Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Gettin' Ready!!!!!

MMMMMMM!!!! Scruffy and I are getting things ready to take up to the pawty for this weekend!!!!! Agatha said there's an enormous fridge, so we should have plenty of room for every pet's favorite. The Pittsburgh food that we're bringin' are pierogies...or 'rogies as we say in this house. Stuffed with kraut, cheese, potatos, or whatever they are boiled or fried with lotsa butter and onions.

We also have to bring some kraut and kielbasi....double yummmmm....we have plenty so every dog, kitty, hammie can eat there fill. Cept for Dunstan...he has to restrain himself with 4 hollow legs. The koi are all invited too...perhaps some gourmet bread crumbs?????

We're hoping to get up there tomorrow to start the decorating. We have plenty of pumpkins and sooooo many other decorations. Hopefully, Koob and I can get this all into her new car to make the drive up there. Mass ACHOO Sits! is south of here isn't it??? I'm navagating with my Lakie GPS nose. We gotta think bout the cake...anybody have any ideas....it has to be ginormous from the huge number of dogs and hamsters around.....and goblins!!!!!!!

The final product for the parlor is to be something like this. DON'T TELL SCRUFFY. He's a big wimp and he's really scared to come. There's also the little matter of the Penn State/Ohio State game at the SAME TIME as the pawty. He's mumbled something bout 'borrowing" Aire Ruby for an hour. Wonder who can fly it????? Hope everyone has their costumes together and has their flight booked on 'Ruby....

Oh...and Scruffy thanks you for covering for him regarding Mumsie takin' over the blog. She almost found Stanley. It took a lot of pulling to get that big boy on his paws. He drank 2 gallons of coffee. Oh...and Scruffy promises there will be no acorns for munching at this pawty. One of the dogs had an issue with them this weekend. Chew....

So excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lacie


Molly the Airedale said...

OMG, that food looks awesome! We love perogies!
We're getting squared away in the costume department!
Thank you so much for not serving acorns! We're rather spend our money on pawty food, not the ER!

Love ya lots,

Lorenza said...

I have ready my Halloween dress! Sure I can't wait for this party! I've never had those perogies but sure looks yummy!
Have a good night

Noah the Airedale said...

Sounds like its going to be a fantastic pawty. We're trying to get hold of some kangaroo tails to bring along. Need to sort out our costumes too. Hope the pinkies get their act together.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah, Willow, Tess and Lucy

Agatha and Archie said...

Oh we are so excited(well one of us is a little anxious) The rogies look YUMMY!!!!! I just hope one of us ARCHIE doesn't eat as many as he did at the last party and get a wicked tummyache.Love A+A

Kirby said...

Sooo much food, me so hungry! I love pierogies, they are just so yummy! Smart move on skipping the acorns. Don't want anyone else to have a Mitch incident. We want all pups nice and healthy!

Your pal,

Koobuss said...

I'm ready, Lacie!! But I don't think Mass ACHOO Sits is south of here. I think it's west. Do you want to drive and I'll navigate? I'm sure we will have plenty of room for all the food and decorations. Everything looks great, although I'm a little disappointed that we're not having acorns. Could we have twigs instead? They're almost as good.

See you soon.

Koobuss Kisses,

pee ess Please tell Scruffy that I am not mad at him. I just don't want to be taken for granted.

Joe Stains said...

oh boy pierogies!!??!?! Mom read that now she wants to come but I said NO WAY lady!

Koobuss said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that Ruby will be picking up everybody and bringing them to the pawty. Scruffy will have to make arrangements with her about the Penn State/Ohio State game. Maybe everybody would like to see that, too. Then we could fly to Mass ACHOO Sits and spend the night. Do you think that maybe we could get reservations for Sunday night, too, and then all come home on Monday. None of us are working, so we can leave whenever we want.

Koobuss Kisses,

Amber-Mae said...

I am soooooo READY if you ask me! I got my costume already but it's not a ghost costume. Mommy didn't bother to buy the material. The simplest things she can't so... Anyway, I'll be dressed up as a witchy withs with wig & everything, heeheehee! We don't have pumpkins here tho. Hmmm, where can we find some? The food looks really yummy! Mmm-Mmm!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Kien said...

Wow.. yummy yummy!.. i got to tell u that those food looks super yummy!.. am still waiting for mom to get me a costume.. hope won't be a funny one!..


Unknown said...

Wow..I can't wait for the party! Mom is still debating on putting me in a costume or not. Are you going to have any popcorn? I love popcorn!

Love, Herc

Daniella said...

Hey Lacie and Scuffs,
Yes, I will bring the cheesesteaks even though I don't dig them much. Dad likes them, Mom doesn't. But she's South African! She loves boerewors - they are awesome sausages...see my blog later, I'll show you waht I'm going to shlep.
By the way, Dad is working at State College this weekend, he leaves today for 5 days - he is a broadcast engineer. Are you going to the game? he could use a wiry hug in my abscence, you guys would do well.


Sophie Brador said...

Pierogies?! Oh my dog. My baba would love you!


Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

I've never had pierogies, so I can't wait! I'm drooling here! Jx

Asta said...

Pick me up anytime..I'm weady to come help deacowate ow whatevew you need fow the pawty..I love the pawlow and that food looks gweat..we have the same pot,hehehe,only we make hungawian stuff in it....how cool is that??
I hope you lock up the pantwy so scruffy doesn't eat evewything in the middle of the night.
smoochie kisses

Pinot and Angel Momo said...

Ohhhh Myyyyy Doooog, did you just say perogies??? I will take extra sour cream and sauerkraut!!

Momo xoxo

Linda said...

Mmmmmmmm, you're making us hungry already Lacie. Snickers thinks she'll gain a few pounds this weekend, heheheh. Tell Scruffy he can miss one game can't he?? Hmmmm, we don't know what to do for cake. Since no one would be able to haul one on the airplane maybe we need to order one from pawty town. Maybe they will even deliver it for us. How bout a big punkin shaped cake or one like a ghost, ooooooiiiiiieeeeeee. Don't be scared Scruffy. We just messin with ya. Let us know if you need any help or ideas.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Lacy said...

woofies Scruffy and Lacie!!! u iz makin me verwy hungrys..me got my picturs back and tomorrow me gonna posted me outfit fur blues pawty den friday my outfit for de birfdays and haloweenie pawty.....i b covereded....

b safe,

Patience-please said...

Hey dawg those perogies look just like our ravioli and you betcha they're good!!! And the kielbasa looks just like our Italian sausage holy moly. Slurp drool yum. The kraut, mmmmm might be good to roll in for a nice squish neck stinko perfume.
Thanks for the invite to the party, but the Servant says it's too far from Kentucky, even though she just drove half of us to New Jersey and back...
What's a waggle to do? None of us can drive.
stuck in Kentucky-
the whippet waggl

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Those food look yummilicious.. Can't wait to go to the pawty. yeah!

~ Girl girl

Ferndoggle said...

I can hardly wait!! Yinz guys ain't gonna believe it but Mom & Dad had 'basa, 'kraut & 'rogies for dinner last night! It's a 'burgh thing.

See ya soon!!


Stanley said...

Hey, GooberLacci!

My girl said she's thinking about letting Stella come to the pawty, but she's still trying to catch up on her rest from her royal procession to GooberStan. She'll let you know before you leave on Saturday. By the way, we don't have any costume stuff for Stella. Could you help her out with that?

Goober love,