Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Big Apple by Lacie!!!

Hey Everybody...Laciecakes reportin' on the amazing weekend in New York with Asta, her brother Duffy, and Noah's Peeps, D and B...and Noah and his sissies' flat selves!!!!!!!!!!

Here's Asta and Duffy meetin' and greetin' Myrna and Gilbert's new babies...more on that story later by Asta!!!

Here's Auntie Ami and Uncle George toasting D & B...WELCOME TO A MERRY CAR!!!!!!!!!!

We so enjoyed meetin' was amazing!!

Oh...lookie at all our Flat Selves...between my sweet Noah and Eric on that piano, we totally rocked it!! Er um...MET A FOUR IK LY speakin', of course!!

Here's our room at the JANE Hotel...check out the link for a little history...the room was pawfectly Lacie-sized...tiny...just like my butt!!!!

Checkout these narrow a ship...and lookie at all that old wood!

Yes, yes, you share a bathroom....get to meet the best people when your brushin' your toofers...AND THE WINDOWS REALLY OPEN! When's the last time you've been in a hotel where the windows open?

The foyer...that handsome deer looks like the ones in our yardie...hooge ceIlings...!! Of course, I got his number...are ya kidding?????

Just an artsy fartsy pic of the stairwell by Lacie!

My Flat Self traveled in my Victoria's Secret bag...

And here I am back home again....lickin' my ice cream cone Asta so generously gave me...

Carob with pink sprinkles...SO MY FAVORITE...

It was a wonder-filled, friend-filled weekend...just the best ever!

We toasted our friends in DWB!

And how we wished you all could have been there...

Reporting barks,

Lacie Donut Cakes with Sprinkles on Top


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Ummmmmmmm, nice flat khanine posing but woo khan't fool me: woo would NOT have fit into the room

I had been khoncerned as to where Mumsie stored all her hair thingies but Asta told me how she pulled it off!

How nice all had such a dandy time!

PeeEssWoo: My word is MUFFETYL as in something related to Little Miss Muffet!

Sally Ann said...

Mommy ask me to ask you something. Where do your doggie Mommy and Daddy live? Mommy thinks she might like a lakie. You look great in your VS bag.
Sally Ann

Koobuss said...

Hi Lacie,

What a gweat weekend Mumsie must have had in the Big Apple. My mom loved the pics of the hotel. What fun to stay there, for ONE night! Sheesh...

Love and Lots of Koobuss Kisses,

pee ess Hi Scruffy!

Gus said...

Cool Hotel. Muzzer and Dad stayed in a neat place in Richmond, VA, but of course, I didn't get to go along.

Only there was no shared bafrooms.

Dad has been a bit wary of that ever since the fat german lady got stuck in the bathtub in Scotland.


Wyatt said...

Lacie-(Scruff and Stan too),

What a fun filled adventure for your family! I like the flat you in the shopping bag!
Hey, I gave you a Versatile Blogger award today! I love your blog! Happy travels,

Maggie and Mitch said...

It sounds like mumsie and your flat self had a wonderful time in the Big Apple, Lacie! We get to meet flat Noah and his sissies and his pinkies today and we are PSYCHED!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Nice bag, Lacie. Any other secrets in their?

Seriously, it sure looks like everyone had a great time in the Big Apple.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Agatha and Archie said...

WOW!! that was a very teeny room but it was cute!!! and PL2 loved the wood!!!!! We are gong to meet them this weekend and Arch has been trying to sweep all of Boston so it looks nice for them...He has only gotten a s far as our front steps.... Love A+A

MAXMOM said...

It sounds wonderful, Lacie...I also saw Asta's report. You guys had a wonderful time!! There was only one thing missing....US! :)
Sending lotaluv to you all.

Asta said...

Oh Laciekins..what fun we had. Evewyone at the jane St Hotel is still talking about that bootiful Tinybutteddlakiegiwl and missing hew.
You wewe cleawly the hit of the neighbowhood.
Huwwy back sweet Giwl..I miss you

Sunny,Scooter(sometimes Jamie) said...

hayhayhay ok anok. it duz luk likeses u had the coolerest timeses laciegurl!!!! uh, ok anok. that icecreem coness looookses grat!! wanna shareses it wif mee?
hi 5s
ok anok that room whar ur mumsie dideses stayz luks jus mi sizes!!

Eric said...

Fabb!!! Looks like everybloggie had the bestest time. But Lacie. I'm sort of puzzled how after snarffing down a billion jillion of the hoki fishcakes Noah bought with him you managed to squeeze yourself plus Mumsie and her hair products into that teensy room? Does look sort of cute though.

That rendition of "Once a Jolly Swagman" we sang to entertain the you don't think we sounded a little FLAT did we???HAAAAAAAAA aaaaaaaa I'm such a wag.....HaaaaaaaaHAAAAAA

kixxes xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Petey said...

Phew! Apparently I high-tailed it outta town just in the nip, err, nick of time! Well, here's the report - the weather down here is sublime, upper 80's, blue skies, sunshine and not a drop of rain besides some sprinkles that lasted all of 5 minutes. The water temperature is perfect - not too cold and not bathwater warm yet. Got TWO trips to the beach today - we pups can still be off leash before 10:00 am and after 5:00 pm. Can't tell you how many little 2-leggeds I've already trained in the fine art of ball-throwing. The next 47 days look VERY promising...

Your pal,

Petey with no tan lines!

Mango said...

So now it's Lacie cakes, huh. Great flat adventure. I notice that hotel room had an orange picture box in it. How very New York.

I bet those DOH's never shut up. Poor B and Uncle George likely had to go to the roof just to get some peace from all the cackling.


Asta said...

I miss you .
Hope you didn't get lost hiking this weekend.
Did you get plenty of mud to bwing back fow ouw facials?

smoochie kisses

Sally Ann said...

I am sorry to bother you again. I know your not a black and tan, but do know about the color of a black and tan lakie version? Mommy and I found a perspective (%99)little brother today, but there was an e-mail about a possible black and tan baby in NC. I want my little brother to look like me - A mini welsh. Mommy doesn't want to get a Airedale because we live in small house, and it would unfair to bring such a large doggie to live here;but, Mommy would love to have a lakeland version.
Well, give your brothers a kiss for me.
Sally Ann

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Everybody seems to be drifting over to the eastcoast lately. Why doesn't anyone come to the boondocks of farrr N.Idaho to see us?? We need to flatten out and jump in envelopes to visit I guess!

Hey Laciecakes. You are lookin' good babygirl!! WooHoo.
Oh, and BTW, I'm still jumping up on the hoomans...will let you know if classes change me.;<)

Sunshade said...

Oh my Lacie, your mom and your flatself had a great trip meeting up with the bestest hoomans aka hoomans owned by terriers! I already saw the fun on Asta's page, but it was certainly great to see it from your point of view too. That hotel room is super cute, and you're right, its definitely your size even with your tiny muscle butt. We so wished we had been there.... Oh yeah, we wanted to ask you, was mumsie drinking soup via a straw? We saw a picture of her doing that on Asta's bloggie, and I thought - MY kind of hooman!!!!

That Scruffy brother of yours is looking very handsome on the blog banner I must say. He can come live with me, but you HAVE to take STINKY. Since he's got a twin that lives at your house and you're already used to him, what difference does it make if you have two right?? And yes, he does that annoying jumping up greeting, grabbing the arm (actually, I do that too if I'm SuperHAPPY, but nothing I do can be annoying anyway).

Sigh... to tell you the truth, as far as I know... marrying anybody out doesn't get rid of them..... HUMPH!

ps. I don't mind sending you my stem cell, but what if there was a rejection and you really end up having a hooooge caboose?

Hollie and Janie said...

It looks like Mumsie had a great time! She is so pretty, too!! You must be her stylist! :) It's so much fun seeing all our humans meeting each other!!

Joe Stains said...

sure looks like a super fun weekend to me, but are you sure if your flat self wouldnt have gone that your butt would have fit in that room? I don't think Tanner's head would even fit in that room. BUT Mom said she thinks it is totally cute.

Anyway, looks like quite a great trip, can't wait to hear about the new wheelies!

TwoSpecialWires said...

As Nina would say, "That's a Nina-sized room" at the Jane. Perfectly suited for you petite ones. So perfect we had to check it out for a future (flat) trip.

We sure enjoyed your collective adventures. Catching up has its benefits. We sort of feel like we're on a mini-vacation (away from the heat and humidity of Florida). But come night time, we can still go put our paws in the sand.

What a great time you all clearly had. We're a bit jelly. And ... getting excited for our turn!

Love and sweaty hugs,
Jake and Fergi