Sunday, October 14, 2007

Thank You, All!

Our good 'Dale friend Hercules sent us this pawsome award. Scruffy and I are blushing with the attention. Well, actually Scruffy is. I love attention! Thank you, Herc!! We love visiting your blog, too!!!

We'd like to pass this honor on to Harry and his soon to be new sibling Cassidy in the UK. Their blog reflects the love they have for Oscar, but is a new chapter in their lives. We doff our caps to you both and your parents!

Speaking of love, look at the goodies Asta sent me for my fixit surgery this past Friday. The candies are delicious...just right for a throat sore from the anesthesia. And the flowers are bringing the sun brightened my spirits just looking at them and your sweet smiling face, Sweet Girl! (Scruffy ate the beef...all of it...he's feeling much better now, too.)

I want to thank every dog, kitty, and hammie for their good wishes both before and after my surgery. It was very scary going to the hospital, but between all of your pawitive thoughts and having Mumsie to rock me in the wake up room (and Scruffy to bite when I got home), it helped so so much. You guys are just the best. Sir Dunstan had to write home to Jackson for money to replace his wheels. I guess I musta rung the call light once too often, cuz they sorta fell off. He's been living here with us for a while now...and I have taught him to walk, but he still likes his wheels. He's such a sweetie! Scruffy, except for some severe jealousy, was also very loving to me. I wish I could explain to him that I'm still too sore to get into a good game of bitey face and chase. Stairs are bad too...going down, not up. Go figure!

Look at what Scruffy's Sweet Koobie rented to get us to the PSU/Wisconsin game! (Koob JUST got her driver's license the day before....!!!) Can you believe it!!! Look at the interior...........

Scruffy and Dunstan actually threw blankets over their heads so no one would see them getting in and out. Something about male pride. I didn't feel one bump or curve, the ride was so smooth. Koobie had dozens of pillows to lounge on. Scruffy was the navigator. We did sorta miss the first half of the game. He missed the turn to State College and we ended up at Atlantic City, New Jersey.

We only stopped into 5 teensy tiny casinos to gamble a bit. You should see Dunstan pull the lever on those slot machines. He does a back flip, hooks his wheels and drops down....and the money would follow. He is one lucky dog!

I wanted to post this pic of me standing beside a 55 lb. Dale. Look at the expression on his face. And I didn't even flirt with him! Just imagine Stanley at 80lbs. standing by his soon to be 6 lb. Lakie sassy sissy pup. It's gonna be amazing!

Um...there's a question going 'round the blogs of what's the worst thing you ever ate. This would be it. Last weekend, for the second time I bit open and scarfed down some grass seed out of a 50lb. bag. Daddy (who was supposed to be watching me) made some smart butted remark that I could seed and fertilize the next morning when everything all came out in the end. On that note, I bid you adieu, till later! Lacie


Patience-please said...

We came here to check on you and i sounds like you're doing well. That is GOOD NEWS!
The seats in that pink car look good enough for bony whippet butts - sweet!
The Servant is all delighted that you put her on your list of blogs. Thanks for that!

the nine noodlenosed whippets from KY

Asta said...

Lacie!!!So glad to have you back!!I see youWe in fine fowm! I'm glad you liked the stuff I sent you..I wish I could have been thewe myself to welcome you home,but it sounds like you had gweat attention fwom evewyone.
WOw what a suwe know how to twavel in style..I think you should considew a footowe in the twavel industwy..didn't you get gwit in you teef when you opened that bag??yuck..the boyz won't kiss you if you have icky teef.
I ate a book this weekend,hehehe,maybe i'll show you latew.
Stanley's sissy is about as big as his head,heheh,what fun
smoochie kisses

Amber-Mae said...

Oh, that is soo nice of Asta. I hope you're healing fast Lacie. Wow! That pink Limousine is soooper HOT! I hope you had a great weekend like I did.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh Lacie, good to hear you're ok from that opawration.
That's a pawsome limo, what a way to travel in style..

~ Girl girl

Jackson said...

Hey Lacie, glad you're feeling better (but I hope you're still milking it for all it's worth!)The limo looked pawsome, and so YOU! Don't worry about Dunstan, I'll get J1 to forward his pocket money. Should have warned you about his gambling habit but he swore me to secrecy. I've never tried grass seed, was it tasty? J x

Maggie & Mitch said...

We're so glad that you're feeling a bit better, Lacie! Tell Scruffy to leave you alone for a little while longer!
Grass seed????hummmmmmm
I've never had that before! Are you chirping like a bird yet?

Love ya lots,

Lenny said...

Lacie! Glad you're recovering so well! That was so nice of your mom to come take care of you.

I forgot to tell you about my stuffy. My mom's friend saw it at the check-out counter at a drug store and bought it for me. But my mom has also seen it online. If she finds it again I'll make sure she sends it to you.

I ate something bad this weekend blog will tell all about it.

Your friend, Lenny

Mojo said...

Ha haaa! Your pre-germinated seed escapade had me snorting out loud with laughter again! Go girl! You were just checking for mice though, I expect. Like any self-respecting terrier you thought grain = vermin.

Don't you look super-cute next to that Dale.


Ferndoggle said...

Oh I TOTALLY need one of those pink Limos!! Then I could ride in true Diva style.


Noah the Airedale said...

Hi Lacie, glad your home and feeling better. Love the Limo.

Noah, Willow, Tess and Lucy

Gus said...

sounds like you are back to "normal" and chipper too! Lay off the grass seed. What if it grows out of your butt one day!

Koobuss said...

Hi Lacie,

Glad you're feeling better and that the ride I gave you in the limo didn't break your stitches.

I thought that you were going to bust a seem when you hit that big jackpot in ACNJ. And Scruffy didn't lose ALL his money. At least he had enough money left over for us to share a hot dog and soda in the 4th quarter. One bite each was enough for all four of us, don't you think?

Koobuss Kisses,

Wiry Axel said...

Belated get well wishes Lacie, glad you made it through your surgery so well. I would send you a blitz torte to celebrate but I can't manipulate the mixer!

Wow, pawsome vehicle!! Are you still going to State College in the pinkomobile or was that last weekend? Dad will be there next weeked! Let us know.

By the way, looks like the Dale is thinking, "Holy shit, he must have shrunk in the wash!" Tee hee


Kirby said...


I'm so glad you are back and blogging. Hopefully, you'll feel 100% very soon. You are one well loved pup with all the well wishes that were sent your way.
Love the pink limo, you truly know how to travel in style, riding in limos and hot air ballons.
Oh my, eating the grass seed. Well, at least you ate something natural...

Your pal,

Lorenza said...

Hi, Lacie
Glad to see you doing well!
That limo is what you needed to travel in style!
Have a good night

Asta said...

That was so nice of you to shawe youw chickennoodle soupwith Scruffy..pleez convince him to come to the pawty..Koobie would be heawtbwoken if he wasn't thewe!! and I would too. p;u ,I'm scawe f the dawk as you know and I need mowal suppowt so we all have to stick togethew!
I'll bwing you a baguette with ham all over it if you want!
smoochie kisses

Ruby Bleu said...

Hi Lacie...
So glad you are feeling better. That pix of you and the 'Dale - OMD you are so's like your a mini-me to the airedale LOL. That pink limo is amazing...I'm going to have to ask koobie for a ride she a good driver?

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Mango & Party said...

Hi Lacie,

You are such a brave gal!

Lots of wiry loves,
Mango & Party

Harry said...

Gosh, thank you for the award. We'll pop it on dear Oscar's blog too.

Grass seed?! Does that really taste good enough to eat?

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Joe Stains said...

That limo was pawesome! did YOU win anything at the casinos? I sure wish I could go on adventures like that too.

so what does fertilizer taste like?

Stanley said...

Lacie Girl!

You sound like you're almost back to your old self (minus a few parts). I'm so glad that Asta cheered you up so much. I send balls to my boypup friends when they have their fixit surgeries, but didn't know what to send you. So, I'm just going to continue to send you my goober love & goober smooches so you recover completely!

Stay out of that grass seed, girlie! That can be some nasty stuff!

Goober love,

William Tell said...

Lacey, glad you're feeling better and that little procedure is behind you for good!

William Tell

Karina said...

Hey Lacie,
I really enjoyed reading your blog, it is so impressive and interesting.
I like this huge pink Limo, it is like a limo for Barbie!!!The inside is so fabulous and gorgeous!
Car creators really amazed me.
I am just wondering, is there limited quantity of such limos or I can offer it in any limo hire company.

Alyssa said...

Where did that get the pink limo? I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a company who rents them in New York but i cant find it anywhere. If you know it would be soo much appreciated