Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Morning After....

When Scruff and I got hot and took off our stuffie's what we really went as...I went as a WFT and Scruff went as a Lakie.....hmm.....

OK...this pic is a bit odd....I had put Stella in her crib....I went out to find Dunstan....was gone for 5 minutes...when I came back to check out the crib...look who's here...anybody know who the baby Dale is????...Um...Stell was callin' him CassieBoy.....but Cassidy hasn't even left his breeders to go live with Harry yet....BUT he drank ALL of the baby bottles I prepared for Stella. (She preferred Sam Adams and the punch bowl...) It's a mystery, indeed.

Actually, I swiped Daddy's laptop and am attempting to post this from've been babysitting (more like baby chasing) Stan's new sissy Stella tonight. Let's just say, it hasn't quite gone as planned.....(I did detail it to Stan's Girl in comments on her last way too tired to write it again.....) This is what the the dogs and hammies had this am upon awakening....Goota love the hair of the dog, so to speak.....

And this GIANT pot of coffee...Agatha and Archie have thought of all of our comforts.

Plenty of donuts so no one goes hungry.....

Few takers for these...not sure why.......I thought they looked good, but I've been chasing a baby all night, and not partying....

And looooookeeeeeee here....That Scruffy. Sometimes that dog with his limited intelligence surprises me. He knows everybody! And he managed to get us tickets......LOOK...

WE HAVE TICKETS FOR ALL OF SECTION 121 ...right on the first base line. SWWWEEEETTT!

The game is tonight....if we can get Ruby to fly us to Denver...don't expect your dogs, kitties, hammies home for a while.

Koobie is supposed to be watching Stella for me now, but she seems to be somewhat lifeless on top of the cake again. She's breathing....I checked. Lacie


Molly the Airedale said...

OMG, you are so lucky that you get to go to game 4!!!! Go Sox!
Those donuts were the BEST! I am soooooooo full! I had 4 of them! yummmmmm

Love ya lots,

Headgirl said...

Great pawty!
Sorry, couldn't stay for Bloody Mary's, but had to get my broomstick home!!!

Pats & pets

Agatha and Archie said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! We may be there to see them win the penant!!! How am I going to explain this to PL1+2(that we went AND THEY DIDN'T!!!)heehee will think of something,,,,,,That coffee was good wasn't it???Lovw A+A

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Hey pals, you really do think of everything! Those doughnuts (donuts to you) were yummy! J x

Noah the Airedale said...

Oh good Red Sox, Willow loves to collect sox. It would make a lovely souvenir of our trip.

Love the dowies.

Noah, Willow, Tess & Lucy

Linda said...

Hey Lacie & Scruffy,
Man, those donuts are great! We've eaten so many. Do you think we'll stay under the weight limit on Aire-Ruby going to the game???? Or do we all need to make a pit stop for the day first?? tee hee!!! Good thing we don't need to wear our costumes to the game, cause my knight outfit was getting a bit hot, especially after all of the dancing.
You better talk to Harry, we think he went & snuck his bro from the breeders for the pawty.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Lorenza said...

Hi, friends
Thanks for the great party and all the fun we had there!
The donuts sure were delicious!
Have fun at the game!

Asta said...

Scruffy and Lacie
You wewe the best baby sittews..and they look so angelic in the cwib,heheh, not at all like Stella weally was at the pawty..
I'm glad that we had the haiw of the dog and that gweat coffee and donuts...what a night!!!!
And to top it off the can nevew say anything bad about Scwuffy again!!
smoochie kisses
pee esss. Bussie just told me to take off the post about Janie..they'we not allowed oto ask fow money..just pway

Gus said...

hello again. Glad you guys who went to the game are doing OK. Me and Teka had to cut out early because Dad was due home, and he isn't as lenient as muzzer. You are a great puppy care taker, and I think we all do something special for you at the next party.

til then
kissies from Gussie

the many Bs said...

wow, that's a big pot of coffee. we're glad to hear that Stella is being entertained in Stanley's absence.

Patience-please said...

Well we are bummed because we missed the whole thing. Our Servant is just useless and she couldn't figure out how to get tickets for Aire Ruby or anything.

We think it looks like a really fun time and we LOVE donuts. We should not go to any baseball games, because we love baseballs and we are faster than any HUMAN outfielders ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! What a joke! We could steal the ball and run zoomies all over the field and all those humans clunking around trying to catch us ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!

time for a nap-
the whippet waggle with the dumb servant

Kirby said...

Sounds like another crazy party. What else can be expected for the DWB crowd. Glad you all had so much fun, those donuts look oh so yummy! Lacie, you are such a good babysitter. Taking care of the cute little pups, you are too nice!

Your pal,

Snowball said...

The pawty was really fun. I am so glad to meet you.


Stanley said...


I could have warned you (had you and my girl let me know that Stella was going to the pawty). Here I thought I was getting a night away from the little terror... actually I did. I didn't have to worry about her all night since you so graciously volunteered to sissy sit.

All I can say is... my girl is grounding Miss Stella until she's a little older. Hoomans sometimes exercise poor judgement, and this is one of those times. Stella's too lively and too inexperienced to be out in society unchaperoned by my girl.

Don't fret. My girl still loves you tons (you were her inspiration for getting Stella in the first place). From what I understand nodog can stay angry at a Lakie. How is that possible?

Glad you guys are resting up! Hope you enjoyed the game... I had to beg off and get home!

Goober love & smooches,

Koobuss said...

Hey Guys,

Koobie here. Did we go to a baseball game or to a football game, or both? Will someone please tell me?

That Stella's a little cutie, isn't she? Who would have thought that she could run so fast? Did she ever come back?

I really liked that Sam Adams, too.

Breakfast was good also. Doughnuts and coffee are the best.

Love and Koobuss Kisses,

Harry said...

Oh gosh, that little bro is going to age me I can tell! I hope ma and pa aren't expecting me to keep him in line without lots of elp from them!

Fabulous party thouh, wasn't it?

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Ruby Bleu said...

Hey Lacie...
What a super pawty!!!! It was so much fun and the food was fabulous!!! I can't wait till we have another pawty!!! Oh and thanks for helping w/ Stella duty. My Stanny was a bit stressed about the whole thing, but was fine knowing she was in your capable hands...well kinda - hee hee hee!!!

Yay for your sox! Lots of Licks, Ruby