Saturday, November 21, 2009

Of Mice and Zen!

Lacie here...our sweet Miss Snickers had to see the vettie again this weekend. He has started her on a new medicine and we so hope that this one helps her get rid of her fever and sickness. We found this pic of her on her bloggie from 2006....she was being an Indian Princess for Thanksgiving...she's adorable isn't she??? We are crossed, zenned and pawsitived thoughted....constantly...we send her our love! And we send it to the rest of the family. And wishes for some rest, too.....

Speakin' of zen, Mumsie totally thanks ya for the good wishes for her Very Old Finger which is recovering nicely from her Very Old Finger for Arthur R Itis Surgery. Can ya see the dressing on it? Yep...Asta actually did a 2 minute shift...she wrapped the top of her finger in orange...Babystan gunned his motorcycle and she ran out leavin' the rest of it I finished it in purple. Asta said they were going to collect more food for the homeless...they musta gathered a TON of food for all the time they've been spendin' doin' it. Hmm....
I'm savin' all the old dressings for the Thanksgivin' turkey...yes, yes...I am such a cook!!!

We dogs ran into the bedroom closet...and guess what...Scruffy did his MOUSE DANCE. Yeppers...we sniffed and snuffed and went crazy. Gotta be a mouse in there...

Behind this trap door storage area? (Scruffy looks like he's missin' half of his face. We just got baths and his beard hadn't been fluffed yet....)

In Mumsie's dresses? She said she's glad her undergarments are in a drawer. Hmm...'nuff said on that subject.

We got locked outta the closet, which gave me some time to enjoy looking at myself in the mirror...always a pleasant experience....look how the Lacie In the Mirror is SMILING.

SHEESCH...Scruffy...MOVE...GET OUT OF MY WAY....IT'S MY MIRROR....ya look stoopid anyway....and that mirror cannot possibly tell ya how much ya smell...
The mouse in the closet went where??? It crawled in my back????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

OMD...he thinks the mouse crawled in my side...I need to get it out...I'll quickly chew all the fur off my back and try to pull the darn thing out.......grossssssssssss......
At this point, Scruffy and Stanley are rollin' on the floor laughing so hard they have milk comin' out their respective noses... They lied.

And it's never wise to mess with the Lacie.
Re towel a tory Barks,


Mango said...

Your mom's closet is HUGE! Plenty of room for Scruffy and a mouse I think.

Are you going bald? Time to break out the Row Gain.


Maggie and Mitch said...

We have the same taste in Snickers photos, guys! Mom's tears just won't stop!
If you need help with that mouse, I can grab a big box and Mitch will be shipped to you asap!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Asta said...

WE towel towy bawks sound pwetty ohmm in us..if I wewe the boyz I'd be leaving town..oh they twied??and youwan aftew them??
oh, that was a diffewent in cedent..I got the kids wif calendaws and the mousies mixed up..youw house is too complicated.
smoochie kisses,ASTA