Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sullivan Speaks!!'s been a looooooooong Wednesday round here!!! This is of Seymour's case ur readin' this,'re ya doin'???? I know, I know...Mumsie was supposed to raffle off a bunch of us. Um...but they all sorta ran away 'cept me. I was the runt and couldn't keep up with the others when they took off for greener pastures. Iowa...New York...ya never know when a Seymour pup is gonna turn up!
OK...actually I got to post by default. Gilbert, that handsome Dale Wheelie...had an adorable post full of fun pics....and Mumsie's puter died...well...her mouse did and without a mouse a puter doesn't do much. So she switched the mouse and found the pics all got erased off her memory stick...and didn't load to her puter. Yep...61 pics....eaten by the puter. Mumsie has been in better moods.
So...since I had nuthin' planned...I think I'll do the tag of FIVE THINGS YA ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW about:
*Registered name is Sargent MacScruff, Thane of Wexford
*Ripped up about 10 feet of the family room carpet (had only been installed 2 months before) by gettin' a corner of it and tuggin'...all at the tender age of 7 months!
*Made 37 stains on the carpet in the basement by 10 months of age (yes...Mumsie actually counted them...and that's not includin' the family room or the rest of the house!!!)
*Jumped on his hind legs...grabbed Daddy's razor and bit the blade off of it and had it halfway down his throat before Mumsie grabbed it....hmm...that was about 6 months
*Scruffy's grandpa is Asta's daddy...go figure!
*At four months successfully removed some type of internal feminine protection from well....I think I better stop here, but it's a GREAT story!!!
*Registered name is Queen Anne's Lace
*Is obsessed with the shower, the dishwasher, the hairdryer and the oven....attacks ferociously.....
*Has had seizures....but thankfully not for several months
*Is terrified of thunderstorms and fireworks
*Will bite if you try to get her out of the shower
*Only cuddles during thunderstorms, fireworks or if she wants to make the boyz jealous
*Registered name will be Bobcat's Sir Stanley something or another...haven't got to it yet!
*Is Big Bruvver's dog
*Gets carsick whenever Big Bruvver drives him anywhere...but not with Mumsie.....
*Has countersurfed large blocks of cheese and eaten it ALL
*Pinned Lacie once....(she went after the cheese he had countersurfed!)
*Worst habit is jumpin' all over people and mouthin' them as he smears mud all over their clothes
*Put a deposit down on Scruffy the same day her last Foxy died...
*Is late ALL the time; she's tryin' hard to break this bad habit!!
*Met Daddy on a blind date
*Learned to drive a clutch about 2 years ago...had a sign in the back window warnin' drivers she would stall
*Is a very picky eater
*had four hermit crabs up till last year....each had a different personality
Wheelin' at ya....


Koobuss said...

Oh Sullivan!!

You did such an excellent job on this post. Now we know all the family secrets! Hehehehe!

Way to go!

Love and Koobuss Kisses,

4xBs said...

well Sullivan, we so much like that you are spilling the beans on all of your family. hee hee. we like to know these kinds of things. it sounds like you may be the only normal one around there. good job!


Gus said...

Woops, are you sure there aren't some things in there that the family would not like to have published on the net? Super post. Thanks for the inside scoop


Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Sullivan,
Thanks for the cool informative post, hehehehehe! That Scruffy sure is a crazy little terrier. Did you know that Snickers & I are BOTH related to Asta??? So that means we are related to Scruffy too!! You should have Mumsie email Scruffy's pedigree to us if she has it. We have about 7 generations back on us. Max said to tell you he's sorry he ran off without you. But after Myrna his twin left, he just had to go out looking for her. Plus Mumsie would have had to give away most of the pups anyway. Hope you guys have a great weekend!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Joe Stains said...

Scruffy is a true hero! WOWEE! I loved all his facts. not that there is anything wrong with the other dogs, but dude 37 stains, be still my heart!!!!!!!!

Amber-Mae said...

So that's your family huh? Heehee!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Eric said...

Wooopy do Sullivan!!!!What a gossip mongrel you are! Love it!!!! All those secrets you won't even tell your best friend and you've told, well, the world!!!!! Hope you can post every week!!!
Scruffy, n Lacie N Stan put me (almost) to shame with some of their antics (Mom, yeah right Eric who are you kidding?)And Lacie not cuddly? She was with me at the when we were dancing ... ooh wasn't meant to tell that . . .

Wiry Wags, Eric x

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh Sullivan..
Those sure are interesting things about your family. Hee hee

~ Girl girl

Maggie & Mitch said...

We LOVE gossip! Tell us more, Sullivan! hehehehe
Mom loves your registered name, Lacie!

Love ya lots
Maggie & Mitch

Penny & Poppy said...

Great post, Sullivan! Now, the whole world knows about the whole family's secrets! Scruffy ate a razor blade? Wow...that sure beats the ink pens that I, Poppy used to chew up on the living room floor!

Poppy & Penny

Ruby Bleu said... much information!!!! That razor thing with the Scruff-man - yikes!!!

What about your list Sullivan???

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Mack said...

Very interesting family!

But the razor blade part is a little bit scary!!

Lacy said...

woofies and burfs ya all...hmm scruffy razors iz not meant to b played wiff..dat cooda been verwy skeery...nice post u did dar sullivan...heehee asta's g-pa shure got around, didnt he...

b safe,
bear and
angel lacylulu ;)

Dewey Dewster said...

Wow Sullivan, nice to know all the dirt in the family....are ya sure they approve of ya spillin' all the beans? Tell us more......No snugglin' by Lacie unless she's scared...that will never do...tell 'er to stop by and cuddle with me....

Dewey Dewster here.....

Deetz said...

lol.. It was fun to read more about you mum says she understands completely, I am not sure what that means. Feminine thats what they are called...I shredded so many one time, it looked like it snowed all over the house and my dad about puked (I did it in the middle of the night while they slept)I got em outta of the trash I told em I was

Sassy Kat said...

Great post I hope you will post more often and we can see what you have been up to.

Noah the Airedale said...

Great post Sullivan. Scruffy & Lacie sound like they have major personalities ay!! Babystan just sound like one of us hee hee.
Poor Mumsie, a picky eater. Our pinkies eat everything and anything just about.
How interesting about Scruffy and Asta being related. Small world ay.

Hugs & tail wags
Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

Mr. T-Bone Beasley said...

OOOOO the family secrets were revealed! Regardless of the embarrassing info you are all still the cutest four legged humans ever!


Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Blue said...

Well, Sullivan you've certainly spilled the beans on your family - what a tittle-tattler!!!

Thanks for saying what became of the pup's, I had wondered.

Pats & pets

Jackson said...

Hey Sullivan, Seymour said to say "hello"(but don't bother asking him to loan you any cash cos he's a bit short at the moment). What a great father he is!
Thanks for dishing the dirt on your family. What about you though? We want to know your secrets! J x

Agatha and Archie said...

A very informative post!!! Pl2 says to tell Mumsie that if she needs a mouse she can send her one or tow or however many she would like. ANd that she met PL1 on a blind date too! And that Aggie only cuddles in a thunderstorm too(or when she wants too)Love A+A

Patience-please said...

We didn't know Scruffy and Asta are related! How cool is that!!!

wags from the whippets

Mango said...

WOW! Scruffy sounds like Grandpa Angus. His consumption as a teenager is legendary. He pull the carpet up, tore into the pad, and then put it back. Took a long time for the humans to notice that the carpet was a bit... depressed.


Stanley said...

Sullivan! Thanks for giving us the REAL SCOOP on your family. Funny, you didn't post anything about Mumsie's man. Where is he in all of this!

You know, Stella loves the shower and the blow dryer too. Everytime someone takes a shower in this house, she's right there trying to pull back the curtain so she can snap at "raindrops" that fall around her. She likes to have that gentle warm breeze from the blowdryer on her face, but not the rest of her body.

Sounds like Mumsie met a good one on that blind date. He must really love her to put up with all the CRAZY DOGS! Sounds like heaven!

Goober love & smooches,

Peanut said...

I think maybe your big bruvver needs to learn how to drive. :)

Anonymous said...

What a great post now the whole world nose use families seecwets. Send all xtra pups to Opal so she will stop kvetching that she is lonely, what am I chopped liver, I is always here to play with.
pee-ess The chickee use sent me died Sophia destuffed it, but I stills play with its cause it weminds me of all of use and Mumsie. I don't destuff my toys they all to precious to mees.

Hercules said...

Hey Everyone! I'm back and my sissy is home with us! I hope my sissy doesn't spill the family secrets like Sullivan!

Love, Herc

Fenway said...

Oh my. I could learn all sorts of devilish things from all of you, I am particularly impressed with Scruffy's basement remodeling project. I probably wouldn't have liked that carpet either!

Princess, Tank and Isaac: The Newfs of Hazard said...

Tell your mumsie that if she doesn't write more pics to the card then she may be able to save all those 61 pics. google on

flash card file recovery

and find the free ones. even if she's put other photos on the card, some of the pics may be recoverable.

Fun finding out about you folks!

Anonymous said...

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4xBs said...

Hey Scruffy, this is Brody and i thank you for your offer to help me. i'm out of jail now, but on probation. it's purely circumstantial case that they have against me. well, let's see... Bailey and Benson were locked in their kennels at the time of the crime, so it was only me or Baxter. and here are the lame circumstances:
1-Baxter has never hurt a stuffy (there's always a first time)
2-i am the only counter surfing dog (see #1)
3-i had wood stuffings between my teeth (i beg your pardon!)
4-immediately after mom came home and let Bailey & Benson out of their kennels, there was an eyewitness report of Benson running down the hall with Burt's head in his mouth.
5-i could have been framed.

so see, how could i be guilty? it's purely circumstantial and there could be tons of reasonable doubt, right???!!! i have been wrongly convicted and i would like my conviction overturned and my reputation restored (well.... mabye not the reputation part). but what the heck, shouldn't i get some kind of restitution for my wrongful imprisonment? you're the fancy-dancy lawyer dog. get me out of this please. you can take a cut of my winnings - i prefer bones, bully sticks and beer.

yours truly,
Brody (wrongfully accused, i am innocent, i tell you)