Sunday, August 12, 2007

Oh Deer!

Hi Everyone!!

I saw the funniest thing this morning! I woke Mom early as I needed to use the peepads...she was carrying me into the laundry room when I looked outside and saw a deer family....Mom, Dad and two twin fawns. The deer mom took the twins through a row of flags that tell Lacie and me where the Invisible Fence is. The daddy deer stopped in front of these little flags and snorted. He walked back and forth frantically trying to join his family, but he was afraid to walk through the 8 inch high flags. He would get a running start to dash though, then he'd chicken out and stop dead and nearly fall over. My mom was laughing so hard she nearly fell over, too. Daddy deer finally got one last running start and made a magnificent 6 foot leap over the flags. I don't think this deer had all of the synapses working in his small deer brain.

As you can see from the above pic, Lacie and I spent some time today exercising our jaw muscles. There is nothing better than a good tug-of-war game to get the terrier blood stirring. We then went outside and spent some time digging up the new landscaping that was planted last week. The ground is nice and soft and easy to make large muddy holes to cool off in! You can see some of the new plants behind us...don't you just love Lacie's smile?? She does that right before she does something to really irritate me. For such a little dog, she surely has a mouthful of very large terrier teeth. I hate to say it, but she frightens me sometimes! Thanks to all who have come and visited us here....we love hearing from everyone. I'm a little confused how to make a "friend's list" on the side of our blog....I get everything right in the preview, and then all of your names disappear when I go back to the blog...ideas, guys???? Oops, need to run....since Lacie discovered "our" blog that she didn't know about, she has limited my computer time to like nothing. Need to go hide!!!! Happy Barks, Scruffy


Gus said...

Hi guys. Enjoyed the post. Think you should share the blog. Don't tell Teka, she wants to share mine, but you two seem to get along better than we do.

Molly the Airedale said...

Are you hitting "save" twice before you leave the page? Once for every dog addy that you list and then the big one that says save up at the top. Hope this helps you!
Love the picture of you guys playing tug!

Love ya lots,

Jake of Florida said...

Hi Guys,

JH amd I have learned to share the blog. Mostly he uses it to tell his sad stories - but I guess his most recent one is nothing to sneer at.

Glad to know there's another wire around -- and a Lakie too -- what fun.

Jake and JH

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said... Scruffy isn't very wired er so to speak. I figured out the problem with the friends' list...takes a computer savy sensible Lakie to the rescue...we'll be adding to it shortly...Axel looks a little lonely being the only member of our pack! Lakie kisses...Lacie

Agatha and Archie said...

Oh what a good game of tug of war!!! My PL says you two are so adorable she just wants to kiss you!!! Love A+A

Joe Stains said...

I dunno about sharing, it kind of stinks. I wish I could have seen those deers!

Daniella said...

Oh you guys are so cute!!! Mom had kanipshes (don't ask me what that means...thrombosis?) when she saw your cute mugs.
We are honored to be your only official friends...:-)

Stanley said...

Hey, Scruffster!

You and Lacie seem to get along so well (is that just in pics or in real life too?). The tug pic is sweet, but I love the last photo of you two. Yes, Lacie has a very sweet smile.

Too bad no video of the daddy deer! He sounds a little like a doofus.

Goober love,

Unknown said...
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LANCELOT said...

Oh dear! My mommy says you and your lil sis are just too cute for words! That tug-o-war game looks like it was lots of fun! Sometimes I wonder if I should convince my mommy & daddy to get me a lil brother or sister for me to play with.. I know they've talked about it, but they can't seem to make up their minds. You know how humans can be... so indecisive. If I see something I want, I just go for it! Isn't that supposed to be how it is?

Well, anyhow! Glad to see you two are having a good time! I still haven't gone to vet yet, but I know it's coming REAL soon :-/ I'll let you know how it goes!

your pally,

Wired for Mackie said...

Hiya Cruffy! So glad to meet you both! I found you through my pal Jackson in England!
I'm Mackie and I'm a wft too! I live in Maryland with my little (now 1 year old) baby WFT brother Finegan and my Bearded Collie brother, Ollie. Oh, and mom and dad live there too!
Hope to get to know you better!

Your newest pals, Mackie, Finegan and Ollie

Asta said...

Dear Lacie and Scruffy,
Lacie, I used to be supew self concious about my tummy spots, I thought there was something wong with me, cause none of my Mommies pwevious thfee wires had them..You're mostest bootiful as you are , the spots awe definitely NOT necassawy..I bet there's lots of cutie sweetie doggies out there just aching to be your know Stanley has sevewal giwlfwiends,not just me, but I do love him...I also love Butchy and Gussie,and Archie and Mitchy andBussie,and Bogart,and Finny and Murphey ..I can't even list them all, AND not least of all Scwuffy! no need to be jelous at all I have lots of love to go awound..hope you were able to do your fwiends list..Maggie's suggestion is good
lots of smoochie kisses

Asta said...

Scruffy and Lacie
may I also say , I suwe wish I had someone to play tuggie with..isn't it the best???you guys look like you're having a Scruffy are super handsome and Lacie is a booty
I wish we could meet someday in pawson
smoochie kisses

The Airechicks said...

You two are very cute and entertaining.....

Great TUG pic.....

Koobuss said...

Hi Guys,

You are both adorable! It must be nice to have a playmate all the time.

Loved your story about the deer, but it doesn't seem that they are too bright, especially the daddy deer. I guess carrying around all those big horns can make your brain tired.

As for adding to the friends list, after you press "Add to List" or whatever it is, then press "Save". You have to do both in that order. (My secretary found out the hard way.) That should work for you. Lots of luck!!

Lots of Koobuss Kisses,
Your cross-state buddy Koobie

Koobuss said...


I don't have tummy spots either, at least none that I know of. I have so much fun that it's hard to tell. Anyway, I don't think you need them for anything. So, don't worry about it. You are not less of a girl if you don't have them and don't let Scruffy or anybody else tease you about them either!

Good luck with your surgery next week. I had that too, and I didn't like it then, but now I'm glad.

Lots of Koobuss Kisses,
Your cross-state buddy Koobie

Koobuss said...


It's me again. My secretary is a real idiot. I wanted to say that I have so much FUR that you can't tell if I have tummy spots or not. Oh well.... What can you do? Good help is hard to find these days.

Sorry about the inconvenience.

Koobuss Kisses,
Your cross-state buddy,

P. S. We Are