Thursday, July 17, 2008

Are Wheelies Takin' Over??

Hello All! Gilbert here...I wasn't going to post this week as I've just been enjoyin' the summer, but a post from our friend Eric, the Square Faced Dog in the UK has inspired me. Go read his post...he's very concerned that Wheelies are Takin' Over the World!!! Heh, heh, heh....

And judgin' from the comments, it seems others share his concern! Even Jackson has confessed to limiting blog time for his Wheelies...sounds like a power struggle to me. (If Jackson only knew where to look he would see that Seymour and the rest of his Wheelies HAVE THEIR OWN BLOG...but I digress....) Frankly, judgin' from this next pic, seems to me that Eric oughta be worried bout these flowers takin' over the world. Look at the size of these thingies!!!!!

They are BEASTS! White flowers makes me think bout gettin' I guess I should spill the beans now. I ASKED MYRNA TO MARRY ME. She said yes, and passed out in a dead faint!

Gilbert suddenly collaspes to the ground. Lacie arrives with smellin' salts with little fuss. This is about the 54th time he's passed out since he popped the question!

Oh...back again...I seem to be spendin' a lot of time on the ground lately! I can't tell ya anything more bout the weddin'...first I get dizzy and secondly, Myrna and I have to begin plannin'...more on that hot topic later!

Speakin' of's smokin' hot in our yardie today....and you thought I was talkin' bout the weather. Check out Lacie's bikini.....! It's from last summer when she was just a pup and a few pounds lighter. Mumsie had a hard time fastenin' the top. Oh dear...too much info....scratch that last report.

Here's a better view for dogs who might be interested......

I'm gonna tell her Scruffy took and posted this pic. She's NOT gonna be pleased with him....

Ah...ya might find this entertaining. This is the difference between Large Terriers and Small Terriers when the big scary monster comes up the street to steal our trash!!!
Lookie at Stan...relaxed, but alert. Look at Scruff and Lac...barkin' their fool heads off and Lacie in her bikini. Mumsie was hidin' behind those flowers tryin' to avoid the inquirin' stares of the neighbors. With good reason.

Look at that big scary automatically picks the cans up and dumps them....good thing those dogs respect that electric fence or it would be dumpin' them into the truck.

Here's a closeup action shot of two crazed terriers. (Just as an aside, shortly after this pic was snapped, Lacie's top FELL OFF. It got all tangled up in her leggies. Then she had issues from drinkin' too much of the pool water and well let's just say her bikini bottoms are in the washin' machine now...)

Now we know you're awaitin' our pics of Dewey and family with baited not to disappoint, here's a Teaser Photo of the walk this week. Mumsie wouldn't let Scruffy go and she forgot to take me....alas......
Gilbert reportin' off...oh, BTW...there's going to be a Worldwide Wheelie Meeting at Jackson's house soon...I saw it on Seymour's blog....very important stuff to discuss. We'll keep you posted.

Pushin' and Pullin' Wheelin' Barks....


Eduardo said...

Hmm...Wheelies...I like to chase wheels...Ya'll are some cool looking terriers!
Hugs & Snugs,
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Gaia the Airedale said...

Lacie ooh la la! Im glad I dont have a wheelie to take over! Silly things! hehe its been pretty cool here over the last couple of days, I dont mind it so much.

puppy breath,

Eric said...


I'm not even going to waste my breath on woofing with Gilbert wheelie.I'm only woofing with you.

How are you sweet girl? I'm sorry to hear it's been so hot.Forget drinking the dirty old pool water make sure you have a big jug of Pimms to cool you down and use one of those big flowers as a sunshade. Pawfect.

I'm madder than mad that GILBERT posted your photo over the web for all the world to see but let me assure you that you look posively foxy so don't worry. Like a goddess... you emerging radiant and lovely from the pool reminds me of that famous scenefrom a James Bond movie where Ursula Andress emerges from the sea in her bikini...the similarities are startling...(though her top stayed on)

And Lacy... I've been a-pondering on the last photos.. I bet Gilbert would love to try his wheels out on that hill to see how fast he can go when the dumper truck is due.....

Wags, Eric

Maggie & Mitch said...

Congratulations, Gilbert! We're thrilled for you and Myrna! Our paws are crossed that this will be a big event that we're all invited to! Autumn is already planning her wardrobe!
We think Lacie looks adorable in her pretty pink bikini! What a shame she busted right out of it!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Deetz said...

I just got done reading about Eric's concerns...I will have to go have and read Jacksons also....Lacie looks adorable in her bikini....I like pink on girls.
Ummm, spending alot of time on the ground you say???? cold Paws???

Mango said...

Lacie - Dexter went balistic when he saw you in your bikini. He started humping the stuffed monkey (too bad there's no video).

That trash monster is not to be taken lightly. It would scoop you up without even thinking.


Gus said...

Hubba Hubba Hubba (see, I told you my muzzer is OLD!)

That is some lovely picture of Lacie in pink. And I prefer to think that BabyStan is hiding behind Scruff and Lacie. Relaxed, he looks positively frozen in fear!

You wheelies best be careful..we could interfere with your supply of WD-40, ya know.


Booker the Treeing Walker said...

Boy that is one NASTY looking trash monster. H-mom gets all PISSED OFF when I go nutso about some kind of truck creature ... but THIS one ... I think even she would understand.

Booker the Treeing Walker said...


P.S. Lacie, all the HOT girls in South Florida hit the beach topless ... don't even give your lost top a second thought!

Huskee Boy said...

OMdoG.. Stella looks H.O.T in that pink bikini!! I have to remind myself thatI am married to Baby... I think I need to cool myself off.. Ciao!

The Aphasia Decoder.... said...

I love wheelie Wednesdays. You're right about those HUGE white flowers taking over the world! Wow, they are pretty though.

Levi's mom


Woof, Scruffy, Lacie and Stan

Mom says the monster is called a Gila Monster and is only found in the southwest part of the U.S. They are the only venomous lizard in the U.S. and they can lock the jaws when they bite. They tend to chew or grind their teeth once they've locked on to their prey. Mom says she's only seen two in the last six years cause they're really rare. Oh, and the fireguy, he comes everynow and then to pick up rattlesnakes from our yard cause Mom doesn't like to kill them

Woof, woof,
Desert Pups

Joe Stains said...

omdog Lacie in that bikini, its a little much for Tanner to see I had to cover his eyes. He is married, ya know??

We have a giant trash eater that does the same thing and I HATE IT. We also have one to take the recycleables or however you spell that.

I am going to have to start looking out for wheelies and giant flowers around my house!!

Asta said...


My Dawling love
(Myrna again passes out)

This is ASTA:
I don't see how I'm supposed to help hew plan a wedding if she can't stay conscious long enoug to answew any questions..btw Lacie..lets go bikini shopping fow this weekend..
smoochie kisses

Jackson said...

Hey Gilbert, congratulations on your engagement to Myrna. Are you going to have an engagement pawty?

You're so LUCKY to meet Dewey, Asta Marie and Toby!!!! What a shame Scruffy couldn't go. Is he really a bit of a grump? Sounds just like me!

As for the worldwide Wheelie meeting, it's the first I've heard about it! Just typical of those wheelies. You see, I was right, they're ALWAYS up to no good! J x

Girl Girl Hamster said...

That's so exciting on you and Myrna..

Lacie sure look pawsome in the bikini. ;)

~ Girl girl

Cassidy said...

Aw, a wedding!

We love our bin men. They always make a big fuss of us if we're out walking when they're doing their rounds. And all those bins smell good!

Cassidy x

Eric said...

Wally Wheelie here. Gilbert my man,and your lovely Myrna, bride to be.

I've cranked my wheels over to apawlogiswe on belhalf or Eric. He's been in the naughty corner all night. He is truly contrite and knows he's been unacceptably rude. I'm sure he will make it up to you. (He has already been looking on all the best antique sites searching for a suitable wedding present for you both)

You know what teenage boys are like. Always getting fanciful ideas into their heads about something and nothing. I've seen a lot of it during my years.Dogs of nowadays need more disicpline don't you think? Wouldn't have got away with it in my day. The paw boy is just frustrated because we don't let him destuff us. He's got worse unfortunately. I can't begin to tell you what he suspects..... as his Mother has said she will hear no more said about it and he certainly won't be blogging any scaremongering stories like that ever again. Quite right too.

Please accept Eric's apologies, he's a sweetie really.

Tootle Pip old bean. Best wishes to you and your girl. Wally Wednesday.

Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

Gilbert, you are such a good reporter! We can't wait to hear more about the wedding plans. We are soooo excited!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

the 4 Bs said...

we've grounded our wheelies. we had another arrive - Broksy's sister. it's really scary around here with all of the wheelies and stuffies. they all hang out in one room, behind a gate so that Brody can't play with them (like he did with Burt). you know we would love to tear all of their heads off. hee hee


Randi said...

OH MY DOG! Lacie, What the heck can I get an XXL pink bikini like that???? I"ve lost so much weight now & it will look so nice on me!

Love & Licks,

Butchy & Snickers said...

Congratulations Gilbert!!! We had heard rumor you were popping the question, hehehehe. Man, we have those huge snowball flowers at our house too. They get so big. Oh and Lacie, she looks so darn cute in her bathing she had fun in the pool too. It's so hoooomid here we can't even stand to be outside. Stay cool!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Dewey Dewster said...

Hey Gilbert...

Get yerself together... if yer gonna marry Myrna ya need a little backbone.....

Lacie...ya look sexy in the pink bikini.....would ya snap at me again if I told ya that ta yer face?

Dewey Dewster here.....

Willow the Black Dale said...

Oh Gilbert!!! This is so cool about you and Myrna! Please come to my blog so you can meet Melitta..... my WHEELIE. I hope Eric won't be to upset there is another wheelie on the block. I don't understand this Wednesday think with you wheelies. I hope Lacie can explain it to me. I think she has more experience in this. I am a little upset about it. Oh did I really say that? Anyway......