who has made the most progress in teachin the horse to be ridden,load in a trailr,chang leads-awwe.It's not whut u are thinkin at all. It too is on dirt the areans are alays dirt. Anyhow they auction off the trained mustangs after competition. Part of BLM program to manage mustang herds. & they hav gud corney dogs. And lots of country music at both events. U up to this? No nail polish,no dresses. (Just yer muzzle for my safety) u haf to tll me which won u want to go to. If u want to go to either wun of them that is. Mite be not for u,but that is wut we do in Texas.
So,I will wait for u to mak up yur mind-19 septembrr,rodeo or 20septmberer mustangs.

Kirby said...

He he he, those are some great books! I love to pick out books for Mom, except I like to eat them. Ha! Lacie's choices are hilarious!!!

Your pal,

Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

Hey Lacie girl, Sunny here. I like you just fine. No worries there. But my mom put her foot down on the spending the nite. So We'll plan on the Extreme Mustang Makeover. This Hannibal Lector comparison is creping me out some, so I have decided(at Gussies suggstion)to go along as chaparone. Seriously, this is not the kind of event to pretty up for. Leave the dresses and nail polish. Maybe a western style bandana if you'd like. My moma will be there to(we're gonna have quite crew) so she can get some pics of the actual event. If things go well, I'll try to think of a girly thing you might enjoy some other time. Sound good?
(ps to lacie's momma-I hope you know how to photoshop,cuz all I can do is take th pics...)

Butchy & Snickers said...

Now Mama has seen Silence of the Lambs & Lacie looks nothin' like Hanibal the Canibal, hehehehehe! I'm not afraid of Lacie anyways. Snickers is the queen bee over here & if I get out of line, she will let me have it. BTW, Snickers would love to go too Lacie, thanks for thinkin' about her. She can't wait to take a soothing sand bath. Very good for the skin. See ya tomorrow!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Lorenza said...

Hi, Stan!
That Hope Diamond book made me laugh a lot!
Lacie's choices are great!
Kisses and hugs

Teka Toy said...

OOh, Baby Stan, do we smell romance with cutie Cassidy? We think you would be quite a handsome pair. Well, I do. Gussie is pouting cause Ms. Snickers is going somewhere with Butcho.

sheesh, he's like, her brother!

teka toy n what's his name

Rudy said...

I like the Groucho Marx quote -- Mom's always been a Marx Brothers fan. Lacy has the best choice of books paws down!


George the Pup said...

Those sure look like some fun books! Wonder if Mommy would let me pick out books for her?

Asta said...

Gweat Quote babyStan..and fantastic choices fow weading Lacie..can I bowwow tham aftew you??
I heaw you'we going to have a shapewone, and no sneepovew at Scootews( I guess Texans awe mowe timid about dating, hehehe)
Good luckwif Butchy tomowwow..can't wait to heaw allabout it
smoochie kisses
pee esss wwhen Scruff leawns that helipoptew thingy, have him bwing you ovew

Noah the Airedale said...

Good to see you're stimulating the mind there Stanley. We didn't realise you were all so well read.
Maybe Lacie can pick out a book for me on anger management.....sigh


Girl Girl Hamster said...

What alot of pawsome books to read. I think you'll make a pawsome magician BabyStan

~ Girl girl

Maggie and Mitch said...

Lacie sure knows how to pick great reading material! The hope diamond would go beautifully with Cassidy's eyes!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Amber-Mae said...

Oooh, I too would definitely read the book that Lacie picked out!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Booker the Treeing Walker said...

We see a theme in the titles of those books ...

Mack said...

Hi amigos!
Lilly here!! I no feel bad if you go to date with Scooter, Lacie.
He look like fine gentleman.
I'll just be sitting here at da house looking at old fotografs of my dearly deaparted husbands (all 9 of them).

Chihuahua kisses,
Lilliana Rosalita Fuentes Gonzales.

Deetz said...

What great books. Yes it is fallish here for sure. Rainy, foggy and just miserable. My mum said to tell Lacie, that she has that book "why men marry Bitches" and its hysterical. A great read. Atleast Scruffy is reading about flying helicopters instead of just test flying one without any knowledge. Personally, I like your idea, just lay back and chill....
Deetzy Boy

Dewey Dewster said...


Can hardly call ya Babystan anymore...yer bigger than all of put tagether fer sure....so Mumsie isn't diamond mining anymore....thank dog...that job would be enough ta drive ya ta drink Lacie's pawtinis by the bucketful.....ya'd be hiccuppin' all the way ta the yard ta have a look see then fall over in the pile of doo doo.....ugly scene that would be.... yes siree.....yep, better ta read a book....then catch some zzzzzzzzzs

Dewey Dewster here....

Moco said...

We love reading at our house also. Nothing better than a good book, rainy day and coffee.
That Lacie better becareful or she won't end up with any guys.

Joe Stains said...

Oh boy oh boy, Lacie sure is something. I can't wait to hear about all THREE of her dates this week. Our Mom LOVES the library too, a lot! We never get to go, I wonder why??

Asta said...

How did youw date go today????
did the fliwting book help???

Myrna says they took out enough undewcoat fwom Mommi to build anothew tewwiew, hehehe..the chaiws wewe slippewy but Myrna has amazing balance(wemembew hew on the ledge on the woofdeck?)

anyway give Mumsie a hooge smoochie kisse fow me..poow Mumsie..she wowks way too much
youw BFF

Cassidy said...

Aw, gorgeous photos of you BabyStan. Thank you for offering me your diamond, *blush*!

Cassidy x

Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

Great choices of reading material, guys! We're glad to hear that Mumsie isn't diamond mining in your poop anymore! Maybe, someday, that diamond will show up in a patch of dirt where the grass has been peed on too much! Then you can sterilize it and give it to Cassidy.

Poppy, Penny & Patches


Thanks for checking up on us. We are fine. We enjoyed your book blog.

Essex & Deacon

Mango said...

My momma loves the library too. She orders books that she wants and the come from all over Master Chew Sits to our local place for pickup. I will see if she can post her latest pile of reading to share with you.

Now, about Lacie and all that dating stuff. Should she come with a warning label?


the 4 Bs said...

that's a very varied reading list. is your mumsie gonna read all of those books to you? let us know how the one about wrinkles turns out. we always read the ending first. maybe our mom should read it too.


Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Lovely Lacie,
Come live with me, I can't stand the way your brothers treating you. Make fun of you staining the wall, was it you did it? I don't think so.
We have no girls here but we know how to treat a nice lady like you.
I love all the books you showed to us, will read them.
I can't type anymore 'cause my mom is taking over the pooter now, she admires you sparkling clean kitchen floor and your bathroom. Show us more so she have a model house to set a goal for my dad, hehe!

Koobuss said...

Excellent reading choices!!

Scruffy, I am glad to see that you are trying to improve your mind. I am also glad that you are learning something useful. Then maybe next time I won't have to pedal for hundreds of miles to the game and back. (But at least my butt looks smaller, even though it feels a lot bigger, especially when I sit. Ouch!!!)

Koobuss Kisses,