Monday, October 26, 2009

Lacie's in the Naughty Corner and Halloween Sneak Preview.......

Lacie here...after that last post of me takin' a small nibble outta Mumsie's arm, you can see I ended up in the Naughty Corner. Some of you have asked how her arm is...well, it fell off.

ARCHIE...I'M JUST KIDDING...Agatha, he fainted again....sheesch....

Her arm is fine...'tis I who have been suffering...

I lasted bout 2 minutes in that Naughty Corner...then I had a Brilliant Idea....

I hired Clacie...Clone Lacie...member the creature that was developed in Snicker's Mama's lab??? My clone??? I figured she'd take the hit for me...I just owed her kibble...

Well, by the end of Day 2 she was sleepin' in the Corner...and not lookin' too doesn't bend as well as the Flexible Lacie (grin...!) she was eatin'
too I fired her and hired.....

FLAT LACIE...she barely eats and just hung out in the corner till Mumsie noticed that there seemed to be grass surrounding her INSIDE our house, plus her backside seemed so well I got in trouble again....
And I think this is how Mumsie is going to get back at me....

A HALLOWEEN PREVIEW of our HOOMILIATION....BALLERINAS...she dressed all four of us (Baylee, included..that's her doing that jete....) in PINK TUTUS!!!
We look like Pepto Bismol tablets...Stay tuned...more pix on their way.....

Pee ess...there is a rumor going around da Burgh that I might have taken a nibble outta Brett Favre's throwin' arm....totally, I did meet with him just before the big game, but besides handin' him one of my extremely COLD and powerful apple smoothies, I didn't touch him....I can't help it if his hand was well half frozen and well that he um fumbled after that smoothie...most dogs/hoomans do fumble after one of my concoctions.... tra la la la...NUFF SAID!


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Pink tinted icing!


PeeEssWoo: Khan I see woo plie???

Tosca the Lakeland Terrier said...

Aggh! my homie ballerinized me too! We shall have our revenge...

ScrapsofMe said...

hehehhehhe....Lacie, yer cute in yer tutu, but the guys...well...not their manliest look. I'm glad they are comfortable with it, but they really do look a bit light in their collars. There's coming out of the closet, and some things you should leave on the hangers IN the closet. On the other hand, it's a very scary look. Imagine the pack of ya'll shreikin' down the road on howl-oh-weenie! Very SCARY.

Maggie and Mitch said...

OMG, you are BRILLIANT, Lacie! First Clacie and then Flat Lacie! hehehe How does mumsie keep up with you!
OMG, how did you ever get BabyStan in that tutu? haha

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Mack and Sally Ann said...

Stanly, Scruffy, what did your Mommy do to you. Your sissy got in trouble, not y'all. Didn't you tell Mommy Laci was the one, not y'all. You must tell her.
Sally Ann

Peanut said...

I think I missed something who is Baylee.

Eric said...

Guess that tutu MIGHT cover up your relentlessy huge Lacie... now pointy toesies...two ...threee
and plie....tee heee heee!!Can't wagging wait for those photos.I'd even pay to see 'em.

Wiry loves and kisses Eric xxxx

The OP Pack said...

thunder is very glad he isn't the only pup humiliated by costumes. And Lacie, we must give you credit for cleverness in tricking the mom with Clacie and Flat Lacie - just brilliant.

Tail wags, the OP Pack

TwoSpecialWires said...

It's a little scary how comfortable and in character you all look in those tutus. Is that what happens when the humines dress you up? You transform into that character? We're worried now. We've no idea what Moma has in mind. We have to admit, though. You do all look very cute -- and very sweet. Heeheehee! How long does Halloween last?

We're really looking forward to more pics!
Fergi and Jake ooxx

TwoSpecialWires said...

Miss Lacie. Do you know where the word tutu comes from? It's a child's alteration of the French word cucu , which is the informal word for cul - meaning buttocks. Hahaha!

I thought you might be interested, since your derriere is such a frequent topic of conversation.


Gus said...

Ahhhh Lacie. You and Bailey look OK in the tutus, but couldn't the guys just wear dance belts?


Mango said...

Little Beast,
Very clever fooling your simple minded mom with the lacie clone and the flat lacie. At least it bought you some time.


P.S. Momma said something about the flashy beast and a most wonderful surprise for me. What could it be?

Mack and Sally Ann said...

You didn't tell us you have a poodle brother.
Sally Ann

Asta said...

HeheheheIt suwe took Mumsie a while to figoowe out it wasn't you in the notty cownew..not too swift is she, hehehe and meanwhile you wewe hewe wif me pawtying in manhattan, hehehe,umm, now as fow hew wevenge..I think you can wing it in that too tooo..I mean you awe sooo natoowally's pawfect..I think it's the boys that got the punishment, hehehe I had no idea that Bailey had taken classes wif that famous balletw mistwess fwom St petey'sbuwg..she shows weal talent.
I feaw Mommi has a faw wowse idea fow me fow halloween..cwoss youw paws she doesn't totally destwoy me

Smoochie kisses

Bobby said...

I can see you are all quite happy in your Tutu's. I can just see someone trying to put one on me.

Hollie and Janie said...

Good ideas, Lacie....sorry your mom figured them out!
You look so cute in your tutus! are you preparing for the dance of the sugar plum terriers?? hehe

Toffee said...

those tutu's are just so cute!!!
love it!

Fred said...

And those tutus are so cute!

Gracie said...

The naughty corner, I don't understand it. It doesn't look like a nice place to be. What do you do in the naughty corner?
You all looked beautiful in your pretty tutus. Enjoy the nice weather because I think the rain is soon going to get you.

Lenny said...

You guys are sweet - thanks for checking up on me!

LOVE the tutus...and I thought MY costume was bad!

Why am I not surprised Lacie got sent to the naughty corner? Just kidding, sweetie!!

Your friend, Lenny

Butchy and Snickers said...

Hehehehehe! Mama says you all look cute in pink! Bet the boys weren't too happy though. We're glad that Clacie could help you out with your dilema in the naughty corner, tee hee. Are you going Trick or Treatin' in your tutus??
Snickers is much better now, think the infection is almost gone. She still sneezes though from the allergies. Mama almost has her web site set up too for selling antique animals & the restoration services. Will give you the link when it's up for you to check it over kay?
Luv & Wirey Hugs,
Butchy, Snickers, Ruby, Syvlester & Scuby

Mango said...

Hey Beast! You actually look, um, ADORABLE in your header photo. Sigh.


Duffy said...

Wow, what a great trick putting look-a-likes in the corner. Sure took your mom a while to figure it out.

Not so sure if I would be as blase about the tutu thing as Scruffy and BabyStab seem to be. Did high doses of smoothies play a part in keepin them calm about it?

Koobuss said...


You just can't trust those clones.

As for the tutus, I'm not too too enthusiastic. Scruffy better not be wearing his when he comes to see me.

I do admire the way you got yourself out of jail, though. You are very innovative. And biting Brett Farve? Sounds like a good idea to me!! Hehehe...

Love and Koobuss Kisses,

pee ess Hi Scruffy!!

Sally said...

Pure genius! Hiring doubles to suffer your punishment. We love the pink tutus - but hope our humans do not get any ideas.

Can't wait for the photos

Sally and Paddy

autumnsblogspot said...

Lacie, BOL! you are one smartie girlie but U know that!

Kibble is a small price to pay for the hire of the dirty deed doers.

The ballerina set is purty and that's because I'm a girlie and like girlie pink things.

I personally wood have taken Brett's whole arm off and carried it home. It's a pretty valuable piece of human digit.

Me thinks I could have gotten at least a year supply of meat bones on Ebay.

Ah but give it time...the Minnesota chill may freeze that arm off on it's own.

Just be there when it drops!!

Luvin' U my cool lit' friend, Autumn

Noah the Airedale said...

You mean it took 2 days before Mumsie noticed it wasn't actually you in the corner.....Crikey did ya take a chunk out of her brain as well Lacie....whaaaa haaa haaa whaaaa haaa haaa...

Noah xxx

Joe Stains said...

ok, first of all, BRILLIANT idea on the naughty corner. BUTT my goodness, you can't replace that rear end with a fake.

ALSO, I am going to give my Mom a big old kiss because at least we have never had to wear tutus.

LAST, GOOD JOB on serving Favre his due.