Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Why Do I Have Terriers? Sheesch... By Mumsie.....

Mumsie here...so today we COULD have posted about the beautiful perfect fall walk we took yesterday....60 degrees...crisp, well behaved dogs, lovely, lovely leaves.... Great sniffs.......

BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....today we're going to report on the total misbehavior of a small Lakeland terrier....do not believe ANYTHING you may read here printed in PURPLE....
Lacie here...course you can believe me...I tell the truth as I see it.....
So remind me again WHY I have TERRIERS???? So...after our lovely walk yesterday, they smelled...yep...as in needed a bath. I dragged them all up to the shower...tossed them all in and shampooed dear (yes, that is a sarcastic tone...) Lacie. I opened the shower door and told her to get out....

She did and proceeded to perform her usual gymnastics on the glass door driving the boys INSANE who are still in the shower with me....I washed Scruffy (carefully avoiding his snapping teeth when front paws and beardie were cleansed) and opened the door to let Scruffy out and SHE ran back in...I reached to grab her and LOOK WHAT SHE DID TO MY ARM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh for cryin' out loud...she acts like I bit half of her arm off...it's this well nice sized fang mark with other fang marks and the beginnings of a moderate size bruise....you'd think JAWS just bit her....these little incidents are wonderful opportunities to increase my HBO vocabulary...not to mention I was developing a little plaque on my front toofers...this just removed it like I'd just had a dental.....
YES...the photo doesn't lie...she sank her teeth into it....
Can you say: http://www.gettingridoflakelandwhoshrieksandbites.com/?????? I screeched like a girl...boys looked horrified and Lacie totally ignored me and continued her attack on the shower door......
She's sooooooooooooo exagerating this little incident...and that website isn't real...she made that up.......

And to add insult to injury...my sweet Stanley (who is built like Jerome Bettis) while chasing the aforementioned Lakeland
RAN FULL TILT INTO MY KNEE...hard...like hard enough to take your breath away.....
So I ask you;
Why didn't I get a Golden Retriever??? A Lab? A sweet Cockapoo????

Cuz we're DARN cute!!!!!

Reporting barks...Lacie
Lacie...get off that computer and get in the Naughty Corner....NOW!


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

And since it was so khlear between DaBurgh and York, I heard it all -

I khan't get the shrieking out of my head -

I guess the bright spot is in was in your HOUSE and not out in the neighbourhood?

PeeEssWoo: Mom wants to know if she should send woo the link to the Siberian Reskhue Group - maybe they'll work a trade?
PeePeeEssWoo: I khan't WAIT to see what Mango has to paw about this!

Tosca the Lakeland Terrier said...

Whoa there, Laciegirl! Talk about nipping (no biting there!) the arm that feeds you. My homie sometimes wonders why she got a terrier—like when I awesomely caught that skunk—and can't come up with an answer other than that we've got the most personality (DUH!!!!) and that nothing worth having is easy. Though sometimes she says something about "Stockholm Syndrome"? I'm from Michigan, not Sweden! Geez.

Agatha and Archie said...

HA HA HA must be in the air..Today Archie sort of nipped at PL2 when she tried to get a burr out of his leg..I mean it was WICKED in there...hee hee what can we say,it is in our genes.....uhhmmmmm we KNOW she is sorry and all that(whew you are in a hoot of trouble girl) Love A+A

Oskar said...

On Mumsie, there is no dog like a terrier. What would you do without the sass, the hyper-activity and the adorable terrier look.

As a miniature schnauzer my mom person stupidly didn't realize that I'm terrier from head to tail nubbin. I made sure to let her know right away!!

Lacie, I'm not sure what the boys are always talking about. Your bum looks perfectly normal sized to me!

doyle and mollie said...

it was hard for my momma not to laugh with all the pictures of mayhem in her heard but lacie if you are not careful it will be cold hose water in the backyard - no more of the good life with spa treatments and pampering! didnt mango man get dragged off to jail just recently for less???

Mango said...

Is your mom going to need a cootie shot? Will they have to cut her arm off? Will you be sent to prison? So many questions.

Seeing you jumping on the glass sort of reminds me of when the mutants were trying to get at Will Smith in that "I am Legend" movie.

Anyway, momma says she really likes your story and for some reason it makes her miss having a terrier. Go figure.


TwoSpecialWires said...

Mumsie. Why WOULDN'T you have terriers? You love 'em and you know you do. Think of all the material they provide for comic (?) relief in your home (and ours!) Don't you think they might have a bit of a hard time finding things to blog about if they were labs or goldens?

Lacie. OMD. You look like you are maniacally possessed - springing up and down like an out-of-control mechanical toy. Is that normal ? And, WHO had a flashy box in the shower takin' pictures looking out? isn't that illegal or something? And, one last thing. Aren't most terriers (or any other dog) happy to get OUT of the shower, rather than go back IN? You are an amazing dog, and you teach us something new every time we read your articulately (yes, you may quote us) expressed thoughts. Wowzer. Showers are never going to be the same around here. We'll be thinking of you and that crazy expression (to say nothing of Mumsie's wounds) from now on.

And for all of you: We are really quite mellow wirey dogs. We're starting to wonder if we are enigmas. Maybe we should trade households someday? (Just a thought ... Moma may want input into that idea.)

Thinking you'd better apologize, or something,
Jake and Fergi xxoo

Maggie and Mitch said...

We hope you apologized for that nasty fang bite on mumsie's arm, Laciegirl!
We loved the twisted leashes in picture #2. That's how ours looked on our walkie with mom with morning.
Love your new blog header! It's gorgeous!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Gus said...

Tell Mumsie that I am in total sympathy with her. I spent the of my birthday shampooing two terriers in the hotel tub! They had a great time in the nature preserve that is next to our hotel in St. Louis, but they managed to roll in something REALLY stinky!

I guess I should be grateful no one bit me.


Jake of Florida said...

Terriers? Scream/bark maniacally? Scratch well-intended human arms? Unintentionally (?) nip an outstreched arm?


Must be some other breed.

Jake and Just Harry

The OP Pack said...

Maniacally possessed - oh, we like that description - Jake and Fergi have a great way with words:)))

Poor mom - Lacie, you better shape up or you will get shipped out - can't have that happening.

Woos, the OP Pack

meemsnyc said...

Oh Lacie, we love the picture where you are doing gymnastics! But, it's not nice to hurt your mommy. She's right though, you all sure are cute terriers!

Noah the Airedale said...

Oh dear, hope your arm heals quickly Mumsie. Lacie is so good at gymnastics. Such a talented little lady. As for Stanley, well he cant help it. He is just a big boof-a-roo like me.

Noah x

Asta said...

Mumsie would be takig naps all day log if she didn't have tewwiews..life would be sooo bowing, hehehe

Just in case, tell hew I'll come by to give hew a boostew shot fow hew tet anus
smoochie kisses

Faya said...

Mumsie thank you for this marvelous post. I feel less alone with my terriers....Ok, Faya is like Stan. She is soooooooooo sweet and cute and kind. But Dyos ! Dyos is the male version of Lacie....I have the same marks on my arms, legs, fingers...but I love him. Why do you have Terriers?....good luck and enjoy the life with them.
Kisses, VĂ©ronique

Sally said...

Oh dear - Terrier/human relations questioned! Paddy is a gem - very mischievous in a sweet way - but me - I am as mad as a hatter - I go crazy at doors - run around barking and snapping - and then generally attack something - pillows, teddy bears and trouser legs - D has some very interesting Capri trousers now.... Life is never dull - it is my job to make it fun and thrilling for my humans otherwise they will sit in front of the TV.

Keep up the good work Lacie girl


MAX said...

Hey there Lacie's mumsie!
What you guys put up with having us dogs around!!! You have to be admired!
BUT I MUST make a correction: OK, Goldens (in this household) don't use their teeth, but we refuse to "shake out" whilst standing in the bath. We HAVE get out first and flood the house. Then we run trenches in the carpet.
But we are sorry about your injury! Where is NURSE LACIE now?
Lots of licks

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Those little love nips - our Mom gets them occasionally - we don't know what forces us to do that - it's just because we love her so much we could eat her!!

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Hollie and Janie said...

Oh, Mumsie! Bless your heart! We don't really mean to be such terrors. We just sometimes have a naughty streak!
Please forgive them all! I know they love you very much!!
Love (the sometimes naughty herself),

Fred said...

Your poor mom! Baths are very tempting times to bite, though. And, hey, if she ever wants to branch out on the breeds, don't forget the Bichon! ;P

Eric said...

A labrador?? A golden retriever? Oh Mumsie. How could you.Even type the words??? You sure Lacie didn't remove a section of your brain along with part of your arm??? Do you want me to send the nursies..uh oh...maybe not.. besides could of been worse. Think where she could of bitten you, being in the shower and all.Teehee

Lacie girl. Wow! Fab jumping!!! Now you need four of those plastic sucker things and attach them to your paws. Then jump at the shower door... taa daaa.. you'll be attached!!! Suction Flakie Lacie. Good game huh? Keeps you out of the way of the boyz chasing your big butt. Mumsie too.

Wiry wags and kisses Eric xxxxx

Eric said...

Mumsie. Eric's Mom here. I can only apologise for Eric's bad manners leaving you such a naughty message. He's in trouble too. Poor Miss Enid is in need of trauma therapy after her little library photo shoot. If you can find a good reason as to why we have terriers could you let me know?
Hope you arm and leg are not too painful.

LK B xx

Martha Basset said...

Oh dear oh dear - of course having a bath is a major stressor for us doggies Mumsie - you gotta understand!
Now when we are stressed we act kinda out of character.
Now we know Lacie has a bit of a reputation but we girls need to stick together here.
Lacie's behaviour can be a little OTT at times but as she says she is adorable!!!
You gotta love her!
We think Lacie must have put the 'unconditional love' bit into having dogs!
Can we send you something for your poor arm Mumsie and can we suggest dry shampoos?
Martha & Bailey xxxxx

Peanut said...

Lacie you sure have gumption. I tell you.

Mack and Sally Ann said...

Why did you bite your Mommy? Your Mommy loves you dearly, and you bite her. Why?
Sally Ann

Dewey Dewster said...

Aw yes there's nothin like a terrier....any terrier but Lacie will do....Mumsie...ya need yer head examined fer sure.....Why we treat Gram 'n Pap much better than that....just ask 'em....why Gram says that I'm her little pumpkin child....'n my Mom is her precious little girl....'n Toby....well, he's still the red headed step child....but no bitin' or screetchin' here...

Dewey Dewster here.....

Anonymous said...

Cute is right!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely! Those other dogs are cute but not NEARLY as cute as you guys!
I love the jumping pics..outrageous!

Once the dust clears I sure hope you get it together for tricks and treats come soon!
Make sure you post Halloween pics and I'll be back to check um out! YAY!

ruv ya, Autumn

TwoSpecialWires said...

Hey Lac. Sorry I missed you the other evening. Having my calls forwarded can be a bit of a problem - it's usually the case of the misplaced cellphone around here. I know RIGHT where my pink one is (on the mantle - to keep Jake away from it - he loves pink and he's crazy about its ringtone) but where Moma's is is always up for grabs. Or whether or not it's even turned on! (Sheesh! Why would you have a cell if you can't even hear that somebody's calling!) So. Keep trying girlfriend. I'd love to chat. I've got plenty to chat about. (And it's NOTHING to do about my brother ... tho it seems you're not the only one in the notty corner.)

Have a good weekend, assuming you're let out of incarceration. Or. Are you still at Asta's?

Gracie said...

Don't let your mom fool you, she know why she got you all and wouldn't change a minute of it. She is just a little . . . well . . .
Anyway I think the showering made you all crazy and want to run around etc. She will have to learn to keep her arm out of the way of your little tiny sweet teeth. Hope she doesn't hurt too much because of this.
Stop over sometime, I miss seeing you all.

Sassy Kat said...

Thank you so much for coming to my retirement send off. It meant a lot to me that you were there. It has been a pleasure having you all for my friend and I have enjoyed the many visits that we shared.
Love to you and your family.

Mango said...

Hey Beast! Sorry about the labrabreath all fogging up your pooter. Now you know what I have to put up with. Sigh. Kid can really clear a room.

Momma has been making me do more intellectuals stimulations even though my hiney is just fine. We are about to ROTE. Thank goodness. Gosh, if there are any car cookies I will send them right to you. Hehehe.

Gosh, you didn't win a prize this time either. Aw.


Joe Stains said...

LACIE the first rule I learned was NO BITING. Actually, that is the ONLY rule I learned but still. I am sure Mumsie was milking it though, Mom's tend to do that. Can you maybe take big old bite out of Favre's throwing hand before the game tomorrow, put your evil powers to good use.

Tanner is quite miffed that you think his butt is bigger and rounder than yours...

JRT Chick said...

Hahaha great pictures! Lacie you need to be a bit sweeter to mom. Skyler has his crazy wolfman moments too. I think it's a terrier thing. Little Sky had pulled a wolfman on his pumpkin today. Check it out.

Molly,Taffy and Monty said...

Funnily enough that is a question sometimes asked in this household!

Only sometimes mind you as they are, of course, ANGELS!

We just have holes in the garden that mysteriously appear, stair gates that open by themselves and doors that don't seem to lock properly........... we just cannot understand why there are teefy marks on our door handles can we Molly?

The traumatised fish in the ponds have absolutely nothing to do with us do they Taffy????

Hoomans shoes found at the top of the garden are nothing to do with us are they Monty???

Nuff said!