Saturday, September 1, 2007

Oh What a Week!!!

Hi Bloggie Friends!!!

Hmm....Scruff here. Er...Umm....the only thing I feel badly about is that some of you were worried about me. I only meant to pull the wool over Lacie's eyes, not yours. I mean...I did go out that night looking for a snack; a toad snack. But, I got to Toadster's bush and he had a MAJOR pawty goin' down. Beer, pretzels, cigars, poker and some amazing "Pong" that we played with tennis balls and dog bowls. Hey, I don't have a big bruvver for nothin'. There were some really odd guests at the party. A hermit crab named Sebastian, Bailey...that adorable short puppy with the mini-legs that make her look like a ground hog on wheels...Lacie's words, not mine, a bunch of toads...with Toadster being the prime host. I felt like I fell down the rabbit hole with Alice; as you can see there was a giant bunny there too.

It was soooo doggone much fun that I didn't want to go back in to hear Lacie's nagging. Imagine 3 whole days of being able to pawty. NO RULES. I can tell you the Scruffster was truly unleashed. We had to figure out a way to go home again...(I really needed a bath, oral hygiene...all of that beer and smoke...and a good meal..) without Lacie freaking out. We came up with the Smoochie Kiss Deception. IT WAS HILARIOUS! Kissing a toad, Bailey, and a crab just about did her in. We laughed our fuzzy dog/toad/bunny butts off. After reading that Lacie was truly worried, I do feel kinda bad. I mean, she said she loves me. But I can't believe that she really thought that a Wily Wire could really get swallowed by a Toad. Silly Lakie. I will make it up to her and I'm sure you have some suggestions. BUT, we're not goin' to tell her quite yet. She's being sooooooo nice to me. SSSSHHHHHHH! HEH HEH HEH HEH!!!!!

We have some major unfinished tagging to do. Well.....the favorite food tags just went wrong. Nothing is ever easy in this house. Mumsie cooked some deeelissh corn on the cob. (All of her terriers have enjoyed this treat.) The problem was, Daddy was still at work and noone was here to hold the cob. Bruvver is back at Penn State Obedience School. So Mumsie put the corn on the floor on a dish. HAHAHAHA. AS IF. I snatched that corn so fast and took off with it. Yeppers. By the time Mumsie threw herself on me, half of the cob was missing in action with corn kernels all over the family room carpet. I ran under the kitchen table where Lacie nabbed it and chomped another part off the cob and ate that. We never knew the cobs tasted so scrumptious. Oh, it was great problems. After all of that, Mumsie forgot to put the memory stick in the camera. So...
We played the food tag game again today, but a slightly safer version. As you can see in my stoooopendous counter down stay, we love to eat lobster, lamb, chicken, ribs, duck, cheeseburgers, and occasionally roast fox. Lacie wasn't allowed on the counter as her down stays aren't quite so predictable.

As for the middle name game....well...Lacie's registered name is "Queen Anne's Lace." In my humble opinion using Anne as her middle name it would work like this. arrogant narcissistic



Now none of that is very flattering, so I guess I could put a pawsitive spin here...

A....adorable nonsense...she's the sensible terrier...

N...nippy er not so nice, but she gets a little rough in the bitey face game

E..hmm. I can't think of a nice word that starts with E.

Oh man, I'm too tired to do me now. Maybe Lacie will do mine later. have to look at this pic. Mumsie hired this Mechcanical Terrier to dig up a chunk of our backyard to plant more grass for us to play bitey face in. We coulda done the work ourselves. I let him realize that he was on OUR territory. Take that!!!!! Scruffy


Gus said...

Well, it was a terrible joke. It seems more like a Teka Trick than something a respectable wire would do. But it was pretty funny, so you are forgiven. Tell Lacie please that we think her full name is beautiful.

Hercules said...

That was a good one Scruffy! Was Lacie in on that too? My goodness, you had me and my mom rollin' for a long time over it!

Booty scratches and wet kisses,


Asta said...


I think that was kind of mean to do that to Lacie,but i'm wolling on the floow despite myself laughing at the image of that pawty..what a gwoup that must have been,hehehe she weally was wowwied about you and loves you even if hew bitey face game gets wough..Pleez don't buwp in my face with cigaw and beew when I come fow smoochies OK??
You weally showed that mechanical tewwier who's home he was in..what a gweat yawd you'll have fow play though..get some west and give Lacie akiss pleez
smoochie kisses

Jackson said...

Hey Scruffy, hehehe, that was a good trick you pulled on Lacie. I think you might be for it when she finds out it was just a joke! J x

Stanley said...


You're the DOG!!! ... at least for standing up to that big ugly terrier. I hate to be unkind to any of our kind, but he's butt ugly, dude.

On the other paw... I think you owe Lacie BIG TIME!! I understand the wanting to pawty thing, and it sounds like you had yourself a pretty good 3-day-binge going, but that girl was STINKIN' WORRIED about you, and SO WERE WE!!!!

Next time you want to pawty, just fess up... and invite me. I've GOT to meet your friends!

Goober love,

Joe Stains said...

woaah that digger thing looks soo totally cool. I wish I could have come to that party you went to, I would love three days away from the doofus!

Agatha and Archie said...

Well,Archie says he understands completely( and wishes he were at the party with you)and I think you owe her BIG time.Funny that they got that big terrier thing. WHy didn't they just ask you guys to do it??? Love A+A

Faya said...

Hello you ! Thank you for visiting my blog. I have a question. I know Wire Fox Terrier but is Lacie a Welsh Terrier like my friend Taky ? She looks smaller... anyway you both are cute. Ich kann auch deutsch aber hier in der Schweitz wir sprechen "Schwitzerd├╝tch". Ich habe hoch deutsch so lang nicht geschrieben.... so I will mixt both ok ? Kisses, Faya

Bogart said...

Ohmygosh, I LOVE the Mechanical Terrier photo :)


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh.. that's so party you went to Scruffy.
I dont think Lacie is evil, she looks sweet.

~ Girl girl

Ricky Pepper said...

Hi Scruffy,

Just wanted to let you know I changed my URL to reflect the antics of my new sister! If you click on this picture of me it should take you to my new URL. :)


fee said...

scruffy! you are naughty! so i think you should take us all the next time you ever go to such a party again!


Koobuss said...

Well Scruffy, I really don't know what to say to all this. As a wft, i think it is pretty funny and clever of you, since we are like that. As a girl, I feel sorry for Lacy having to put up with this kind of teasing from a guy.
She is so young and so cute, how could you be nasty to her, pulling this sort of stuff off? But the wft in me tinks it's great. AUGH!!! I'm confused again. This happens a lot.

I like what you did to the mechanical terrier.

Glad you like my video. I really kicked Sadie's butt there for a while, but we really love each other, as you can see. That was the wft coming out. Heheheheh!

Scrappy and Pebbles said...

ROFL love you telling that huge dugging thing who the boss is.
love your blog

Scrappy and Pebbles

Jake of Florida said...


You made us laugh with the tails of all your antics, especially peeing on that nasty old digger.

When I come home from animal camp, my usually high-pitched bark sounds like I spent too much time cheering at a football game. I didn't know the name for the condition, though, but now I do: Lauren's Gitis. Thank you for clearing up the mystery.

Can't wait for the next episode of Scruffy and Lacie!!!

Just Harry

LANCELOT said...

Whoa! I've missed so much in this past week or so!! Good grief was that a crazy joke you played on your lil sis!

You should be ashamed of yourself Scruffy! Tisk Tisk.


P.S. I actually thought your trick was quite clever and amusing.. but.. I sorta have a lil crush on Lacie, so I have to stand up for her. What can I say?? She's just too cute!

William Tell said...

I like the joke, I'm all for jokes!

That first picture is cute, too, but where'd the rest of the bunny go?

William Tell

Ferndoggle said...

Now THAT sounds like a good party! I'd love 3 days away from the stoopid brown dog & the stoopider white dog.

And I would have totally peed all over that giant dog in your yard. Way to claim your terriertory!


Mojo said...

Mum just laughed so hard at the phrase "mechanical terrier" that she just snorted. hilarious!
I've just been helping mum dig post holes and I was so enthusiastic and efficient there is talk of hiring me out as a rotavator for veg plots.