Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Scream for Ice Cream??!!

Hi Everyone!
This is Lacie and NO I am not too short to type; Scruffy had not made me aware of "our" blog. Hmm...see if I give him computer time this week. I am THE sensible terrier in the family. The parents refer to me as the "Perfect Puppy." They referred to Scruff as the "Puppy from Hell." Oh, do I have some stories about his puppyhood, (that I wasn't even here to witness, but have heard repeatedly) that I will share with you sometime. It's just too much effort to be bad. Especially when Scruff is bad ALL THE TIME, and I can sit around and laugh.
I trained Scruff in about 20 minutes the first day I came to live here in the 'Burg. (Will have to switch my allegiences to the Steelers from the Eagles, but I digress.) I weighed all of 6 lbs. Scruffy had a bone. I went up to him and asked for it nicely. He refused to give it up, so I exploded with a loud puppy bark. Poor old Scruff was so startled he dropped it. Now I don't even have to bark. He just forks them over. He's paper trained too. (What a mess; not for me a sensible Lakeland.) As soon as Scruff saw I was amply rewarded for my outdoor "performances" he got the picture pretty fast. I was frankly horrified the first time Mommy gave the "pee" command and darned if wily Wiry didn't lift his leg and hit me with his best shot...the golden shower. Sharp as a tack, that one.
The above is the pic that I would have sent in to the Airechicks contest, if Scuffy (the ?former) blog manager had known about it. Deeeeelish, I love ice cream!!
Have a favor to ask you all. Anyone know anything about "dyed mulch?" The 'Rents (cool talk for parents) are landscaping, and this was offered to them. Frankly, it sounds toxic, though they SAY it isn't...."completely safe for all pets...." hmm sounds like a load (pawdon the pun). Plus, it will certainly get all over the Wiry Fox's white legs. (Sensible dogs don't wear white out to play....red, black and brown works so much better...) OPINIONS, anyone...about the mulch that is...Mom won't get it, I know, but we wondered if any of you had heard of this stuff......Lacie


Asta said...

Hi Lacie and Scruffy,
Lacie, it's good to hear your voice! One of my bestest fwiends at the doggie wun is a lakeland tewwiew..we would get along wondewfully..I wish you lived closer to me..My Mommi is sowwy but she doesn't know anything about mulch, I bet Butchy and Snickers'Mama does though,she has a bootiful gawden...don't get it till you're suwe it's OK though
smoochie kisses

Blue said...

What a great post Lacie!
One needs to hear the "other" side!
Look forward to hearing more from you.

Pats to both of you

Wiry Axel said...

About the mulch, sorry I can't help but that is a good reason to join FTN (did you say you did already?) - they have an email list and all the humans on there are foxie enthusiasts with lots of doggie experience. I bet they could help! If you haven't joined yet, let my Mom know and she can pose the question for you in the meantime. Mom's email is editordan2002 at yahoo.

Maggie said...

I'm not sure about the mulch because my mom doesn't use it but we do have to say that that's an awesome picture of you with that ice cream cone! The Army of Four might know about the mulch question.

Love ya lots,

Joe Stains said...

nice to hear from you Lacie!!! I let Tanner have ONE blog day a week and that is it. We dont know anything about mulch because we live in the desert

Ferndoggle said...

Hey guys! We're from Pittsburgh too!! More dog bloggers from the 'burgh...love it!!!

Stop over & say Hi!

Sherman, Penny & Lola

Go Stillers!!

Jackson said...

Hey Lacie, sorry but I don't know anything about mulch. J1's not very big on gardening although she does grow lots of nice weeds.

Love the ice cream photo! J X

fee said...

dear scruffy and lacie, i have no idea about the mulch but i am so so so happy to meet you!!! first, well, because i love wfts, and second, because i love lakelands too! i must say your 'rents made two very good choices! anyways, welcome to bloggerland and i do hope to hear more about you soon (esp the 'early' days lacie was talking about...).


Asta said...

Hi kids
just stopped by to see how you awe..did you see me swim????? it was my fiwstest time..a little scawy , but fun
smoochie kisses

Asta said...

Hi Lacie and Scruffy,
I would have pwobably twied to eat the water noodle, heheheh, it all wowked out OK, Mommi and Daddi were wight there(actually Daddi was on showe to catch me if I came out),so I knew I was safe...falling out of a boat sounds scawy, good thing you had a life pwesewver. have a gweat day
smoochie kisses
pee ess..it's waining here

Bogart said...

That ice cream photo got me drooling...


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

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William Tell said...

Hi, Lacie, good to hear from you. With two terriers in your home, I'll bet the fun never ends!

William Tell

Asta said...

Hi Lacie and Scruffy,
I find that boys don't do accesowies as much, maybe just a bandana occasionally..I had the bestest time..it weally was a special nice place..I feel vewy lucky to have gone. My sister Nora(who is now in heaven)used to sit at the table, but I stay on the gwound so far..I only sit on the sofa ow the bed, not at the dining woom table..maybe when I gwow up. Have a gweat weekend
smoochie kisses

Stanley said...

Lacie Girl!

I'm with Asta! It's good to hear your voice! Sounds to me like you're a saucy girl - just what Scruffy needs in a sis. I know you're a Lakeland, but it's fun to know a pupgirl who looks like me but is about 1/10 my size.

Come visit me soon! I'm pawsitive we're gonna be good buds! I've already linked you to my page. Do the same if you want!

Love your ice cream pic! You make that ice cream look even tastier!

Goober love,

Pee Ess
No idea on the mulch.