Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dale Speak

Hello Dogs, Kitties, Hammies! Babystan here....I wanted to give you an update regarding the diamond earring I allegedly smooched of the ear of the doggie daycare worker. IT HASN'T BEEN FOUND.

OK...the story is Mumsie called the day care people to make SURE the girl hadn't found it. Well, she's a college student who has gone back to school. And she won't return the owner's calls...SO WHAT DOES THAT TELL YA? Mmmm Hmmm...Mumsie's figurin' that after spendin' 5 days gettin' real up close and pawsonal with my um expulsions...that the girl found it in her clothes and was maybe too embarrassed to call back with that small piece of info? Point made.
Mumsie had to work today so she left Lacie "in charge" of us mere boyz. HA...I RULE THIS HOUSE! Look at this pic I took of Scruffy the Tuggin' Terrier....

I figured we don't have many more weekends to swim so I got out and filled the pool...Scruffy's just loungin' in the water!

I tried to tell Lacie I had set up the tripod and she was gettin' photographed...but would she LISTEN TO THE DALE?

OMD!!!!! Lookie at this pic I snapped of her! NO MAKEUP...she sorta looks like a BILLYGOAT doesn't she???
Fallin' down with bouts of hysterical Dale laughter.......

Till I think what she's goin' to do to me after she sees that pic.....


Gus said...

Oh Babystan, are you in for it now. Lacie has been workin very hard with the other nursies, and you take a picture of her when she is trying to relax. Bad Dog.

Good Luck
I know a few good nursies who might help you, but then.....

gussie n teka

Peanut said...

I think you had better hide. We just now read the story of the earring hahaha funny.

Asta said...

babyStan..I feaw fow youw life..honest I do..I'd go into the witness pwotection pwogwam if I wewe you..a woman scowned etc....
I think Mumsie didn't look long enough ow hawd enough, hehehe
btw..I posted two mowe videos fow Jackson. so come back to watchit
smoochie kisses

Joe Stains said...

Stan, you might need to book an emergency flight on Aire Ruby to, well, ANYWHERE! Lacie is going to be REALLY ticked at you. HBO words will be flying!!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Stan!
I am thinking that she found that earring and did not want to tell you!
I am sure Lacie will not be happy with you posting that picture of her!
Be careful!
Kisses and hugs

Noah the Airedale said...

I'd hide if I were you Stan. Lacie is gonna hit the roof matie.
She does look a site though hee hee.


Faya said...

Babystan ! This picture is priceless...I think you can ask everything you want for this picture.....hahahaha she looks like .... ALF the Melbacian...hahahaha
Kisses, Faya

Moco said...

I think that girl was trying to get a new pair of earrings out of your mom. Boy, did she get fooled. She didn't know that your mom is not afraid of poo.
Lacie looks like a sea serpent in that picture. We are laughing vey hard right now.

Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

You better hide really well, Stan! Between not expelling the earring and taking that pic of Lacie, you are probably in real trouble. Yes, Poppy has to have a lipoma removed, but it probably won't be until Oct. after Patches gets spayed. We'll alert all the nursies when the time is right.

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Petey said...

Well, Babystan, if the poo does indeed hit the fan after Lacie sees that photo, at least you'll know for once and for all where that diamond earring may be!

Want my armour? It may be a bit of a tight squeeze but it's better than nothing!

Your pal,


Stella said...

Hey, BabyStan.

You know what, buddy? You can expect it when you least expect it because if Lacie doesn't do something to hoomiliate you in front of all of our "fans" then I WILL! GOT THAT, you big AireWeenie?!

I'm just sayin'... you have NO IDEA of what kinds of smackdowns we Lakies are capable. We're stinkin' cute, but very deadly.

You might want to consider Witness Protection. I'm serious.

Goobery love & tiny tiny kissies,
Stella Bean Latifah
Lacie's Ninja Double

Mango said...

Ah, her true nature emerges when she is all wet without her makeup. When I first landed on your blog I freaked out at that blow up of her lookin like a billy goat. Better get the blow dryer and gel out pronto.


Jackson said...

I can't begin to tell you how much the Js laughed at the diamond mining story. There is NO WAY J2 would have gone raking through my (ahem) deposits! Your mumsie deserves a medal. Jx