Monday, December 8, 2008


Go to ground, Lacie??? This is Stanley....Lacie's sleepin''s been a tough night for the little birdbrain. Couple of days ago, she got this bright idea to dig a hole under the deck. goes waaaaaay under there. Um...I like to chase her and I think she may have started this excavation so she could hide from me...I'm too big to fit under there. Mumsie filled the hole back in....but Lacie redug it. And....

We had a little INCIDENT tonight. Click on this pic to enlarge....Yeppers...Lac got stuck in her own hole...trapped like a rat. Look at her little face stickin' out.... totally pathetic.

She was shiverin'...that's snow on the ground...and it was 10PM....and very dark.

She was sobbin' and cryin'....Mumsie had the flashlight and a bag of shredded cheese...didn't matter...she was trapped and couldn't dig herself back out.

Daddy sighed about 500 times...he was watchin' Monday Night football, by the he has to dig a hole under the deck in the cold and dark. Mumsie said it was like when that little girl fell in the well...she was going to call the tv camera dudes, but figured she'd just better hold the flashlight and shout soothin' things to stoopid Lacie.

Lacie was growlin' and bitin' at the shovel...she let Daddy pull her out where all three of us got into a fight over the bag of cheese!!!

I let her get some...I felt sorta 'sponsible for the whole thing...guess I shouldn't chase her under there doin' mad aire snappies....

Look at the dirty sack of potatoes Daddy dragged in!

Mumsie had to give Lac a we are helpin' her to dry off by the fire!

Scruffy came over and sat on her...he hates it when anyone else is on the peeps' laps!!!

NO FAIR!!! Lacie has a hooge mug of hot carob drink...(additives???) with whipped cream on top!!!

She's guzzlin' that whipped cream....

And what a pawsome mug!! She's sleepin' now in her crate...I really hope she's not gonna do this whole thing again tomorrow!!!




Randi said...

Holy Smoly..

Just like Baby Jessica..



Oh my...My daddy would have been SOOOO mad had I fell in a hole tonight cuz he was watching FOOTBALL too & I couldn't even get him to PLAY with me...let alone dig me outta a hole that I found myself in..

Lacie better behave & be all nice to her daddy...cuz Santa is coming & daddies have LOTS of pull on Santa Paws!

love & licks,

ps..just wait till MANGO hears about this...

Joe Stains said...

oh dear, looks to me like her head and shoulders were clearing the opening of the hole just fine. BUTT something else seems to be stuck. I mean, what a pain in the REAR to get stuck, I just don't understand it?! I dunno why, I just got that Queen song stuck in my head, something about fat bottomed girls...hmm I think I just need to go to bed.

Cassidy said...

Oh Lacie, you poor thing. I bet you were so frightened and so cold. Daddy did look a bit cross with you in that photo (I mean he's just kind of holding you mid air like a dirty sock or something!)).

Hope my naughty BabyStan doesn't chase you under there again, bad boy!

Cassidy x

Bae Bae said...

Oh no... poor Lacie. I hope she's ok now... She must be very scared...

~ Bae

Noah the Airedale said...

Bloody hell Lacie. You trying to give me a heart attack here. You could have froze in that hole. I thought for a moment you might be trying to dig your way down under lol. Don't do that again ok. You worry me not to mention your poor pinkies.
Stan matie, don't chase your sissy, she's fragile hee hee.


Huskee and Hershey said...

OMdoG... Poor Lacie.. she must be frozen and scared when she was stuck out there in the cold and dark!!
Good thing your mom discovered her and your dad dug her out (despite the number of groans..).
We like how Scruffy sat on Lacie!! He is a mama's boy, isn't he? He's probably just jealous of all the attention Lacie got.

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

I think she was trying to dig out so she khould meet me at Starbarks before Wednesday -

She is still sooooo playin' your mumsie - over this whole 'ground'ing thingie -

I khan't wait to see what wisdom Mango R.H. will shed on this one!

PeeEssWoo: The photographer khaptured some grrrrreat butt shots - teehee!

Unknown said...


No doubt, you thought you heard an infant crying under the deck (they wander out of their cribs and under decks so often it seems) or perhaps you saw a venomous King Cobra slip through the slats of the deck and felt it was your responsibility to protect your less courageous brothers and your helpless family.

Or maybe you were just looking at the space for possibilities as a wine cellar or sauna.

Nevertheless, you were very brave (although we question Mumsie's logic in fattening you up with cheese while you were stuck in the hole. (What are you, a soon-to-be veal chop?) Maybe she should try Ex-Lax next time. One good toot and you'd fly outta that hole like a rocket.

Such a shame—and so soon after your spa day.

Pray that Mango is too busy to read today.

Your concerned and sympathetic pal,


Unknown said...

Scruff and Baby Stan -

OMD!!!! Were you two just rolling on the ground in stitches?!?! Excellent job with the camera work, Scruff. Can't wait to see the YouTube video where you actually here the loud "POP!"

Did you call Mango yet?

Your pal,


Dexter said...

OK, so Momma says I shouldn't make any more unflatering comments about Lacie since she was kind enough to apologize for the mess she made at my house.

So I will just note that it does not appear to be her HEAD that is stuck under the deck (hmm... what else could it be?).

Even so, that sack of potato carry is a bit undignified (wouldn't catch me getting carried that way).

Momma used to put poopies in the holes Grandpa Angus dug which kind of discouraged him.


Gus said...

Ohhh...poor baby. She looks so unhappy at the way her hooman is carrying her. And she is clearly mortified by the undignified way she has been photographed and mocked ...I'd say you boys better watch it

Teka Toy

Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

Ok Lacie girl. Listen. We can go at this 2 ways. First is for the benefit of milking this......
Members of the jury...Please give your attention to the photos PRECEEDING the terrible accident. Lacie's pawrents had prior knowledge that danger was present and did they STOP it???? NO. They took photos of it.
This is a clear case of NEGLECT!!
Barring foster placement due to their negligence, we ask you to remand the pawrents to doggy pawrenting classes!!!!!!
Did I mention I dabble in law, Lacy? (I watch Boston Legal-)
In another comment later Lacie girl, you and I are gonna have a come to Jesus talk!!!!!(We don't know if that is just a southern saying-it means I will give you what for and tell you like it the mentime, TRY to use what brain cells you have. You shoulda stayed here. you totally missed the 2 hour finale of Boston Legal!)
pee ess ok anok
u alwrite Lacie???? doan du that no mor!!!
hi 5's-if u kin-

Fenway said...

What a catastrophe!!!

What I saw was your Dad's decidedly unamused face when he carried Lacie back inside. I know my Dad would be highly annoyed at this level of mayhem during his Sacred Monday Night Football.

But the rest of us know how cute Lacey looked in her hole. She is NOT such a clever girl, is she Stan? She can't run nor hide from you!

Cat Naps in Italy said...

Dearest lacie,
I am so upset I don't know what to say! Had I known, I would have been right over to save you! Good thing the humans were able to dig you out! Now please be more careful!

Kitty kisses from Italy,

Ruby Bleu said...

Oh dear!!! Thank dog she is ok...that was way scawie. I sure hope you dad takes care of the hole for w/ cement or something!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Amber-Mae said...

Oh, Lacie Lacie dear, what have you been up to?! I hope you learned your lesson not to dig anymore holes & try to attempt to go in it. Bet you felt so much better getting out of there & taking a bath!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Misadventures of Widowhood said...

Oh my gosh, Lacie quit scaring your parents like that! No more digging. I'm glad you're already now.

Love the Christmas picture of you guys at the top.

Levi's mom

Sophie Brador said...

Holy doodles! Things were crazy at your house last night. Mom says to tell Mumsie that she can always bury some Lacie poo in the hole and then when Lacie tries to dig it up again, she'll find poo and go ooooooh. Of course, she might just dig a new hole somewhere else. I mean, it kind of seems worth it if you get shredded cheese and whipped creamy carob drinks out of the deal.


Princess Patches said...

Our pawrents would have had a cow if they had to go outside at 10 p.m. to extricate a dog from a hole. It's a good thing Mumsie was paying attention! Great job getting into a cheese fight right after the extrication! Penny digs holes in the flower bed, but they are usually too big to get stuck in. That whipped creamy carob drink looks yummy (and warm)!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Faya said...

Hahahaha there is always something funny going on in your life when you are proud proprietary of terriers !!!....hahahaha
Kisses, Faya

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

OK, we had to find Mango's comment before we did anything else. Ha Roo Rooooooo!!! Poor Lacie - woo don't look too lacylike in that hole. Glad woo have a mom who could get dad to help. Not much fun having a bath at that hour but the hot carob/cream must have made up for it.

Woos, the OP Pack

Pee Ess, ThunderDunder was digging this am but at least not big enough to get stuck.

Unknown said...

Oh how scarey. We were afraid to look at the photo. We thought she might be hurt. And H-Mom got all panicky thinking that there was BLOOD. Silly dog ... not good to make everyone frantic and then create a huge excavation project!

Peanut said...

Your dad does not look happy.

Lorenza said...

OMD! I thought I had seen everything regarding to Lacie! Silly me!
Glad she is ok!
Kisses and hugs

Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

OK. Here is the "come to Jesus talk"
Lacie, what the bloody hell were you doing?????? And don't give me the going to ground crap. IF that is what you were doing, you are supposed to leave your TAIL out so you can be retrieved. I really do NOT think there were rodents under there in that cold weather. (More likely in your house)
AND. Your Dad was some pissed and you bite at the shovel saving you.
THEN, instead of being grateful, you get in a fight. *shakes head*
You really should be ashamed of yourself. Did you do it for the hot carob/whipped cream drink?????
If you don't straighten up and fly right,(as Mom's Dad used to say) your Dad is liable to take you on a long walk on a short pier!
Listen to me Lacie. I am extremely smart. You and I need to meet in the middle. Me: more fun. You:more responsibility.
And you want to be a NURSE?!?!?!?
We will talk more Lacie, but you better get your mental ducks in a row. (And do NOT hand me the Airesnaps driving you to it.)
UNDERSTAND LACIE?!?!?!? I am thinking of schooling you some, as you have schooled me some.
Hugs-though I am not so sure you deserve hugs today after your shenaigans...
We will talk more, later,

Linda said...

Oh my poor Lacie girl! You should have called Snickers to have her help dig. She's a good fast digger. Maybe we should join the dirt dog trial classes together. Doesn't that sound like fun?? Let's try it out & make it a date.
Good thing Mumsie had the whip cream for you. It probably helped to ease your stress. We sure hope you don't get a seizure after this. Tell Scruffy not to chase you so much now kay??
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy, Snickers, Ruby, Sylvester & Scuby

Molly the Airedale said...

Oh no! Poor Lacie! We feel so bad for you - you poor thing! We hope the whipped cream made you feel better!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Dexter said...

Scruffman! You are a poop eater? I thought only girl dogs did that! You must like the winter when you can eat poopsicles. No smoochies for you!

Can you just put a bungee cord on Lacie or something instead?


Dewey Dewster said...


YA really gotta watch that little Lakie...yes siree...myself, I would say she was tryin' ta be a real earthdog....but ya gotta tell 'er that yer not supposed ta dig yer own tunnel....nope...yer supposed ta go inta tunnels that are already built and not in the snow either.....has she been makin' those pawtinis again ???? An even better question would be has she been guzzlin' those pawtinis again ???? Send her ta a straight jacket....'n with a muzzle on too fer the safety of those who have ta treat 'er.....

Dewey Dewster here....

Duddy Kravitz said...

I think for the first time in our lives it may be possible that we are speechless.......the possibility that one could get stuck in a hole had never crossed our minds......We think if you go for it again wait for spring when it is a bit warmer..... We also think that all the above comments of your BUTT being a bit ahem large are very out of srots and incorrect...... We also think everyone in the house needs a hot toddy.....or 2 or 3.... Love and kisses A+A

Duddy Kravitz said...

Dear boys,Well I think that that is game set match............You guys are all on the same playing field now...... Did you get any pictures from the BEHIND????? oh dear oph dear Love Arch

Duddy Kravitz said...

PS we are on PL1's computer so that is why it is Duddy Kravitz..........

The Cat Realm said...

Oh my gosh! What a girl! We are glad this adventure had a good end!
It was so great to have you, Lacie, and Opus over for Ruis birthday party! It wouldn't have been the same without you! And I think Opus likes you.......
Thank you for coming!!!
Mrs. OZ, Tintin, and Karl

Koobuss said...

Wow! Lacie!

That was a terrific trick! And look how you made out! I'd say it was worth the trouble of getting stuck. Is that why you dug that hole in the first place? Was that your plan all along?

But, really Lacie, you're supposed to stay on top of the deck, not under it. Although, I do like crawling under our neighbor's deck. It's up high and I can fit under there easily, without having to do any work, such as digging. When it comes to digging, I myself, prefer mulch. it's so much easier.

And where was my hero Scruffy when all this was going on? How come he didn't dig you out instead of Daddsie? Well, at least it was the Monday night game and not the Steeler's game (the one with the happy ending) that Daddsie had to miss.

Love and Koobuss Kisses,

Stella said...

Lacie Girl!

WHOA, chica! You're Lacie Croft, Deck Raider! I always knew you were an adventurer, and now you have the battle scars to prove it!

Hairy Stanley & I are so so STINKin' glad you were rescued without incident or injury. I think that mug of whipped cream is a good START to the pampering you deserve, but I think you need at least a week of TLC (Terrier Lovin' Care). I'm sure Mumsie will agree.

As for YOUR big hairy stinky Stan brudder, you can tell him that I have personally packaged up a big juicy FART to send him for Christmas for chasing you into a hole! He may even get some flaming poo art.

I'm sending you all kinds of goobery love and itty bitty lakie kissies,
Stella Bean

Urban Smoothie Read said...

maybe u shld think of dieting plan...LoL

Kelli said...

Oh my! It looks like you had an eventful night at your house! Good thing your dad got Lacie out of her hole! She must have been scared being stuck in there! At least she got a yummy treat out of it!

Anonymous said...

Wow Lacie you ROCK. We have never thought to dig next to a fence. We just dig in the lawn and garden. Your Daddy doesn't look too happy but hey Stan can't use a shovel.
Good work, if the ground ain't frozen then keep digging.
Sally and Rufus